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  1. Muzzman1

    Model S Plaid range discussion.

    At about 14k (actually 11k on this HV battery) mine is reporting 342.2, down from 348. I charge to 80% daily. Car has only seen 99% once. Never seen below 20%. (with this pack)
  2. Muzzman1

    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    1000% Mine works perfect, and willing/happy to take anyone for a ride as a demonstration.
  3. Muzzman1

    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    Im back from my vacation. ...and a reminder. Mine works very well as advertised. Hope this helps! BTW, I always have my car in "low"
  4. Muzzman1

    FS: RacingBrake 2-piece rotors for refresh Model S/X

    Yeah I meant under hard braking conditions after a drag race in particular. Our local 1/8 track had a short shutdown and I really have to hammer the brakes to get the car to slow down. I’ve been looking at this set new, but this is tempting. Only thing holding me back is the...
  5. Muzzman1

    FS: RacingBrake 2-piece rotors for refresh Model S/X

    How would you rate these in a street environment compared to stock?
  6. Muzzman1

    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    Im in LA with a with suspension working as expected in case someone wants to meet up. Happy to.
  7. Muzzman1

    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    Im on vacation without the car. When I return I will do this for you.
  8. Muzzman1

    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    Sorry, I dont have the equipment to make that happen, furthermore, I dont have the time to take apart the tub for these values. Maybe consider that the power to the solenoid does the opposite, it closes the valve, rather than open it? That's def something to consider, and I suspect...
  9. Muzzman1

    Adaptive Suspension Damping… Real or Ruse? Which one do you have? Find out fast!

    I watched the "scope" part of your video. Nice work. I think you have your dampening rules backwards. The more dampening you have, the slower the hydraulic fluid passes through your dampener, thereby stiffening the dampener. (This is how it works in mechanical dampeners that I have...
  10. Muzzman1

    Replacing cabin air filter and cleaning evaporator fins in 2021-2022 MS

    I have access to the service manuals and could not find a direct. way to access the evaporator. Furthermore, replacing the actually HEPA filters looks to be a major undertaking. I would def let Service handle the funky smell for now until a more easy/direct method to access the...
  11. Muzzman1

    Refresh Model S "IP decor" creaking

    My center console had a very similar squeak and I was able to squash it here : https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/does-your-refresh-center-console-squeak-this-might-help-you-fix-it.272462/
  12. Muzzman1

    Tesla model X reservation for sale

    We have this exact same config on order. We placed the order only a few days after you for the same price, but we have FSD. Did you get a delivery date or VIN already??
  13. Muzzman1

    Forced Autopilot Disengagement - Safety Score 96 - Any coming back from this?

    Opt out, then opt back in. That should clear it out back to square 1. FYI, when I opted in during the announcement of the new batch of users about 5-6 weeks ago, I opted in, drive about 100-150mi on the fwy using AP. In about 3 days I got the FSD. SS was 93 or so.
  14. Muzzman1

    Can you park the X in a garage?

    No problem parking our MX along with our MS since 2016
  15. Muzzman1

    Rhythmic Vibration Under Driver’s Floorboard

    Is it possible it is the Compressor/Heat Pump? Turn off HVAC and see if the vibration goes away.
  16. Muzzman1

    Is this a fair trade in offer for my Model S Plaid 2021?

    Yes, they need the original wheels etc. Otherwise they charge full retail for new ones.
  17. Muzzman1

    Is this a fair trade in offer for my Model S Plaid 2021?

    If you are like me and paid $129k for your plaid on a battery day order, I would think that's a decent offer, especially of you WANT the X rather than the S. The decision really is yours! Edit:. I only paid for 19's, so you paid $133.5k, and tax etc, but still, that's a good offer considering...
  18. Muzzman1

    Rear Motor Disabled - Less Than 50 Miles

    I would do the buy back as well, but under the condition that the new car will be price matched. I know for certain this can be done, so you can insist on it.
  19. Muzzman1

    True kWh capacity of Plaid battery?

    Yes totally different. My wife's 2016MX and my 2015 MS cables both do not work on refresh. The one linked above works well.
  20. Muzzman1

    True kWh capacity of Plaid battery?

    Bought it https://evoffer.com/product/model-s-x-can-diagnostic-cable/ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JFRFJG6?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  21. Muzzman1

    True kWh capacity of Plaid battery?

    My "Remote" app and ODB scan tool with scan my tesla and other various apps show my usable capacity to be 95.2kWh at this time. My car shows rated range of 345 as of this morning.
  22. Muzzman1

    True kWh capacity of Plaid battery?

    Here's the Energy Graph from my MS Plaid. Not sure how to interpolate the exact rated range fro this though.
  23. Muzzman1

    Model S Plaid 20 inch wheels

    I have a set of 20x10 TSW wheels with 275/35/20 PS4's all around. 13k miles no problems to report. Car performs well at the drag strip with best 1.444 60' times and 5.98 at the 1/8th.
  24. Muzzman1

    Elon gives me Cat Quest but no Energy app?

    Im on the latest FSD beta in my plaid, and the energy app comes up with Voice Command. Not sure what you might be on.
  25. Muzzman1

    2022 refresh swivel screen rattling housing.

    I quelled mine by getting a car that doesn't have it 🤣 (sorry i could not resist)
  26. Muzzman1

    Gen2 Wall Connector made obsolete by Tesla with car software update

    I have 2 Gen 1 wall connectors, one for my Plaid and one for our 2016 MX Both set to 80A Both charge both cars no issues. Whoever told you about a software update disabling a Gen2 is blowing smoke
  27. Muzzman1

    Does your Refresh Center Console Squeak? This might help you fix it!

    My center console on my Plaid started squeaking more and more when i shift my weight on it. It didn't really bother me until @WilliamG pointed out how annoying it was 🤣 Follow me through the steps I took to get it taken care of Here's the Lube I used ...
  28. Muzzman1

    72A Home Charging - Super Hot Cable

    Yeah, same. Both of my Wall Connectors are 80A variety. My previous dual charger MS and my Wife's 2016MX with 72A would heat up the cables to the point where I felt it was unsafe. As a result, for the last 4-5 yrs I've been just charging at 40A each unless we are in a pinch to get...
  29. Muzzman1

    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    For the record, this is the Original yoke that came in my 2021 439*** VIN car.
  30. Muzzman1

    Light Harmonic Amp for UHFS Model S

    Looks like the post at the top of this thread is selling one.
  31. Muzzman1

    Light Harmonic Amp for UHFS Model S

    These amps are amazing. If you want significantly more uummf from your UHFS, this is the way to go. I had this amp in my 2 previous Model S's and loved it. (Not affiliated with the seller in any way)
  32. Muzzman1

    2018 Model X falcon wing door light behind the speaker grill.

    Our 2016 VIN 1900's has them and they are active.
  33. Muzzman1

    New requirement of 100+ miles on NAP per 30 days?

    I got the June FSD in 5 days after getting a 98 SS, and driving on AP every possible chance I could get. Probably 170 out of 200 miles driven in that time.
  34. Muzzman1

    How to Find a Part (Screw)

    Im pretty sure you are only missing one of these : https://www.amazon.com/GOOACC-Universal-Fastener-Retainer-Replacement/dp/B07QG8CWFV Edit, I went out to my car to confirm it is in fact the fastener linked above.
  35. Muzzman1

    Model S temperature sensor location

    On the refresh cars it's under the front fascia
  36. Muzzman1

    Is my high wh/mi normal for my P84+?

    Check tire pressures. I would over inflate slightly. Most likely this is a result of the wheels.
  37. Muzzman1

    Just bought 2015 s85D

    Congrats. Best advice is plug it in and enjoy it. I sold my 85D with 80k on the clock. Daily charged to 90%, it had 5% degradation. I would charge it to 90% daily since it had a bit more "pep" at higher state of charge. If you plan a long trip charge to 95% and try not...
  38. Muzzman1

    FSD Beta 10.12

    For the record. I opted in Jun 7 and got the update today June 12. Driven about 200 miles with a SS of 98 prior to the update. Seems they are delivering the update pretty quick once you've opted in. Car is a '21 Plaid.
  39. Muzzman1

    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    2022.12.3.3 Buzz persists. If/when I get .16 I will update.
  40. Muzzman1

    Refreshed model S Plaid dashboard noise

    On my Plaid, there's tick/rattle on the drivers dash, and I was able to isolate it. It is the directional vanes for the HVAC. It's a tight squeeze, but if you wedge your fingers into the upper vent (above the yoke) you can feel the vanes. If you swipe your fingers across them, you can...
  41. Muzzman1

    Limited Time: 100 kWh Battery Upgrade (S/X), Ludicrous+ Capable, 2 Year Warranty

    @wk057 Can MCU2 upgraded cars take the 100KwH Pack from an 85?
  42. Muzzman1

    Elon Considering Adding AirPlay to the Model S/X

    Honest answer. I refuse to start paying for another service. I have: Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, HBOMax, AppleOne (has Apple Music), Spotify, DirecTV, Prime, and probably others. Already paying for 2 Music services, I do not want to pay for more.
  43. Muzzman1

    Elon Considering Adding AirPlay to the Model S/X

    Airplay is not actually lossless, but I digress. It would be better to have Apple Music as an app rather than Airplay. Carplay would be nice, but that will never happen. Elon hates apple for taking 20% on all apps.
  44. Muzzman1

    How bad is the damage?

    1564701-00-B Is the Valence part # and it's $285 and can be replaced with a 10mm socket. Edit: Part # above is for refresh cars, which I believe OP has since I see the perforation for the pedestrian speaker.
  45. Muzzman1

    2021 Model S hit by bus

    I recently got my plaid back from the body shop for very similar damage. Front right suspension was all replaced, bumper cover, headlamp, front subframe, (pretty much every single part on the front right mechanically was replaced., even some rear suspension links were replaced. They even had...
  46. Muzzman1

    Endless Positivity

    #1 It all started for me with a 34k VIN Model S 85 in Q1 2014. This was the start of the addiction. No other brand would suffice for me. These were the days when I would buy pizza for the entire service staff because of how they would go SO far out of their way to help. (Van nuys Service...
  47. Muzzman1

    Why is Drag Strip Mode often slower than Plaid mode?

    1st the whole part about the cameras is complete BS. It amazes me what some service people will come up with. I have experienced what you are describing. It relates to traction. Dragstrip mode is designed for prep conditions, meaning a traction prepped track. If the car detect wheel slip it...
  48. Muzzman1

    Bike Rack for Plaid

    Do you have a link of the unit you installed? Is it like the Model X hitch where it's totally invisible until you install a 90degree hitch in? That sounds amazing!
  49. Muzzman1

    My Driver Profile no longer allows me access to Cruise Control.

    Make sure Valet mode is not enabled

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