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    FS: TeslaTap Adapter UMC J1772 $100

    I hate electric vehicles and I love the smell of gasoline. I joke :). We are moving to Spain and the BMW was a lease and I don’t feel comfortable driving a Tesla with no warranty since it would be voided if we shipped it over there.
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    FS: TeslaTap Adapter UMC J1772 $100

    Adapter is sold.
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    FS: TeslaTap Adapter UMC J1772 $100

    FS TESLATAP adapter. This adapter allowed me to charge my BMW i3 using my Tesla mobile charger and Tesla wall charger. It can be also used at destination Chargers but can’t be used with Superchargers. Sold Tesla and i3 so no need for it. San Diego pickup preferred, but I can ship if you pay...
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    FS: MODEL Y roof sunshade. BASENOR - Brand new.

    Just saw this. Sorry. It is still for sale though
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    FS: MODEL Y roof sunshade. BASENOR - Brand new.

    Opened and never used BASENOR Model Y sunshade. $40 ( if delivery, you pay delivery) local pickup San Diego Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade with UV/Heat Insulation Cover Set of 2 2020 2021 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BYCNHNR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_WMWRH8Q1XP4Z6Z939XGJ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
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    Model Y Aero Hub Kit and NEMA 14-50

    Brand new and never used: 1: AERO WHEEL CAP KIT - $45 2: Gen2 NEMA 14-50 adapter - $40 Save on tax and shipping with local pickup in San Diego. Local pickup only
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    FS: 2020 (Sept) Model Y LR Blue - 3400 miles

    Model Y has been sold
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    FS: 2020 (Sept) Model Y LR Blue - 3400 miles

    Thanks for explaining everything pretty well. Buying new would be: (If in California) $50,490 no EAP or FSD $1200 delivery fee $51690 -$2000 Cali Rebate $49,490 +$10,000 FSD $59,490 Mine $53+ $5K if you want FSD = $58K. You stil get everything but local streets with EAP. FSD has been a sunk...
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    WTB-Model Y with fsd

    It’s a post in this for sale section. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/fs-2020-sept-model-y-lr-blue-3400-miles.222218/
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    WTB-Model Y with fsd

    Mine has enhanced autopilot but can have FSD added for $5K plus tax.
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    FS: 2020 (Sept) Model Y LR Blue - 3400 miles

    Greeting everyone, Sadly I will be selling my Model Y that was just purchased in September 2020 due to military orders to Spain. Not worth the hassle to try to take over there. The car is located in San Diego, CA. Deep Blue Paint White interior Enhanced Autopilot purchased $4K ( full FSD can...
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    Shipping my Model Y to Europe - Lots of questions and concerns!

    Reviving this thread again. Wife just got military orders to Rota, Spain and we have a Model Y that was purchased at the end of September. I really don’t want to part with the car and I think it will be a steep loss if I have to sell. Anyone make a Tesla work in Europe?
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    New upgrade option as of 9/19

    I just downgraded my order and cancelled the $8K FSD. I only need EAP so this new option is awesome! The other $4K will goto some TSLA.
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    Teslacam Right-repeater cam not recording and is extra pixelated -sentry mode

    I have tried three different USBs, all three have the right repeater issue. I will try to test a microSD for my blackvue and report back.
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    Model 3 Performance ULTRA White Interior (complete)

    Any chance to swap for black interior? Do you know anyone who can do the install? Also, how would these seats affect the airbags?
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    Software Changes in 2019.5.15 f5def7e Preventing Sleeping?

    So I disabled Tesla-Fi and my car went right to sleep. Seems they aren’t playing well together on this Update unfortunately. Might want to try the same.
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    Software Changes in 2019.5.15 f5def7e Preventing Sleeping?

    Good luck calling Tesla. They are so damn clueless anymore. I have lost the little faith I have in this company.
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    Software Changes in 2019.5.15 f5def7e Preventing Sleeping?

    I updated to 2019.5.15 also on Sunday and my Model 3 has not slept since the update. Losing 20 miles a day is not cool!
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    2018 Model 3 (Red/19" Wheels/EAP)

    Umm does someone want to tell him?
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    Will Tesla punish their supporters, or refund $3,000?

    Right? Any preorder I have ever bought doesn’t even get charged until the item ships. How is this legal?
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    Will Tesla punish their supporters, or refund $3,000?

    You sound like me. The money isn’t s stretch for me, but I could have spent that $3k on something else. Since I got my Model S in 2016 I missed out on referrral by 5 days $1,000, integrated console by 2 weeks, and bought my own $1,800 difference, new wheels, and two months later the refresh. I...
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    2015 Model S 70 Los Angeles Area - $46k

    Carvana offered me 47,800 for my White 2015 S 70, I only have 29000 miles, but I don’t have leather so you could try them.
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    YouYou Xue crashed while on autopilot (aka Model 3 Road Trip)

    Why? All he ever does is bash Tesla and expects free goodwill for being an ambassador that breaks laws and uses AP in unsafe environments. I am surprised it took so long for him to wreck. He admits to falling asleep 12+ times in AP mode, drives on AP with headlights off, and many other idiotic...
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    How good is the FM & HD radio?

    Mine hasn’t worked since day one.
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    Another poor visit with Tesla Service.

    This was one of the imperfections from delivery day along with door jam. I didn’t ask them to repaint the whole fender as I think a little bit of touch up and some sanding would have done the trick.
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    Another poor visit with Tesla Service.

    I’m angry at myself for not seeing it for a month. Now it’s all I see. Tesla said to take it to an approved body shop and have them paint with code PPMR, but I am wondering if I should have them repaint the whole car now?
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    Another poor visit with Tesla Service.

    The picture doesn’t really do it justice. You can tell by the fact the fender doesn’t have the dark specks in the paint like the rest of the car.
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    Another poor visit with Tesla Service.

    I took my Model 3 in for a minor paint defect where some paint splattered down in the door gap. I only thought they were going to sand it and put some touch up paint on. Well they ended up sending it to the body shop and having the whole front panel repainted. Well that’s good service, however...
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    0 to 60 times and setup

    Please for the love of god leave Tesla alone on this one.
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    NEMA 14-50 quotes

    I got quoted 500 for the install plan and inspection. Did the site plan and scheduled the inspection myself for only $170.
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    Software Update 2018.16

    Hey buddy. That is me with update on TeslaFi. I am usually weeks later, so the update was a shock to me. My AP1 70 now has chill mode. I did not have that before I don’t think. Nothing else to report and I haven’t driven her yet.
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    Model 3 Rally to Kettleman City: Everyone Invited!

    Cool. Put the link here and I will post it in the groups. We had an awesome So Cal Tesla event with over 100 owners a few weeks back. I was sad I missed this weekends Kettleman meet up and would definitely be in for the next one.
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    Model 3 Rally to Kettleman City: Everyone Invited!

    Make a Facebook page and invite Model 3 and Tesla Owners.
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    So is wind noise really an issue?

    I bought this and tried it out. Unfortunately driving at 80 sounded exactly the same. Save your 30 bucks as I am sending it back.
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    Model S rear console give away

    No price given, just trying to get someone to use his referral code and you get it free.
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    Anyone Know What Improvement are in 2018.12.1 b39b759 ?

    Are you in SoCal? It’s been super windy and throwing the car all over the place. AP will correct, but there is still a shimmy from the winds.
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    Received Red California HOV Stickers for Model 3

    Awesome! I just ordered the magnetic sheet. We rarely use the HOV alone, so this is a great solution. Thanks.
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    Automatic Lane change in EAP - does it check for other cars before changing?

    That should be coming soon when they refresh. The Model 3 does that now. The turn signal doesn’t lock in at all. Took a bit to get used to, but now I prefer it to the Model S.
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    Model 3 Drive Selector Replacment URGENT notice on my VIN

    VIN 41xx and I was about to pick up my car from service and I got the same message that car can’t be released until it is fixed. I think it was a week later when I could pick up my car.
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    Here we go again... Model 3 wont power up

    Had my Model 3 for 34 days: 20 for me and 14 for service.
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    Steering Unit replacement.

    4200 vin, so not too new. Got a P85D, but I’m getting ansy to get back in our Model 3.
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    Steering Unit replacement.

    We took our Model 3 in for various delivery day issues and I get a call from Tesla saying they can’t release the car back to me until they replace the steering control unit. They don’t have a timeline of when the part will arrive and now I am just waiting for a resolution. Has anyone else had...
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    Model 3 initial issues and errors

    Took my Model 3 on February 22nd to replace ripples in windshield, repaint side fender where the paint didn’t get in the body gap, fix rattling phone shelf, check road noise, and replace chrome some asshole tinter scratched up. Still have a loaner, parts are all backordered and then they call...
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    Remote S App with watch

    Need Tesla to create a watch app that uses the Bluetooth for the key.
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    Opinions on install

    That’s what I think too. Shouldn’t have a problem with adding an outlet.
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    Opinions on install

    I am installing my NEMA 14-50 and I came across language in the city guide (California). Please see pics for my install plan and the language. Since I am only installing an outlet will there be any issue with my install location for my outlet?
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    Screen bubbles

    Haha. My wife called me freaking out about the bubbles in the screen. As I was on hold to make an appointment I thought back to an embarrassing Iphone incident and saw the protective cover. Peeled off and the screen was perfect. Now just waiting on my Abstract Ocean screen protector.
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    FM Radio Issues

    Mine is stuck on 7733.4?!? No FM either.
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    Rear trunk won't open

    Yes. November 2015 build.

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