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    [Vote]- Will you buy Hummer EV instead of Cybertruck or Rivian?

    Will you buy Hummer EV instead of Cybertruck or Rivian? Please vote.
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    [Poll]- Cybertruck costs 39k to 69k will kill other Tesla EV?

    With Cybertruck only costing $39k (250 miles), 49k (300 miles) and 69k (500 miles), will it kill sales of Model 3,Y,S and X? as well as all other EV? Who will buy Model Y now coz you can buy the much bigger truck for the same price? I think the $69k 500 miles Cybertruck is the only EV in the...
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    [Poll]- Is Cybertruck beautiful?

    Please vote! What do you think about the look of the truck? Is it good looking? Are you disappointed? Borrowing this image from another thread in this forum:
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    Top Gear finally has a good video and review of Tesla

    I am surprised that Tesla allowed Top Gear to get inside their factory and let them review their cars, given the bad history between Tesla and Top Gear. a really good video overall, especially the videos inside the factory.
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    [Poll] - Is releasing Model Y so early a mistake?

    Is releasing Model Y so early a HUGE mistake? Because it would take away sales of Model 3 just as demand for Model 3 is falling or flat, at least in America. And Model Y won't even be in production for 1.5 year at the earliest. So basically Model 3 demand will be depressed for the next almost...
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    [Poll] - Are you ordering Model 3 before price increase?

    So the prices will go back up on March 18th, are you ordering Model 3 before price increase? Please vote and discuss.
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    [Poll] - Are you ordering Model Y?

    Are you ordering Model Y? Let the poll and discussion begin!
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    [Poll] - Are u buying the Standard $35k or $37k Model 3?

    Are u buying the Standard $35k or Standard Plus $37k Model 3? Just want to have a comprehensive poll to see what people think about the cheapest Model 3 offering. Let's see if it really is a mass-market product that Tesla hope for. Please vote!
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    [Poll] - Will online-sale only model succeed?

    I personally think the online only model will be a massive fail. Here are some of the concerns that I have: 1. Where will customer go when they need to trade in their old car? 2. Who is going to handle the paper work with licensing/ registration/ loan and leasing documents from bank etc...
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    Did the Mid-range and Long-range prices dropped $2900??

    If my memory serve me correctly, the 264 mile Mid-range Model 3 base price was $42,900 before incentives, and now is $40,000 today. The 310 mile dual motor Long-range Model 3 base price was $49,900 before incentives, and now is $47,000 today. Can anyone confirm the old prices? If that's the...
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    Drag race video- Model X vs SUV from Lambo, Mercedes, Range Rover

    Latest drag race video from carwow. Incredible drag race and result! Also, looks like the host is a Tesla fanboy, haha.
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    [Poll] - Saudi Arabia investment a conspiracy to control and crush Tesla?

    With Saudi Arabia already having 5% stake in Tesla and they plan to increase their stake even more with Tesla go-private deal, Saudi will own a big portion of Tesla (probably will still be less than 20% owned by Elon though). Saudi claims that they are just diversifying their oil investment and...
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    Video - Model X vs Jaguar I-Pace drag race commercial

    Is this biased? They probably drain the Model X down to 10% and then do the race to make the Jaguar looks faster. Either way, Elon Musk still win moving the world to EV :-)
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    [Poll] - Will you buy Model Y if it has Falcon Wing door?

    Will you buy Model Y if it has Falcon Wing door (FWD)? / Should Tesla put FWD in Model Y? Please vote on the poll.
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    [Poll] - Are you buying the new roadster?

    Are you buying the new roadster? Quick poll and opinions are welcome.
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    [Poll] - Should Megacharger compatible to Model S and X?

    The new megacharger will easily deliver at least 500 kw (maybe more) of electric power to the Semi-truck. But the real question is should the megacharger be compatible with Model S and X? What's your opinion?
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    Details Model 3 interior walk-through

    I noticed these two great videos on Youtube. Just thought that they are too good not to share. Walk-through of interiors. Probably the best ones from Youtube so far. Walk-through of screen controls
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    Model S P100D beats 11 supercars in Motor Trend "World's Greatest Drag Race"

    Motor Trend has been doing "world's great drag race" for years and I always wonder why Tesla didn't try to contact Motor Trend to put Model S in the race. Well, they finally did it!!!! Got to be one of the greatest free commercial for Tesla. Enjoy the video. And remember to vote!
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    [Poll]- Last days to order 60/60D by April 16th, anyone?

    Deadline to order 60/60D before it get discontinued is April 16th. Anyone is ordering the 60/60D? Please vote to see the voting result.
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    [Poll] Surprised 100D only cost 3000 extra? Missed the boat?

    This poll applies to both Model S and X, since I can't setup two identical poll in both forum. Let us know your comments.
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    19 people fitted inside a Model S - Unofficial world record

    Came across this video on Youtube. The trunk alone can fit six people!
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    National Geo video showing Elon's reaction of first rocket landing

    Just released a few days ago...
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    Confirmed - $2000 increase for S60 on Nov 22nd

    I am surprised that there isn't a thread on this yet. I got a Tesla newsletter in my email earlier today that say Model S 60 base price will be increased by $2000 on Nov 22nd. I know that there were rumor about this before, but it is official now.
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    SolarCity detail installation videos by a customer. Great info!!

    There are very strong interest in this community about installing solar panels. I came across these Youtube videos that was made by a SolarCity customer which walk us through everything from start to finish in extreme details. Thought that I would post it here in case some of you want to know...
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    [Poll] - are you ordering Tesla solar roof?

    More info from Tesla: Tesla Solar Solar roof comes with four designs. I bet more design will come in the future. No price was announced yet. are you ordering Tesla solar roof?
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    [Poll] - are you ordering Powerwall 2.0?

    The new Powerwall 2.0 basically double both power output (kw), and capacity (kwh) of the previous version of Powerwall. AND, it now include an inverter (DC to AC conversion) fully integrated inside the Powerwall 2.0. One of them costs $5500 USD. Are you ordering Powerwall 2.0? More info...
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    Elon confirms metal snake supercharger

    Elon from Twitter: "Using the automated solid metal snake charger :)" And he confirms that he isn't kidding - "no, that's real" Metal snake will enable Tesla driving itself across countries in fully autonomous mode.
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    Tesla releases video showing full autonomy in real world

    The video that Elon has promised is finally here! Full Self-Driving Hardware on All Teslas
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    [Poll] - are you mad that your new Tesla just missed Autopilot 2.0?

    Condolence to those who just took recent Tesla delivery...
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    Leonardo DiCaprio's climate change documentary

    Great trailer of the upcoming documentary about the serious issue we are facing with climate change. Elon Musk was also featured briefly here.
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    Tesla Powerwall British user - interview by Fully Charged

    for those who are interested in. The apps that monitor all the energy usage is quite interesting.
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    GM says Bolt pricing in Canada is $5850 USD cheaper than US

    Looks like all American consumer who plans to buy Bolt in US will be screwed. source: The Chevy Bolt EV will be significantly cheaper in Canada, and include DC fast-charging GM confirmed the base price of the Chevy Bolt EV today. It reiterated that it will start at $37,495 before any EV...
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    [Poll] Drag race of the century - Rimac EV hypercar vs Porsche 918 Hypercar

    I am sure some of you already seen the video from a month ago where the Ferrari LaFerrari (cost $1.5 million) got beaten by Rimac Concept One (EV hypercar) in a drag race. But now, the Porsche 918 (cost $1 million), which is even faster than the LaFerrari to the 1/4 mile lined up with the Rimac...
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    Top Gear making Tesla looks bad again? P90D vs GTR

    Drag race between the P90D and the Nissan GTR. This was published yesterday. Too bad they only put the video on their webpage, so I couldn't link the video directly here. Do you think it is a fair race? This is a P90DL version 1 and the GTR got like a half second jump start. This old P90DL...
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    Aerial video of Fremont factory, showing LOTS of Tesla ready for delivery

    Thanks for the heads up from Electrek co
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    Car and Driver track test the P85D

    All these tests were done in VIR (Virginia International Raceway), so called the Nurburgring of America. Car and Driver do testing for about 20 cars here every year to test car performance and time independently instead of relying on manufacturer's lap time claims. Probably not a fair test...
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    [Poll] - Who bought or will buy Model S/X 60 kwh instead of waiting?

    Instead of waiting for Model 3, who have bought or will buy Model S/X 60 kwh? I should have setup this poll earlier, but better late than never.
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    These trucks just undo all Tesla cars did for the environment

    Tesla's drag race. All clean and green. Here come these monsters that create all emission saved by all Tesla cars in one go. It looks like they are ready to destroy the earth and blast themselves to Mars. Same for this one. How many Tesla cars have to be on the road to undo all these damage?
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    Beautiful P90D videography in Scotland

    Came across this video on Youtube. Showing the beautiful scenery of Scotland and the Model S P90D. Feeling very serene and green after watching the video.
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    Too much fun with driving Model X...huge curb wreck

    The front right wheel is totally destroyed...
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    Why Tesla doesn't make a CCS adapter like Chademo?

    I came across this news article (Number Of CCS Combo Chargers In Europe Now Exceed 2,400) from Insideev that show the popularity of CCS DC fast charging station in Europe. Tesla already has special adapter for Chademo for Tesla owner to purchase. But why not make one also for CCS? Granted...
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    World's largest supercharger opened in Norway

    Nebbenes. 20-supercharger stalls plus another 8 slower chargers. It is the world's largest supercharger until Fremont #2 comes online. Opening party
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    [Poll] - Who is ordering P100DL?

    Just trying to gauge the interests of the new P100D Ludicrous. This poll apply to both Model S and Model X since I can't create two polls in both forum asking the same question.
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    Ridiculous Bloomberg article: some people would die waiting for Model 3

    I stepped across this news article in Bloomberg (shown below) listed on the front page of their website. And it seems every news outlet nowadays want to associate Tesla with death directly or indirectly in some shape or form. This is getting ridiculous. It cites there are 821 death per 100k...
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    Elon describes superfast battery production as "bullets through machine gun"

    With emphasis by Elon to perfect the "machine that creates the machine" and be the best manufacturing company in the world, he mentioned in a conference call yesterday that battery production exit rate will be faster than bullets out of machine gun. The "bullets" here are the batteries. His...
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    No Tesla destination charging in Europe yet?!?

    I remember that Tesla decided to expand destination charging into Europe about a year ago, and I am shocked to find out that NONE of them exist even today. Given the extensive network of Tesla's destination charging in US and Asia, as well as the environmental culture in Europe, it is very...
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    Model S will be used for Electric Racing in Europe

    Just saw this from the famous UK car magazine, EVO. Probably quite preliminary, but if it really happens, it will most likely create incentive for European manufacturers to come up with better EV cars. source: Tesla Model S the basis of new all-electric GT race series | Evo Tesla Model S the...
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    100% electric Corvette hits 186 mph - world record

    About a month ago, I put up a thread at TMC suggesting to add a multi-gear transmission to improve Tesla car's overall performance. A lot of people said that it is a waste of effort and it was tried and failed before. Kind of surprised to hear this news that a small company called Genovation...
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    Tesla with transmission will solve range and heating issues?

    As an engineer, I have always wondered why Tesla don't go with multi-gear transmission, just like ICE cars. The advantage is that the electric motor only needs to output very low RPM in order for the car to achieve highway speed. That means less electrical power is needed overall, and the range...

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