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  1. jeff_adams

    Elon getting into the tunneling business!

    Everything Elon starts has implications on Mars. This is genius like Hyperloop. Once crews start landing on Mars, they will need to build a significant underground habitat that can protect against any type of harsh weather phenomenon. There will not be time to improve the technology when they...
  2. jeff_adams

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    I think Elon should troll Fisker and bring out a Karma onstage with Tesla badging. He can then say "April Fools! It is April 1st in Australia, right?'
  3. jeff_adams

    Model 3 superchargeable?

    We really haven't seen the Solar City dynamic introduced yet. Solar City's business plan is to build out a massive solar grid which produces energy to sell to consumers. I can see them partnering up with Tesla to use the existing real estate at superchargers to produce excess electricity which...
  4. jeff_adams

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    Shorts are toast. When Countrywide Mortgage was headed towards bankruptcy, Anthony Mozillo (CEO) was selling off his shares at the maximum rate he could without having to file an SEC disclosure and alert the media. If the people closest to the top are buying as much as possible, how can shorts...
  5. jeff_adams

    Conspiracy Theory

    A 35k car is doubly expensive from what?
  6. jeff_adams

    Looking for a place to stay in Carmel area during the concourse August 21st...

    If they are not already booked up, Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley has 3 electric chargers, 2 dedicated for Teslas. I heard they are adding 16 new suites by July.
  7. jeff_adams

    Conspiracy Theory

    While the car may seem like a lot of money to the average consumer, it hardly seems to matter when it comes to innovation. In 2007 many people were using Motorola Razrs which cost about $250 (a bit on the higher end for 2007 era cell phones). When the iPhone came out in '07, it cost double...
  8. jeff_adams

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Does anyone have insight about Tesla rolling out solar panels and Power Walls at existing Supercharger locations? I believe Elon had said that they would be doing that at some point and that capital expenditure could explain a slow down in new supercharger rollout.
  9. jeff_adams

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    Aren't there still some 60s and 40s out there without supercharger access? Why would the econo car have it if they don't? Will they get grandfathered in? Wouldn't those 60 owners that paid 2 grand for it go crazy if that happened? I don't see a scenario where they get access without a charge...
  10. jeff_adams

    In 2 Years "Summon" Will Drive Model S WHEREVER YOU ARE!

    Pretty surreal scene that would be. *Imagine sitting in your car on the way out of town to escape an impending hurricane. In the heavy traffic, you notice swarms of brand new driverless vehicles leaving dealership lots and clogging roadways. Your nightmare of overwhelmed highways and...
  11. jeff_adams

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    Nasty retro look
  12. jeff_adams

    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    The chopped top look is very aesthetically appealing, but really limits visibility. I wonder if using cameras and screens could improve the visibility to that of a normal car while improving structural safety?
  13. jeff_adams

    Charging incident in Norway Jan 8, 2016

    Sounds like an opportunity for an entrepreneur. Since the car and supercharger communicate (charge port door opens on car), why can't someone design a protective sleeve for the charger plug that retracts as it's inserted into the car? That way it can protect the connector plug if it's dropped...
  14. jeff_adams

    Model X may qualify for 50% business write off.

    Hey, was this passed and signed into law or did it get changed/deleted?
  15. jeff_adams

    {Resolved-Yes!} Can Front and Falcon Wing Doors (FWD) be open simultaneously?

    I do wonder if the very first Model X mules and prototypes might have had some issues due to panel mis-alignment. There could have been some earlier incidents of damage that cause the Tesla employees to think it's still a possibility to happen.
  16. jeff_adams

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    No, you were clear. I was mostly posting to the bigger audience. The thing is, even though the Founders are going to be big fans of Tesla, it is interesting to hear people comment about how surprised they are that things work better (like Auto Pilot). These are people that probably already own...
  17. jeff_adams

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    Before you bail, I suggest you at least test drive one. The first owners receiving MXs are reporting that the vehicle EXCEEDS thier expectations. You may be very surprised by how nice the Model X is.
  18. jeff_adams

    Supercharger - Mammoth Lakes, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    I would hope that Tesla would build out most of their new Superchargers as "drive-through". Especially in recreational areas like Mammoth. Model X with trailers will struggle to charge unless they can just pull through them.
  19. jeff_adams

    Model X may qualify for 50% business write off.

    So I guess he changes his mind if the incentive is $500,000 with a max cost of 2 million? So a company could invest in a fleet of Tesla Model Xs to use as taxis/shuttles and write off up to half a million? Too bad Shift shut down in Vegas or we could have seen another 19-20 MX sold in one shot....
  20. jeff_adams

    Who needs commercials?

    Looks much more like a commercial than it does a review. It's interesting to me that Tesla gets news organizations to do their advertising for free. Of course Tesla in turn drives traffic to their website.
  21. jeff_adams

    Who needs commercials?

    Bloomberg loves them some Tesla. First Drive: The New Tesla Model X SUV Has Some Surprises - Bloomberg Business
  22. jeff_adams

    Tesla Autopilot Vs Competition

    Consumers will also remember Tesla for being the "innovator" even though that is not technically true.
  23. jeff_adams

    "Hidden cost of ownership?"

    My favorite "wish list" feature for Tesla would be an integrated dash cam with a button on top. If I witness a drunk driver or road rage incident, ect. I could just double click the button and stream the video to Tesla. They could forward to local authorities. Much better than trying to make a...
  24. jeff_adams

    Vote on software features/bugs to fix in 7.1 and beyond

    I had an idea, but couldn't get it to take. I would love to see a dash cam near the driver where if something happens in front of me (crime, accident, reckless driving, road rage ect) I could just reach up and double click a button on top. The cam would upload a streaming video to Tesla (say...
  25. jeff_adams

    7.0 in Australia

    Just a note to all that are frustrated by Tesla missing an Elon announcement deadline. He operates in "hyper time". Pretty much every deadline he sets is impossible to reach. He knows this, but he also realizes that the team will stretch itself to get it done as close as possible. It may seem...
  26. jeff_adams

    Prediction: Tesla Pulls Autosteer Function Soon

    Darwin Award winners drive many types of cars. It's safe to assume a few will be driving Teslas.
  27. jeff_adams

    Autopilot 7.0: When to be most on your toes?

    You know, I think it might be a good idea if Tesla were to team up with a dash cam manufacturer and make a unit that could do a streaming upload to Highway Patrol or local police. Instead of road rage, just send in the evidence of reckless driving and let the authorities deal with them. With Geo...
  28. jeff_adams

    Gigafactory 6,500 employee requirement - new insights

    The Tesla Powerwall team and sales force will have to be located somewhere. With all the stuff Tesla is working on, I don't think they will have a shortage of jobs.
  29. jeff_adams

    Tesla Autosteering Compared to Competitors. Is it Better?

    I wonder if Tesla will end up selling their road data to other car makers? That could be a nice little profit source.
  30. jeff_adams

    This is why Tesla always overpromises and underdelivers

    Musk knows his teams can't make the deadlines. He doesn't believe in realistic deadlines, he believes in impossible ones. Why? Because he knows that the team will stretch itself no matter how impossible the goal. In reaching for the impossible time line, they will far surpass the competition...
  31. jeff_adams

    Supercharger - Mammoth Lakes, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    Just in time for Model X. I get the feeling we might see a bunch of photo shoots in the area now. Auto makers love the Eastern Sierra for commercials and print advertising.
  32. jeff_adams

    New renderings of storage space and 2nd row seats! (9/15)

    Probably not feasible safety wise, but I wonder if the second row seats can fold backward to offer a table for 3rd row?
  33. jeff_adams

    I need some legal information about Insider Trading - Gathering TSLA information

    I would suggest that people be careful how much they invest based on conversations with Tesla employees. How many times over the years have we read posts where employee information that was passed on to forum posters turned out to be incorrect or totally false? People have a bad tendency to...
  34. jeff_adams

    Fisker Karma

    How many can Leonardo buy?
  35. jeff_adams

    Supercharger - Seaside / Monterey, CA (6 V2 stalls)

    True story. Sand City shopping center was supposed to be part of Seaside, but they didn't want to develop it. Instead, Sand City gets all the tax revenue and they are now one of the "richest" cities in the country per resident. Big fail by Seaside.
  36. jeff_adams

    Supercharger - Seaside / Monterey, CA (6 V2 stalls)

    I heard In & Out decided not to build there. They claimed that area has too many seagulls that would damage roof exhaust vents. Suspicious excuse since they own several right by the beach. Perhaps they didn't get the deal they wanted from the city.
  37. jeff_adams

    Supercharger - Seaside / Monterey, CA (6 V2 stalls)

    Just went by the construction zone. Lots of work trucks there. Doesn't look like they will be using the vacant dirt lot next to it, they have put a row of cones up with string on top to demarcate the lot line and keep workers from parking on the vacant lot.
  38. jeff_adams

    Supercharger - Seaside / Monterey, CA (6 V2 stalls)

    I did see a very large conduit with plenty of wires coming out at the service center location. It is located outside in an island where a car could park on either side of the island to charge. It is right next to the service door and should be easy to light up at night.
  39. jeff_adams


    I have a brother in law that works for the LA Times. I got the impression talking to him that everyone there likes to mock Elon and they feel it's their duty to expose him as a fraud. Their attitude reminds me of the early days of Tesla when the Valley Wag was trying to humiliate Elon.
  40. jeff_adams

    Supercharger - Seaside / Monterey, CA (6 V2 stalls)

    - - - Updated - - - Wayside Garage has moved up the street into Monterey. This is a very large building. There is also a vacant lot next door that is being graded for some reason. I wonder if Tesla is going to do something else beside showroom and service center here. Could they be building...
  41. jeff_adams

    Showroom coming to Seaside (Monterey area) and possibly a Supercharger

    I see multiple Teslas on the Monterey Peninsula everyday. A service center makes a lot of sense. Solar City has also greatly improved their presence here as well.
  42. jeff_adams

    Powerpack and Superchargers?

    While or grey cabinet?
  43. jeff_adams

    Powerpack and Superchargers?

    Elon has said in the past that he wanted to add solar panels to Supercharger locations, so the logical assumption is the addition of Tesla Energy Powerpack. Some discussion questions. 1. Will Tesla Energy make the packs visible in order to market the products? 2. Will some of the lightly...
  44. jeff_adams

    Charging in the rain

    Would wearing a rubber glove while plugging or unplugging offer any protection? I only ask because I saw someone doing that in the snow when charging their car and I was curious.
  45. jeff_adams

    Transitioning home heating from carbon fuel burning to electricity

    I think you could build a new construction house with SIP walls and get a near airtight seal. Electric heat should be affordable than. Heat exchange ventilator, heated floors, ect.
  46. jeff_adams

    Tesla Energy motorhome

    Yes, exactly. Go electric on everything except the motor.. Maybe someone can design a roll up solar canopy you can employ when camping to charge up the powerwall with the added benefit of providing shade....
  47. jeff_adams

    Tesla Energy motorhome

    Now that Tesla will be offering battery banks, I'm wondering which coach work company will be the first to market with "Tesla inside". I don't expect the aerodynamics to work for an electrical powered motorhome (larger than a VW bus) but it could make a lot of sense to get rid of the lead acid...
  48. jeff_adams

    PowerWall and "The Missing Piece..." Event

    Yep, and electric propulsion is becoming more and more common in space.
  49. jeff_adams

    PowerWall and "The Missing Piece..." Event

    Seems you weren't the only one impressed by his presentation. Watch Elon Musk announce Tesla Energy in the best tech keynote Ive ever seen | The Verge Fact is, many people actually prefer Elon's presentations to Steve Jobs. His were so "slick" that they almost didn't feel genuine. Elon seems...
  50. jeff_adams

    How do we STILL have a huge hole in PA and NY?

    Also, let's not forget that there are powerful interests against Tesla. There could be many areas that are going to be impossible to get approvals for supercharger installations.

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