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    How to fix when passenger door window does not go down to properly close on Model 3? Tried calibrating window already.

    There is a deeper calibration routine that tesla mobile service can run over the OBD2 interface. I hope you can fix it unilaterally, but I was unable to resolve my calibration issue which was similar to yours. That being said, they can fix it in about 2 minutes.
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    Dash Cam Unavailable

    My mistake, you're correct. I misremembered which feature was added after I purchased my car. It was indeed Sentry Makes sense. Understood. Given how the system works (thanks for your explanation), I would agree with that statement. Maybe it was a bug, or something with the formatting of the...
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    Dash Cam Unavailable

    Thank you! Oddly I could read all the data on my computer (see above) but the infotainment system wasn’t able to. I’d forgotten how to get to the in-car format option. That resolved the problem.
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    Dash Cam Unavailable

    Sure it does; it has been recording video since before DashCam was an option. Here are some recent sentry clips triggered by people walking by or pulling up to my car: Are you making the distinction that it is the Dashcam function running but triggered by Sentry's object detection? If so...
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    Dash Cam Unavailable

    Thanks. I’m not surprised that sentry doesn’t care, but am somewhat surprised they sentry will work when dashcam won’t, since the former records video. OTOH, maybe in the current situation sentry will alarm someone nearby but not actually record them, and I just don’t know it. There used to...
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    Dash Cam Unavailable

    My dash cam used to work fine, but recently the icon went away. I dig into the menu and found that it’s flagged as unavailable. Sentry is still working. Any ideas?
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    Window Calibration

    Mobile service fixed it in a matter of seconds, but required odb++ access. It looked like he ran a simple calibration routine. It would be nice to add that to the Service menu in vehicle.
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    I'd expect most people (myself included) don't read vehicle manuals cover-to-cover. That's why there's an index to locate a specific topic (or, in the case of the Tesla manual: control+F).
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    Window Calibration

    Yes, I've tried putting it to sleep, and also this was precipitated by changing the LV battery, which is the ultimate sleep mode :). I'll try calibrating a few more times with a more delicate touch. Thanks for the tips.
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    Window Calibration

    After taking my 2019 M3P in for service, the driver window is miscalibrated. It won't close or open all the way (leaves about a 1/2" gap). The vehicle knows the window is not closed, as the app notifies me hourly "The front driver side window is now fully closed," but there is a disconnect...
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    Can't play music via bluetooth

    Me too. I took it in for service yesterday afternoon, and subsequently can't get bluetooth playback. Streaming music from the native Tesla OS works, but not BT of any kind. Also, the driver side window is now miscalibrated. It rolls down about 1/2" after closing the door, and the app warns me...
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    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    I would go so far as to say "as long as your mirrors are working, everything is just fine." Most definitely no urgency, unlike the Model S recall.
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    Short press vs long press of "Park"

    That could be, but one (at least I) would assume the parking brake icon would disappear when the emergency force is released. I would also be surprised if the car automatically canceled that sort of driver input.
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    Short press vs long press of "Park"

    It's also significantly louder when it engages.
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    Tesla "cheating" with sign recognition?

    Mine picks up a toy stop sign at home. However when FSD beta was pushed out, it required a map update. I personally assumed the important part of the map update was directionality of lanes, but it also likely has some key traffic signals and signs.
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    Roadster Performance Thoughts

    It may be possible, but note Lotus's mutli-million dollar Evija EV supercar makes extensive use of exotic materials and weighs in at 1680 Kg with a 75kWh pack. Tesla's battery technology probably has a better energy density, but 2.7 times better?
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    Yellow Arc Line: Meaning ?

    I believe this is a relatively recent change to the HMI and get them almost daily. Agree, they appear to indicate proximity, but oddly mine never seem to turn red. Here I'm approaching a curb to make a right turn. They stayed yellow until they went away even as I got closer.
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    Roadster Performance Thoughts

    That will be a tall order with the expected ~200kWh worth of batteries. Cell in chassis will mitigate it somewhat.
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    Autopilot disengagements on bendy highways

    Likely not for the reasons you cited. However, autopilot will continue to improve due to staggeringly wide deployment and the data which can be mined to teach the system. I have a downhill s-bend in my commute where it used to repeatably disengage (west-bound in the image below), but it no...

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