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  1. zhu-

    will paint chip on front sensor disable autosteer, cruise control, and auto emerg brake feature?

    Seems unlikely but there's been anecdotal evidence of some vinyl wraps interfering with the sensor as well so it could be possible. Best to schedule a service and have them check it out.
  2. zhu-

    Must-have extras/accessories for a Model 3 used (2019)?

    Only must have accessory for any car are ceramic window tints all around. If you don't want the darkened look you can get 70% tint which is almost unnoticeable visually while still rejecting the majority of heat.
  3. zhu-

    PPF Your Tesla NOW - I Waited Far Too Long

    That's what I originally thought with any wrap but seems like many good shops warranty against lifting even in tunnel washes.
  4. zhu-

    PPF Your Tesla NOW - I Waited Far Too Long

    If you have PPF does it really matter if the car goes through a contact tunnel wash? Genuine question. I've heard many PPF shops use that as a selling point and it was the most appealing to me. I care about my cars... for the first two years before it starts going through tunnels lol. I only...
  5. zhu-

    PPF Your Tesla NOW - I Waited Far Too Long

    That was my exact reasoning to not get it either. If I still cared about the car that much in 5 years a repaint or vinyl wrap will be cheaper and have more fun color options. I've had my car for almost 4 years now and there are only two chips on my hood you have to be up close to see and one on...
  6. zhu-

    Interior keeps heating to 40 degrees?!

    I'm assuming it's just sunny outside so the inside of the car will be much hotter than the outside. My previous C300 also had an app that showed temp and the same thing happens even with smaller windows/sunroof. I've seen that thing reach as high as 150F (65C) in the past.
  7. zhu-

    PPF and Tint Price

    That tint shop sounds shady. Virtually every car's rear tints are done in one piece. "One piece" on a Tesla model 3 specifically implies the entire glass because of how big it is. You'll definitely want to tint the entire glass because the tint is a gradient so it'll be very very noticeable...
  8. zhu-

    Something Rolling Around Back There

    100%. On my previous two car leases I never even bothered to inspect the car. All the complaints of quality control leads people to spend more time looking for things that are wrong which leads to more complaints.
  9. zhu-

    Rear Air Vent Direction

    You can angle it more towards the center and away from their legs. Or disable the rear vent and aim the front vents towards to center to reach the back.
  10. zhu-

    Tsportline TPSM Sensors

    I bought my pre-2021 non-BT TPMS sensors off Amazon when I got new wheels and they were less than half the price of Tsportline.
  11. zhu-

    Should I leave my Model 3 plugged in while on 10 day vacation?

    For 10 days it wouldn't make much difference. Assuming your sentry is off inside your garage you probably won't lose more than 5% if that. I work from home and my car loses 1-2% a week sitting in the garage. If it's for several months personally I would plug it in charging to only 50%.
  12. zhu-

    Strange low pitch creaking sound in reverse

    I had a similar problem when going in reverse in rainy or wet conditions. Service said it was a cracked brakepad from lack of use and was replaced under warranty. It might be that or a pebble got caught between the brake rotor and shield behind it.
  13. zhu-

    Best way to wipe bug guts off windshield?

    I use the green optimum wash and wax but I've tried a few from other brands and they're all pretty similar. Bug guts usually come off the windshield easily but getting them off my front bumper requires some elbow grease or a claybar. Of course. People even ceramic coat on top of PPF to keep it...
  14. zhu-

    Neighbor had some questions about my Model 3

    If the average people actually spent the time to do research and learn, the world would be a vastly different place.
  15. zhu-

    Serious 12v battery corrosion. 4,700 miles

    If it's not a critical issue needing a replacement part I stopped going to service and watch Youtube to fix myself with some rattles and stuff. Most of the time in my experience, they'll fix something but break two things else.
  16. zhu-

    Serious 12v battery corrosion. 4,700 miles

    Forbidden taco seasoning.
  17. zhu-

    36 hours of M3 SR+ ownership...my initial thoughts

    For sentry mode I only keep it on in an area where it's needed and tends to cost 5-8% a day in battery on a LR if left on 24/7. If you're parked at home probably not worth it since you can install an actual camera somewhere. Especially since Tesla's camera footage is pretty terrible and...
  18. zhu-

    Master Brake Cylinder Brace from Mountain Pass Performance MPP

    I installed mine a few weeks ago and honestly didn't notice any immediate difference during regular driving. During hard braking I think there was a bit more bite but might be placebo. How tight is the swivel piece supposed to be up against the master brake?
  19. zhu-

    What level of issues with Model 3 [poll]

    It's from the check-strap inside the door. You'll have to bring it in for service. They replaced my driver side door already but wasn't able to reproduce for the passenger side and now that's gotten worse enough for me to go back.
  20. zhu-

    What level of issues with Model 3 [poll]

    Just a couple times a year but I do know the service advisers by name now. 2018 M3, 3.5 years, 28k miles -Paint issues from the factory -Issues with driver side window opening itself after going up halfway when trying to close. -Creaking sounds in the cold in the front upper control arms...
  21. zhu-

    Beware pot holes

    Just stick with low profile rims. I had the same pothole issues with my previous car with 19" (C300 with 19s has about the same sidewall as Model 3 with 20s since it uses lower profile tires). Now with 18's I go over most mild potholes without batting an eye and there's barely any impact whereas...
  22. zhu-

    FS: Tesla Tequila 1/2 full

    I can the shaman I have on retainer to bless it for you to clean all negative and pessimist energies.
  23. zhu-

    [Joke] Leaked video: Flying Model S with SpaceX package

    Yeah it's not a Plaid, might even be pre-facelift with the nosecone it looks like but a bit hard to tell with the lighting. Looking from his other posts on TikTok the guy got a Plaid and decided to jump his old S.
  24. zhu-

    [Joke] Leaked video: Flying Model S with SpaceX package

    Ok title was a joke but thought I'd share this video lol
  25. zhu-

    My $250 deposit [why can I not get my deposit back?]

    Because it's an interest free loan for Tesla. There were 500k reservations of the Model 3 at launch - I don't remember the reservation price but at $500 that's $250M which was a significant difference maker for them at the time. Now with well over $2B in free cash they don't need loans so just...
  26. zhu-

    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    I have an identical looking set of seals I bought from Amazon - don't remember the brand but I think they're all basically from the same factory. They've been on for about two years now and I've had no issues with the adhesion or materials but I don't think they made much of a noticeable...
  27. zhu-

    Brake Dust Brand New Model 3 (Help)

    Oh yes, on the Hold drive mode it blends in regular brakes for a complete stop, but regen itself is motor only. The last OTA update mentioned Hold mode using regen to work at even lower mph but no mention of actual numbers.
  28. zhu-

    Brake Dust Brand New Model 3 (Help)

    No, it uses the drive motors' resistance to slow down the car and regenerate the energy back into the battery.
  29. zhu-

    A New Idea for Glass Roof Tint

    Doesn't "PPF" for windshields already exist? I've seen a few tint shops offer it and from a quick search this is one of the vendors: Windshield Protection Film | ExoShield I haven't seen any tinted versions though but guess it wouldn't be impossible to manufacturer with ceramic particles for...
  30. zhu-

    Performance hesitation off the line

    Yes with OAA, your acceleration is significantly limited briefly (to maybe ~25% power?) if you're trying to launch off the line but too close to a car, bush etc. or if it detects "risky" oncoming traffic with no audible alerts. AEB will brake the car if it thinks you'll collide without...
  31. zhu-

    Performance hesitation off the line

    AEB triggers a loud alarm while OAA is silence with no alerts of any kind so that's one way to tell the difference.
  32. zhu-

    Performance hesitation off the line

    The throttle limiting at the intersection was my experience too. Except it was merging into a lane (from a stop) at an intersection, it would cut power when it looks like oncoming traffic may be a risk. However I live in a dense area and sometimes the little room is all you'll get and having the...
  33. zhu-

    Performance hesitation off the line

    It always happens falsely for me. Not only that, if you're trying to turn into a lane, oncoming traffic could trigger it and if it's a tight merge the system will throttles your acceleration making the merge dangerous if there's a lot of traffic and you need the speed for a safe merge. Had mine...
  34. zhu-

    Can anyone recomend a place to purchase a carbon boot spoiler for my new tesla model 3

    I have a matte carbon fiber spoiler from RPMTesla and after less than 2 years the coating starts flaking off even though it's regularly washed and waxed. Even though RPM has "lifetime warranty" this is considered wear and tear. Most these guys are selling cheap crap I wouldn't buy again from...
  35. zhu-

    Creaking Steering on Model 3 - 21k

    Sounds like it but I'm more familiar with the sound inside the interior. I've gotten my upper control arms replaced twice now under warranty and turns out it wasn't the issue. First time was a year ago and the next day I heard the creak again. But since the weather was warming up it went away...
  36. zhu-

    Holiday Update

    Yeah all those things are so loud. I got PTSD the first time I tried one of them and never again lol - especially since there wasn't a way to cancel out of it back when I tried it.
  37. zhu-

    New update 2021.44.25 adds customizable app launcher like Model S refresh plus other major upgrades to system.

    I'm wondering the same. The cars always had the Auto, Day, Night mode that could be manually adjusted. Still waiting on my update but I saw on a Youtube video that the audio EQ now lets you separately adjust the sub. Has anyone tested this and noticed any improvement in audio quality?
  38. zhu-

    Mysterious speaker in passenger footwell.

    The realistic 360 surround effects from a single speaker is further testament to Tesla's exceptional software and engineering.
  39. zhu-

    Make the audio volume not decrease when the door opens.

    I thought it was adjustable? I recall you could adjust the volume right when you open the door to change how much or little it lowers the volume by.
  40. zhu-

    Halloween Fun

    That part of the bumper blacked out actually looks pretty good.
  41. zhu-

    Cannot for the life of me decide an exterior/interior combination

    I'm someone who regrets not getting the white interior. I think it looks amazing on any of the colored Tesla's though white on white I wouldn't personally prefer and would get black interior instead.
  42. zhu-

    Beware pot holes

    I'm going to guess you have performance with 20" wheels? I stuck with 18s mainly for the pothole protection. Technically it is more common in Tesla's because most other car makers usually max out their mid-size sedans at 19".
  43. zhu-

    Hit and run caught by sentry mode

    Any type of contact where the driver left without leaving contact info is a technical "hit and run". I had a door ding and the insurance company classified it as that. My door ding caught the driver's plates and my insurance (Geico) did a carrier lookup to ID the driver. Funny enough they had...
  44. zhu-

    window keeps coming down when trying to go up?

    Probably have to be replaced. I went into service 2-3 times for that and nothing they did fixed it until they replaced something.
  45. zhu-

    FS: Model 3 18" Aero Wheels

    Sorry just sold this weekend.
  46. zhu-

    FS: Model 3 18" Aero Wheels

  47. zhu-

    Model 3 Windows Tints

    I think he means heat rejection instead of UV? I also noticed a ton of heat through my windshield after getting 35% on the sides and rear. Went back to get 50% ceramic on the windshield and it looks perfect and the heat is significantly reduced in the sun.
  48. zhu-

    FS: Model 3 18" Aero Wheels

    No shipping, sorry.
  49. zhu-

    Should I get new tires?

    I made a warranty claim on OEM tires and got 40% off on another set, along with many others on this forum. You're in disbelief of new information.
  50. zhu-

    Should I get new tires?

    That doesn't apply to all vehicles. Many people here have gotten credit on a new set of tires from warranty on OEM.

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