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  1. tracksyde

    FSD beta battery drain

    I was just searching for this since I noticed the same thing since getting the FSD Beta.. I seem to be "losing" more range. I think this may be related to the uploading of FSD Beta video and data when the car is idle. I think my car uploaded at least 20GB of data last night and this morning I...
  2. tracksyde

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    The Q3 2019 update letter (pdf: https://ir.tesla.com/static-files/47313d21-3cac-4f69-9497-d161bce15da4) has a "last modified" date of 10/23/19 (which was the day they were released) and a time of 1:51:43 PM, fwiw
  3. tracksyde

    FS: BNIB Signature HPWC $420 firm - pick up in Orange County, CA

    I have a brand new in box Signature HPWC for sale. I've never even opened the box, but if you absolutely need to see real pictures, that can be arranged. I'm in Fountain Valley, CA during regular work hours and live in Tustin, CA. I'd really prefer a local transaction, but if I cant find a...
  4. tracksyde

    Battery discharge with Sentry mode vs without?

    I had sentry on for about 4 hours last night (4 events) and lost somewhere around 20 miles. It was around low 60s last night and about 50F this morning. So whatever "normal" loss associated with cold temps overnight is included in that figure since I just noticed the less-than-expected range...
  5. tracksyde

    Looking to buy pre cut PPF, xpel rep on here?

    I found this guy in the Tesla Parts For Sale forum: Vendor - DIY Xpel ultimate plus or stealth precut kits But I thought I had seen another guy that used to post there offering the same precut kits.. so you'll probably have better look looking through that forum Tesla Parts for Sale
  6. tracksyde

    Can someone with FSD help me out with a picture?

    For a car that has EAP (as opposed to "standard AP", which is included on new cars now), you're not going to be able to tell if it has FSD or not, since NoA and Summon are included with EAP as well. Best bet is to contact Tesla at their customer service number and explain the issue and ask if...
  7. tracksyde

    Long Range, Rear Wheel Drive Owners - Step in Please

    Build date: April 2018 v32.12.2 14,600 miles 80% = 243 (2 days ago) 90% = 273 (today) 100% = never (303 miles extrapolated) Saw a small bump when range increased to 325 miles but it was lost soon thereafter with an update. Usually charge to 80% on L2 3x a week, SC'ed once for about 5m just to...
  8. tracksyde

    What accessories in the Tesla Shop use the Frunk Bag Clips?

    the clips are used to hold/secure/hang random bags that you may put in the frunk (grocery bags, take-out food bags, etc)
  9. tracksyde

    Model 3 changes from Jan 2018 til now; buying new vs. pre-owned Jan 2018

    If I recall correctly, there was a cutoff date, sometime in mid December 2017, when they switched from a stiffer shock to softer shock. And yes, there were 2017 Model 3 owners who were able to get the shocks swapped for free. And just to add a few changes I can remember but havent seen...
  10. tracksyde

    Is there a recommended windshield washer fluid?

    Its probably like $1-2 a gallon at Walmart or any auto parts store
  11. tracksyde

    PSA: California CVRP Rebate Changes (standard rebate now $2000, not $2500)

    The new CVRP rebate changes are going into effect 12/3/2019. 1. Standard rebate is now $2,000, down from $2,500 (increased [lower income?] rebate amounts remain unchanged) 2. MSRP cap is now $60,000 max. OK for Model 3, but S/X are now excluded 3. Minimum UDDS electric range is now 35 miles...
  12. tracksyde

    What is the best console wrap ? (looks, easier to install, longevity)

    Does your keycard still work with this version?
  13. tracksyde

    Lowered 1" with MPP Comfort Coilovers

    The Comfort coilover bodies are zinc plated though. Whether they are as corrosion resistant as the stainless bodies, no idea. But the zinc plating is there for corrosion resistance. I'd wager its a better combo than the stock painted strut and shock bodies though.
  14. tracksyde

    Chrome delete paint instead of vinyl

    Here you go: Painted black out trim on New Model 3 with Color match door handles @WFOMDL3 paid $2800.. a bit pricey.. but the black gloss is nice
  15. tracksyde

    Brake Caliper Paint?

    G2 will mix custom colors if you special order through them Here's an example of a previously mixed color they still carry: G2 Brake Caliper Paint Systems: FJ5 Sublime Green Dodge Custom Color 2Match Brake Caliper Paint Here's their regular product and color selection: G2 Brake Caliper...
  16. tracksyde

    New Tires...No Regen (Not Winter Tires)

    My guess is one of the wheel speed sensors was messed up during the tire replacement.
  17. tracksyde

    Seatbelt 'burn-in' on white seats?

    Which service center was this so we know to avoid it?
  18. tracksyde

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    I'm pretty sure the wiring you thought was for auto-dimming is for mirror heating and the "extra OEM wiring" you're referring to is for auto-dimming. So what to do with the "extra OEM wiring" is to not do anything. And then use the extra connector from Suma to connect the stock wiring to the new...
  19. tracksyde

    "Checking for updates..."

    I noticed this yesterday (I'm still on 32.11) but after being on "Checking for updates" for a few seconds it refreshed to "Your software is up to date". I tried it again by closing the menu and going back to Software and it showed "Checking for updates".. but in the 1-2 minutes I watched it, it...
  20. tracksyde

    Cabin overheat not working

    Did you ever notice the climate control not working that well while you were in the car?
  21. tracksyde

    Stock Model 3 glass solar power rejection rate, quick finding.

    Location Outside of Glass Inside of Glass Reject Rate Driver side 300 77 74% Top front 194 4 98% Windshield 188 52 72%
  22. tracksyde

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I saved a post from the Tesla subreddit: Battery Degradation "fix"? : teslamotors tl;dr Tesla has an internal note/article referencing a CAC reset (calculated amperage capacity) that appears to work. There are risks associated with this reset, mainly not letting the battery capacity drop below...
  23. tracksyde

    Show your painted calipers.

    Try here: Painted Brake Calipers Collection
  24. tracksyde

    nick in driver's side chrome trim, quote to replace

    Perfect excuse to do a chrome delete?
  25. tracksyde

    Porsche Mission E

    Diamond.g is referring to the on-board charger which is a $460 option, IIRC when I went through the configurator (mine came out to $226k.. but its real pretty)
  26. tracksyde

    You notice an out daytime "eyebrow" light in a fellow Model 3. Do you...

    The issue isnt an electrical one (at least not in my case and others I've read about). The DRL LED strip becomes physically "unseated" and shifts backwards (towards the cabin). When you look into the headlight, the DRL LED strip is still lit and seems fine from a close distance. But if you move...
  27. tracksyde

    "Clinking" exterior sound?

    The sound you describe seems similar to whats being discussed in this thread, although you dont mention when it actually makes the sound or is it constantly making the sound? increasing with speed? or just an occasional "click" when accelerating or decelerating ? Model 3 clicking sound near the...
  28. tracksyde

    Painted Brake Calipers Collection

    Did you use G2 also (kind of sounds like it with the 24 hr cure)? How did you stretch it out over 8 hours? Doesnt the epoxy/hardener mix harden up after a few hours? Did you mix small batches? I've been waiting to do mine when it cools down a bit weather-wise so the mixture doesnt harden up as...
  29. tracksyde

    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    For you guys that already installed them, did you just re-route the stock wiring as suggested? I was planning on waiting for the extensions, but I may just try it this weekend without the extensions.
  30. tracksyde

    Can this be real? 150f cabin temperature?

    I've seen 165F on a hot summer day (100F+), parked in the sun, and without Cabin Overheat Protection turned on
  31. tracksyde

    Installing additional USB ports in center console.

    you can just get a hub or a splitter
  32. tracksyde


  33. tracksyde

    Bird Doo Doo Boo Boo Finally Got Me!

    That happened to me about a week into ownership. First time I ever got one of those serious etching bird poops. I ended up polishing it out with a dual-action polisher and some compound. I had also watched some videos and read about using a heat gun, but that didnt work for me. But you may want...
  34. tracksyde

    Tint the Front Glass Roof vs Tesla Roof Shade?

    I think the thing to think about with the glass roof is that when you feel heat, are you feeling the sun/solar energy passing through the glass? Or are you actually feeling heat radiating from the glass itself since the glass is physically hot from being radiated by the sun? If you believe you...
  35. tracksyde

    $1k Refunds on FSD Start March 11

    Still waiting for mine too. I reached out by email a few times now (I'm now sending the same email weekly) and once by phone. I've gotten as far as "I'll forward this to the appropriate department" and "please include your current mailing address so we can issue you a check". But nothing so far...
  36. tracksyde

    Pregnant woman hit by MX (out of main)

    That shows you how un-newsworthy this lawsuit is.. and in our current climate, that's saying a lot! Filing a product liability lawsuit because your 2 year old jumped in the driver seat and made the car move forward is weak at best.
  37. tracksyde

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Short answer: no Slightly longer answer: no, as long as they were forward looking statements Long answer: Forward-looking statement - Wikipedia
  38. tracksyde

    Do many of you follow Tesla stock price?

    There's a section for that kind of discussion.. you'll probably get more responses over there: TSLA Investor Discussions
  39. tracksyde

    A lot going on here

    Cool display of TMC'ers working together in near-real time. Good luck, guys and safe travels.
  40. tracksyde

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    The front and side view is OK.. actually, I really like it from the front.. from the rear, it just reminds me of a Saturn SC2
  41. tracksyde

    Potential buyer for 2017 LR with a question

    Front seat v1 (up until about Feb/March 2018?) are supposedly more narrow Suspension before Jan 2018 may be a little stiffer
  42. tracksyde

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Southern California (200 miles of 92708) 89 Model S 28 Model X 11 Model 3 (there were 14 Model 3s yesterday)
  43. tracksyde

    Horribly Disappointed in Tesla Service (Alignment Issue)

    Any car can get out of alignment due to a variety of reasons. Was your car not properly aligned from the factory? Sure, its a definite possibility. Its also equally likely the car just went out of alignment if you tapped a curb or hit a pothole. I wouldnt say this is indicative of a Tesla being...
  44. tracksyde

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    14 Model 3 within 200 miles of me (middle of Orange County, CA).. intrestingly, 12 of the 14 are Red SR+ and 2 are Black AWD. Maybe the $2000 cost for Red paint stings a bit too much for those looking for an SR+
  45. tracksyde

    How will Full Self Driving deal with turning into perpendicular fast-moving traffic?

    watch this video.. the front 3 cameras appear to cover the front and sides.. and there's overlap
  46. tracksyde

    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    Good to see you here, Bob. I followed a lot of your posts over at PC. I'm sure you'll love your car much more than your Prime, if you don't already.
  47. tracksyde

    Paint Damage - What would do this to a car?

    If you're looking for a racing stripe, just take it to a local car wrap/vinyl guy and have him put an offset stripe down the passenger side of the car.. two birds with one stone, eh :D
  48. tracksyde

    Paint Damage - What would do this to a car?

    I'd take it to a detailer to see if they can remove it, most likely via a polisher and some more abrasive compound. I've had really bad water spots that I wasnt able to manually remove with regular cleaning products or even a cleaner wax.

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