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    Black Wall Connector (signed) for Sale NIB

    I have a new (unopened) referral black wall connector (with Elon's signature). Looking to sell for $450, preferably locally -- Fairfield County, CT / Westchester County, NY.
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    Delayed at the last minute, Mt Kisco

    I originally had delivery scheduled for 10/29 from Mt. Kisco but was told that teh car was delayed and rescheduled to 11/7. Took delivery this afternoon (had to wait about 90 minutes after my scheduled time to actually get paperwork and start the delivery). I think they are simply...
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    Connecticut (Mt. Kisco) AWD delivery

    I ordered a P3- back in August. I received a text message on Oct 12 from someone at corporate to schedule delivery, which I did for 10/29. On Thur 10/25 I called the person at corporate to reconfirm my Monday delivery and was told that the truck was delayed and it wouldn't be arriving into Mt...
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    Connecticut (Mt. Kisco) AWD delivery

    Just got a VIN (104xxx) for my P3D (ordered in August) and scheduled a 10/29 delivery. Was bummed that I missed the CHEAPR deadline, but then realized the P models were never eligible (the sales advisor gave me bad info).
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    Should I Trade In My 2017 Model S 75 for an AWD Model 3?

    I just ordered a P3D to replace my 2015 S85D. The S is coming off warranty in 6 months/4000 miles and I do not want to own the car out of warranty (the cost of a MCU, screen or air suspension replacement would be very ugly). So my options were to spend $4k on an extended warranty or $14K (net...
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    Model X June Deliveries

    My DS says our X will head through the factory in mid-May, leading to a mid-June delivery date (pushed back from an expected late May/early June delivery date).
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    Order now and get a Delivery in May????

    I think the delivery dates in the design studio are BS. I configured my 90D X back in January and just got a VIN with an estimated delivery date of late May-June. I highly doubt brand new 90D orders will see May deliveries.
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    Model X April Deliveries

    Vin assigned today -- 58xx. 90D non-premium.
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    Tesla order page change res # to Model X 00XXXX

    Well no VIN here :frown:. 90D. Res #4947 (Aug 2013); confirmed 12/15/15. White, 6 seat, No premium.
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    Model X Production to Hit 1k/week in Q2

    No but the frank exchange below indicates to me that Elon feels they will be ramping shortly. <Q - Mike Ramsey>: Do you feel like the company is on the right track, and that you're past some of your hiccups? <A - Elon Reeve Musk>: Yeah. I feel very good about things right now. I mean, it was...
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    Random Model X sightings

    Why do you sometimes see the spoilers up on parked cars then? I definitely saw the spoiler up on one of the Sigs (it was Sig Red).
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    Random Model X sightings

    I did not say the P90Ds were delivered in Syosset. I said they were delivered to Syosset. No idea how long they will sit in the service center and when they will make their way to end customers. No Sig/Founder badging and no rear spoilers. Was told these were all customer cars. Sales guy...
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    Random Model X sightings

    Not quite random but there were 8 Model X's at the Syosset (NY) SC yesterday being prepped for delivery --- 5 Sigs and 3 P90Ds. Was told that a truck had dropped off six vehicles the day before. Nice to see some non-Sig's making their way to customers.
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    Spotify partners with Tesla for integrated in-car music system - Telegraph
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    What is the highest reservation number to get invite to configure?

    #4947 and no invitation yet (but must be close).
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    Model X First Reviews

    That would make at least 7 X's built!
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    Random Model X sightings

    There is fresh video here from L.A. (wonder if its Elon's car?) http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-11-19/first-drive-the-new-tesla-model-x-suv-has-some-surprises
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    Model X First Reviews

    First Drive: The New Tesla Model X SUV Has Some Surprises (Bloomberg) http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-11-19/first-drive-the-new-tesla-model-x-suv-has-some-surprises "You know about the speed and those gullwing doors, but you have to sit in the beautiful middle seat, or experience...
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    Good News?

    Bloomberg's conf call transcript also had "several hundred per week by the end of December". --- Model X Production ramp up discussion - Page 16 Webster's says several means more than two, but fewer than many. Of course in Elon language........
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    Today's $ value (per Bloomberg): 1. AAPL $5.5BB 2. FB 4.4 3. GE 3.2 4. AMZN 3.1 5. TSLA 2.8 6. DIS 2.3 7. MSFT 2.0 8. NFLX 1.9 9. TWX 1.8 10. GOOGL 1.6
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    Model X Production ramp up discussion

    From the call: <Q>: Hi, everybody. Had a couple questions, first on Model X I just wanted to confirm, did you say you thought you could get a few hundred produced and delivered by year end? And just so that we understand what's been happening here, is it just the seat at this point or are...
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    Elon: Autopilot, new constraints on when it can be used

    From the call: "Almost a million a day of cars that are -- have Autopilot hardware. So, I mean, but the early data, this is early data, emphasize, is that it's very positive. So we're aware of many accidents that were prevented from Autopilot and we're not aware of any that were caused by...
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    Tesla Finance: Production X Leasing Details & Top-Tier US Bank Financing Rates

    When I got my first S, I focused on this and was told that as long as the loan is not fully paid off by month 36, the RVG was still valid. So I suppose one could pay off most of the loan early as long as you leave some principal outstanding.
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    Autopilot and v7 coming this Thursday! (15-10-15)

    And that is when Skynet became self aware......
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    The cynic in me says the blast email about inviting res holders to configure is strictly a response to the recent MS and Baird research worrying about order cancellations due to the higher expected price point. By moving the res's to configured, the $5k deposits become non-refundable and TSLA...
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    Model X Production ramp up discussion

    Do we know how many Founders' series are in the queue? This piece from Barrons -- Tesla: The Tweets Have It - Stocks to Watch - Barrons.com -- quotes Trip Chowdry (who some people don't think is a particularly reliable source) as saying: Model X roll out will follow the typical...
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    Two new features none of us know about

    Barron's summarized a research report from Trip Chowdry ( Tesla: The Tweets Have It - Stocks to Watch - Barrons.com ) and in it Trip says "There are still at least 2 new features in Model X, that none of us know about" Not quite sure how Trip knows that but........ let the rampant speculation...
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    Model X Tally

    Yeah, but thats in "Elon time". I figure it will probably take them 6 months to spool up to full production which doesn't get them to the 1000/week level until the end of Q1.
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    Model X Tally

    So news of the Sig configurator has my wife asking me "When will I actually get my car?" So gaming this out -- she has res # 4947. Assuming a 20% reservation melt, that puts her at ~ 4000. Are the ~ 1500 Signature X's first in line, putting her at 5500 cars produced? At production levels of...
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    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    When I brought my 85 in for its pre-trade inspection, the sales guys at the local Tesla store saw your website on my screen and went bananas. They asked me to email them a link.
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    Tracking delivery through the mobile app

    I just picked up my new 85D yesterday. While the car was linked to MyTesla account from teh get go, it did not actually show up in the app until about 5 hours after I got the vehicle. Maybe thats because I already had a vehicle in the app (the 85 I traded in)? i was told it can take up to 2...
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    I joked with the sales guy that before the recent color palette change, Tesla offered 5 different black cars (blue black, gray black, green black, black black and multi-coat black black. In the sunlight you can see the blue, but in low-light or at night it just reads black. Much more low-key...
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    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    Picked up my 85D yesterday and asked for some swag. The DS gave me 2 Tesla "Driver" baseball caps, which he said are unavailable for purchase and only available as gifts to owners.
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    View Waze Incidents on the Tesla browser

    This is fantastic-- thanks so much!
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Took delivery today: Car drives great. Significantly faster in Sport Mode than the 2013 S85 I traded in. GPS was pretty wonky (about 1/4 mile off) but it seems to have settled down after a couple of reboots.
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    I called the Tesla dealership this AM and asked them if I had a DS assigned, as my car is apparently in transit. The DS called me tonight and I have an appointment to pick up the car on Friday 4/17.
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Just switched to Production Complete - In transit from factory. Haven't heard from my DS, but probably will make its way to NY by the end of next week! - - - Updated - - - Valet mode works on teenage boys too.
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    Model S 85 pricing on 3/25 vs today

    Looks to me like TSLA put through a ~ 3% price increase with their rejiggering of the options.
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    Tesla cuts 60kWh Model S, entry-level Model S is now 70D.

    I understand there has been no change to the battery pack or drive motors on the S85D. Any performance improvements are software related and will presumably be rolled out to all existing S85Ds as well.
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    Tesla cuts 60kWh Model S, entry-level Model S is now 70D.

    Every time Tesla rejiggers around the option packages, it usually includes a price increase. For my 85D (currently in production) it appears to be a ~ $3000 price increase (comparably equipped).
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    My blue 85D just switched to in-production (probably in same batch as blogth) . Order confirmed on 2/5/15. Shows delivery for late-April.
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    Financing options

    As I want the resale guaranty on my new S85D, my only financing option is Technology Credit Union (apparently Tesla can't provide their standard financing in CT anymore, despite the fact that I got Tesla/Wells financing 2 years ago on my first Model S). They quoted me 2.99%/66 months for 85%...
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    Putting some numbers on the factors that affect range

    I have a 20 month old S85 and had a nail biter this weekend. Left Saturday morning with the car fully charged up in trip mode (stated 247 mile range) and drove it 105 miles at an avg 65 mph mostly highway trip. Weather was cold (mid-20s). When I arrived the car showed 102 miles of range left...
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    My first valet experience

    About a month ago, I pulled my Tesla into a parking garage in Manhattan. I asked the attendant if he ever parked a Tesla before. He said yes, I said well if there is any problem, the instructions are on the screen (en Espanol). I get about thirty feet from the car and he calls me back asking...
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    Service Center in Mt Kisco NY

    Seems to me that White Plains, Mt. Kisco and Wilton are awfully close together to need three service centers. Although most days now I see one or two other Model S's when I am driving around.
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    Anyone having trouble loading the Tesla App. On the new Apple 5S

    I had the same issue on my new Iphone 5s. It would quickly reject a bad password, but the correct password would just result in a hung login screen with a spinning circle. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn't solve the issue. I called Tesla Ownership and they said this was a sporadic...
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    Supercharger - Darien CT Rest Area

    I stopped at the Darien Southbound chargers this past weekend. I like the layout better than Milford or Darien North. There are 4 chargers sitting behind six marked spots that you back the car into to charge. The charge cables look long enough that they can service two spots each so even if...

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