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  1. mmyers300

    No PPF....Are you Happy?

    Actually, you do pretty much just peel it off. I peeled off my PPF bra. I did heat it a bit at first but I'm not sure it helped too much as the rest seemed to come off the same. Of course, this bra was only on for a couple of years.
  2. mmyers300

    Where Do Rock Chips Impact the M3 the Most?

    I just did a video on my '18 M3 and all it's rock chips and advice on where to PPF. Full hood and bumper for sure! Frustrating as I have less than 30k miles on the car...
  3. mmyers300

    PPF Your Tesla NOW - I Waited Far Too Long

    Haha! That was kind of my attitude for not doing it a couple years ago. Now after seeing all the chips I'm kind of wigging out (It's totaled!!).
  4. mmyers300

    Can’t PPF the whole car, what is the bare minimum to get done?

    I would not do a bra or half hood wrap due to UV paint fade. I regret not PPFing my hood a lot sooner. I now have a ton of chips that could have been avoided. I also did the headlights and front bumper, which I do recommend. Definitely get mud flaps - check my YouTube channel for a different...
  5. mmyers300

    No PPF....Are you Happy?

    I just made a video on this - I think I have more chips on my hood in 30k miles than my '04 Acura TL in 120k miles. I wish I had done something sooner. I did put a little PPF bra on the hood, but I don't recommend it. I also PPFd the headlights and front bumper, which I recommend.
  6. mmyers300

    PPF Your Tesla NOW - I Waited Far Too Long

    I regret not PPFing my hood a lot sooner. I now have a ton of chips that could have been avoided. I did put a PPF bra on, but I don't recommend it. I also did the headlights and front bumper, which I do recommend. More details:
  7. mmyers300

    How to delete a safety score mistake

    You need to drive at least 100 miles without "error". The best way to do this is to let autopilot do the driving. I ended up getting FSD Beta in like 3 days: (after weeks of frustration)
  8. mmyers300

    FSD vs Stopped School Bus

    So I turned FSD on behind a stopped school bus and it sure seemed like it was NOT going to stop at all. I would have loved to let it keep going longer, but... From the screen, it doesn't seem to recognize the two different stop signs or that it's a school bus and just wants to go around it...
  9. mmyers300

    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    While these mats look great, I'm not a fan of mats that do not collect water. Dirty water ends up running over the edges and creates a mess on the factory carpet. I included some pics in my review/comparison of the Hansshow and 3D Maxpider mats. I included pics of my old Acura TL and it's...
  10. mmyers300

    Blacked out Emblems and License Frame using HyperDip

    Used HyperDip to black out the emblems and license frame on my 3. Gotta say, pretty dang easy and the results look great. I also did the surrounding window chrome and it was not as easy, especially given that the mirrors move. This first video is just the emblems while the next will be on the...
  11. mmyers300

    I Put a Garage Floor in to Match my Tesla

    Everything is now black and white since I got my Tesla :) Install and review of flooring, if interested:
  12. mmyers300

    M3 LR Mud Flaps

    The key is to install them in a way that doesn't cause more damage from the mudflaps themselves. I screwed them in and also used the 3m double sided tape.
  13. mmyers300

    Model 3 Skid Plates - Upgrade from Fiberboard to Aluminum 👍

    I went with the MountainPass front plate. My car is lowered and I don't want to break a coolant line:
  14. mmyers300

    Tesla 3/Y Screen Swivel Mount is Better Than I Thought

    Many times in the last couple of years I came very close to buying a swivel mount but none of them tilted up and down also. Well, no more! Hansshow makes one that swivels left, right, up and down. After a couple of weeks of using it I'm not sure why Tesla does not include these in the cars from...
  15. mmyers300

    Martian Wheels MW03 - New discussion thread

    The offset looks perfect! Do you know if the 8.5 width rims look the same?
  16. mmyers300

    Made Some LED Tesla Logos for my Garage

    Thanks, I'm working on videos of building/remodeling of my garage. Major updates in the last couple of years and really liking how it's turning out.
  17. mmyers300

    Made Some LED Tesla Logos for my Garage

    My nephew has a CNC table and I just had to put it to good use. For me – haha. At first I was just going to cut out a couple of Tesla logos and the TESLA letters, paint and stick them to my garage cabinets, but then decided to get a little more creative. I ended up getting some multi-color LEDs...
  18. mmyers300

    Thinking about model 3 coming from a 392 hemi

    My friend has a 392 and it's great fun! But even my Tesla LR 3 beats it in every performance category except exhaust noise and tire spin. And don't get me wrong, I love exhaust noise and tire spin, but when it comes to actual acceleration, the Tesla wins every time. I have a video on worst...
  19. mmyers300

    Mountain Pass Performance Smash Me Plate - Review + Install

    After reading the forums and running over a couple snow plowed boulders, I finally decided to install the Mountain Pass Smash Me plate on my model 3. Ever since I lowered the car, and then lowered again :) I've been nervous about running over things. Finding out that the battery coolant line...
  20. mmyers300

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    You mean not Everyone is watching my install video? :) I was able to remove/replace the front with the full top assembly still installed by myself, but it did take a number of different attempts to arrive at a fairly easy method. Keep in mind that the dampers change a great deal in the cold...
  21. mmyers300

    FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes

    I have been reading that Tesla stopped rolling out 10.10 and thought I would find a lot of major fail videos on Youtube. Well, not so much. After hours of watching I found the following clips most interesting: Most have said they saw overall improvements but then some inconsistencies day to...
  22. mmyers300

    Finally Installed 240V NEMA 14-50 Outlet - 110ft of Conduit...

    Thanks! And yes, it is a $10 outlet from Home Depot. It's the only one they had in stock and I didn't realize there were ones that were so much better out there. In my video I do advise to tighten the wires down then twist and turn and retighten a few times. I think the better outlets avoid...
  23. mmyers300

    Installation and review of the Aroham Yoke for my 2021 MY Performance (9/7/21 build)

    So did you discard the bolt? Cause I'm wondering what you would then torque to 80Nm. hahaha Does anyone ever discard bolts as instructed?
  24. mmyers300

    HUD - I Didn't Know It Was This Easy

    Someone pointed me to a type of windshield sticker/screen that helps HUDs show up better, but it was not reviewed very highly on Amazon...
  25. mmyers300

    Finally Installed 240V NEMA 14-50 Outlet - 110ft of Conduit...

    Thanks for the info. The GFCI breaker is a bummer - I need to look into that further. The 14-50 outlet also allows me to run a small 240v heater for my garage, which I highly recommend. () My Tesla charger came with the 14-50 adapter, so no added expense there.
  26. mmyers300

    Installation and review of the Aroham Yoke for my 2021 MY Performance (9/7/21 build)

    In the video that I made someone commented 80Nm, 59 ft/lbs. Seems about right...
  27. mmyers300

    HUD - I Didn't Know It Was This Easy

    Yes, it's mostly a novelty and didn't work very well for me in the day, but it's definitely fun to play with! Tons of GPS, speedo, Scan my Tesla types of apps have a HUD mode and after setting your phone or tablet on the dash, you get HUD. My full experience in the video.
  28. mmyers300

    Finally Installed 240V NEMA 14-50 Outlet - 110ft of Conduit...

    After owning a Tesla Model 3 LR for ~18 months, I finally installed a 240V outlet to get much faster charging at home than with the 120V standard. 120V will only charge at around 3-5 miles per hour. 240V will charge at around 25-30 miles per hour, so huge difference! While I didn't have an issue...
  29. mmyers300

    Installation and review of the Aroham Yoke for my 2021 MY Performance (9/7/21 build)

    I got an Aroham Yoke for my Tesla 3 - Also had an install Fail... In a video I tell you why I bought a yoke steering wheel, review it, show you how to install it (with a number of tips), show you what went wrong with my install, give you my initial impressions and finally what the negatives...
  30. mmyers300

    Major Christmas Light How To

    Hahaha, right? There was ONE other group that was even worse - they were so much worse that they went beyond being funny downers, IMO...
  31. mmyers300

    Major Christmas Light How To

    I know! I thought of a couple ways but both involved too much time that I could give...
  32. mmyers300

    Major Christmas Light How To

    While my neighbor did not get a ticket, he did get a verbal warning from Aurora, IL police and was reminded that his Christmas lights are illegal. That said, we were both driving and hanging out a lot around downtown Naperville, IL and did not have any issues. I made a fun reaction video and...
  33. mmyers300

    Spreading Christmas Cheer with 5500 LEDs

    My neighbor and I got a little out of hand with the Christmas lights this year 🙃
  34. mmyers300

    Master Thread: Model 3s on the Track / drag strip- Videos, Discussion, Setup, Etc

    How my LR+ easily beat a Performance 3. Two out of three times... About a month ago I went to Byron dragstrip in IL and raced a few cars, the most interesting being a Model 3 Performance. It turned out to be a good lesson in how much battery charge and temperature can affect performance...
  35. mmyers300

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    So after a few frustrating weeks of trying to get beta I got pissed and just gave up. After a couple weeks of calming down and reading about the 100 mile requirement, I got back into the game with a plan. I basically went out on a Sunday highway cruise, on autopilot, and racked up over 100...
  36. mmyers300

    Tesla Changed FSD Beta Suspension Threshold - Only For Some Users/vehicles

    I just got beta on Tuesday and FSD would not activate because I had previously taped over the cabin camera. Once I uncovered it FSD was very sensitive to me not looking at the road. After a couple of seconds a notification would pop up telling me to pay attention. This happened 2-3 times in...
  37. mmyers300

    What's needed to run a quicker ET for 2021 M3P

    Right! As Sam1 also said, it's nerve racking at high speeds bc it's taking sooo long. In the middle of Iowa, or somewhere out there, I decided to let 'er rip on a super long empty stretch of highway. I think I hit 135 and it wasn't as fun as I thought - it was taking too long and wasn't as...
  38. mmyers300

    What's needed to run a quicker ET for 2021 M3P

    I put out my quickest M3 AWD+ video today that goes through everything I did to run the best time, for M3 AWD+, on dragtimes. Anyone should be able to replicate this:
  39. mmyers300

    Make the Model Y Performance ~Quicker~

    No crazy hack options like you were hoping for, but I run through what I did to run a World Record :) time in my M3 AWD+
  40. mmyers300

    Fastest model 3 AWD on dragtimes (And how you can too)

    (According to dragtimes website) I currently have the quickest AWD+ Model 3 on dragtimes and am calling it a World Record :) with a 1/4 mile time of 11.581 @ 118.92. This is even quicker than many performance models, although the quickest M3P is 11.218. I am currently #36. Interestingly, my MPH...
  41. mmyers300

    Mountain Pass Lightweight Rotors - Test and Install

    I upgraded to the OEM sized (320mm) rotors from MPP and cover the following in my video (): Unboxing , Why the MPP rotors are better, DIY Install, Bedding procedure, MPP vs OEM Braking, Brake Test Temperature Differences, Summary / Advice. Basically, I saw a decent temp improvement (cooler)...
  42. mmyers300

    What's needed to run a quicker ET for 2021 M3P

    I have a video of making your M3 quicker coming very soon! And I just happen to have a video of a model 3 vs a Charger Scat Pack on the highway. I would have thought the Charger to do much better given that the 3 runs out of power at higher speeds, but nope. See for yourself - Oh, and...
  43. mmyers300

    MPP Comfort Coilover reviews?

    Yes it is low, but hasn't been too low for me. Yet... 20mm at the perch will probably lower the car a little more than 20mm due to the perch location in the suspension/wheel "lever". I did some initial measurements at the battery jacking points, but you really have to let the suspension...
  44. mmyers300

    FSD V9 First Impressions - General Public Access Seems Way Off

    In the actual Full Self Driving Beta release notes it says, “It may do the wrong thing at the worst time.” Then Elon tweets that “...there will be unknown issues, so please be paranoid!” I think I compiled a number of great clips (best of the worst) that would make anyone paranoid about FSD in...
  45. mmyers300

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Manufactured 11/2018. Yes, Team Viewer.
  46. mmyers300

    FSD V9 First Impressions - General Public Access Seems Way Off

    After watching tons of videos, I put together a 10 minute compilation that I think summarizes what I gathered: FSD v9 is better than v8.2 but not necessarily in terms of actually doing better at the non-so-normal situations. Top Comments from all videos: Smooth – you will hear this multiple...
  47. mmyers300

    Added Wheel Spacers to my LR AWD - Looks WAY Better!

    Thanks for the input - until I can afford new wheels, the pros are outweighing the cons for me. Driving Dynamics (performance, drivetrain, traction/stability control, brakes, suspension, tires, safety) seemed like the best place, but maybe I'm just not aware of all of the forums - please let me...
  48. mmyers300

    Added Wheel Spacers to my LR AWD - Looks WAY Better!

    1. People try to get an ET that looks good on their car, not an ET that is the same as stock. And I have never heard anyone complain about their new wheels, with different offset, ruining their bearings. As a matter of fact, I don't know of anyone that has actually said that their bearings...
  49. mmyers300

    Added Wheel Spacers to my LR AWD - Looks WAY Better!

    I have the stock 18" wheels and I used 15mm front, 20mm rear spacers. - Front 2x 15mm Rear 2x 20mm Hub Centric Wheel Spacers fit Tesla Model 3 M14x1.5 | eBay The car looks so much better! If your car is already lowered and still have the stock wheels, then this is a necessity! Cons...
  50. mmyers300

    MPP Comfort Coilovers - How Much More Comfortable?

    There is one other problem with the non-adjustable kit - it is NOT stainless steel. This becomes a bigger issue in winter climates and, I guess, how long you think you will own your car.

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