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  1. Neanor

    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    Matter of preference. Living in Utah, and driving to my hometown of Lewiston several times per year, we loved the scenic hwy55, and later us95 for ease of travel and fewer delays due to truck traffic. So i know us95 and like it better than the times (few as they be) of taking the Oregon route...
  2. Neanor

    No AP or Cruise After Update

    Haven't seen a comment about the map orientation button moving from left side to the right side on 2022.12.3.1 update. Is this an unannounced update?
  3. Neanor


    Surely you have your signature now.
  4. Neanor

    100% battery

    I’m still in my first month driving MYLR. My daily commute is 85 miles, so i charge to 80-85%. Finally tried 100%, but was not happy with the new Stat results. Stats App reported full battery capacity dropped from 84kwh to 82kwh, a new phantom loss of 2.14 mi/hr, and the two drives after the...
  5. Neanor

    MYLR goes right on highway entrance lanes on Autopilot

    Yes, happening to me also. Irritating that Tesla hasn't solved this issue. Here in Utah, as the lanes merge, and the division markings end, AP jerks the steering to the right, and then to the right as the merge ends. It even alerted me to take the wheel once. I would say it has improved just...
  6. Neanor

    Delivery Questions

    The answer is, in the glovebox is only a USB-A connector. It may be the only one of that type in the whole car. I was hearing how much of the connectors were USB-C inside and behind the center console are USB-C, and having seen videos of the two front inductive chargers how they flip up, but on...
  7. Neanor

    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    Thanks all, good points. Speed limit most of the way, and 55 for the last 50 miles works. I brought up ABRP awesome, sure seems to have the calcs worked out well. Yes, lol, I bought 240 30&50 amp adapters back when I ordered in Sept. I’m feeling much more informed, leaving less to chance.
  8. Neanor

    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    Limited power Regenerating was a pain with my Prius, while going up the grades i wanted the battery to deplete in anticipation of the long downhill, but it didn’t. Kept charged, and one mile down the six miles remaining, the Prius battery was full and couldn’t take anymore. It will help...
  9. Neanor

    US95 Idaho Range Anxiety Model Y

    I am planning a trip to my hometown. I need help with a 244 mile leg of my 600 mile trip comng up in May, from Ontario Oregon Supercharger to Lewiston Idaho On US95. Has anyone made this trip? The entire trip is Ogden to Lewiston. I’ve driven this US95 many times in my ice Prius, but am...
  10. Neanor

    Delivery Questions

    I’ll add, my Mar 15th model Y delivery came with the 128GB USB-A flashdrive In the glovebox. I had planned on it Being USB-C but no.
  11. Neanor

    Minimizing Whr/mile

    Yes! Great subject. Mostly said yes yes yes as i read you list, awesome doing all those. I am taking notes as i read, and may insert a good suggestion if it hasn’t been covered. I’ve been driving 25,000 a year for 15 years of 85 mile daily commutes in my Prui (haha 2004 2005 2010 & 2015s)...
  12. Neanor


    So funny to see signature not available, but are by the day i am reading. I was a member for hours, and seven posts when i was granted signatures, likes, and who knows what other goodies are in store for me. Thanks
  13. Neanor

    Please help, Tesla financing doesn't work?

    It may be similar to when i was able to make a payment, which was only enabled 24 hours before i took delivery.
  14. Neanor

    driver visualization: Show current Trip

    Update: like enabled at seven posts, duh, i got it. Sleepydoc, wish i knew how to like, that has elluded me so far. Loudmusic, seems there is an exclamation mark on your comment, if that was some kind of report, lol, sorry, i need to learn how to respond. Maybe i get granted more abilities in a...
  15. Neanor

    Tesla App issue: "Stop Charging" button too close to "-/+" Amps buttons.

    I use an iPhone 7, so similar sized. I’ll acknowledge more non-button space was added between amps adjust and stop button in the recent update, likely undocumented. It does appear to be 1/8” or a bit more. I’m still fat fingering the stop charging button. i have to run to the car: because...
  16. Neanor

    driver visualization: Show current Trip

    Thanks guys.. so much changes month to month. If only they added a config settings for the visualization screen, so it is just right for every person. Maybe drag what is wanted. If the computer solves the conflicts, a visualization may be reduced in size. I love monitoring my kwh/mi and kwh...
  17. Neanor

    driver visualization: Show current Trip

    Anyone know if the driver visualization portion ever showed the current trip? It is something I would like to see without blocking the map just to be on the Trip tab. I've watched many YouTube helpful vids, and seems at one time in the past, lots of information was available at the bottom of...
  18. Neanor

    Tesla App issue: "Stop Charging" button too close to "-/+" Amps buttons.

    While using the Tesla Mobile Connector (TMC?) charging with the Tesla App, I am attempting to raise or lower charging amps on the app from within my home. My problem is with the Tesla App, that I tend to, at some point in the charging process, fat finger the "Stop Charging" button that is way...
  19. Neanor


    This applied to me. Haha. Waiting for my signature to be available. Mainly cause it is nice to see what type model a commenter has. MYLR 2022
  20. Neanor

    Rear hatch lock would be helpful

    Scratches on the hatch would be bad. I agree with a software solution using the rear camera. I see a temporary solution is placing a rubber grommet on the bike rack at the point the hatch makes contact. The hatch seems to be sensitive to anything that blocks opening, and stops if it contacts...

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