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  1. DocHolliday

    PSA when washing door handles

    This is the link I use: Parts Catalog I did look up 'door handle' and you're right, they only show a part number for the whole assembly. Seems silly a small rubber grommet that is easily dislodged wouldn't be available on its own.
  2. DocHolliday

    PSA when washing door handles

    You should have access to the full parts catalog in your Tesla account. Take the part number to the SC and if they don't have it in stock they'll order it for you.
  3. DocHolliday

    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    Any updates? Did you get them installed yet? I just finalized the order this week and they are starting production. :)
  4. DocHolliday

    M3LR Climate Control Question

    Two weeks. -Elon probably
  5. DocHolliday

    Has Tesla Build quality improved on new Model 3s in 2022?

    Yours must have been built the same week as mine. I had all those minor fit issues other than the taillight. The passenger side mirror trim is still sticking out as it hasn't bothered me enough to address it.
  6. DocHolliday

    My Model 3 had a stroke it seems like

    That's strange - I've always been offered a loaner or Uber credits if they need to keep the car. Did you ask the service manager?
  7. DocHolliday

    Vendor Ohlins - Road & Track DFV Coilover System - In Stock!

    Looks good. How does the price compare to the MPP offerings?
  8. DocHolliday

    MRR Flow Forged FS06 Brushed Dark Tint 20x9 Staggered Offsets Model 3 or Y

    I'd be all over this if they were 19s. GLWS!
  9. DocHolliday

    Full Size Spare Tire - everything I learned after 3 months of research

    So based on your experience outlined above, I take it that the DynaPlugs work with the noise-foam-insulated tires?
  10. DocHolliday

    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    I’m just about ready to pull the trigger on an order. Here’s what I have so far: Jova tesla oem rims 5 y spoke forged x4 19 x 8.5 ET 30 (a hair more poke and room for wider tires if I go that route) Knurled inner bead surface T center caps Color: going back and forth between gloss black...
  11. DocHolliday

    New owner M3

    And those of us who have been here a while appreciate all you do jj.
  12. DocHolliday

    Custom monoblock forged wheels Info - new discussion thread

    Is there a name or model # for this style? Looks like exactly what I want.
  13. DocHolliday

    Accessories for 2021 Model 3 (Roof Shade, Quick Bandit, Mobile Charger, and Mats)

    I'd be interested in the roof shade. Is it $25 shipped or +shipping?
  14. DocHolliday

    EV newbie with Teslaesque questions

    Hey Big Earl - a couple questions on your 160K mile 3. Have you had any out-of-pocket repairs other than wear items? If you're on the original HV battery, how much degradation have you seen? TIA.
  15. DocHolliday

    Need some help with Wall Charger Provisioning

    Interesting thread. I had no idea the Wall Connector was wi-fi enabled and I've been running mine for almost a year. The documentation that it came with was pretty sparse. What do you gain from having the WC on the network?
  16. DocHolliday

    2 Week Review - M3LR

    I have the driver B pillar rattle/vibration and I found if I grab the seatbelt adjuster it stops, so it's clearly something there. Haven't had a chance to start figuring out which components are making contact, but I'm thinking a strip or two of thin foam should remedy.
  17. DocHolliday

    Feeler: 2015 Model S P85D Deep Blue/Black, Carbon Fiber, Air Suspension, Sunroof, Premium Sound, AP1, MCU2, Free Supercharging, CPO WARRANTY

    You forgot one of the biggest selling points: It has a STEERING WHEEL and STALKS. ;)
  18. DocHolliday

    Rear Ended After Installing Mods

    Not sure if you mentioned it somewhere, but I'm curious what wheels you're running?
  19. DocHolliday

    Issue or normal? Parking brake sound for Model 3

    In the clip I don't think you have engaged the parking brake, just put the motors in Park. If you press and hold the button while in Park, you'll hear another sound from the rear and see a red ((P)) indicating the parking brake. I hardly ever use it but it would be useful if parked on a hill.
  20. DocHolliday

    random chitchat

    You forgot the $12,000 FSD.
  21. DocHolliday

    random chitchat

    Yeah with FSD looks like it's about $155K. I'm just curious why you waited forever for delivery and now you 'don't need it'?
  22. DocHolliday

    Headrest odd stretching?

    Wow never seen that before. Were you wearing too much Soul Glo?
  23. DocHolliday

    Small bump, big dent

    Are you able to apply a little brute force and twist/bend the trunk slightly so the latch will engage?
  24. DocHolliday

    Track day experiences?

    I tried searching and didn't see much info. Has anyone done a local (CA) trackday? I see some events coming up at Streets of Willow and Fontana and would love to get out there and really explore what the P can do. I saw some threads from other locales and one of the takeaways was how much...
  25. DocHolliday

    Charging at Electrify America (and other CCS stations)

    Most model 3 up to the 2022 refresh do not have the CCS adapter installed/enabled.
  26. DocHolliday

    Small bump, big dent

    That's a bummer, but look at the positives. The other driver was apologetic, cooperative and insured. It looks like a bumper cover and trunklid may be all you need to get back to like-new. You don't have to drive much in a crappy rental. And last and most importantly, YOU LIVE IN FREAKING...
  27. DocHolliday

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    I ordered 5/18 - no updates.
  28. DocHolliday

    Moving from 2021 M3P to 2022 S. Thoughts?

    Do all S now have a yoke, or only the Plaid? Interested to hear your opinion on the yoke and lack of stalks. I'm surprised the insurance doubled, but I guess the value of the vehicle is about double that of the 3. I've used Wawanesa for years, you may want to reach out to them for a quote.
  29. DocHolliday

    M3 look

    I was not a big fan of the design when it was first introduced, but it grew on me, and it looks much better in person IMO.
  30. DocHolliday

    First California Vehicle Registration Renewal

    Mine's due in August: $714 all in.
  31. DocHolliday

    Hand Wash or Touchless in SFV / Los Angeles

    Just went by there today. Good touchless option and a decent wash/blow dry for $8. Bring a microfiber and wipe down what doesn't blow off.
  32. DocHolliday

    SoCal power frunk upgrades

    I installed the EVOffer electric frunk myself. If you're at all mechanically inclined it's not particularly difficult. The most fiddly part for me was mounting the latch motor to a front crossmember, and I managed to break a couple of the brittle tub mounting clips ($7 for a set of six from...
  33. DocHolliday

    Aodhan AFF7 Foreged Wheels on Model 3

    Do these wheels bolt right up to an M3P or do they require an adapter/ring?
  34. DocHolliday

    New Titan T-S5 purchase consideration

    User manual under Tire Care and Maintenance
  35. DocHolliday

    New Titan T-S5 purchase consideration

    I haven't changed my wheels/tires out yet but I believe there is a wheel calibration setting that you tell the computer what you are running and it adjusts automatically.
  36. DocHolliday

    Filling tires using 12v

    Save yourself a lot of hassle...
  37. DocHolliday

    Price increase? [posted 06.16.2022]

    I ordered July last year, the price has gone up $6K in a year and the (state) tax credit is less. Not sure I would even consider buying at today's price.
  38. DocHolliday

    Beware pot holes

    @tm1v2 Thanks for that excellent info! You've done the research for me. Looks like a lot of stuff is out of stock now, but it should be a little while until my stock tires are worn out. I really like the looks of the Titans and Martians.
  39. DocHolliday

    Beware pot holes

    Are those Tsportline? I'm looking hard at some 19" when my stock tires wear out...
  40. DocHolliday

    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    This is the way. Also you will most-likely be able to sell your reservation and recover your $250 if you decide against the upgrade.
  41. DocHolliday

    Anyone familiar with new Elite (touchless) Express Car wash in Calabasas?

    Interested in this too. I've used the Westlake hand wash across from the post office for years, but I don't trust those wheel tracks with the 35-section tires and Ubers.
  42. DocHolliday

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    I applied for the stickers a few days ago. I would like to be able to apply them when I need to use them (road trip or into the city) and remove when not needed. Does the Twraps PPF underlayment allow for multiple install/remove cycles or will the sticker get damaged in the process? I've not had...
  43. DocHolliday

    Multiple issues with my 2018 Model 3

    If that's your original 4-year-old 12V battery, I would definitely have it replaced. 3-5 years is a decent service life for most 12V auto batteries.
  44. DocHolliday

    Interesting(?) observation about bass response in premium sound system

    I have been fairly happy with the sound quality and levels available on my M3P - not bad for a stock system. Once they added a separate subwoofer control it seems I can find a nice sweet spot for different types of music. One thing I noticed recently is that if I rest my arm on the door armrest...
  45. DocHolliday

    How often does your M3P get rebooted? Disillusioned after 25 days.

    Sorry to hear you're having all these issues. Not sure if you could successfully make a case that a lack of cameras and/or sensors 'could cause death or serious bodily injury if it is driven.' Most cars on the road do not have any cameras or sensors. If the throttle brakes and steering all work...
  46. DocHolliday

    2018 Model 3 Resistive Cabin Heater not working while driving

    Wow, what a saga. Do they have any idea what killed the new 12V battery overnight?
  47. DocHolliday

    Should I be worried? [about this tire damage]

    I had similar, just a flap in the 'curb protection' rib. No metal/belts showing, so I glued it. 2K miles later no blisters, bubbles or other issues. YMMV.

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