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    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Yes. So to close the loop on my ordeal. Prepping the house for sale and showings so my car was in the driveway. Went to pull it in that night, and it died completely once I got inside. Used my battery charger to power the tow hook leads, opened the frunk, found the battery had 4.5v. Put it on...
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    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Well I took the battery into the service center and bought a new one. Got home, and I can't get the frunk open. I had to close it due to heavy rain today. I've tried my charger on the 10 and 50amp settings, as well as jumper cables from the new battery. No reaction, nothing. So this is turning...
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    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    You're correct about getting the hood open - that was simple enough. However even with the charger connected to the 12v battery the doors would not open. I even tried bumping it up to the 50amp 'start' setting thinking maybe it was a current issue. No dice. Even after being on the charger all...
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    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Just had this happen to me last night. 2019 P3D with like 37k miles. Car was in the driveway as we got things prepared for showings (the house hit the market the next day). Got in my car to pull it back in the garage and everything died. Had to use the emergency door lever to get out. Pushed the...
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    Performance cold weather range

    You'll have 0 issues with 80 mile round trip in any weather - even on highway driving at 80-90mph the entire way (which sucks battery like crazy) you will be fine. Even pre-heating your car before you get to it, using heated seats, etc. 80 miles is nothing. I'd be hesitant to say the same about...
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    Auto Pilot Hands Free

    Yeah, to be totally honest I prefer the hand on the wheel vs. the camera. With hand on wheel you can (not that you should) focus on other things, the camera is much less forgiving. I've also found the camera to be overly sensitive. For example if you're looking straight ahead at the road, but...
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    Auto Pilot Hands Free

    I haven't paid much attention to the GM version, but the last I saw it only worked on specific highways that are mapped? Either way, the answer to your question is - yes. I'm using FSD beta and the cabin camera is tracking driver attention. I think it is very likely that eventually Tesla will...
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    We actually took our stroller to the service center prior to purchasing the M3 so see how it fits. We have an Uppababy Vista - and it takes up about half the rear trunk. There's a way to remove the seat itself to get it in there in a more compact way, but typically we don't take it anywhere. For...
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Very cool color. I've never seen it on a P. What performance increase are you talking about?
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    Did you opt-in? I think there's a button somewhere in the autopilot menu.
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    Is this a coolant leak (green fluid)?

    Yeah I think it is too much of a coincidence to be unrelated (the car wash vs. the green fluid). My experience with coolant leaks has been that they happen when the car is warmed up and operating, and are the worst immediately after shutting off when everything becomes heat soaked and pressure...
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    Is this a coolant leak (green fluid)?

    Coolant has a very distinct smell. If its happening when you go through the car wash, I think it is much more likely that it is from the car wash. The intake for the cabin HVAC is just below the windshield - it isn't far fetched to think water could get into the cabin through there. If that...
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    Any Hardcore Car Enthusiast Out Here? I Have Questions About Going to Model 3

    I consider myself somewhat qualified to answer. Definitely a car enthusiast that (prior to the P3D) never owned anything but manual cars. This is what I was driving (daily) prior to getting my Tesla: You asked 3 things. Transitioning from a manual car for daily commutes and losing the 'fun'...
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    KWh charge equivalents

    There are really two things - the first is load, how much current is being drawn at a given time - the other is total consumption (which I think is what you're looking for). It is pretty easy to figure out actually. Take whatever the car's pack size is and multiply that by the 40% or so that...
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    Restrict Drivers from Enabling Track Mode?

    Maybe turn on chill mode from the app? I think that locks out any other driving mode but I could be wrong.
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    Scratch (shopping cart type), no ding, back bumper - kindly suggest

    Yes you need pictures to really get a clear answer. All that have responded are 100% correct. If you're not comfortable potentially wet sanding and buffing, take it to a good local bodyshop and ask them to take a look. As a general rule of thumb, if you drag your fingernail across the scratch...
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    PSA about why you should NOT use auto lift trunk struts

    Thanks for the heads up. A great reminder and warning for people that, generally speaking, it isn't a good idea to use non-OEM parts as they may not be made to spec, could be of questionable quality, and may be produced in a country that doesn't have laws that protect consumers and require...
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    Snippiness 2.0

    I didn't read it as xenophobic but simply stating a fact. He indicated that AFTERMARKET (IE: parts made by a company other than a legitimate manufacturer) parts from China have been unsatisfactory. It is what it is - China is well known for manufacturing and when partnered with and aided by US...
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    Better resale value: Model 3 LR or Performance?

    Definitely P will have higher resale. But in terms of which one has the least depreciation when comparing purchase price to resale that is a harder question to answer. My gut feeling is that the difference will be negligible and it isn't worth choosing a trim level you aren't happy with to...
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    Sentry missed M3 trunk vandalism event

    You may have already done this, but put it all on your computer and go through the dashcam clips as well - and it's possible the vandalism was caught on a sentry clip at an earlier/later start than the car is showing - so I would scrub through the sentry clips from start to finish too. Sorry...
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    Selling model 3 with FSD - any value in that?

    This is getting into the gray area and I would be a bit leery of taking this approach. In 99% of cases you should be fine if it is listed as a feature on the screen, but without an invoice or receipt stating that it was paid for you run a (very small) risk of Tesla correcting a mistake and...
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    How to perform brake fluid health check?

    If you're tracking the car the requirement is flushing the brakes within the last 12 months. There's a big difference in brake temps between performance driving and street driving and moisture content becomes very important. Maybe BMW were being a bit overzealous, but they do market themselves...
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    Selling model 3 with FSD - any value in that?

    Yes, but be sure to have the invoice ready that shows it was paid for with the vehicle. When I was shopping, I found that cars with FSD were priced about $5k more than equivalent non-FSD cars. At the time, FSD was $10k. So, it may be worth more now. I suspect that as the price continues to rise...
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    Model 3 Performance Vs Giulia Quadrifoglio?

    I've driven one - a year or so before I drove a Model 3 P. So I can't give a great comparison but based on my memory the Alpha felt lighter and more nimble. Power and acceleration are not even in the same ballpark though.
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    Salvage title model 3

    I don't know any answers to your questions, just wanted to say good luck. The damage really doesn't look too terrible - did any airbags deploy? If you can find used parts (bumper, trunk, fender liners, etc) you can probably have it fixed for much less than the vehicle is worth (I'm guessing it's...
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    Would a Tesla make sense as an apartment owner with shared L2 charging?

    Based on what you said about your driving habits, you won't need to charge daily. Even if you don't charge to 100% (which as a general rule you shouldn't) you can probably get by charging 2-3 days a week depending on how many joy rides you take. I suspect it won't be much of an issue - but even...
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    Would a Tesla make sense as an apartment owner with shared L2 charging?

    How many miles do you drive per week? It sounds like if you're only driving weekends you don't do much driving to begin with. There's a chance you could probably get by charging 1 or 2 days a week on the level 2 charger and be fine.
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    Run Flat Tires for Model 3 - solution for lack of spare tire

    I had run flats on my BMW Z4. Had a blowout on the highway - sort of a loud hissing/whooshing noise - but other than that not noticeable change in ride quality. I wasn't even sure it was a flat tire until I got to where I was going. Figured - screw it - they're run flats. I'll just drive it...
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    Acceleration Boost while driving?

    Have you driven the track before? Unless you're a regular I suspect that lap times are going to improve just from gaining familiarity and confidence - so your test isn't going to be particularly useful.
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    Home on a hill - regenerative braking

    I would guess it is related to battery temp - not the charge limit. However I think there is a simple test you can do. Unplug your car in the morning - bump up the charge limit to +10% or so, or just take it all the way to 100 for the purpose of the test, and then do your drive down the hill...
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    Insurance Cost

    Insurance is significantly more for Tesla vs. other makes/models. It is 3x as much as my previous car (Porsche 911) and almost double what we pay for my wife's Range Rover. It sucks. I talked to my agent and he said it comes down to replacement costs and batteries. Not sure how true that is -...
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    Finally ready to get my dream car… need advice

    If "full self driving capability" is on the listing, that means it includes full FSD.
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    M3p 18”alloys

    Tesla split the P (performance) into two categories. Some were sold as 'stealth' performance cars. Basically they had the upgraded powertrain and P software (track mode) but not the PUP (performance upgrade package) that included: aluminum pedals, lowered suspension, bigger brakes, 20" wheels...
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    Horse power confusion

    I wouldn't rely on ANYTHING in a dealer's ad when shopping for a Tesla. My experience has been that they literally have no idea what they're talking about. Many I looked at listed the wrong included features, wrong trim level, etc. Expecting them to be correct about the power rating (which isn't...
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    why no beep for backup sensor in Model 3? [rear cross traffic warning]

    The other day I was reversing and there was a car visible on one of the side cameras. My car made audible beeps. I assume it was related to the other vehicle being detected (IE: cross traffic) as there were no objects close enough to trigger the proximity sensors that I could see. Not sure if...
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    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    Haha. One thing to remember when it comes to the 8k difference is that there will absolutely be a difference in resale value as well. So you're not out the full 8k necessarily. The LR AWD has the option to purchase a performance boost (I think it is still available) which makes it faster but not...
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    Creating "clips" with Dashcam

    Since the interface refresh the dashcam icon no longer appears at the top of my screen - just the FSD beta report icon. Not sure if this is an oversight or if the method to save dashcam footage changed. Can someone confirm?
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    Model 3 where’s the summon? [answered]

    So summon is now restricted to FSD? I thought summon was standard and 'smart' summon was FSD exclusive. Regarding if FSD is worth it - that really depends. I can definitively say it is NOT worth it for summon. Summon is utter garbage and a total waste of time. It is a party trick at best. 7...
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    Tesla wont accept proof of insurance for car pickup if Policy expires within 30 days

    Same. But, they knew that ahead of time and still insisted I needed it. Even when I explained that my insurance company automatically includes any new cars for 30 days. Oh well.
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    How does the car know what the speed limit is?

    Some cars are 100% computer vision. As others pointed out it appears that Tesla uses a hybrid approach. My guess would be it prioritizes TSR (traffic sign recognition) and then uses embedded GPS map data as a fallback.
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    Radar Detector need for Model 3

    Get the Gen2. It is night and day. I was running a gen 1 in my 911 with the savvy box (it plugs into the ODB2 port, reads vehicle speed, and lets you set a speed threshold for automute. So you could have it automute anytime you're under 35mph for example). Even with that, there is NO comparison...
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    Radar Detector need for Model 3

    Valentine One Gen 2. Pair it with the V1 driver app on your phone and it is a great experience. Rarely makes any noise unless there's actually a cop. I mounted on the mirror using a blend mount. BlendMount Radar Detector Mounts| Custom Aluminum Mounts Both items are expensive but it is...
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    Tesla wont accept proof of insurance for car pickup if Policy expires within 30 days

    I went to all the trouble of adding my Tesla to my policy before I took delivery because they said proof of insurance was required. Well, I got to the dealership and they gave me the car - never asked for any proof of insurance.
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    Best home charger - Model 3

    To each their own. I personally would never go on a trip without the mobile charger in the trunk. Here is a picture from our first family road trip in the Tesla. We went to a fairly rural area in southern Kentucky. The marina had a destination charger - we called ahead and confirmed it was...
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    Best home charger - Model 3

    Get the Tesla wall connector. It's the best option, period. It's the fastest, easiest to access and stow, looks great + it lets you leave your mobile charger in the boot in case you need it when you're away from home. Anything else is a a compromise.
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    Should I buy a Tesla as a first car?

    This question would be better asked to a loan officer at a bank. See what your interest rate would be currently vs. what it potentially would be after your 2 year buy/pay off plan. I'm not sure the difference will be that much (assuming you currently can qualify for the loan).
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    How to turn on front heated seats from tablet after the software update?

    Just saw someone post a video showing that you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to pull up the climate control screen. Tested it this morning and it works. I much prefer swiping up anywhere vs. trying to jab the temp number.
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    Does a used tesla purchased from a non tesla dealer maintain its warranty?

    Just wanted to add that Tesla extends the warranty by 1 year and (I believe) 10k miles on the CPO cars that they sell. Another good reason to buy direct from Tesla even if you're in the market for pre-owned. My experience has also been that they go over the car and recondition where needed to...
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    Edit color increased the price [Making a change to a saved order increased price to current price]

    If I understand it correctly the silver is now included as a "base" color option at TODAY's prices. Expecting to get it added at no charge if you ordered before the price increase isn't reasonable. That's almost equivalent of me calling them up and demanding a power lift gate at no charge...
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    Windscreen Washers not working any ideas?

    Did it run dry? Are you getting any kind of warning/notification about low fluid?

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