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    Model 3 losing significant range after supposedly charging to charge limit

    Hello- Does anyone else have this issue? A couple of times in the past month, I’ve charged my model 3 to say 70% state of charge, it gives me a notification when it is done charging and then a couple of hours later I open the app and it starts charging again. For example, tonight I charged...
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    Model 3 normally charges at 237-239v but at 231v now?

    Hey all, Apologies if this has been asked previously but I couldn’t find the exact same issue anywhere. Today I noticed that my model 3 is showing 231V while charging. I charge it at 30/32 Amps and usually see 237-240V. Any ideas why so much voltage sag? Thanks Chris
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    Charge port light won’t change to dark blue, stuck on light blue

    Hello all. I’m surprised I couldn’t find anything on this by searching (maybe my search skills are poor). Anyway...has anyone had a problem where the charge port door opens, the light blue light T logo illuminates, you put the charge cable/handle in to the port and the light just stays light...
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    SB 6586 - Do NOT let this happen!

    Everyone needs to contact their reps about this proposed bill. It is insane. 3.5 cents per mile in addition to existing fees for electric vehicles. Insanity.
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    Has anyone seen the model Y in WA yet?

    Someone posted a pic of a test Model Y at the Burlington supercharger on Facebook today. Has anyone seen it in person? Impressions? Any other pics?
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    Car thought it was still plugged in, wouldn’t “start”

    I tried searching for this but I feel like I rarely have any luck with the search function on here. Has anyone ever unplugged their sleeping Tesla, got in and gone to push the brake to turn it on but the brake won’t press down as far as usual and the car wouldn’t turn “on?” I had this happen...
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    Should not exceed 892 pounds for passengers and cargo

    Has anyone else ever noticed that the model 3 sticker inside the driver door says the maximum cargo including passengers and cargo should not exceed 892 pounds? This seems somewhat low to me. This is five passengers weighing 178 pounds each and no cargo.
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    Distance between all superchargers?

    Has anyone ever made a chart of the distance between all superchargers? I’m guessing it isn’t really necessary because of abetterrouteplanner and other websites but I think it would be kind of a cool thing to know.
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    Wheel fitment and weight impact questions

    Hello all. I’m looking at getting some new wheels this spring for my model 3. The Aero wheels specs are 18x8.5, +40mm offset 5x114.3 64.1mm center bore 23lbs per wheel with aero covers on (21.6lbs without. I run with them on but I think this weight comparison may not be straightforward...
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    Snow storm efficiency

    Check out that efficiency lol. Took 90 minutes to drive 5.5 miles this afternoon. Ended up improving efficiency overall but the car used 23 miles of range for that 5.5 miles/90 minutes
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    Curbed my 3. Underside scratched up. Advice?

    So I curbed my 3 today. I *think* (hope) that the damage is limited to the plastic piece/metal piece that includes the jack points but I need to look in daylight to inspect further. Car drove 25+ miles after the curbing and seems okay but I’m wondering what you guys think. Sorry for the...
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    Would wheels with these specs for?

    Looking at some 18x8.5 wheels for my LR RWD model 3. Would these fit? P.C.D.: 5x114.3mm Offset: +45 Bore: 72.6 mm Thanks.
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    Logged out of slacker?

    Anyone else get kicked out of streaming? Mine was just spinning so I did a soft reset and now it wants me to log into slacker. I don’t have an account but it gives you an option to use your Tesla account. However when I try to log in it says captcha required and to contact service. Hoping to...
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    Okay to run the AC at all times while driving?

    Is it okay to run the AC at all times while driving? Even when it’s comfortable in the car, if I turn off the AC, it starts to get stuffy and the windows start to fog. Is it bad for the car to constantly run the AC while driving? Thanks
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    What noises are normal?

    hello all. I took delivery of my model 3 on Saturday and it is my first Tesla and electric car. I’ve noticed several noises coming from the car. When it is charging it makes noises that I’m assuming are normal. When I open the door I hear somewhat of a clunking noise that I’m assuming is...
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    Has anyone experienced dust particle issues?

    Hey all, I took delivery yesterday and I noticed that there were fairly significant amounts of dust particles (not sure exactly what kind) on the exterior seals on the car. I also noticed that when I was first using the AC that there were some additional dust particles that came out and some...
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    Model 3 tint in western Washington?

    Where did everyone go to get their model 3 windows tinted? WS the shop able to do the rear all in one piece? What type of tint did they use, what percent tint did you get, and what was the cost? Thanks in advance.
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    Delivery Experiences at the Bellevue, WA store?

    I am picking up my model 3 later this month in Bellevue. How has everyone’s experiences been?! Thanks in advance.
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    Hard inquiries for Tesla financing?

    hello all. Has anyone gone through Tesla for financing? Their financial document says they could shop for a loan from about 8 banks/credit unions. My question is, will I get 8 hard inquiries on my credit report at once because of this? Thanks
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    Form 8936 for tax credit

    Why does form 8936 say maximum credit of $2500 on line 17? I haven’t worked through the whole form because it is confusing (the Tesla has at least 4 wheels so where are the instructions it is referring to for line 4?) Here’s the form for reference: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8936.pdf
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    Any consistency in wait time?

    All, I’m guessing there are threads on this already but I couldn’t find a clear answer using the search function. Is there any consistency in terms of how long people are waiting for VINs/delivery after configuration? I FINALLY pulled the trigger (was waiting for SR, but wanted to take...
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    Tests drives at Bellevue Square

    Anyone else get the call that Bellevue Square has a model 3 available for test drives? Or does everyone who frequents this site in Bellevue already have one? Haha I was there on Saturday and they said they didn’t have one available for test drive yet. Two days later, here we are...
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    Unmanned model 3 drives 622 Miles on autopilot

    Anyone else see this? It may be the music they paired to the video but if this isn’t inspiring I don’t know what is...
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    SR now 215 mile range, 0-60 in 5.1 (AWD?)

    Havent seen this discussed anywhere yet? The new specs for the standard range model 3 is showing a range of 215 miles and a 0-60 of 5.1 seconds. The LR is now showing 0-60 in 4.5 seconds Not a fan of the range downgrade albeit 5 Miles in minimal. (Mod note: edited title to add AWD reference...
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    How frequent is everyone seeing 3s in the Seattle area?

    Over the weekend I saw three 3s (two white and a red) and saw another on Friday as well (MSM). Two of them were in the Lakeland Hills area of Auburn and the other two were on I-5 north and south in the fife area. I am a bit surprised at seeing so many already with only $50,000+ versions being...
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    MSM in Auburn/Lakeland Hills area on Easter?

    I saw a MSM model 3 driving the opposite direction of me on Easter morning. Anybody on here that was driving that 3 in the Auburn/Lakeland Hills/Lake Tapps area? It caught me off guard big time!
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    Reasons for deferral poll/thread

    sorry for the new thread. I searched but could not find what I’m looking for (I know it is on here somewhere). Can someone point me to the thread that has the data (poll i believe) that shows why users are deferring their confirguration for the 3 (AWD, white interior, performance, SR battery...
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    Car wash with glass roof on the 3?

    Has anyone taken their model 3 through a touchless or regular automatic car wash? The high powered blow dryers worry me in terms of potential glass roof cracking.
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    Need help determining if I can use the charger in my garage

    Hello all. A couple of years ago, we had a house built and an electric car charger was an add on option so we went for it. I did not know anything about electric car charging back then so I think I may not have the best set up for charging a model 3 when I eventually get one. What was...
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    Concerns about NEMA 6-50R in new home

    All, I apologize for creating a new thread on this topic as I have found some information on the charging FAQ section and the like, but I’m wondering if someone can tell me straightforward if having a NEMA 6-50R outlet is going to work for a Tesla. My wife and I are having a house built and...
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    Tesla crashes into bank in Issaquah

    Has this been discussed yet? No injuries when Tesla crashes into Issaquah bank | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News I'm sure it is just bad reporting but the story makes it sound like the driver was out of the car when the tesla ran into the bank?

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