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  1. akenham

    Is vampire drain still a thing?

    It is completely fine to leave it plugged in AFAIK but the key difference here is about the lack of use (see musings below). As jjrandorin implies the car won’t constantly micro charge (e.g. from 89.5% to 90%) but will wait until it has dropped a few percent then charge back up to your set...
  2. akenham

    Rain Water Ingress at Boot / Trunk Seal - problem & fix [Model 3 AWD 2020]

    [mods: I saw there are 2 recent threads - one in June appears to be about driving through water which is not the same and one several months old which might be similar but no conclusion. Feel free to merge if you see fit] TL;DR I wanted to report the problem I had, the fix and good customer...
  3. akenham

    inside sidewall tire damage

    I have seen vertical cuts in tyres from driving over potholes on my wife’s 19 inch low profile BMW tyres, but they are usually accompanied by a bulge - more often than not the bulge is present and the cut is not. Given your description of how the car is garaged and that the damage keeps...
  4. akenham

    Is vampire drain still a thing?

    My 2020 AWD (sentry not enabled at home, no Tesla or other app e.g. Teslafi use to potentially wake it, no opening of doors) looses very little - it takes 2-3 days to loose 1% which aligns with the lower estimates above of 1 mile per day in this thread. Today, despite some door openings to...
  5. akenham

    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance [resolved]

    Tesla has always undersold the AWD (by using standing start 0-60 figures for the awd Vs the more standard 1 foot rollout on performance). The poster above is right - it's about 0.5s difference in reality and perf is the same at higher speeds. I don't know how the extra 0.5s feels in terms of...
  6. akenham

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    See also the sticky thread on acceleration boost which likely goes over this too https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/master-thread-acceleration-boost-option-discussion-as-to-which-models-and-how-much-quicker.178269/unread (moderator note: posts moved into master thread mentioned. Thanks...
  7. akenham

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    Mountain pass performance tested it here https://cleantechnica.com/2018/08/20/mountain-pass-performance-tests-tesla-model-3-power-at-different-states-of-charge-cleantechnica-exclusive/
  8. akenham

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Tthe 5% you refer to is likely the blue coloured part of the battery that is currently unavailable due to cold (snowflake icon) given recent conditions in the UK. It's not lost - it's just unavailable as the battery is cold. In context, without sentry and waking the car (app use, opening...
  9. akenham

    MASTER THREAD: 2021 Model 3 - Charge data, battery discussion etc

    The battery temperatures are much lower affecting performance - I think Bjorn pointed out that the heatpump seems to be sucking possibly too much heat out. You'd imagine they'll correct this in software although I guess it's a trade between perf and efficiency but the sub 30% figures don't...
  10. akenham

    USB drive sticks out in front CC compartment. Low profile USB-C available?

    I think you can partition a larger drive to have a teslacam and music partition - you could then keep this in your glove compartment USB. Should be easy to test on your existing one before you commit to buying a larger drive.
  11. akenham

    Model 3 Stability/Drift

    Very much agreed - I won't buy full winters again. As you say all season would be perfect in the UK unless you live somewhere very hilly and/or further North. I will still switch over to summers but it'll be nice to not feel the pressure to do it as soon as temps rise, and a bonus for the...
  12. akenham

    Model 3 Stability/Drift

    My AWD M3 exhibits very similar "bolted on rails" good behaviour to my previous 4matic Mercedes. I suspect it's adopting much the same approach too - first "level" of SC is quite moderate making use of 4wd (reduce / shift power delivery between axles) and only if you exceed that do you feel full...
  13. akenham

    New to Model 3

    To put some numbers on it this thread from wugz gives some values for the Model 3 AWD Peak Power vs. State of Charge and there's some quite nice charts from Mountain Pass Performance for the LR RWD here As wugz says in the first link: "you're not significantly down on power by daily charging...
  14. akenham

    Model 3 vs Model Y: Why both?

    For me the handling, size and efficiency pointed to a model 3 rather than waiting for a Y in the UK I rarely need more cargo space but when I do I have a roof box and factory tow bar.
  15. akenham

    Off-peak Hours confusion…

    Good summary - one minor correction: You don't even have to click "charge now" when at a public charger - scheduled charging is [1] geofenced so that the car remembers this applies to your home address(es) and begins charging right away elsewhere. [1] not re-tested since 2020.48.x since UK is...
  16. akenham

    2nd phone app user: Same Tesla account or separate?

    The car has a notion of priority bluetooth device for audio pairing (so that your phone gets preference when you're all in the car). Since bluetooth audio and locking/authorization are separate I suspect that this makes no odds to priority for selected profile but you never know...
  17. akenham

    Newbie question?

    Car icon > Software , tap on the name of your car to the right of where it says Model 3 / VIN
  18. akenham

    Precondition car plugged in vs not plugged in

    Ah maybe that's the difference then - lowest has been about -3 degrees Celsius but typically from -1 to +5 degrees Celsius .
  19. akenham

    Precondition car plugged in vs not plugged in

    I precondition every drive and my car is way above its charge set point (I've reduced it due to covid lockdown) and it's still drawing from the wall connector as usual (2020.48.26). I wonder if something else is going on - maybe the new "off peak hours" setting (I use the "begin charging at..." )
  20. akenham

    Precondition car plugged in vs not plugged in

    The charger kicks in immediately - if it can supply enough current the battery will go untouched. If not you consume some of the battery to pay the difference.
  21. akenham

    Precondition car plugged in vs not plugged in

    [edit: for context, 2020 AWD with PTC / no heat pump, wall charger = 32A / 7kW ] It depends on how you ask the car to preheat in my experience - there are two routes via the app: Climate on - either - hit the fan button on the front page of the app - hit the "climate on" button at the bottom...
  22. akenham

    Silly question - model year

    You can tell definitively from the model year digit in your vin , but if you have heatpump etc you've got a 2021 model year car. It's very unlikely to be 2020 model year if new and delivered in December.
  23. akenham

    Leaving Tow Hitch cover off - any concerns about water getting in there?

    Ha I just realized I cross posted about my m3 cover in the model y forum - ignore me & apols!
  24. akenham

    Leaving Tow Hitch cover off - any concerns about water getting in there?

    I live/drive in reasonably inclement conditions - muddy single track lanes, lots of big dirty puddles. Although it's very true that the inside of the cover/door gets a little wet & dirty the compartment inside is staying fairly clean and dry for me so the cover is doing its job IMHO and I'd...
  25. akenham

    Mud flaps

    Here's some photos now I'm not on a phone: Trapping of mud after ~1w And the workaround with some draft excluder to keep out the worst and a bigger drain: I used this draft excluder - before fitting I carefully cleaned and dried the mudflaps finishing off by wiping down with isopropyl...
  26. akenham

    Mud flaps

    I've had some fitted for a while, I live on muddy single track roads ... Observations / tips: I fitted the long rubber flaps to the short guards (both supplied with my car in UK - a friend who got their car before me received a voucher). Initially I thought I'd give up on them due to: The...
  27. akenham

    Charging strategy

    Sitting around the 50% level is good for battery life (but diminishing returns reducing from 90 to 80 to 70 to 60...) Shallow cycles (e.g. 60-40 rather than 80-20) are better for battery life. Hence the recommendation of 50-90% and daily charging. But both of these mean you give up...
  28. akenham

    Charging strategy

    Short answer Like others I've spent ages agonising to arrive at the same conclusion as everyone else: charge daily to 80-90% o_O ... unless I absolutely know I'm going nowhere (e.g. a second lockdown) in which case I would probably drop to 50-60% for "storage". Longer answer / whyso I also do...
  29. akenham

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Colder temperatures can easily increase Wh/mile by 30% (basically use of cabin heat). Your 30-32kWh spent for 50% battery might not be so out of whack - assuming the car started at 77.6kWh then if the battery has lost perhaps 5% capacity in 13000 miles (not unreasonable initial loss and should...
  30. akenham

    Deleting Sentry Videos

    It's tricky where you're parked somewhere with enough activity to generate sentry events. I typically run two approaches: a) when I've only got the odd one, a quick review on the in-car viewer (tap camera icon when parked, "Launch viewer") and delete each unwanted one when I'm waiting for the...
  31. akenham

    A specific washer fluid needed?

    My last car (ice) had a factory fitted loop from the engine coolant going through the washer bottle. Since the washer fluid didn't boil I assume it was thermostated somehow. I've been idly wondering about how the Telsa would do with lack of heat sources and had preventatively equipped myself...
  32. akenham

    Model 3 LR being delivered Friday 20/11 - UK

    My list of things... Before delivery Watch the basic videos so you know what to expect Have a browse of the manual so you can setup the car the way you want it - things I remember: - speed limit chime is at least initially very useful set at slightly above speed limit to avoid annoyance, the...
  33. akenham

    UK Charger and installation cost. Where to start??

    One small note: the "start charging at..." in-car setting (which I use every night to charge on cheap rate Octopus Go) appears to be geofenced on my model 3. So the setting only applies at home: there's no need to tell it to start charging when on the road, it just starts as soon as I plug in...
  34. akenham

    UK Charger and installation cost. Where to start??

    One thing to also mention is cost vs. convenience. The electrical work to support the head unit was approximately the same whatever I chose. A permanently tethered cable seemed like the right choice (outside parking; removes need to get cables in and or leave them behind; car plugged in 100%...
  35. akenham

    Autopilot Cruise Broken and Unsafe by Tesla

    The reset to speed limit is annoying but I've never found the acceleration to it quick - in fact, the reverse is the case that it's so gentle I might not notice so there's a risk of speeding without noticing. I'm also expecting the next update to completely solve this for me - the car is doing...
  36. akenham

    Seat heaters reset?

    I've had exactly the same thing - only the rear seats reset at the slightest provocation (opening the doors). The front seats remember settings across locking the car.
  37. akenham

    Interesting data on how weather affects your range

    You don't need the seat warmers (unless you want them) - just use the app to turn climate on - as well as warming the cabin it will precondition the battery by generating heat in the motors. The preconditioning of the battery stops if you open the car door. Since cabin heat can peak at 6kW and...
  38. akenham

    Should recirculate be renamed to range boost mode? (Winter Tip)

    As a new m3 owner in the UK (first winter incoming!) What's the strategy people use? Auto AC + Recirc? Clearly some of you are very manual which sounds tricky when not on large roads (and a lot of effort). So far I've preheated the cabin with shore power. Always run AC on auto (habit from my...
  39. akenham

    Used 2018/9 P3D w/ FSD OR New LR AWD AP w/ Boost

    LR AWD is about 4 secs, With boost about 3.5 M3P is just under 3 (all one foot rollout) We won't know if there is any difference to these numbers with the refresh M3 for a bit until someone tests them - the suspicion is Tesla are merely finally adjusting for the free boosts that were never in...
  40. akenham

    The Tesla Wave

    I've been enjoying being waved at by other Teslas - not so many where I live but I usually see 1 or 2 every day. Last time I got waved at regularly I drove an ancient VW beetle (a long time ago). The model S and X folks typically aren't so keen on waving, I guess they're either over the...
  41. akenham

    Walkup unlock not working, locks perfectly

    If it's the app being battery optimized into oblivion you can fix that on android by going to "App Info" and disabling optimization for the Tesla App. If Gasaraki's suggestion works (car unlocks with App open) then that's defo worth a try. If all else fails then sometimes deleting all the...
  42. akenham

    Walkup unlock not working, locks perfectly

    I had exactly the same trouble. The car is (probably quite rightly) sensitive about phone proximity - your body blocking phone looks like "phone too far away". I thought the unlock was flaky but it was simply back jeans pocket (flaky) vs front pocket or in hand (100% reliable). Given that I...
  43. akenham

    Are ICE cars regarding CO2 footprint fair EV comparisons?

    Agreed - I'm happy that even my "today" CO2 is much better than I could achieve with an ICE (and improving all the time). On top of this, my local air quality impact is much lower which is a big issue in the UK (NOx). On particulates it's a more mixed bag - typically 1/3 each for tyres, brakes...
  44. akenham

    Are ICE cars regarding CO2 footprint fair EV comparisons?

    There was a much touted analysis a while back that took best case ICE (WLTP mpg) and worst case EV (largest batteries, constructed and charged using coal-fired electricity) and managed to get the click bait-y "ICE is better than EV!". Completely ignored using renewables in making batteries...
  45. akenham

    Should I turn off breaker for Wall Connector??

    I'm in the UK fwiw, like most (I would expect) my wall connector is always on - and was for a month before I received my car. I have a smart meter that monitors my realtime wattage and I haven't seen any surprising changes. Aside from recharging (which will take a little more than the kWh you...
  46. akenham

    Range depletion due to low temperature

    Did you get window fogging problems ? I've always thought UK's humidity would make that tricky. (i.e. I lazily haven't tried it myself. I'll give it a whirl if it ever stops raining)
  47. akenham

    Range depletion due to low temperature

    Good point - I was interested to read elsewhere that each seat heater is 160W so if you're running a lot of them it can stack up even though you might be saving on cabin heaters. It'll be interesting to see how much real-world difference the mooted heat pump makes - kind of mildly sad to have...
  48. akenham

    Range depletion due to low temperature

    The above post is awesome, thanks KenC I've little experience so far 1800 miles in, but here in Suffolk UK the nighttime temperatures have dropped from 10 degC to 5degC over the last few days and I've seen my standard 40 mile country-lane drive (AWD+) go from a solid 280Wh/mile to 314Wh or so...
  49. akenham


    Excellent - I'll give that a try on the standard flaps. I think I've seen you mention this come to think of it. What do you think of the BourgeRV flaps? Would you recommend or are you indifferent?
  50. akenham


    OK just to add to the mudflap confusion ... Caveats: - I live in the UK in a rural location and the roads are muddy/gritty October to March so I have some concerns about scouring the paint behind the front wheels, based on model 3 reports from Canada. I've no idea how whether my case is extreme...

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