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  1. rrlevy

    How to connect to a Wi-Fi network without Internet?

    I'm using a Wi-Fi connection on my car, while on drive, that connects to a USB LTE Modem pluged to a Raspberry Pi that works as a Wifi hotspot for the car. However, I noticed that if the LTE Modem loses internet connection (in a region of poor coverage, for example), the car automatically...
  2. rrlevy

    Gen3 Wall Connector API?

    Did anyone found out a way to EDIT settings on the Wall Connector via API? I was hoping to be able to change the max current, but since the web interface requires you to manually click the connector or turn it off and on, I haven’t been able to automate this
  3. rrlevy

    Summon issue on Tesla App

    Today I realized that my wife’s App will work perfectly with Summon, while mine won’t. Even while at the same location. I have already tried uninstalling the app and repairing the app as key, and it doesn’t work. There seems to be something wrong with my account. I’m not sure what can be done…...
  4. rrlevy

    Summon issue on Tesla App

    No, I have tried multiple different locations
  5. rrlevy

    Summon issue on Tesla App

    I have tried that. Sometimes it seems to work and the app shows the red “Stop” button when doing that, but the car is actually not moving.
  6. rrlevy

    Summon issue on Tesla App

    I'm having a weird issue with Summon on my Tesla App. The arrows to move the car forward/reverse are always "disabled" on the app and I can't use them: The disabled Smart Summon button ("Cannot use in current location") is expected to be like that, but I've never seen anyone with an issue...
  7. rrlevy

    Put your own SIM, will be Premium connectivity?

    Hi @AlexUA , Here in Brazil we also need to use physical SIM. And we have to pay both for our local cellular data plan AND for Tesla Premium Connectivity (even if we are not using their eSIM....) I haven't heard of anyone here that has requested and got free Premium Connectivity because they...
  8. rrlevy

    CCS Adapter for North America

    I just hope @AlexUA and other users from Ukraine are ok. Wish you guys good luck.
  9. rrlevy

    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    As far as I know, CCS1 and CCS2 are electrically the same. There is just a difference in the mechanical connector.
  10. rrlevy

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Following up on the EVHUB CCS adapter: They answered us that they have made an updated version of their adapter that fixes the issue that @rhuber discovered (resistor and pin that is not passthrough). This new version should be "electrically equivalent" to the Tesla official adapter and should...
  11. rrlevy

    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    @rhuber, could you share (it can be in a private message) more info about the modification you've done on the EVHUB CCS adapter? (I tried messaging you directly on the forum but it wouldn't allow me) Here in Brazil we have imported US cars, but the infrastructure is made entirely of CCS2...
  12. rrlevy

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Guys, an update on the EVHUB US to CCS passive adapter: https://evhub.shop/charging-274/tesla-us-ccs1-ccs2-400a-p70 A group of friends in Brazil just bought this adapter and we tested it on a refreshed 2021 Model S Plaid (US made), with updated firwmare 2021.44, and with the "CCS Adapter...
  13. rrlevy

    2021 MS Chademo issues

    Oh, the Lectron CCS uses the same protocol as the CHAdeMO adapter... So if the former doesn't work, the latter wouldn't either. I believe Tesla might be counting on their new CCS Adapter moving forward, sou they might have ditched CHAdeMO support for new cars altogether. Have you taken your...
  14. rrlevy

    Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter User Manual (in English) Generates Questions

    I’ve been wondering: https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/CCS/CCS_Combo_2_Adapter_en.pdf Would this European CCS Combo 2 adapter work if we used a Type 2 to J1772 adapter to connect it to an american Tesla? This adapter is already available, but you would need a lot of adapters to get...
  15. rrlevy

    2021 MS Chademo issues

    Do you have any updates on the issue? Has Tesla solved it for you? The CCS you tried was the Korean one? Did you have the 2021.40 or later software version on your car?
  16. rrlevy

    2021 MS Chademo issues

    Two friends of mine have tried charging their new Model S Plaid with Tesla’s CHAdeMO adapter and it doesn't work. I believe it might be related to this firmware update. Did you tried updating yours? Did it work? Do you know if you can do the update remotely or only at service centers?
  17. rrlevy

    CHAdeMO adapter is missing from Tesla website.

    Two friends of mine have just tested their new Model S Plaid with Tesla’s CHAdeMO adapter and it does not work. The car starts charging for a second and then stops. This happened with both cars, at several different chargers where they tested. It seems like the new cars are not compatible with...

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