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  1. Sus

    Stroller that fits the Model 3 Frunk!

    So I was looking for a stroller to fit in the Model 3 frunk and found two models that do. 1. GB Pockit Stroller 2. Babyzen Yoyo I tried out the Pockit stroller at BuyBuyBaby. And though it's much smaller folded up than the Babyzen Yoyo (I believe you can fit even 2 of these into the Model 3...
  2. Sus

    Tesla and Solar City employees get priority as are Tesla customers, so will Solar City customers?

    I've never seen mention of Solar City customers getting priority delivery.
  3. Sus

    Autopilot using comma.ai on non AP Model S?

    Think we can eventually use this for our pre auto pilot Model Ses? Maybe by installing a an aftermarket radar? Why Ex-Hacker George Hotz is Giving Away Self-Driving Software
  4. Sus

    Sunshade for back passenger window

    Thanks for the suggestion but even if heatshield could make a back window cover in future, it doesn't look safe to drive with it on. Do you guys just have tint on your rear windows? Is that sufficient to block to glare? If so, what type of tint do you have?
  5. Sus

    Sunshade for back passenger window

    I'm not sure if it's ceramic tint. It's the one that lots of people on TMC uses and recommends. Don't remember what that was. It keeps out heat decently well but it doesn't keep the glare of the sun from hitting his eyes/face thus the need for something in addition to the tint. We also don't...
  6. Sus

    Sunshade for back passenger window

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a sunshade for the back passenger window? I already have our windows tinted but the sun still hits my toddler pretty strong when he's in the car seat. I've tried some mesh ones that stick on with a suction but none that I've tried really fits. Also the...
  7. Sus

    Signature #1 delivered today

    Congrats! I assume you're busy driving right now. [emoji3]
  8. Sus

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Congrats Bonnie! Hope you take some time out of driving your new X to post some videos. ;)
  9. Sus

    Stolen Tesla License Plate Frame

    Are you sure someone didn't just prank you?
  10. Sus

    Anyone in Temecula with autopilot?

    We have a classic P85 so alas no autopilot. Does anyone live in the area and are open to showing off your autopilot car, maybe even take me and my husband for a short spin so we can experience it? Coffee would be on us and it would be fun talk about our mutual love of Tesla with a fellow...
  11. Sus

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Didn't play around with it too much yet but 2 items that I'd like to see changed in case a Tesla is reading: 1. Really don't like that they removed the text under the icons on the top of the center screen. I had to sit for a few seconds to figure out how to get to the media screen. I'm used to...
  12. Sus

    Installation of Auto Pilot hardware

    I'd be surprised if this were true. Can you get/share more details?
  13. Sus

    Pictures from the X event

    Wow, nice auto opening door!
  14. Sus

    Live stream of event?

    No nosecone!
  15. Sus

    Live stream of event?

  16. Sus

    Pictures from the X event

    Works on my iPad.
  17. Sus

    Want a tesla, can't afford, but could if I rent it out

    Try renting out your Prius first and see how it goes. That way you can have a realistic expectation of the process (hassle, income) before making a jump like this.
  18. Sus

    Embarrassed By Falcon Wings Doors?

    That's probably true. :)
  19. Sus

    Embarrassed By Falcon Wings Doors?

    Curious if anyone else thinks they might feel embarrassed using the falcon wing doors (looks too ostentatious). I'm a new mom so am excited about the prospect of getting my baby in and out more easily with these doors but am a bit concerned they might draw too much attention.
  20. Sus

    Elon Musk biography by Ashlee Vance

    I took the Mary Beth story with a grain of salt. We don't know what really happened, if there were other things in how she did her job that was not satisfactory, etc. The story in Vance's book was so sensational, likening her to Tony Stark's Pepper that it was hard for me to take it seriously.
  21. Sus

    Backed into at Home Depot - Interested in y'alls input

    I'd ask to get it fixed. Dents are noticeable so worth it to get the fix done. If it's too expensive, he'll probably get his insurance to cover it.
  22. Sus

    Your #1 favorite thing about your car - before/after owning it!

    The instant torque and how quiet it is.
  23. Sus

    Morgan Stanley Massively Hikes Price Target on Tesla, Says Stock Could Almost Double

    A way around this would be to have a good rating system within the Tesla Mobility app. For example, you can set your car to be available from 9-5pm today and only available to people with a 5 star rating and higher. If a person who wants a ride has 4 stars and below, your car would not show up...
  24. Sus

    Morgan Stanley Massively Hikes Price Target on Tesla, Says Stock Could Almost Double

    Morgan Stanley Massively Hikes Price Target on Tesla, Says Stock Could Almost... What if Tesla Mobility didn't own their own fleet of cars? With autonomous driving, they could offer people who own a Tesla a way to make a little extra money on the side and Tesla can take a cut. For example, if...
  25. Sus

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    That's bold. Is it a long term hold?
  26. Sus

    At long last a new 70 D is ordered

    Thanks for sharing about your dad. So glad he got to see the Tesla before his surgery. I came across this article earlier today linking coconut oil with helpful effects against dementia. Here's the link in case it might be helpful. AltHealthWorks.com | This Man with Alzheimer
  27. Sus

    3D printed Supercharger for my BB :-)

    Haha, my thoughts exactly. But very cool mini supercharger. . Hope you share any other tesla 3d printed things you come up with.
  28. Sus

    Back seats swivel?

    Any evidence that the second row seats will swivel? With a new baby, this would be a killer feature to be able to get the baby in and out of the car easily.
  29. Sus

    I'm seeing red...

    I'm not a red car person but found a used red one for a good price so purchased it. Ive since come to really like the red. It's really a beautiful color. If you like it, I'd say pull the trigger. :)
  30. Sus

    A Tesla Hater just told me "Batteries Cause Cancer"

    They would need to compare EMF readings in an ICE car, both while driving and while using the seat heaters for me to take their advise as Model S specific.
  31. Sus

    A Tesla Hater just told me "Batteries Cause Cancer"

    I wrote this on another thread but my husband did an EMF test in our Model S vs our Lexus ES. He placed the reader on both the floor of the cars (where our feet are) and also on the seat. The levels of EMF in the Model S were actually very low. The EMF levels in the Lexus (on both the floor and...
  32. Sus

    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    My husband did an EMF test in our Model S vs our Lexus ES. He placed the reader on both the floor of the cars (where our feet are) and also on the seat. The levels of EMF in the Model S were actually very low. The EMF levels in the Lexus were much higher.
  33. Sus

    We the People Petition on Tesla Motors

    Oops, just saw this was already posted. Please delete this thread.
  34. Sus

    We the People Petition on Tesla Motors

    Response to We the People Petition on Tesla Motors Response to We the People Petition on Tesla Motors By Dan Utech, Special Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Thanks for your We the People petition. We're excited about the next generation of transportation choices...
  35. Sus

    19" Turbine Wheel Solution

    Can you post some from further away as well? Would like to see the full affect. Thanks!
  36. Sus

    Xpel installer in San Diego or Orange County?

    Can you recommend a good xpel installer in either San Diego, Orange County or Riverside? Thanks!
  37. Sus

    2013 White 60KW grey leather 16,000 miles.

    What month did you take delivery? Are you the original owner?
  38. Sus

    TMC Connect 2014 Registration for those who Pre-Registered

    Will anyone from tesla motors be speaking at the conference?
  39. Sus

    New Jersey White House Petition

  40. Sus

    Google+ video hangouts (TSLA & other investments)

    TSLAopt, thanks from me also for sharing your story and your investment philosophy with tsla. I am curious what motivated you to want to purchase the model s and also the model x when in comes out. From an investment perspective, did it help you to own the car vs just test driving it? Ie did...
  41. Sus

    Elon in Munich on Jan 30, 2014

    Can you share a link?
  42. Sus

    Vendor Blind Spot Detection System - *pics included

    Can you post pics of the car from further away? I'd like to see how noticeable the sensors are from more of a distance. Thanks.
  43. Sus

    Ugh. Another Model S fire - 2013-11-06

    It is highly unlikely that the object that the driver drove over was simply the draw bar object. The draw bar object is small and very unlikely to cause the amount of damage that was caused. Also, the owner of the car wrote "Had I not been in a Tesla, that object could have punched through the...
  44. Sus

    Ugh. Another Model S fire - 2013-11-06

    The product in your image is not a trailer tow hitch. That product a trailer hitch mount (different from a trailer hitch). It looks like it's something that you put onto your trailer tow hitch in order to mount the trailer onto the hitch. Here's an image of a variety of tow hitches. A tow...
  45. Sus

    Ugh. Another Model S fire - 2013-11-06

    Did you hear this from anywhere? Any idea what it might have hit?
  46. Sus

    Ugh. Another Model S fire - 2013-11-06

    If there was no accident why would the the owner say that the car saved his life?
  47. Sus

    Ugh. Another Model S fire - 2013-11-06

    Thanks Doug. Can you post the link to the official statement?
  48. Sus

    Q3 2013 results - projections and expectations

    The factory runs 5 days/week (not 7 days). So with 114/day, the production would be 570/week, not 800.
  49. Sus

    18 Day Old Model S Wrecked

    Thanks for sharing. That's the craziest accident. I think it's amazing that tesla called you right away to make sure you were ok. Hope your hand heals quickly.

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