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  1. LukeT

    Protecting a Model Y from a really hard life

    My sister's Model Y is incoming, which is exciting. Her use of cars is a little unusual. She is a wheelchair user. A very able and independent one. That means transferring from chair to car followed by taking the wheels off the chair, passing them and then the chair itself over her lap onto the...
  2. LukeT

    Model S dog crate

    Hi Folks, Not been on here for ages. Hope you're all well. We've had our Model S for nearly 3 years now. Big dog (Flatcoated Retriever) happy in the boot with no apparatus required, or wherever else she's asked to sit. However she was trained up to it in a previous car (Mondeo with a OEM guard...
  3. LukeT

    Teslafi climate presets

    I just clocked this, which I presume is new, and was tempted to use it to schedule the car to return periodically to auto and 21 degrees for climate in case someone (well, I know who, but hey ho) has been fannying around with it again. But it only seems to do HVAC temperature and seat/wheel...
  4. LukeT

    Teslafi shows capacity leapt back up to original range

    Looking at my teslafi battery degradation report, it shows a sudden jump back up to original range. It looks like this happened round about update 2020.24 or 2020.28 in early July. Is this a common observation? Is it an improvement in car efficiency improving Wh/mile, no change in reality...
  5. LukeT

    Odd sleep behaviour

    My car is going to sleep then waking up after exactly 10 minutes. Been doing it some weeks now I think. Occasionally sleeps for longer but not often. The regularity of it smacks of me getting a teslafi setting wrong but looking at the settings I can't see anything that would obviously do this...
  6. LukeT

    A referral!

    Someone ordered a car in March and used my referral code. I can't tell who it is, it just names a leasing company, but it must've come from here because I don't recall giving my code to anyone except for leaving it in my profile on here. Weirdly, it's through VW Financial Services. Anyway...
  7. LukeT

    Supercharging invoices

    I've just been into my account and downloaded all of my supercharging invoices since I started paying for charging. It strikes me that this'll become a bit of a faff over time. I'm crap at keeping on top of little admin. Anyone aware of a way to print/download some kind of summary sheet...
  8. LukeT

    Odd charging behaviour

    My car was set to charge to 80% which it achieved probably not long after midnight. Then at 7am my teslafi schedule put the target down to 50%, as I have it do most days. Then, strangely, at 7.07am the car started charging again. Target SoC still showing as 50% but the car charged up to 87%...
  9. LukeT

    Holder, Creeper, Roller?

    Now we have had proper one pedal driving available (apologies those who don't, this only applies to Model 3 and Raven cars) for a little while, have you adopted it and what do you think of it? Me, I think it's a key benefit of EVs and it seems to me the other options are only really there to...
  10. LukeT

    Teslafi tagged locations and sentry

    I have a few locations tagged on TeslaFi and a setting to disable sentry at all tagged locations. This used to work fine but recently has been engaging sentry mode by default. I've been into the teslafi settings and disabled sentry at tagged locations again but it doesn't seem to stop it...
  11. LukeT

    Emergency stops in AP

    First time in 10k Tesla miles but I had occasion to hit the brakes hard the other day. Outside lane of a DC going at a good speed, towards 80, a van in the inside lane going quite slowly lurched right because something cut into his path from an outward going slip road (so when I reached him he...
  12. LukeT


    Stopped at Gloucester services this morning, more for breakfast and to walk the dog really but I was on a range pushing journey so a few kWh was worth it for peace of mind I thought, and it was time I gave one of these chargers a try. Pushed a button on the charge point, followed instruction to...
  13. LukeT


    One hybrid occupies two charging spaces (presumably for the night although its little battery would fill in about an hour). Felt a bit bad mounting the kerb and grass but needs must. Reception can't identify the owner. First time I've been ICE'd (well, semi-ICE'd). I figure it's within etiquette...
  14. LukeT

    Limited regen - your experiences

    My expectations were not based on any data, just anecdote, and they turned out to be an underestimate of what I'm seeing so far in the real world. So I thought it might be interesting to see how what I'm seeing compares with others. The other day I set off at 6pm immediately after over an hour...
  15. LukeT

    Fun with graphs

    Pretty hilly round here, so when we don't venture far from home for a few trips the consumption graph goes a bit alpine. Chilly too so limited regen all the way, probably contributing a bit to the monstrous average.
  16. LukeT

    A numpty question

    I suspect everyone in the world except me knows the answer to this question but what's this icon?
  17. LukeT

    Passenger airbag off

    We turned off our passenger airbag once to stick a child in the front seat. Then turned it back on again. Ever since then we have this icon (I don't think it's there all the time but it often is): In settings I have this: Is this right?
  18. LukeT

    Third party charging

    Does the charge have to initiate within a time limit from when you plug in? Like does the car socket flashing light blue signify it's available to connect with? My first go on a third party charger was a Charge Your Car one. I have the app but it came up with a "REJECTED" message the first...
  19. LukeT

    Fart horn

    Tesla Horn to Get Custom Sounds - Goats, Farts, Coconuts - Tesla Motors Club And if the noise maker does become customisable I might even be jealous of new cars with it rather than relieved I got in before it.
  20. LukeT

    Puncture stuff

    First car I've owned without a spare. What are the recommended things to buy to keep in the car for tyre inflation and puncture repair? Model S if it makes a difference. Is this still the compressor of choice (found on teslaownersgroup.co.uk)...
  21. LukeT

    Connection issues with V10

    Since today's software update I have app connection issues. The app just hangs with the spinning wheel. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, which then connected seemingly OK, but then the issue reappeared next time I tried to open the app. I achieved the same result by just logging out and...
  22. LukeT

    Upstream carbon emissions

    I'm trying to inform myself better as to the real differences in carbon impact between ICE vs EV and also between different choices in other aspects of life, like home heating. It's easy enough to estimate from a certain point in the chain onwards. So tailpipe emissions of an ICE and emissions...
  23. LukeT

    Three phase smart meters

    We have a three phase supply and have thus far drawn a blank as far as smart meters are concerned. We'd obviously need one for an EV tariff. Does anyone have any experience of smart metering on a three phase supply or any more expert info on when or whether it might happen?
  24. LukeT

    Model S winter wheels and tyres

    For those of you that swap between summers and winters, what have you bought in the way of both wheels and tyres? I've got the standard 19" wheels and tyres as it came at the moment. On my previous car I had winter wheels for a quick swap between seasons. I like this - I think it makes a...
  25. LukeT


    What say you?
  26. LukeT

    Suspension settings

    Just the musings of a new owner... On S & X we have 4 height settings and sport vs comfort. A few things strike me after a couple of thousand miles: I encounter quite a lot of slow rough roads and cross the odd field. The high and very high settings don't seem to be softer, just higher. I'd...
  27. LukeT

    Booking service appointments by app

    It feels a little odd. Do I just turn up, leave it there and get given a courtesy car? I'm surprised there isn't an intermediate step where things that could be dealt with by mobile service, or even over the air, are taken out of the equation? Not that I think my points can be, but the first...
  28. LukeT

    Something anyone who's owned a Tesla for more than a month will roll their eyes at

    SO EXCITING! (however I strongly suspect it'll mean either nothing at all in practice or me being late to my meeting because the car's disabled itself for an hour)
  29. LukeT

    Parking sensors

    Sometimes when parking nose first I get nothing on either screen to indicate proximity to eg a wall. Yet I have lots of times had the yellow/red line appear. Is this normal? Is there a reason this doesn't always come up?
  30. LukeT

    Teslafi tips for new users

    It seems to me that there's a lot of value for a Tesla owner to automate things and set actions. But it requires a third party app or teslafi to do it. Examples immediately obvious to me (I'm new to this) are around charging, eg I have set mine to revert to an 80% charge limit every afternoon...
  31. LukeT

    Amps and efficiency on the UMC

    Having tried various current settings on a 3 pin plug it looks to me like efficiency (according to teslafi) drops off quite dramatically at the top end. So much so that while moving up from 7 to 8 to 9 amps is probably beneficial, going from 9 to 10 drives such a reduction in efficiency that the...
  32. LukeT

    Auto lane change inhibited

    Picked up my car today (MS Long range). So exciting... I was warned that autopilot could take up to 100 miles or maybe more to calibrate, so I was pleasantly surprised that it came available after only 20 or so of nose to tail Birmingham end of the day traffic. However, auto lane change...
  33. LukeT

    Sentry mode hardware and setup

    Another newbie question... I figure I ought to get this sorted from the outset. Car arrives in a week. Model S if that makes a difference. Do I read correctly that a USB stick/SSD is required for all dashcam and sentry mode functions? Is there some easy instruction out there on correct...
  34. LukeT

    Scotland charging

    I've got the appointment to collect my car in a couple of weeks (woop woop!) and our first 2 weeks with it will be in Scotland. It's a Raven MS and I'm told it comes with the CCS adapter. The area I'll be in lacks superchargers but there are a couple of Chargeplace Scotland options. Would the...
  35. LukeT

    Monetary value of the MS/X refresh

    I haven't been an observer of this for long but it seems to me like now is a better moment to buy from the inventory than it was in the run up to the last quarter end and since. That said I probably still won't do it, for my own reasons. A good number of pre-refresh cars have appeared on the...
  36. LukeT

    Extension leads and commando

    Is there any concern about using the commando plug as a base for a 3-pin extension? I realised I have some of the componentry already for this and some heavy duty cable which I put together ages ago for a specific powertool use which is no longer required, so with a little work and a neat reuse...
  37. LukeT

    Order to delivery times

    Hi All, What are total order to delivery times really like in your experience? I had read in the Tesla FAQs that 3-4 months to the UK was the norm, yet the order website currently has estimated delivery in June. And I think I saw c. 60 days on here but I can't find it now. Model S if that makes...
  38. LukeT

    Boot liners [all models]

    My shopping list expands... Anyone use a bespoke boot liner? My research brings me to Rhino, Titan, Hatchbag (not listed on their site but I think they're worth a call as the quality looks good) as decent options. They pretty much all cover folded down seats and bumper protection, so features...
  39. LukeT

    What analysis of EV vs ICE is readily available?

    Picking up a little piece by BBC's Reality Check today as an example, I saw the issues raised but very little quantified, and if you don't quantify these points they don't count for much. Can anyone recommend independent well presented, concise information explaining the difference in...
  40. LukeT

    Options and what to go for

    And they keep changing! As of today (I think), there appears to be no differentiation from standard to P interior, except to include the white option in the price. Cooled perforated seats have gone, as has carbon. So as fun as P is, the performance side of it is now a £7.5k upgrade on its own...
  41. LukeT

    Long commute test

    I have a MS P100D on loan for a few days to give me the opportunity to test it in my regular use. The "P" is just because that was what was available. My one-way, would normally be non-stop, journey used 75% of battery in total. This is more than I'd hoped it would because I do the same journey...
  42. LukeT

    Ccs and future connection standards

    Not owning an ev yet I haven't got around all the different standards and where they're going and I haven't seen a resource online that makes it all clear to me. It sounds like things are changing with the other big players and the Model 3 using CCS, but the MS/X aren't compatible with it and no...
  43. LukeT

    Model S future pricing

    Is now a reasonable or silly time to buy a new Model S? My thoughts: It now has some competition from the likes of Jag and Audi. And surely a few more competitors will hit the market in the next year or so. Surely considerable downward pressure on price at some point soon (even if the Jag/Audi...
  44. LukeT

    Home charging options

    I have 2 locations where I will look to install charging at better than 13A. One three-phase and the other single. I'm sure this question has been asked many times (and I have read a few) but I'm still not quite there on my options. Am I right that they are essentially: Tesla: Best and...
  45. LukeT

    Winter wheels

    And another one... I have a second set of wheels on my current car for the winter. I think winter tyres make a real difference, cost no more long term in tyre wear and I have storage space, so I'm strongly minded to do the same again. The £2300 tesla option - is this regarded as ok value? It's...
  46. LukeT

    Scratches and paint protection

    Hi folks, My next pre-buying question is paint protection. I live somewhere (rural Devon) where there are a lot of very narrow lanes, a lot of reversing and passing in tight spots. A lot of brushing thorny hedges, essentially. Folk in new cars look petrified when you meet them on the lanes...
  47. LukeT

    Newbie navigation question

    I’m on the cusp of ordering a Model S. Not pushed the button yet but probably will shortly. You folks might be sick of this but on the various similar threads there's a handful of points I’m not sure I have an answer to… My main one is on navigation – I read that the Tesla system runs on an...

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