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  1. jkliu47

    Sure could've used Enhanced Summon today....

    Walked out of my local Costco to be confronted by this minor emergency. And my Model 3 is sitting in a pool of water. Using Summons I was able to back it out about 15 feet to shallower water and I was able to wade over in ankle deep water and get in. This would've been a great use case...
  2. jkliu47

    Did Model S range get reduced from 335 to 315 miles?

    Checking on the Tesla website today, the only reference to the Model S range of 335 miles is on the face page. But going further into the configuration pages - the range for the Model Performance with/without Ludicrous mode now has been reduced to 315 miles. The standard range of Model S...
  3. jkliu47

    From Zero to Model 3 AWD in 20 hours

    I am a 2 time Model S owner and a 1st day in-store Model 3 reservation holder. I held back ordering the Model 3 because the current Model S lease runs out in 2019 and was waiting for the AWD version. Then wife decided to replace her BMW (4 series) with the Model 3 (yeah!). Since 2018 is drawing...
  4. jkliu47

    NTSB issues preliminary report for Florida crash

    NTSB Issues Preliminary Report for Williston, Florida, Highway Crash
  5. jkliu47

    Tesla is dumping Mobileye???

    Mobileye shares plummet as company says partnership with Tesla will not continue
  6. jkliu47

    Is an augmented reality HUD coming as part 2 of Model 3 reveal?

    A new hire hints that Tesla may be working on a new feature for the Model 3
  7. jkliu47

    Uber orders 100,000 autonomous Mercedes cars

    After considering Tesla, Uber reportedly placed an order with Mercedes for 100,000 self-driving cars
  8. jkliu47

    Tesla stations in NYC on verge of outnumbering gas stations

  9. jkliu47

    Are Next Gen seats causing seat belt fitting issues?

    We just replaced a 2013 Model S 85 with a brand new 2016 Model S 85D last month, and the autopilot feature has been getting all my attention :smile:. However something has come up which has thrown my wife for a loop. The driver side seat belts have been giving her a fit. Literally. Somehow...
  10. jkliu47

    Tesla's Autopilot - an in depth at the technology

    Exclusive: The Tesla AutoPilot - An In-Depth Look At The Technology Behind the Engineering Marvel
  11. jkliu47

    VW knew fuel usage in some cars was too high a year ago

    VW knew fuel usage in some cars was too high a year ago: report
  12. jkliu47

    Test driving Teslas through Uber app

    Test Driving Teslas Through The Uber App (In Finland) −
  13. jkliu47

    Tesla powered buildings

    Irvine Company and Advanced Microgrid Solutions Announce Groundbreaking... -- NEWPORT BEACH and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Oct. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --
  14. jkliu47

    More bad publicity for VW/Porsche group.

    Paul Walkers Daughter Sues Porsche, Says Father Burned to Death in Crash - NBC News
  15. jkliu47

    Tesla named Forbes' Most Innovative Company

  16. jkliu47

    Tesla named MIT Smartest Company of 2015

    Tesla Motors Inc Overtakes Illumina, Inc. To Become MIT’s Smartest Company
  17. jkliu47

    Charge EV's with pedestrianss kinetic energy (with Tesla click-bait title)

    Tesla Motors, Inc (TSLA) to Charge EVs With Kinetic Energy from Pedestrians People Powered Tesla - YouTube Edit: title should be pedestrians' not pedestrian's. Sorry.
  18. jkliu47

    Model S70D is Car of the 21st Century - Car and Driver

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D Ranked “Car Of The Centuryâ€￾: Car and Driver Review: 2015 Tesla Model S 70D Instrumented Test Car and Driver
  19. jkliu47

    No future schlock - WSJ's review of the Tesla P85D

    With a video of a P85D vs Bentley Continental drag race tossed in. No future schlock: Tesla’s awe-inspiring Model S - MarketWatch
  20. jkliu47

    Tesla's first dealership - in Indonesia

    Tesla Set to Ride Into Indonesian Market in Model S - The Jakarta Globe
  21. jkliu47

    Hyperloop Construction Starts 2016 With the First Full-Scale Track

    Hyperloop Construction Starts Next Year With the First Full-Scale Track | WIRED
  22. jkliu47

    Tesla P85D - acceleration reactions (WARNING: NSFW, Profane language)

    Tesla P85D - acceleration reactions (Profane language) - YouTube It never gets old :biggrin: heheh.
  23. jkliu47

    Google in talks with automakers for driverless cars

    Google In Talks With Automakers For Driverless Cars: Reuters - Tech Trader Daily - Barrons.com
  24. jkliu47

    BMW i Charge Forward program

    BMW Charges into Tesla Territory with Mobile Storage Program - The Green Optimistic
  25. jkliu47

    Tesla and Xiaomi partnership in China?

    Are Tesla and Xiaomi about to create a joint partnership? | Manufacturing Global 'If reports are to be believed, Xiaomi VP Li Wanqiang is visiting Silicon Valley and may be trying to hash out a deal with the luxury electric automaker. Tesla already has an active presence in China, but Xiaomi...
  26. jkliu47

    Fisker returns with 'ultimate muscle car'

    Fisker returns with 'ultimate' muscle car
  27. jkliu47

    U.S. & China Reach Climate Change Agreement

    Breaking News: U.S. and China Reach Climate Deal After Secret Negotiations Log In - The New York Times
  28. jkliu47

    Michigan man petitions White House against Tesla ban

    Put an end to State legislature banning direct vehicle sales. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government Time to add our voice!
  29. jkliu47

    Is Smart Air Suspension really that smart? Auto-leveling ???

    I parked my MS in the driveway, and proceeded to position my California HOV stickers for attachment to the rear bumper - right, left and center. Measuring for the stickers on the bumper sides, I notice that the right rear bumper is almost 2 inches higher than the left rear. What's happening...
  30. jkliu47

    GM CEO Mary Barra on Tesla: 'We just want a level playing field'

    Really? http://www.mlive.com/auto/index.ssf/2014/10/gm_ceo_mary_barra_on_tesla_we.html So is GM admitting that going through dealers puts them at a disadvantage?
  31. jkliu47

    Tesla's battery-swap stations will finally arrive in December

    Tesla's battery-swap stations will finally arrive in December
  32. jkliu47

    What's inside a Tesla dashboard

    Apparently the Tesla displays have more than 4X the number of components than a iPhone 5s, and more than 10 individual custom-designed circuit boards. The analogy of an 'iPhone on wheels' is not an exaggeration! Whats Inside the Tesla Model S Dashboard | Re/code
  33. jkliu47

    Future Tesla's to come with free home charging?

    Future Teslas Could Come - TESLARATI.com
  34. jkliu47

    Baidu racing Google in developing self-driving cars

    Baidu Racing Google In Developing Self-Driving Cars BIDU GOOGL - Investors.com
  35. jkliu47

    'Bendgate' - does this sound familiar?

    Is the iPhone 6 Plus easy to bend? Video says yes I am not by any means an Apple fanboy - but this latest series of FUD surrounding the Apple iPhone 6 launch, along with the latest release of iOS 8 sounds a bit too familiar. To complete the story - will we next hear Tim Cook announcing all...
  36. jkliu47

    Tesla expands in HK

    Tesla Expands in Hong Kong to Tap Electric Vehicle Demand - Bloomberg Any local perspective on the expansion?
  37. jkliu47

    What happened to the trunk's right storage bin?

    Reaching around in the trunk of a service loaner after grocery shopping, I discover that the right cubby hole in the trunk is ... missing! Occupying this space is a boxy shape implying something stored inside. This loaner is a MS 85, around 2000 miles - probably not more than a month old...
  38. jkliu47

    Elon Musk: 5 Areas That Will Have the Most Important Effect on Humanity

    In an Inc. Magazine interview with VC Steve Jurvetson, Elon Musk says he outlined these business opportunities while standing in the shower.
  39. jkliu47

    Things to do August 6 in Los Angeles

    Test driving a Tesla remains an event in Los Angeles. Witness the headline in a local LA paper: 5 things to do Aug. 6: Drive a Tesla, workout 5 things to do Aug. 6: Drive a Tesla, workout - LosAngelesRegister.com
  40. jkliu47

    Ridiculous article comparing Model S and ELR

    FrontiersLA.com | Drive This, Not That: 2014 Tesla Model S vs. Cadillac ELR Electrolux One quote will give you and idea of where he is coming from - "only the glitzy, feature-laden, beautifully crafted interior of the Cadillac feels worth its lofty price"
  41. jkliu47

    My Model S has seat belts for skin(nier) drivers (and no tow hook).

    Of the niggles my wife had with the Model S after we took delivery (no visor lights, cup holder position, no grab handles), the only one that remained a complaint after 8 months of blissful driving is the fact that the rear seat belts seem to grab excessively. So much so, she refuses to sit in...
  42. jkliu47

    Model S owner building his own charging network in China.

  43. jkliu47

    Tesla @ Wearables Conference - Why?

    'Watch' your Tesla remotely? Teslas presence at wearable conference raises eyebrows - The Technology Chronicles
  44. jkliu47

    Tesla on a mission to hire veterans

    Tesla Motors on a mission to hire American veterans - San Jose Mercury News
  45. jkliu47

    Tesla MS P85 vs Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 STS

    Tesla Model S P85 vs Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale - DragTimes.com Drag Racing, Fast Cars, Muscle Cars Blog
  46. jkliu47

    Cadillac's ELR is not for 'tree-huggers'

    Cadillac's Tesla Challenger Is Not For 'Tree-Huggers' And apparently not for too many others either (52 cars sold last month with total of 293 so far this year).
  47. jkliu47

    Top Speed Test – Tesla Model S P85 Gets Driven on the Autobahn

    Video: Top Speed Test - Tesla Model S P85 Gets Driven on the Autobahn | Inside EVs
  48. jkliu47

    Auto regulators dismissed GM defect tied to 13 deaths

    Log In - The New York Times "A New York Times analysis of consumer complaints submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that since February 2003 it received an average of two complaints a month about potentially dangerous shutdowns, but it repeatedly responded that...
  49. jkliu47

    CNBC Top Leaders, Icons, Rebels

    Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos? Place your vote Who did it better: Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos?
  50. jkliu47

    Worldwide Porsche GT3 recall

    Porsche recalls all 911 GT3 cars made this year amid fire probe - Reuters Lets see how the media reports on 'these' fires.

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