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    Supercharger - Concord, CA (LIVE 2 Mar 2018, 19 V2 stalls)

    Lots of progress The SC cabinets and battery pack appear to be set up also.
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    Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?

    Bad example... Diablo Canyon is going to be replaced by renewables, efficiency, and storage. PG&E to close Diablo Canyon nuclear plant, replace it with renewables, efficiency, storage
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    My way of "sticking it" to TX

    The sales tax rate in Fremont, CA is 9.5%, which breaks down as 7.5% for the state and 2% for Alameda County. Fremont, CA Sales Tax Rate
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    Front end design of the Tesla Model 3

    I think the reveal M3 prototypes are gorgeous. I much prefer the clean. honest M3 front end to the nosecone front end on om my 2013 MS
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    Tesla Weighs New Challenge to State Direct-Sales Bans

    Key excerpts from the WSJ article[Fair Use] The Palo Alto, Calif., auto maker’s direct-to-consumer sales are prohibited by law in six states that represent about 18% of the U.S. new-car market. Barring a change of heart by those states, Tesla is preparing to make a federal case out of the...
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    Review calls Tesla's Motor subpar

    Do magnetic bearings work in close vicinity to strong and constantly varying magnetic fields?
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    Model Y Hot Hatch

    Agreed, to go after the mass market which is Tesla's mission, Tesla needs to set its Model Y cross hairs on the CR-V and RAV-4
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    Tesla CiIOspeaking engagement

    Tesla CiIo speaking engagement The School of Economics and Business Administration invites you to attend a Speaker Series presenting CIO of Telsa Motors, Jay...
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    Why 'Fool' Cells.... WHY?

    Agreed. An entrenched corporate culture is incredibly difficult to change. History is littered with examples of large successful corporations that were severely damaged by groupthink. They were unable to be nimble or adapt their business strategy to changes in the landscape. Toyota decided...
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    Why 'Fool' Cells.... WHY?

    The 3 major products from oil refining are gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel fuel. There are many other products made in smaller amounts. Jet and diesel are slightly more energy dense than gasoline and are a bit easier to store due to lower volatility. What products from oil refineries do you...
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    Thank you Jerome

    It's clear from everything I've read on TMC that Jerome has been a vital contributor to Tesla's success, especially achieving the highest customer satisfaction for any car. I wish Jerome all the best during his leave. Thank you Jerome.
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    Road and Track puts a P85D on an ice track

    Great article! The author does have a way with words
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    New Version of EVTripPlanner

    I appreciate the reminder. $100 sent.
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    Deleting inappropriate Supercharger recommendation from route?

    I agree completely. EV Trip Planner works very well. It would be fantastic if Tesla would buy the code from the teenager who developed EV Trip Planner so it can be integrated into Tesla's Nav system.
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    Nobody is going to keep oil refineries around only for making a low volume / low value product like propane for heating homes. Oil refineries already do their best to minimize their propane yield. Your propane won't be cheap when the cost to produce it is no longer subsidized by the income...
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    DIY solution to deadening tire noise

    My S85 is currently at a Tesla service center to (among other things) replace the original 19" Goodyear Eagles with Michelin Primacy tires. The service center called to try to talk me out of the new tires, said with the remaining tread the Eagles don't need replacing. I said I know that but...
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    For electricity, the way it's happening is through California's 33% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) mandate. The state's utility scale solar already produces more MWh per day than the combined output of the state's hundreds of thousands of distributed solar such as your and my rooftop PV...
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    Your help needed: "FOR" Votes for 2015 TSLA Prop 3 and 4

    When we discuss GHG emissions of domestic livestock, it's useful to compare to the GHG emissions from the wild animals that were numerous prior to human settlement. Pre-settlement GHG emissions of wild animals provides a long-term baseline. Human impact is that which exceeds this baseline...
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    Your help needed: "FOR" Votes for 2015 TSLA Prop 3 and 4

    According to the EPA, U.S. sources of greenhouse gases by sector in CO2-equivalent mass include: Transportation- 27% Agriculture - 9% A subset of Agriculture is dairy and beef cattle, which combined produce 3% of U.S. GHG emissions. Transportation produces about 9 times more U.S. GHG...
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    Your help needed: "FOR" Votes for 2015 TSLA Prop 3 and 4

    I think it's a good idea to encourage Tesla to offer high quality faux leather and textile seating in a range of colors, in both the standard and Next Gen seats. If these were offered at no added cost, with natural leather as a higher cost option, fewer Tesla buyers would opt for natural...
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    Cops don't like losing to a Model S!

    Sounds like the OP violated Florida 316.191, a misdemeanor. The penalty includes a fine of $500-1000 and revoking the person's drivers license for 1 year.
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    My understanding is that tidal warming mainly influences the interior and not the surface. As an example, Jupiter's moon Io experiences tremendous tidal warming that make Io the solar system's most active body for volcanoes. Yet the surface temperature of Io averages a very cold -202 deg F...
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    2015 Tesla Model S Review - Kelley Blue Book

    Great review. But I cringed when he slammed the frunk lid shut with one hand :eek:
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    Hundreds of millions of years ago, the earth would have had a completely frozen surface were it not for the higher levels of greenhouse gases than current. That's because the sun emitted significantly less energy hundreds of millions of years ago than it does now. - - - Updated - - - Exactly.
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    Porsche CEO Muller Ignores Tesla

    Very good point.
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    Tesla could potentially increase their battery production capacity between 2016 and 2020 by accelerating construction of Gigafactory 1. I understand that currently only the first 1/5 of Gigafactory 1 is under construction. The rest was planned to be completed between 2016 and 2020.
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    All wheel drive and Tires

    I'm at 40k miles and have 5/32" tread left on the original Goodyear Eagles.
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    Elon, I love you... but the PowerWall isn't that great...... yet.

    Though this particular rebate program isn't relevant to your location, it might be food for thought.
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    Will economics of new Tesla PowerWall product will work for you?

    I'm guessing that the 7 kWh and 10 kWh Powerwalls have the same battery, but the DoD is limited on the 7 kWh version to extend battery life.
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    Will economics of new Tesla PowerWall product will work for you?

    I posted some estimates here for a homeowner on PG&E's EV rate plan who integrates a Powerwall into their solar PV system.
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    Elon, I love you... but the PowerWall isn't that great...... yet.

    I took a stab at estimating the value of integrating a Powerwall into a solar PV system, using PG&E's EV rate plan. I premised that the Powerwall would be installed between solar PV panels and an existing inverter, and assumed this is a simple, relatively low cost ($500) installation. I...
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    22-inch Turbines

    Look at the slab on top of the roof rack in docrice's first photo. It looks like the test car spotted early last year. Speculation is that the slab is ballast, used to simulate the higher CoG of the Model X. The larger tires and wheel wells would be consistent with Model X also.
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    22-inch Turbines

    Looks like it might have ballast on the roof. If so, I'm guessing it's a Model X mule. Modern high-end SUVs tend to come with larger diameter tires than similarly-sized sedans. Is that why the wheel wells are enlarged, so larger diameter tires will fit? Edit: the 265/35/22 tires are...
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    Order a car without a battery?

    Tesla's CTO said that the battery is less than 1/4 of the cost of the Model S in most cases. With an ASP around $100K that could mean the battery may cost less than ~$25K. This is consistent with recent reports of Tesla quoting $25K for a replacement 85 kWh pack.
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    P85D now comes without dual charger??

    Good suggestion. The OP is in San Ramon, which is about 30 minutes from the Fremont Service Center and Factory. I suggest a delivery at the Fremont SvC, with arrangements ahead of time to have the second charger installed there prior to delivery. I recommend doing the factory tour also...
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    A Word of Thanks

    Awesome! :smile:
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    Chart comparing CO2 footprint—for comment

    You are referring to a lifecycle assessment (LCA). An LCA is a far more complicated analysis. To understand how complex, have a look at this LCA by Renault comparing one of their car models in ICE and BEV forms.
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    Chart comparing CO2 footprint—for comment

    Your bottom line number is an order of magnitude higher than authoritative sources have determined. I suggest you check the EIA and Argonne National Lab's GREET model, where the numbers are explained. A well-to-wheels analysis for a car does not include the embedded energy to manufacture the...
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    Chart comparing CO2 footprint—for comment

    I suggest you check your calculations. The well-to-wheel CO2 emissions of an ICE averages 1.25x the tailpipe emissions. According to the EPA, the well-to-wheels CO2 emissions of a 2015 BMW M5 (auto) are 554 g/mile at the tailpipe + 126 g/mile upstream = 680 g/mile or 423 g/km. Upstream...
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    Catalog of oil industry tax and other subsidies

    For 2014, ExxonMobil produced oil that sold at an average price of $93.15/barrel while their average production cost was $12.55/barrel. That works out to a margin of $1.92 per gallon If we were cutoff from middle eastern oil then we'd obtain oil and other energy sources elsewhere. Supply...
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    Catalog of oil industry tax and other subsidies

    Think Big Picture. Overall, U.S. taxpayers have made a profit on that loan program. I disagree. I can't think of another industry for which the U.S. went to war to maintain industry's supply of raw materials over the past few decades, with long-term costs to U.S. taxpayers of over 2...
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    I'm not looking at 2013 numbers. 2013 is old news. I was looking at yesterday's California grid at 2 pm as reported on CAISO.com. A lot of additional solar power has come on line in California since 2013, both utility-scale and distributed generation. SEIA reports: Yesterday...
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    Climate Change / Global Warming Discussion

    Why not? I checked CAISO's real time data for California's statewide grid. Of 28311 MW current grid demand, 5721 MW is currently being provided by utility-scale solar and 955 MW is being provided by wind. Distributed solar generation (e.g. rooftop) isn't metered on the grid, but based on...
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    Help promote EVs in Florida - Legislators File Bills Exempting EVs from Sales Tax

    A petition is good, but it doesn't replace directly reaching out to your state representative and state senator. Call and write to them also to express your views. Better yet, find out when they will be in their district office, and ask to meet with them directly.
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    The Woz in new Cadilac commericial

    Behind the Scenes: The Daring - Steve Wozniak
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    Model S Nature Pictures

    WOW!! These are stunning photos. Thanks so much for sharing them here. I bet Tesla would be interested in using several of these.
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    Engineers: Lowest Wh/mile possible for Gen3 at 55mph? Battery pack size

    EPA ratings for the 2015 Tesla Model S 60....... 95 MPGe 85....... 89 MPGe 85D... 100 MPGe P85D... 93 MPGe
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    Model S Battery Survey

    Plug-in America presented Model S, Roadster, and Leaf battery longevity data at last year's TMC Connect.
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    Tesla Model S P85D Sets 1/4 Mile World Record vs Hellcat....

    Has anyone put racing slicks on a P85D? I understand that the P85D with stock tires doesn't appear to lose traction on hard acceration, so the assumption is that stickier tires won't help. But I'm wondering if that's the super fast responding traction control at work.
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    New Version of EVTripPlanner

    Either iOS or Tesla web browser works for me. I don't know enough about the pros and cons to pick one over the other. A useful feature would be real-time updates of projected rated miles and SOC when arriving at each destination along a planned trip, based on the car's actual speed relative...

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