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    Disney + login - Black screen

    Recently took out a Disney plus sub, however I've been unsuccessful to date, in using it in the M3P. The app loads up, but when I press the login button at the top right the screen goes black indefinitely. Anyone else with this issue? Is there a fix? Thank G
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    Bi directional charging

    Hi guys, Contemplating having a solar panel array installed on my house, perhaps even with battery storage. However, I was wondering if the model 3 face-lift was perhaps capable of bidirectional charging or not? Or if it ever will be. And could therefore become my home storage solution?
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    Preconditioning from app

    For some time now I've noticed that the battery icon (which tells you the battery is also preconditioning for a rapid/super charge ) isn't displayed when I heat the cabin remotely. Is this no longer a feature or is it still being taken care of, but just not displayed? Confused whether my only...
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    Wing mirror indicators not working

    I was doing a little experimenting yesterday. in a safe place and at slow speed I might add. I wanted to see if the car would allow me to reset it whilst driving. To my astonishment, it did! I lost the HMI, brake lights, indicators etc as you'd expect when performing this stationary. Bit odd...
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    3 pin plug charging cable [UMC] query

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if the 3 pin plug charging cable also works on non tesla EVs? Heading to the caravan with my partner. She has the Enyaq but wasn't provided a 3 pin cable. So I was hoping my cable might sort is both out?
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    4 wheel alignment - non SC

    Can a 3rd party perform a 4 wheel alignment on the model 3? I'm finding conflicting information online. I really don't trust my local (Edinburgh 35 miles) service centre as they couldn't even balance a wheel correctly previously, so I'm trying to avoid using them as much as possible. My local...
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    Window trim issues!

    Just had my car washer there, at a normal foam car wash place. I've noticed my window trims now look weird! Can't say for sure if it was lie this before the wash or not. But that's not right is it? Warranty issue? Anyone else have this issue. M3P face-lift
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    Sentry Oscars

    Let's see all the weird and wonderful Sentry footage your Tesla has captured! This poor lady thought she was having a private, pant adjustment moment last week by the side of my car! Free mars bar for the funniest clip. Go...
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    Cheap, mobile energy monitor

    Looking for recommendations for a cheap CT @ monitor for use whilst on holiday at the croft in a few weeks time. I don't think the model 3 provides total energy use per charge, does it??? Electricity is included in my rent, however I don't feel it fair that they pay for my car charging too, so...
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    Windscreen washer with window open

    Presume I am not the only one who's model three spills washer fluid into the cabin whenever the windows are down and I've activated the scooshers?? So annoying, literally cascades down the inside of the door everytime. Is there a fix for this at all? Thanks
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    Anyone else got plans to do this soon? I'm all packed and raring to go tomorrow. The Mrs and I are taking two days to drive around Skye from our home location in Central Scotland. We've got all the mod cons, double bed, electric shower 😂😂😂🚿, and a view to die for! Looking forward to using all...
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    Dashcam no longer working correctly

    Has anyone else noticed their dashcam being a hit weird lately, possibly since the last update? My sentry works fine, no issues there. But my dashcam will no longer record continuously now. Only ever records the particular journey when I peep horn, or press tye screen camera icon. I've tried...
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    Passive entry

    Anyone else have issues with the passive entry key fob at all? With the fob in my possession I find it hardly ever unlocks the car when I attempt the door handle. I'd say 5 tiles out of 10 maybe.
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    Engine Sound Modules? - Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) and Boombox

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has installed a engine sound module at all? Is it even possible? If so which one, costs etc. I was parked next to Porsche Taycan yesterday, charging and it sounded well nice as it cruised away! Sounded very futuristic. Thanks
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    Is this normal Disc wear? M3P refresh

    Collected my car in December there. Have had a catalogue of problems. Main one being vibration at motorway speeds which is currently unresolved after three service visits. Cars done around 1900 miles. I've also just noticed that all 4 discs seem to be wearing in what seems a very odd manner. At...
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    Climate keeper fault! M3P 2021

    So, I seem to be adding yet another defect to the list of my many growing items. Noticed my windows steam up randomly since collecting the car back in December. But today is the worst it's ever been. Could not get any window to demist all day, including front and back. Whilst I was mucking...
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    Theater arcade lagging after update [netflix, youtube etc]

    Moderator comment - thread renamed and merged from "Netflix [app in car]" Anyone else's Netflix app laggy when using it? Once I've got the programme streaming its all fine.. No issues steaming or buffering etc, but loading and then navigating in app is sluggish and laggy for me. Netflix has...
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    When you park like a....

    My experience of public EV charging stations thus far since collecting my M3P on Friday 17/12 has been somewhat amusing thus far! It's Sunday night. We're at the local council HQ car park adjacent to tesco. What's going on here is the white car (council EV) on the right has been selfishly...
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    Key fob availability?

    Hi guys, Is the key fob for the model 3 not available in the UK? I can only seem to find the US shop selling this. I'm not impressed with the key card or the phone app options. Thanks
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    Vibration/juddering at motorway speed Model 3 2021 facelift

    Anyone else experiencing this? Littlerally collected my car today and instantly felt something wasn't right. Of course I'll report this to tesla, but just curious if anyone else's brand new motor has this issue? My steering feels like it's pulling to the left and my car is shaking through the...
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    Car Hop

    Evening! Like many others, I'm currently waiting patiently on my M3P arriving in December, however I'm quite curious to see what cars you guys are leaving behind for your Tesla!?? Me: Audi A6 2015 (65 reg) 3.0 BiTDi 320 Quattro Black Edition Tip Auto 4dr Saloon

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