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  1. rohan3au

    Tesla slimline numberplate covers on Model 3

    It's just these with the Tesla logo screen printed on: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/altrex-altrex-number-plate-protector---6-figure-premium-without-lines-6nlp/10199.html#q=altrex&lang=en_AU&start=12
  2. rohan3au

    Charging is tripping circuit breaker

    What is the rating of the breaker that's tripping? It'll have a number on it, 32 or 40?
  3. rohan3au

    Australia Model 3 2021 Updates

    A few sizeable changes on the Model 3 configurator today: - White interior now available as an option on all variants (previously just Performance only) - SR+ can be optioned with the 19" wheels - Door cards now have the dash-trim on them - As the USA website still does not have the dash trim on...
  4. rohan3au

    Tesla 2021 Australian Supercharger Rollout

    Tesla has updated their 2021 Supercharger rollout map for Australia with the following locations now showing as coming this year (all Coming Soon locations now mention which quarter they're expected by. Thanks to @Chuq for the list and heads up! Q1: Geelong, VIC Brisbane, QLD Q2: Traralgon...
  5. rohan3au

    NRMA fast charging network

    I do keep hearing rumours that one of either Evie or ChargeFox will be opening a fast charger location at the M1 twin servos at Wyong, unsure of the legitimacy of it. However, they are Caltex and Evie has recently partnered with them (Seven Hills for example with Caltex branding on the chargers).
  6. rohan3au

    Northern Sydney Showroom and Service Centre - Chatswood

    Wouldn't make sense having two superchargers on the north shore so close to each other. Would prefer they invest in superchargers in Western Sydney somewhere.
  7. rohan3au

    Tesla for P Plate NSW

    Will make a recommendation, put the money you have saved for a Tesla into Tesla stocks, by the time you're on your black licence you'll have enough to buy multiple! I would also suggest looking at insurance costs for a P-Plater driving a Tesla, I suspect you'll struggle to find insurers that'll...
  8. rohan3au

    Evie EV charging networks

    I really hope it's just a 50kw. This location would be a huge waste of a 350kw charger.
  9. rohan3au

    Front Suspension

    Ok. This is the exact sound I had in my 2017 Model S and Tesla told me it was a known issue, after 6 months of their engineering team looking for a resolution for all owners with this issue, they replaced my front suspension struts with a new version under warranty. It's a known fault. Here's...
  10. rohan3au

    Am I written off?

    I'm gonna say 99% write off, if it was just external damage, maybe, but with the airbags and restraint systems also gone off, won't be worth fixing.
  11. rohan3au

    Supercharger - Maclean , NSW (Prev. Harwood)

    Can confirm it's from Tesla themselves (all TOCA newsletters are approved by Tesla before release).
  12. rohan3au

    Supercharger - Maclean , NSW (Prev. Harwood)

    Now that the Tesla Owners Club of Australia November newsletter is out. This is an extract from that: "Upcoming Supercharger openings (completion ETA – within the next 2-3 months): AU: Harwood, NSW – Located at the Harwood Hotel, offering greater flexibility while travelling through North...
  13. rohan3au

    Connecting car and iPhone

    It's via cellular connection, not bluetooth.
  14. rohan3au

    Front Suspension

    Is this the rattle you're getting?
  15. rohan3au

    Tesla Model 3 2020 SR+ - Footwell Lights turning on when car wakes from sleep

    Speakers are specifically called out, the premium audio is listed as an option for LR and P but not SR+, also shows a diagram of these speakers on the Model 3 page.
  16. rohan3au

    Evie EV charging networks

    That is a dual-output Type 2 charger though, so that'll feed the two spots on the right.
  17. rohan3au

    SA, Vic and NSW proposed EV road user charge

    NSW to follow suit if they get their way: https://twitter.com/7NewsSydney/status/1326797904686829571 @meloccom possible to change thread to NSW and SA with this announcement? Everyone, please contact your local MP's to get ahead of this, make as much noise as possible: Tweets: NSW: “What? Is...
  18. rohan3au

    ChargeFox EV charging Network

    Unfortunately I'd hardly call Goulburn "Active" I have a 50% success rate there with the chargers being down, and I charge in Goulburn a lot... If I didn't have the superchargers close by as a backup, I'd be so mad.
  19. rohan3au

    Dash Cam Viewer Australia

    What do you mean by DashCam viewer? As in the in-car one?
  20. rohan3au

    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    In addition to this... I think I may have discovered a HDMI input port on the Refresh no one has noticed... Parts catalog update looks suspiciously HDMI-shaped. Can't be USB, as the USB ports have moved to the rear of the cubby:
  21. rohan3au

    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    Updated parts catalog shows space under the charging mat:
  22. rohan3au

    AVOID RPMTESLA accessories -

    Have heard dozens of issues with RPM Tesla from missing orders, refused refunds and event racist abuse from the owner. Steer clear.
  23. rohan3au

    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    Just to make it easier if you don't want to go through the video and pause, here's some screen shots of the changes they've showed: Updated 19" Wheels: Black Trim (notice Tesla "T" has been removed) Laminated Glass: Rear Weather Stripping: Auto-trunk button: Door open buttons in matte...
  24. rohan3au

    Dealing with ICEholes, don't lose your cool

    Is... is that sarcasm? It's an EV... Using an EV charger... If you think there's a problem he's using an EV charger that is Tesla branded... That's a little elitist don't you think?
  25. rohan3au

    Are there any rangers in Australia?

    Certainly are! I know of some in each capital city on the east coast. Newcastle also gets visits from rangers every few months up from Sydney and does a few of our cars all at once.
  26. rohan3au

    Issue: AP Tracking Vehicles in Adjacent Lanes

    I thought maybe that was the case earlier on, but it does it on the left and right lanes, no pattern to it.
  27. rohan3au

    Issue: AP Tracking Vehicles in Adjacent Lanes

    Hey guys, Anyone else having this issue the past 2 or 3 software versions? AP is tracking vehicles in adjacent lanes and slowing, sometimes aggressively, to match their speed. AP has even tracked a vehicle in an adjacent lane that was behind me and slammed the brakes on. This is happening...
  28. rohan3au

    Vendor Best Model 3 Individualisation, Interior & Exterior (Win $200)

    Got a set of custom made Work ZR10's from Japan on mine, just needs more low!
  29. rohan3au

    NRMA fast charging network

    Newcastle-local here. Have contacted both NRMA and NCC multiple times about the frequent ICEing issues and neither are interested.
  30. rohan3au

    Northern Sydney Showroom and Service Centre - Chatswood

    It's my understanding the architect issued a cease and desist as these designs were confidential, hence why the post was removed.
  31. rohan3au

    Should Teslas (& EVs) cop luxury car tax?

    The cars you listed are for carrying goods (Utes), Model X is not, that's the difference. Realistically, LCT needs to be abolished completely. It was brought in to encourage Australians to buy locally built cars (Aus built cars did not attract LCT). Australia now does not build any cars at all...
  32. rohan3au

    Supercharger - Maclean , NSW (Prev. Harwood)

    I messaged the venue a week or two ago asking, they saw my message but never responded.
  33. rohan3au

    NRMA fast charging network

    I can see them just partnering with Chargefox and linking to see if you're an NRMA member or not. ChargeFox already have the infrastructure in place but NRMA would have to build from scratch the charger-monitoring systems, payment systems, etc.
  34. rohan3au

    Supercharger - Williams (WA)

    Curious to see some sources?
  35. rohan3au

    NSW’s plans for EVs to 2025 and net-zero emissions by 2050

    Really a pitiful effort for "New Actions": - Try and buy 1 in 10 NSW gov vehicles as EV or Hybrid (at least make this full EV only) - EV Bus Trial (this has been going on for a while already and is a single bus), why not make this "Replace x number of routes with EV buses by X date"?? - Just...
  36. rohan3au

    Chargepoint Chargers

    Chargepoint announced a while back they're completely pulling out of Australia and their chargers will no longer be serviced: Confusion reigns as ChargePoint quietly pulls support from Australian EV chargers
  37. rohan3au

    Financing a Model 3

    Straight off the bat, almost no insurance company will insure you if you're under 25, and if they do it'll be reallllly expensive. I've struggled to find insurance for a reasonable price for my previous Model S (bought at 26) and my current Model 3 (bought at 28). The closer you get to 30 the...
  38. rohan3au

    NRMA fast charging network

    I wish Tritium chargers were as reliable as Superchargers, I have lost count of how many times I've seen tritium chargers that have failed, had communication issues, had charging error issues, etc.
  39. rohan3au

    NRMA fast charging network

    Beat me to it! Just edited my post then saw your response! Very exiting, completes the Syd to Adelaide link!
  40. rohan3au

    NRMA fast charging network

    Offical NRMA Plushare account added a bunch more charger just now that aren’t listed on the NRMA rollout map, including two chargers in SA! This will complete the Sydney to Adelaide DC fast charging link without going via Vic. they also added scone!
  41. rohan3au

    Supercharger - Maclean , NSW (Prev. Harwood)

    This still upsets me, the non-testa DCFC networks are problematic at best, I regularly check recent activity on plugshare and the amount of times NRMA and chargefox chargers have faults is unacceptable. Not to mention many sites have a single charger, so a fault means people get stranded...
  42. rohan3au

    How to: Model 3 Constant 12V for Dashcam

    Did this for many reasons: - Don't fully trust Teslas dashcam or sentry mode, I have seen loads of people having issues with footage not recording, blank files, gaps in footage. - Sentry mode does not work when the car is under 20% charge, this covers for that. - TeslaCam front camera is not...
  43. rohan3au

    How to: Model 3 Constant 12V for Dashcam

    I cut off the cable from the 12V adapter and soldered (Australian spelling, yes) directly to the cars wiring. 650S (without a rear cam) works perfectly on the varying voltages, I haven't tested it with a rear camera installed. Has been installed since January and still working fine.
  44. rohan3au

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    New wheels have been fitted, waiting for Centre Caps to arrive. - Work Emotion ZR10, 19x8.5 +38 in Gloss Hyper Bronze - Khumo PS71 245/40 R19 - Motorsport Hardware lug nuts (gunmetal) - Wheels have cutouts on the back to mount over the brake rotor centring bolt.
  45. rohan3au

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Picked up my new wheels after a 5 month wait. Work Emotion ZR10 in Gloss Hyper Bronze, 19x8.5 +38 (but custom manufactured to suit 14mm studs compared to the standard Japanese size of 12mm, at no extra cost, straight from Work Japan). The wheels also have the cutouts on the back against the...
  46. rohan3au

    2020.24 with New Sentry Mode event trigger

    People on twitter now getting this update and posting up photos: https://twitter.com/GasOff2/status/1275072461097164805
  47. rohan3au

    Investing from Australia

    I think it looks much better, but obviously comes at a cost, as white is free. I've seen issues with white not matching between certain panels on some cars.
  48. rohan3au

    Who has not purchased petrol/diesel for the longest period of time?

    Not since I bought my first Model S back in November 2017!
  49. rohan3au

    Public fast chargers - payment methods

    This is a little different, the Chargefox 350kw chargers that have NRMA branding technically aren't part of the NRMA charging network and were not installed or operated by NRMA like their network of 50kw chargers, it's just that Chargefox partnered with each state's motoring club to deliver...
  50. rohan3au

    Public fast chargers - payment methods

    It needs to be regulated and mandatory that a charging station must have credit card facilities. The multitude of apps and RFID cards is simply awful and is another way to get your personal details as most apps require your name, address, email address etc to signup. Biggest problem with apps...

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