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    Mysterious Model 3 squeaking and flapping noise

    My experience was that the squeak was coming from the lid on the center console storage. Not the armrest nor the cell phone cover lid. The one between them that allows access to the storage. I put a little 3 in 1 oil on the hinges for it and the squeaking went away...took me a solid week to...
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    Just got my 14-50 plug installed

    The Tesla wall connector @$500 can charge up to 48 amps with a 60 amp breaker (40 amps in the OP's case with a 50 amp breaker) versus the included mobile connector which can only go up to 32 amps regardless of how large you make the breaker. I have a 100 amp breaker but only the mobile...
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    good weekend sport car that complement well with model 3 owners

    I traded in my Miata for my M3. I loved my Miata and do not regret trading it in at all. The M3 is far superior in many ways but power is the biggest differentiator. When it comes to mechanical (manual) there are so few options these days. Of them, I think the Porsche is a damn fine way to go...
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    What's your best piece of Advice for a newbie?

    I suggest setting the charge level indicator to percentage versus miles/km remaining. You just have to give the range anxiety time to fade away (about a month for me). You see that indicator and immediately think of your cell phone. While they look identical, they behave differently. It is hard...
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    Between a Model Y and a Subaru Outback

    787 total Teslas spotted, of which: 682 Model 3 - 86.7% 38 Model Y - 4.8% 40 Model S - 5.1% 27 Model X - 3.4% LOL...I love the dedication! That's a lot of counting.
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    Road Trip from SF Bay Area to Denver

    I've driven that stretch of road many times through Wyoming. It is the worst. Frequently you will see semis blown over where you make the turn from I-25 onto I-80. Taking I-70 on the way back was the way to go.
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    Modified LR vs Performance

    I have the stealth performance model (I don't track it). Track mode is worth the price of entry. I know everybody has said it but I don't think anybody has said why. It may be because they all know why and it is obvious but I will say it in case you don't know or on case anybody wants to correct...
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    Cruise control / Auto Pilot is Garbage

    I will say that the latest update (2020.48.35.5) has screwed up auto pilot pretty good. It happened to me several times this weekend where I turned on AP and the car immediately slowed down/decelerated. It is a pain to be going 75 mph and then have the car dropped to 45 when I engage AP. I'm...
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    It didn't take long to lose confidence

    I live in Denver. I would consider buying your Y from you for a discount...I hear it is prone to getting unfixable flats which lowers the value for sure. I know someone else offered $40k. I would consider $40.5k depending on the options and current condition.
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    AutoPilot Almost Killed Me!

    I have an M3 and experience phantom braking. I've found that it happens when I am driving downhill approaching an overpass. My assumption is that the radar "sees" the overpass far in the distance because it is in-line with the car due to the car being uphill from the overpass. In combination...
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    Hard, random highway breaking on autopilot

    My experience with phantom braking has always been due to shadows cast by overpasses. At least, that's how it happens to me. With this last update the behavior changed somewhat. Instead of a hard deceleration, this last time it braked more subtly and then after a few seconds began to resume...
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    Rattle noise

    For me the "rattle" or "squeak" came from the hinge of the phone charging pad door/shelf. My solution was to put a few drops of 3-1 oil on each hinge. Since then...no rattle. It did drive me crazy, though.
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    Missing my ICE car. . .

    I got rid of my ND Miata to get my 2020 Stealth Model 3. Obviously, they are apples to oranges regarding most all factors (power, convenience, size, etc). Still, I have to say that I vastly prefer the M3 and don't often miss my Miata. The amount of instantaneous power in the Tesla far outweighs...
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    Cruise Control not available. Almost daily.

    It will not let you set cruise control in an ambiguous situation. For example: if you are sitting at a stop light and getting ready to enter an intersection it will not work. Generally, you have to be driving with well-defined lane markings before it will take. That has been my experience and...
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    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    I got the Taptes all weather mats and trunk liner. They work great for me and I recommend them especially given the price. TAPTES All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 You can buy the adapter for $35 from the online Tesla store and they will ship it to you. Easy-peasy. Gen 2 NEMA Adapters
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    Supercharger will not release the cord

    As someone mentioned earlier, a workable solution to this is to simple open one of your car doors and then press the button on the charger again. I've typically associated the issue with the car being locked. However, I've also noticed that the button won't release when the car is asleep. So...
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    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    Just to clarify, the car does have a fixed-gear "transmission" whose function is to gear down the motors. It is like the difference between a 10-speed bike (10 gears) and the first Schwinn bike you had as a kid with "no gears" (in reality, 1 gear). The Tesla is mechanically so simple relative to...
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    Touch screen control for wipers is dangerous

    I don't agree that they work well now. The AI appears to get stuck at a setting and won't change until you manually force a change. I notice that if I turn on automatic wipers while at a stoplight, as an example, they will start working as designed. Then when I start driving they continue to...
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    For your viewing pleasure...

    I like the mods a lot. If I redo the suspension, I'd raise the rear 1/2 inch from what you've done. It looks great, but a titch too low for me. I especially like the artistry of the shot where the front wheel is on the yellow line with the yellow brakes showing. The whole thing looks very clean.
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    Impressions of the Model 3 and Tesla service after 2 months of ownership

    I have had a similar experience to that of the OP. I took delivery of my stealth in mid-December and had Homelink installed (mobile install) mid-January. Aside from the stress of "will I get in by end of year or not", the buying experience was very smooth. The service experience with the...
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    Phantom braking is the biggest issue with AutoPilot.

    My phantom braking has only happened under one circumstance: nighttime underpass on the highway. It is a bitch. Driving along with no issue and come to the underpass and the car thinks it is going to hit a wall or something. Hard braking. I know that when I drive home after dark on the highway...
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    Garage door opener

    $300 for the option. It isn't on the ordering page as it is an accessory that Tesla installs after delivery. You can order it on the website once you have been assigned a VIN. They install the Homelink module underneath the frunk and update your software to unlock the homelink options. I...
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    How noticeable is the acceleration boost from a dual motor long range to a performance Model 3?

    FWIW - the stealth is also noted as a performance model on the car's title work. edit: forgot to mention that I can tell the difference between the performance and AWD versions. I love having the stealth and would have also been very happy with the regular AWD.
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    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    2017 Mazda Miata RF. I loved that car. I had one back in 1999 and came back to the brand in 2017. It feels like driving a rollerskate. I've had my Model 3 Stealth for a month now and have loved every minute of it. The car is obviously much more powerful than the Miata. The big surprise though...
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    Question for an engineer.

    The maximum departure angle for the truck is 28 degrees. That's as steep as you can park it. In my example below (from yesterday) I used 25 degrees because I assumed you wouldn't want to scrape the bottom of the truck every day. Regardless, parking at that angle would only save you less than an...
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    Question for an engineer.

    If we assume the vehicle length is 18.5' (1' longer than a Ford F-150...really just guessing, though) and we say you make a ramp of 25 degrees the car will take up 16.77' of linear space at ground level. If we assume the rear of the truck from ground to the top of the bed walls is 4' then the...
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    Tesla Nazi: "No More Autopilot for You!" [Seinfeld episode reference, for those offended: HUMOR]

    I suspect that the amount of nudge you need to give the wheel depends on which steering mode you are in. I drive in sport mode (heavy steering) and have to put pretty good pressure on the wheel to kill the nag.
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    Mine is white. I find it hard to believe that there are only 15 of us who got the stealth in Q4 around Denver. If it is true, I feel very lucky.
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    The biggest surprise I have after two weeks of Model 3

    I've had mine for 3 weeks now and I've found the exact same thing as the OP. The biggest surprise has been how I have mellowed in my driving. I wasn't typically aggressive behind the wheel but my stress level driving home was pretty high. Now I'm all relaxed. Strange. This last weekend I drove...
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Brought my baby skiing today. This is my first real highway drive. It has been perfect.
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    I just said €#@# it, and ordered an LR AWD

    We used to have a Honda Civic Hybrid back in the day. We just got our Model 3 on Thursday. It is an amazing car. What has surprised me so far is how much like a car it feels. It took two miles to get used to one pedal driving. It took virtually no time to get used to the UI. It just feels like...
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    Go early! And good luck! I'm on day two of ownership and am extremely happy with my choice.
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    I just got back from my delivery. It went very smoothly. As near as I can tell, there are no issues at all with the car. It looks great. I had to come back to work (sad panda) so I only got to put 20 miles on the car. I have the stealth and haven't been able to floor it yet. However, just...
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    Five hours is a pretty good turn around time for selling your car. Congrats! I got confirmation that my car is on site and my delivery tomorrow is a go. I’m excited!
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    My delivery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I haven't received the "it's not here yet" call, but they are too busy to answer the phone in Littleton. I'm cautiously optimistic. I'm very happy for everybody else who is starting to get confirmations and deliveries! Woo-hoo!
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    Congratulations Jenn and ronitn!!! I think they are working very hard over there to get these cars out to us.
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    Update: my car found its way onto a truck and is finally on the road. If all goes smoothly I should have it by this weekend. I have until Christmas Eve to make it happen so I think i'm going to be ok. I hope a lot of your cars are on my truck, too.
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    My car is sitting safe and sound at a San Francisco storage lot as of this afternoon. It is like a smelly hitchhiker that nobody wants to pick up. I feel bad for the staff in Denver. You just know that corporate isn’t telling them much, if anything, about the delays. We sure know that they...
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    I feel for all of us waiting for the year end delivery. My only constraints are leaving for vacation after Christmas and the end of year tax situation. I'm relatively patient about getting my new toy aside from the extra $3k it could cost me (all of us). Doesn't this idiotic company know that...
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    It turns out my car is still in California in storage/holding. Presumably, it is waiting for a car carrier. Regardless, it is not on the road yet. I'm lowering my expectations hourly.
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    I'm hoping that my car is on that same truck. Wednesday or Thursday should be beautiful days in Denver for taking delivery. Ok...any day would be beautiful for taking delivery. :-)
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    Actually, it was one of our local guys. It is pretty clear that Tesla doesn’t have an effective system in place for customer service or communication on the corporate level. So, I appreciate my SA taking the time to call. If I were simply curious about the car instead of slightly obsessed, I...
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    I got the call this afternoon that my car is still in California. So, the Monday delivery is off. The only problem this presents is that I will now likely fall out of the 30 day quote window for my trade in. My expectation is that if that happens it will magically come in about $2k less than...
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    Are all model 3 being delivered in dec consider 2020 model?

    Whether a car is marketed as having a model year or not, the 17 character VIN number has the year as the 10th digit. If you VIN has the letter L in the 10th place then it is a 2020. If it has a K then it is a 2019. Unless I'm missing something, there is nothing special or controversial about this.
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    Wow! That's a big step-up in VIN number from what I've been seeing this week. Mine is 601XXX and I get it Monday.
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    @Zaxxon - that's not a bad offer at all. Sadly for me I'm currently limited to 30 amps (14-30). If we ever get a second EV then I'll have to get 100 amps run from the far side of the house to the garage. As it is, I was just able to go from the laundry room to the garage. The builders of the...
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    Deliveries to Denver, December 2019

    Got my delivery text this morning. Scheduled for Monday!
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    I just got my text and scheduled for a Monday pickup in Denver. VIN now shows up on the webpage. Woo-Hoo! It sure looks like they are getting these cars out the door this last week.
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    No...the stealth is a regular AWD model that gives you the performance of the ummm...performance for an extra $2k. You can still order the full performance model with the bigger brakes, wheels, etc. Although, the last I knew was that all of the stealths were spoken for this year. Having said...

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