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    Tesla Model Y LR reservation

    Yeah, unfortunately it may save everyone time if you don't sell it. From what I have seen, your constraints makes it super complicated, and lowers the chance of a transfer to workout successfully. Just my 2c
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    Model 3 Reservation - April-May Delivery

    To be fair, this user atleast put an asking price for you folks to give him a hard time; perhaps you can redirect that to other posts :) https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-y-performance-preprice-hike.264581/
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    Agreed, but I think we (me and other recent replies) are suggesting that there is not much merit in a legal action here. I am also sure that there are many counter examples out there: many MYLR orders placed after July (after your order date) and have been fulfilled 🤷‍♂️
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    As frustrating as it is to keep waiting, I wont be surprised if there is more "fine print" about the "cannot guarantee when the car will actually comes" in the agreement. I think there may be case if "order #17" for Model A was delivered before "order #10" for Model A. (I am sure there are...
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    Agreed. VIN transfer is safe and works, but often Tesla SAs may just refuse to do that.
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    I think the "fine print" on order agreement is that reservations are non-transferrable, so that probably protects them from lawsuits.
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    Model y for July

    LOL, the irony is not lost -- your price increases are so fitting given Tesla's sudden price increases 😂😂😂
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    FS: Tesla Model 3 LR Reservation EDD: June 7th-July

    Not sure if you did the math correct --- your total price for the car ($51,990 plus $5000 you are asking) makes this more expensive than ordering a new Model 3 LR, which also has an EDD of June-Aug right now. (Also, you seemed to be looking to buy M3 reservations few days ago, but now selling...
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    My Y LR is due to arrive May 21 - July 2 and I'm not taking delivery - $4k less than todays price

    LOL you got downvoted for an update too. Appreciate an honest listing and joint opportunity to make it work. 🤝
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    My Y LR is due to arrive May 21 - July 2 and I'm not taking delivery - $4k less than todays price

    Appreciate the honest disclosure 👍 Not many listings would admit that!
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    3 cyber rodeo tickets for sale. $400 per ticket if anyone is interested

    I can understand the "for sale" listings (possible scam), but there are people looking to buy as well 🤷‍🧐
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    3 cyber rodeo tickets for sale. $400 per ticket if anyone is interested

    I am curious what is the MSRP on these tickets? (Just curious: definitely not interested in going, even if it is free event :-) )
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    Once in a while, you can get a Tesla SA who can reset this for you. You either need to know a Tesla SA who is okay doing that, or keep trying on the phone to reach out to an SA who would be okay with that. (Both work for sure from personal experience.) There are other ways around this that...
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    What's a different account and parent account? This is the first time I am hearing this terminology for Tesla accounts. Can you elaborate/explan the scenario you are describing?
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    Tesla prototype for sale!

    only if there is "reservation" for this prototype 😂
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    Unfortunately there is no other way; do share if you find an alternative to calling/asking Tesla.
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    Of course, nothing can be changed yourself once that info is entered -- I think you have been on the "for sale" forum so I thought you knew that? (1) Safer bet, ask for your money back if you didnt get this info ahead of time (if you asked for it.) (2) Other bet, keep calling a Tesla SA and...
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    Jan 2021 White Standard Range Model Y for sale in Bay Area (Marin)

    Yes, just need buyer's info to make them "an offer they can't refuse" 😀 #WillWalkOnWaterForMY
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    Tesla Model X White/White Reservation Transfer

    Good luck with the sale. I would certainly urge you/buyer to at least have an agreement (where no one loses their money) for what to do if the buyer is unable to get the car due to reservation transfer technicalities.
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    Selling Reservation Model X Long Range

    That is not true and consistent -- every SA will say different things. Both from personal experience and from many users on the forum. Refer to the "sticky thread" on this topic which talks about order cancellations (around delivery/pickup) even after registration is transferred by an SA.
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    Tesla Model X White/White Reservation Transfer

    Most would offer to split the savings from a reservation sale, but this is .... ouch 🤯 We need a leaderboard for these listings, with the winner getting a Gordon Gekko bobblehead.
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    Tesla Model X White/White Reservation Transfer

    Please add more details: order price, seating config, etc. (Perhaps a pic of the order agreement)? Also presumably you are looking for more than just $250 order fee -- that info would be great too. Good luck 👍
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    KBB is generally a bit on the higher end for used Teslas (these days); may be tricky to get those prices but certainly possible. Also try online buyers like Vroom, Carvana, Carmax, etc. for their quote.
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Thanks for a level headed response. I agree with the first two points that recognize this is a "fad" which will be corrected on its own or on Tesla's side. As a moderator on other forums, I totally support keeping the forums simple (it may be tricky to start creating subforums for every new...
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Right now, I am seeing about 12-13 non-Reservation for sale posts (based on titles, not clicked them) 🤷‍♂️ I think this phenomenan is just temporal: probably goes down as we get closer/past end of quarter? and may have increased due to this months price bump?
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    Tesla Model 3 LR/Performance Reservation from 2021, save $$$

    Yup, I am covering the other configuration (RWD) which you continue to omit in your pricing because it doesn't benefit you. Based on your asking price of $1750 for a reservation, it is only $250 cheaper than a new car. If you really want to split, $1000 is a split for a RWD.
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    Dez 2018 Model 3 Mid Range, 62 k miles for sale

    Good to see (what I think is) a fair priced car -- good luck with the sale 👍 Tip: you may want to add more info to your post to avoid repeat/standard questions. Stuff like warranty remaining, state of tires, current battery range on full charge, etc.
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    Tesla Model 3 LR/Performance Reservation from 2021, save $$$

    $5500 savings for LR+FSD is great, but that's the upper limit! For completeness, the lower limit (if someone wants only RWD) is only $2000 savings -- which is just $250 more than buying it new from tesla.com
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    FWIW, I am pretty sure that transferring an account and then entering refistration info definitely works -- from personal experience. But I was also fortunate to deal with someone who was willing to share the risk, and rollback the $$ transaction if Tesla pulled the rug underneath our feet at...
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    you are lucky :) you are not the smartest cookie here :) (to think of talking to Tesla) most people have tried that and were read the "rules" of non-transferrable reservaiton
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    2022 Model Y Reservation White on black

    Let's just there is no "real data" here, just whatever you say ... which is fine. Your car, your decision 👍 The "forum police" is giving you "an OK", but will be keeping tabs ✌️👮‍♀️🕵️✌️🙃
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    2022 Model Y Reservation White on black

    What I find interesting is that you continue to show interest in buying MY reservations on other posts (based on your comment history), but then you are listing for sale. Particularly, offering lowball (like $1K in one comment) or pursuing well priced ones (like the one that said "saves you...
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    Selling Reservation for Tesla Model Y. VIN assigned. March 20 delivery.

    Pickup location? Are you simply looking for $250 transfer fee? GeneralIy speaking, I don't understand why folks dont specify obvious details (location, pics, price) in first attempt 🤦‍♂️
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    2022 Tesla Model S for sale - SF Bay area

    That seems like a pretty decent asking price compared to what others have tried to sell for. Good luck 👍
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    Model y 2022 blue for sale

    I think you should take the helpful feedback you are getting from folks who have been here for longer. Talking about pricing ... (1) A "demo" MYLR with less than 1000 miles from Tesla can be bought at close to MSRP (about $60K). (2) A similar used vehicle with $12K FSD included can be had...
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    Cyberquad Brand New in Box. $3000 for best offer. Local pick up only, San Jose Bay Area

    Is this the same as this one below? Or a special edition of some kind given the price? https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/new-tesla-cyberquad-for-kids-asking-msrp-in-hand-ga.258150/
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    Tesla Model X P100D - checking for interest before posting online.

    Is there a KBB value for this car? Pls consider mentioning that in the listing
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    2022 Model 3 RWD reservation for sale (Los Angeles)

    What's your asking price? have you filled in the registration details already? (how do you plan to switch, have u spoken to your SA?)
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    2022 Model 3 RWD reservation for sale (Los Angeles)

    If available, can you pls PM me?
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    Recent trade-in experience?

    Yes, the used Tesla offers have come down significantly, especially for Model 3 (which are available in ~2 months if ordered new and if it is LR/P model)
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    Looking for a 2022 Model 3 RWD (SR+) reservation

    Preferably something that is coming soon. (Northern California) Thanks
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    does a 2020 M3 still use a radar for AP/FSD?

    N00B question -- I read that "vision" capability for AP/FSD was launched/enabled in 2021, and before that "radar" was used for all M3 cars. So does a 2020 M3 (both SR+ and LR models) continue to use radar for AP/FSD today? Or has Tesla disabled it via software and switched to use cameras for...
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    2022 Model Y long range 7 seater with tow package reservation for sale

    Thanks for the clarification. Good luck with the transfer sale 👍
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    Model X Long Range 2022 for sale, brand new!

    My bad ✌ i guess 22% is within acceptable limits of "seller market adjustment" -- courtesy our favorite neighborhood Toyota dealerships 😉 whom we should no longer callout for markups 😂
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    Model X Long Range 2022 for sale, brand new!

    Interesting to see people are entertaining someone who buys a car and immediately lists it 30-40% markup??
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    2022 Model Y long range 7 seater with tow package reservation for sale

    Is this your original reservation or did you buy it via a transfer on this forum (see below)? https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/2022-model-y-long-range-7-seater-with-tow-package-reservation-transfer.253907/ If it is the latter, I have heard about an instance of a cancelled reservation...
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    Looking to buy reservation 6 or 7 seater Y or X

    I would imagine a 7-seater MY may be hard to find (to pickup immediately) since folks who ordered it have most likely have done thorough analysis/trial before placing it order. But good luck 👍🤞
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    New Tesla Owner questions

    As mentioned in #19 message, it is possible to get a new one with a quick turnaround time: keep checking the new inventory page, as vehicles (not delivered to the original order) are made available. If possible, swing by a nearby Tesla showroom/service center, talk to service advisor and ask...
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    New Tesla Owner questions

    If Tesla.com sells used Teslas without FSD, that will kill Tesla sales on vroom/carvana/etc or kill their profits by possibly forcing them to sell for much lower than tesla.com
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    Tesla Model 3 LR -- ETA is Feb 12-26

    Happy that it worked out well -- we were lucky that your phone was answered by a really friendly "i dont give a damn, let's get this done for you all" service advisor :)

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