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    Supercharger - East Point GA

    This will be a very busy station. It appears to be at about the same stage of construction as the one in Newnan
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    Supercharger - Newnan GA

    Not much to see just yet. Here's a few I took yesterday .
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    Supercharger - Newnan GA

    You can forget about the Sprayberry's BBQ as that location closed down. Wish they had built this in a not so congested area.
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    Charging From a Whole House Generator

    I was getting an estimate today for a whole house generator. He looked at my panel and noticed the breaker for Tesla Charging and told me not to charge the Tesla while on the generator. Asked him why and he just said because sometimes weird things happen. Anyone know why he would say that? I...
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    Supercharger - Nashville, TN - Charlotte Pike

    Where is this list you keep up? Gotta link? TIA
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    Upcoming Memphis Store

    Seems that SC's are not providing charging facilities. They don't have any (nor do they plan according to the person I talked to) stations for the public at the new Sales/Service center in Tulsa. Last time I was at the Decatur SC in ATL, they had decommissioned the public chargers. Sure wish...
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    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    Only started having these same warnings after updating to 2020.48.10.
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    2020.48.10 update and Roadie

    Anyone using a Roadie having any problems since 2020.48.10? Installed this last night and now I keep getting a warning that the dash cam storage is near full and at other times that the disk drive is not writing fast enough and to change out the drive. The Roadie App says there is an update...
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    Why I'll Use the ICE Car For Vacation

    That will be a big help. Now to get something just west of Memphis. I know it's planned, hope it comes soon. BTW, your profile icon really freaks me out. :eek:
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    Blog Musk Touts ‘Quantum Leap” in Full Self-Driving Performance

    Hell, I just want them to fix the "phantom braking" issue and the amount the car slows down for curves. It's beyond ridiculous.
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    Why I'll Use the ICE Car For Vacation

    Thanks everyone for the different ideas. I do have the app for Plug Share and I checked out a few of the locations along the route. Trouble with them is the charging rate. I'm not one to just wait an hour when I'm traveling. I have relatives near Little Rock who I may stop and see on this...
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    Why I'll Use the ICE Car For Vacation

    My cost is -0-. Just retired from an airline.
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    Why I'll Use the ICE Car For Vacation

    Are you kidding? That's how long they've promised those new locations?
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    Why I'll Use the ICE Car For Vacation

    I have the Stealth with 18" wheels. I am not going to drive 60 when the limit is 70. Only me and my Pomeranian.
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    Why I'll Use the ICE Car For Vacation

    Yes, I noted that there are new locations planned. That's why I said a fix is in the works. Apparently you missed that part of my post. I checked the map on the Tesla site, but they just say they're expected to open sometime this year. You would think they could be a little more specific...
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    Why I'll Use the ICE Car For Vacation

    Planning a trip from my home in Georgia to my brother's house in Tulsa, Ok. Come on Tesla, lets get some charging stations somewhere between Little Rock, Ar. and Tulsa. Also, only one charger in Memphis and it's on the wrong side of town. I know the fix is in the works, but it seems like it's...
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    TPMS not working on new tire

    The TPMS sensor could have been damaged during the tire change. Did you try rebooting the main screen? Just a thought.
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    Hansshow Version 3 For Model 3 Power Frunk Kit for Sale

    NLA. Thanks for the interest.
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    Hansshow Version 3 For Model 3 Power Frunk Kit for Sale

    I didn't get the kick sensor but it can be added. The screen button will open and close.
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    Hansshow Version 3 For Model 3 Power Frunk Kit for Sale

    I've decided not to install this kit for various reasons. This is the latest version. Prefer local sale near Newnan, Ga, and if needed, I can help you install it in my shop. Only asking $350 for the kit. email if interested, [email protected]
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    Hansshow Frunk Malfunction Scenario

    I received this version 3 kit yesterday as a present from my kids. I have just one concern with installing this kit. Let me explain. This kit has an emergency release cable that will only work if the 12 volt battery is dead. So, what if the electronics in the control box has a failure, but...
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    Power Frunk with Foot Sensor version 3 Hansshow - Group Buy

    Well, mine wasn't. So, now I have to come clean. I received a delivery yesterday from China, a Hansshow Frunk kit. It was purchased for me from my kids as a belated Fathers Day present. So, do I sell it or install it? I am concerned about one thing if I do install it, but I'll post that...
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    Celebrities who drive a Tesla?

    Wonder if he let some air out of the tires?
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    Power Frunk with Foot Sensor version 3 Hansshow - Group Buy

    Thanks. Guess I won't be adding this mod. I no longer buy anything made in China.
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    Power Frunk with Foot Sensor version 3 Hansshow - Group Buy

    Is there any other brand that's made in the USA that does the same thing?
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    Charging Issue Sheltering in Place

    Try resetting your wall unit. There's a reset button on the side.
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    Too dumb for dashcam

    When I had trouble with mine, I called Tesla. The Tesla tech told me to reboot the screen before plugging in a new drive. Rebooting the screen is supposed to reset the USB ports and you have a better chance of the system accepting the USB drive.
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    How to use jack stands?

    Yes. Read the previous posts.
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    TeslaCam records everything like it always has, it just that the Viewer only show Sentry stuff and stuff you've saved. Use your Roadie to see the other stuff.
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    The Tesla viewer only shows Saved videos and Sentry videos. It will not display the normal recordings. Is this what you're experiencing?
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    2020.12.5 Update issue w/Sentry Viewer

    Just update the Roadie App and when you connect next time, the Roadie will prompt you to update. Evidently Tesla changed the memory format for TeslaCam on this latest update, making the Roadie stop working.
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    For you guys with a Roadie, after updating the car and Roadie, does the Honk To Save Recording work? Mine doesn't work anymore with the Roadie. Works just fine using a standard memory device.
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    Spotify Audio Quality vs Slacker

    Hell, for a lot of us, the audio system is only as good as our hearing aids. :D
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    Installed my Gen3 HPWC lastnight, notice anything missing?

    Check the box and wrapping to see if they came off in shipment. Otherwise, do what Sophias dad said.
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    Where is the e-brake

    If all else fails, open the door and drag your feet. Fred Flintstone.
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    What is this Icon?

    Thanks for that. I normally stop far enough from the car in front of me to turn and get by them just in case I need to get out of the way. Something I learned YEARS ago from motorcycle training. Never go through drive throughs since I don't do fast food anymore. Wonder why this isn't in...
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    What is this Icon?

    I searched the owners manual and can't find this icon anywhere. It looks like a speaker right below the steering wheel icon for Auto Steer. I've only seen this once. I'm stopped while waiting for the light to turn green. Maybe it's telling me to honk the horn. :)
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    Tax Questions (specifically TurboTax)

    So today I used the 'new forms' and submitted using TT. Got rejected but the reason given was because the AGI for last year didn't match my wife's AGI for identification purposes. TT said "lets correct that and resubmit." I did like they asked, even went on the IRS site and downloaded my...
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    Tax Questions (specifically TurboTax)

    Just curious, but if you used TT and got rejected, can you just refile using a different service like FreeTaxUSA.com ? I've never had a Return rejected before.
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    Does a Rear Spoiler Keep the Rear Cleaner?

    To each his own, but I'm not a big fan of the looks.
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    Does a Rear Spoiler Keep the Rear Cleaner?

    Thanks everyone. Think I’ll save my money and forget about a rear spoiler.
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    Does a Rear Spoiler Keep the Rear Cleaner?

    I don't have a rear spoiler. When it's raining, the rear of the car really gets dirty. If the rear spoiler helps keep the rear of the car clean, I'll add one. Anyone know if it helps? I'm considering the one from RPM Tesla.
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    Is changing out of passing lane still a thing?

    I guess mine isn't broken. Use NoA every morning going to work and after going into the passing lane to pass slower vehicles, it always asks to confirm moving out of the passing lane.
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    What are your thoughts on Andrew Yang?

    Anyone know his brother, Ying? :D
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    Mobile app 3.10.0, Homelink

    Figured it out. Even though the HomeLink button shows up in the App under Controls, it won’t work unless you enable HomeLink in the car under the Summons preferences. I did not have to enable the Auto Open/Close feature to get it to work. this could probably be fixed with a software update.
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    Mobile app 3.10.0, Homelink

    My car has all the options including HomeLink. HomeLink works great from the car, but not while trying to activate it from the app. Car is in the garage and can’t get any closer. This is what I get.
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    Gen 3 wall connector shipping out soon?

    Never was notified that my HomeLink was ready to be scheduled for installation. Had an appointment at a SC for a warranty issue and I asked about it and they installed it that day. I did get a notification when my jacket shipped.
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    Gen 3 wall connector shipping out soon?

    I don't see a Gen 3 available on the Tesla Store. Got a link? Never mind. Found it. They just don't call it a Gen 3, but it does say it's got WiFi.

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