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  1. Brit4864

    SuperCar SuperShow West Palm Beach 2017

    In past years I've taken some pictures of the ICE's there but it was so busy this year, I really didn't want to leave the "Green Street" EV area for long.
  2. Brit4864

    SuperCar SuperShow West Palm Beach 2017

    Hi Guys, It's been a while since I've posted in here but myself and Kenny-B were at the SuperCar SuperShow again this year. Lots of people, lots of cars and Tesla bought their CA based Airstream mobile Design Studio with them for the first time. There was a brief appearance of a P100D. The...
  3. Brit4864

    Model 3 reservations at Dania Beach SVc

    None. I was there just to see the action and record it for posterity :)
  4. Brit4864

    Model 3 reservations at Dania Beach SVc

    Lots of people waiting in line today at Dania Beach. Here's a video I put together of the action.
  5. Brit4864

    PAST EVENT: View Model X at Plantation Supercharger

    From today's EVent at Plantation...
  6. Brit4864

    PAST EVENT: 5th Annual Supercar week West Palm Beach Waterfront, Jan 10, 2016

    By popular demand, some of my pics from this event. Tesla bought in a P90D complete with it's own Supercharger display TMC's very own Geeklad (black shirt) talking to one of the public Members of the public giving Athena (mine) the once over. I made an info board which helps answer a lot of...
  7. Brit4864

    Ludicrous upgrade, battery life, and resale values

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned yet..what if a bigger battery with Ludicrous option is available later on? Say a 100 or 110Kw version in 3 years time? Sure it's likely to cost more than $5k but you'll get a new battery with extra range, L-mode and finally hp output closer to the "691hp"...
  8. Brit4864

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    It's open! Mark the date on your calendar lol
  9. Brit4864

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    I just checked today. Still not operational although the transformer makes a nice humming noise and they've stuck a lot of signs and placards over everything. I particularly like the "way past due" delivery note on the transformer. Very appropriate!
  10. Brit4864

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    I dropped by the SC site this afternoon and there is activity! It appears they are digging the foundation for the transformer pad and probably laying the power line to it but they had no idea when FPL would be out to hook it up. I didn't see the transformer itself anywhere though.
  11. Brit4864

    My Model S has ruined cars for me.

    I had the misfortune recently of suffering an ICE for a whole 24hrs. No Model S loaners available so what do I get? A brand new BMW328i. I thought I was in a glorified Ford! It was that bad :scared:
  12. Brit4864

    Stop the Press! Tesla announces REAL HP numbers for P85D and P90L

    That describes my feeling perfectly.
  13. Brit4864

    Stop the Press! Tesla announces REAL HP numbers for P85D and P90L

    Given they said it would be a free OTA upgrade originally, the Ludicrous mode upgrade should be offered for free. While this still doesn't meet the 691hp claim, it would go a long way to restoring our belief in Tesla and their mission. That's all I ask.
  14. Brit4864

    Stop the Press! Tesla announces REAL HP numbers for P85D and P90L

    As much as I love Tesla and my P85D I can't help but think I've been had when I read it only has 463hp. I paid for 691hp and I didn't get it which ever way you look at it. This is a BIG trust issue and I don't think I can look at Tesla the same way again after this. Yes it's great they were able...
  15. Brit4864

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    I dropped by the SC site again today. Still no sign of the transformer but it looks like FPL have been and marked up the grass areas ready for the "soft dig"?
  16. Brit4864

    Autopilot fatigue reduction on long drives - initial reports?

    Get the Tesla. Owning and operating a even a small airplane (especially a piston) gets VERY expensive over the years. I fly for a living (Cessna Caravan) and I know just how much these things cost to maintain and operate. Not being IFR rated also limits its usefulness anyway. With the Tesla...
  17. Brit4864

    Reus Audio System Upgrade

    I'm one of the two Fred mentioned. I've heard the Reus Audio upgrade in a Model S and it is quite impressive.
  18. Brit4864

    TPMS display in V7.0 with older sensors?

    Both work fine in my P85D which was built 12/20/14.
  19. Brit4864

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    Has anybody noticed with the v7 software, the power meter scale now shows 400kw at the top instead of 480kw as it did with v6.2? Sure, it does show the meter going a bit beyond 400 but as we know, it's only capable of approximately 414kw max anyway. I wonder if the P90D shows a higher figure?
  20. Brit4864

    Who is still upgrading to Ludicrous in their P85D after hearing Drag times?

    It is BUT not that much different from the P85D IMO (yes I have driven the P90DL). Tesla have already said the conversion won't be the same as a P90DL sooo... is it worth $7500? 0-60 0.2s and maybe 0.4s (being generous) on the 1/4 mile improvement? I think not at this point in time.
  21. Brit4864

    Who is still upgrading to Ludicrous in their P85D after hearing Drag times?

    True, the E63 AMG is pretty fast. I guess I should have added "AND zero gas..AND almost silently" :wink:
  22. Brit4864

    Who is still upgrading to Ludicrous in their P85D after hearing Drag times?

    Same here. For nearly $8k it seems a minimal performance increase. As it is, the P85D is an incredible piece of engineering. What other car can do 0-60 in around 3s and go on to 1/4 mile in 11.6 or so AND weigh nearly 5000lbs?. Answer - none. Maybe there's some future software update which might...
  23. Brit4864

    I'm a Member...just pulled the trigger on a CPO 85

    My old 2013 S85 (VIN 15XXX) didn't have fog lights. From around April 2013 to July 2013, they took them off because they claimed the original ones didn't work very well. At the time I asked if they were going to put them back on again and they didn't know. When I took delivery in July 2013, the...
  24. Brit4864

    Will the ludicrous upgrade improve P85D performance by only 0.2 seconds?

    You read my mind. A 110Kw battery with Ludicrous installed offered as a option in about 2 or 3 years time. Having gone to the R&D cost of designing and producing the L-mode assembly, it makes no sense for them not use it in future versions and of course, it is being used in the P90DL's now...
  25. Brit4864

    Advice on charging options from Naples to Key West

    I should be home around this time and have a CHAdeMO adapter if benjiejr wants to use it. As Larry and others have pointed out, there's no transformer at the Plantation site yet and I heard from Kenny (KennyB-FLL) today it might be up to 90 days before it's ready. This is gonna be the longest...
  26. Brit4864

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    No. There is a space on the right hand side inside the brick enclosure which is where I assume it'll be put.
  27. Brit4864

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    Dropped by this morning. No meter installed yet but everything else looks ready. A close up view of the charge cable seems to confirm these are the older style ones.
  28. Brit4864

    Will the ludicrous upgrade improve P85D performance by only 0.2 seconds?

    As I recall, they said the 0-60 time would be in the 2.8-2.9s range with Ludicrous mode added and a 20% increase in the 60mph+ range. Now they say only a 10% increase in the upper speed range if I read that right? For nearly $8k (inc tax) this really isn't much of an improvement for us P85D...
  29. Brit4864

    Supercharger — Tallahassee, FL

    Brilliant! I'll be there next week :biggrin:
  30. Brit4864

    Tesla Approved Body Shop in South Florida

    If it was Weinstein & Scharf then it was.
  31. Brit4864

    Electric Drive Week EVent photos Ft Lauderdale 9/19/15

    :biggrin::biggrin: Very true! The owner worked for FPL (boo, hiss!). I told him FPL don't like residential solar...he agreed. Now we officially know :wink:
  32. Brit4864

    Tesla Approved Body Shop in South Florida

    Another vote for First Class Auto. They repaired my old S85 2 years ago after somebody reversed into me in a parking lot. Very expensive as BrightonUK says but excellent work. They also gave me the name of a lawyer and I filed a diminished value claim with the other person (at fault) insurance...
  33. Brit4864

    Electric Drive Week EVent photos Ft Lauderdale 9/19/15

    There were 5 Tesla's along with 3 Volts and a Ford Energi Max C. The 5 Nissan Leaf's never showed up. Myself, Kenny (KennyB-FLL) and Jorge (Geeklad) were in attendance along with 2 other Tesla owners. Despite the no-so good parking location and some light rain later on, we all had a good time...
  34. Brit4864

    One week old today, and then backed into....

    Bad luck on the knock but glad you got it back and all done. I know exactly what you went through as I had much the same thing happen on my 2013 S85. It was 3 weeks old with 900 miles on it when the accident happened. I did eventually get some diminished value compensation although it took about...
  35. Brit4864

    My Trip to Florida August 31 - September 3

    I've just completed a 4000 mile round trip from South FL to NJ, MO and back in 10 days. Most of it was using the Supercharger network but there's nothing much except Level 2 and a few CHAdeMO's once west of St Louis, MO area down through Memphis and Birmingham. I did buy a CHAdeMO adapter before...
  36. Brit4864

    Driving to Savannah, GA with a S60

    Something I've always thought would be a good idea would be to include an option to show the current weather radar overlaid on the Nav/Google map screen along with wind speed and direction. It does make a difference in efficiency when driving in heavy rain or wind.
  37. Brit4864

    New home build - Anti-Solar provision question

    I have a 10.2Kw system installed on a 2400 sq/ft house last year (37x275w Solarworld panels, 2 SMA "string" inverters). Average daily output is around 40Kw. $35k to install including all the city inspection, permit fees etc. My monthly FPL bill has been $19.60 all this year. FPL Net rebate is on...
  38. Brit4864

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    Dropped by this morning to take a look. They were working on it and it looks like still it's at the wiring stage..
  39. Brit4864

    Supercharger — Tallahassee, FL

    This is excellent news as I have to travel to Tallahassee end of the this month :smile:
  40. Brit4864

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    I'll take a look when I get home this weekend.
  41. Brit4864

    FPL Off-Peak Charging

    I went solar last year. Best move I've ever made. My monthly bill has been $19.60 so far this year :smile: (no backup battery)
  42. Brit4864

    My USAA insurance is up by $100 every 6

    Interestingly my insurance keeps going down! When I got the P85D earlier this year, the increase was a whopping $2. I pay less than $600 per 6 months now. I have Progressive.
  43. Brit4864

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    The problem with Toojay's is they won't reserve seating. We just got lucky last year as they had enough space for all of us. A private room is probably the best way to go assuming they'll be more people than last time.
  44. Brit4864

    Road Trip Tips/Advice

    All of the above are good tips. The weather thing is quite important, especially if you're operating at near the maximum range. Rain will decrease the range quite a bit because of aquaplaning. I'm in the middle of a big road trip right now and ran into a lot of rain here in MO today. One thing I...
  45. Brit4864

    Updated or defective Horn?

    Now that I would like to hear!
  46. Brit4864

    Am I going to regret leaving off the air suspension option?

    I've had both coils and air suspension. What I found with my old S85 (coils) was after about 10k miles, the coils loosen a bit and it felt more like the air suspension over the bumps. The only real difference was when cornering. With the coils, you will feel the body roll more, at least on the...

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