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  1. jcadman22

    Sound Of Silence 2021 rally, May 21-23

    How about sharing a Google Sheet to collect missing info? Most of the info is anonymous and I wouldn't have a problem sharing name or Twitter handle with attendees.
  2. jcadman22

    Nail in tire, 19" Continental Tires!

    FYI - The 19" Continentals have a noise reducing foam liner. The hole is still repairable, just a bit tougher to plug.
  3. jcadman22

    Supercharger - Haymarket, VA

    Hi Nigel - Welcome to the neighborhood! Johnny put a poll up in the Washington DC group and it looks like 1/5 is leading the charge. Watch that thread for updates. One other piece of business to "take care of" is to join the Mid Atlantic Tesla Owners Club now that you're resident in the region...
  4. jcadman22

    Is your loot box working right now?

    I don't check the Loot Box religiously, but I've been getting the "Unable to load the Loot Box. Please try again later." message for at least a couple days now. This is in the Android app and I have restarted the phone to make sure that's not the issue.
  5. jcadman22

    Delivery Experience Expectations - Owings Mills, MD

    Hey Chris - Sorry to hear about your delivery experience. After more than five years of ownership, I can tell you that Tesla will take care of you guys. Following up on Jon's offer of support, check out the Mid Atlantic Owners Club (TeslaMidAtlantic.club) for opportunities to meet other owners...
  6. jcadman22

    Recommendations for Tint and/or Opticoat in MD north of the DC beltway

    Let's try this again. @scottreds2k where did you get your car coated? I've gotten some eye popping quotes for paint protecting film and ceramic coating my Model 3. On the other hand, I've seen some more reasonable quotes for similar service from Winners Window Tint in Rockville. They get...
  7. jcadman22

    Software Update 2018.32.4

    2018.34.b4c2b9a installed and IC reboots have stopped
  8. jcadman22

    Software Update 2018.32.4

    Going a little off topic, but the instrument cluster in my early 2013 has restarted many times since this update installed. It's distracting/disconcerting to have the IC go dark and reboot while driving :eek: Anyone else?
  9. jcadman22

    Adding FSD before VIN assignment

    Curious to know if they charge $3K or $5K "post-delivery" cost.
  10. jcadman22

    First Drive and I’m in LOVE!

    Congrats! Picking up my 3D next week. Now that you're in the club, head over to TeslaMidAtlantic.club and join the club for more adventures!
  11. jcadman22

    May AWD/Performance Orders -- VIN / Status Thread

    Current owner, waited in line to reserve in VA 3/31/2016
  12. jcadman22

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    MC Red 3D VIN 65xxx to be delivered at Rockville 8/22 ISA said the car would be in Rockville on 8/20, so a day or so to check/prep.
  13. jcadman22

    May AWD/Performance Orders -- VIN / Status Thread

    I got my VIN on 8/6 via email from my ISA while my Tesla account still shows the RN. Data points: 5/23 - AWD ordered; 6/2 - edited config. 8/6 - ISA called; delivery scheduled for 8/22 at Rockville
  14. jcadman22

    Updated account summary page: did anyone not get it?

    Got the updated confirmation page. Current owner, day 1 pre-reveal in-store reservation. Ordered AWD on 5/23, Sept-Nov delivery :-/
  15. jcadman22

    Tesla Owners Mid Atlantic Summer Social - Saturday June23rd 2018!

    @WATTS-UP Bald Eagle State Park is about 200 miles from Philadelphia making it an easy ROAD TRIP in any Tesla! This should be a beautiful drive through either Allentown or Harrisburg Superchargers - even better, use them BOTH to complete a loop. How about organizing a local caravan?
  16. jcadman22

    Model 3P-D 0-60 prediction?

    The Model 3 uses permanent magnet motor(s) where all other Teslas are powered by AC induction motors. The permanent magnet motors are supposed to be more efficient. I don't know if that translates to any more power.
  17. jcadman22

    Tesla Owners Club Mid Atlantic December m33tup

    Thanks to everyone for coming out to the M33tup and special thanks to Model 3 owners Bob and Sam for letting everyone explore their cars. The group photo and other pics have been posted on the club site.
  18. jcadman22

    Tesla Owners Club Mid Atlantic December m33tup

    Hope you can make it @Insureit1 Please register on the Club site so we can plan accordingly. Thanks!
  19. jcadman22

    Tesla Owners Club Mid Atlantic December m33tup

    Hope you can make it @blake6551 Please register on the Club site so we can plan accordingly. Thanks!
  20. jcadman22

    Tesla Owners Club Mid Atlantic December m33tup

    We should be there for at least two hours. Hope you can make it.
  21. jcadman22

    Tesla Owners Club Mid Atlantic December m33tup

    Join us at Frisco Tap House in Crofton, MD on Sunday, Decmeber 10th @11A for what may be our last gathering before the end of the year. Two new owners will be coming to show their Model 3s! Register here
  22. jcadman22

    @TeslaRoadTrip is now Tesla Owners Club Mid Atlantic!

    Perfectly summarized @Half Dollar Bill - no corrections necessary! You can read our club president's message here for more history about @TeslaRoadTrip.
  23. jcadman22

    @TeslaRoadTrip is now Tesla Owners Club Mid Atlantic!

    Hey everybody - Bumping this thread as a reminder that discounted memberships in Tesla Owner Club Mid Atlantic end on 10/31. We've had a lot of familiar names sign-up and a lot of NEW ones too - It would be scary to miss out on being a Founder! Go to Home - Tesla Owners Club Mid-Atlantic to...
  24. jcadman22

    @TeslaRoadTrip is now Tesla Owners Club Mid Atlantic!

    Hi @redy - Jump on board before 10/31 to get a discount on first year membership!
  25. jcadman22

    Hi Doug - My son told me that he saw Whoosh driving around yesterday :-) Hope all's well!

    Hi Doug - My son told me that he saw Whoosh driving around yesterday :-) Hope all's well!
  26. jcadman22

    @TeslaRoadTrip is now Tesla Owners Club Mid Atlantic!

    We have been pretty quiet lately and missed having our annual spring event, but we’ve been hard at work going through a transformation to become an official Tesla Owners Club! Our club spans the Mid Atlantic region through the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania...
  27. jcadman22

    Supercharger - National Harbor, MD

    For the rest of us working stiffs who aren't able to make it to the media/hospitality event being planned for Tuesday, there's a group of owners meeting at the Supercharger at Noon on Sunday. @TeslaRoadTrip is teasing some important information this week too.
  28. jcadman22

    Supercharger - National Harbor, MD

    My new office is about 10 mins away from this site, but I have a conflict at 10 tomorrow :-/
  29. jcadman22

    Supercharger - National Harbor, MD

    Credit where credit is due - @Half Dollar Bill puts on a good party for the ribbon ceremonies! In no particular order, I remember Harrisburg, Laurel, and Tannersville, PA... one of my favorite 500 mile lunches ;-)
  30. jcadman22

    Supercharger - National Harbor, MD

    There was an official one for Charlottesville a couple weeks ago. The only other one I can think of off the top of my head was for the Hamilton Supercharger in NJ since it was the 100th site.
  31. jcadman22

    Supercharger - National Harbor, MD

    Nice to see that Tesla is doing ribbon cuttings, but the weekday timing isn't conducive to us working stiffs ;-) Anyone planning a drive out there? I could go tomorrow or next Sunday.
  32. jcadman22

    Supercharger - National Harbor, MD

    ALL parking at National Harbor is paid. The meters are more expensive than DC at $3/hour. This lot appears to be comparable with the garages at $6/hour. They should definitely put some trash cans and squeegees out for those fees - vacuums would be nice too! @Lanny lobbies for EV 'equality'
  33. jcadman22

    East Coast Supercharger Celebration Road Trip Idea

    @Half Dollar Bill & @Pollux - Watching this thread for dates to firm up. I've got a road trip to NASA Langley Research Center's Centennial Open House planned for 10/21, but other weekends in October look good.
  34. jcadman22

    Supercharger - Cambridge, OH

    Charged at this station today on my way to Indy. I didn't know about this stop until another driver mentioned it at the Tridelphia, WV Supercharger. When I saw it on the map on the car's nav I had to stop in to try it out.
  35. jcadman22

    Creaking Noise under acceleration. Motor mounts? Thoughts?

    Does anyone know where these bolts are and what the torque should be? I've been hearing a click from the rear for a bit and now I can't un-hear it :-/ My car is out of warranty and I've already spent almost $1500 on unanticipated repairs. I figure it's worth a shot to put the car on ramps and...
  36. jcadman22

    Random Roadster Sightings

    I paced a dark gray Roadster on I-295S in S.NJ on Saturday night heading home to MD. The car had temporary MD tags so it seems there's a "new" Roadster in the Free State. Welcome!
  37. jcadman22

    TMC Connect 2016

    Here's one of the keynote talks: Thanks again Doug! On a related note, the prototype helicopter that Martine described back in July successfully took flight just over a month ago! http://for.tn/2eWbOB3
  38. jcadman22

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    My drive definitely worked before 8.0 so I don't think a hardware problem re. getting enough power. So leaning towards a protocol change or Tesla changed something about their memory management that it no longer handles the indexing of many files. I've got a 128GB Sandisk mini USB stick that is...
  39. jcadman22

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    I'm in the same boat as @doctorwho with respect to HDD usage. My 1TB Toshiba portable drive (physical, magnetic storage - NOT SSD) with 50K tracks served me well for years until 8.0 came along. It finished a full scan ONE time after the firmware update to 8.0 (2.36.108). However, the drive...
  40. jcadman22

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    I've got a hard drive with over 50K tracks on it. Alpha-shortcuts worked under 7.x, there was still a lot of scrolling, but it was workable. I don't know why there couldn't be type-ahead search.
  41. jcadman22

    TMC Connect 2016

    Are the session videos posted somewhere?
  42. jcadman22

    8.0 Music Player Unusable

    This morning, I sent a polite note to [email protected] listing my 2-3 top issues with the media player under 8.0. Just over 12 hours later (on a Saturday, no less), I got a response similar to what others have noted... "your message will be routed to the correct department... blah...
  43. jcadman22

    8.0 Music Player Unusable

    I've been very happy with MediaMonkey for Windows for many years now. You can set it up to convert formats and replace the original file or save a copy with a different name. Good luck!
  44. jcadman22

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    @BertL What are you using for tagging? I think you mentioned a Mac in the thread about embedded USB album art. I've posted good results with MediaMonkey for Windows in that thread. The most typical sizing that I've seen is 500 x 500 pixels, but YMMV,
  45. jcadman22

    Embedded USB Album Art - How Do I Do It?

    After a few days of shuffling through tracks on my USB I can confirm with a high degree of confidence that 8.0 is properly reading the embedded album art from my file tags. As noted in my previous post, I use MediaMonkey for Windows to organize and tag my collection with the option to save...
  46. jcadman22

    Rear facing seats increased price, now $4000

    They looked nicer when they were $1500 too - bits of faux leather on wear areas where they're all cloth now. Viewed another way, perhaps this is a way of discouraging their adoption? Limit liability for a niche option?
  47. jcadman22

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    +1! I too have struggled with the new two column interface and I yearn for the good old days from two weeks ago when I could browse my whole library of 50K tracks on the touch screen. This push for a fresh/clean/flat interface is totally misguided. The media player is where I want/need rich...
  48. jcadman22

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    OK, I just checked again and WAV do, in fact, play. However, the files don't show up when you browse by artist or album - you have to go through folders to select the files. I can't say that this is new to 8.0 because I didn't test this on the previous firmware version.
  49. jcadman22

    Embedded USB Album Art - How Do I Do It?

    I've been using MediaMonkey for years. I have a large collection of files (>50K tracks) and MediaMonkey provides a great toolset for tagging and converting formats on the fly. For album art specifically, you can specify whether the image is front cover, back cover, media label, leaflet page...
  50. jcadman22

    Comprehensive USB Bug List

    Is anyone able to play WAV files? I'm 99% sure this worked on previous versions.

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