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    Discrepancy between Charge Spent vs Charge needed to get back to same level

    Question: what was the battery percentage when you got back in your car? I've found that if the car adjusts the battery level, it shows up as extra or lower energy added. I've had several times where after charging, the battery increases or decreases by several percent, and it always causes the...
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    Model Y very poor range/efficiency

    Definitely keep sentry mode off whenever possible. The car is not really designed for being a security system and it consumes 200W or so, far more than dedicated car alarm systems. 200W doesn't sound like much, but keeping it on an entire year will run 1750kwh, which is $175 even if your...
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    Model Y Regen Braking and Charging up/down a Mountain

    Here is an interesting rule of thumb -- every 500ft of elevation is about 1% battery capacity in gravitational potential energy alone (not counting friction, engine efficiency or anything else). It's not a bad thing to keep in mind -- if you know you'll be driving up 5000 ft, you'll use about...
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    Vinfast Impressions

    Neither. I thought it was just an interesting tidbit. Deliveries are scheduled to start later this year, so at least the first batch of cars won't be made in the US.
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    Vinfast Impressions

    A new Vinfast showroom recently opened up in San Mateo, in the Bay Area. I went to visit on a Friday evening, and I was able to sit inside their demo vehicle and gather some notes. I will need to take some pictures the next time I'm there. I saw the VF8, which definitely seems to be modeled...
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    New to Tesla - lost 5% in 9 miles

    You might still be getting used to the driving dynamics, especially the one pedal driving. During normal driving, you should almost never have to use the brake pedal. If you're still using a lot, it may be contributing to the lack of efficiency. As you get better, your usage will go down...
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    A good time to purchase a Wall Connector?

    There's a definite chance the charger could go up on price. Right now the Tesla one is quite a bit less then comparable ones. Had it been at this price last year, I would have gotten the Tesla one for sure.
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    Help Charging at my Apartment Complex

    My guess based on what has been described is that if it's really the case the overcurrent breaker is tripping, it's likely that the apartment cheaped out. Instead of running new wires out to the charger, the apartment used existing circuits and just added the charger to it, or there's multiple...
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    Help Charging at my Apartment Complex

    If the breaker trips and needs to be reset then it likely means that the apartment didn't properly wire things up. Maybe the chargers are sharing a breaker and they shouldn't be, or there's something else on the circuit. You can try to further lower your own charging current (to 16A for...
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    First Road Trip ABRP or Tesla Nav

    Yep -- on my last trip, after my first stop, it only preheated maybe 1-2 minutes before arriving at the supercharger (I had plenty of charge left, so it wasn't trying to conserve). It was a warm day, and I think my battery was probably warm from the previous supercharging. If you don't preheat...
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    Charging Cable is Warm While Charging

    The charger itself has plenty of safety features, including temperature sensors, so it's probably okay so long as you don't see things getting throttled.
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    Tesla wall charger breaker caught fire

    When you do, don't overstate the problem, but don't understate it either. Stress that there was a literal fire, and you absolutely should have someone take a look things to make sure there isn't hidden damage. Finally, and I hate to say it, but do you think it's possible you were scammed? Like...
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    Tesla wall charger breaker caught fire

    I would also try to contact your homeowner's insurance because they have a very vested interest in making sure that your wiring is safe. It's absolutely unbelievable that no one at Tesla is handling this though. If you think you're being blocked, use a different phone. Also record your calls...
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    Charging conundrum - opinions please.

    There's been quite a few threads on this, but my opinion is that you can just plug it in any time you want. Remember that any time you drive your car, you're charging and discharging the battery dozens of times due to normal driving and regenerative braking. The power involved is many times...
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    Tesla wall charger breaker caught fire

    That's absolutely crazy. Have you tried talking to your home insurance? Make sure to take plenty of pictures. Keep trying different support numbers. They'll want to address this because it'll cost them way more if they get sued by your homeowner's insurance.
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    This is how my panel looks like , is it normal??

    Nothing really out of the ordinary other than some unlabeled ones. Looks like the EV charger can handle 50A, which is good.
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    Battery Swapping Revisited

    It's definitely a paradigm change, but it can work if the cars are sold cheaper and under a battery leasing program. They'd need to guarantee a minimum battery quality and then ship new cars with a used battery to really hammer in the fact that if you're not satisfied with the battery, just go...
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    I believe that it can be made CCS ready with an ECU swap, which isn't that hard to do. There are folks who have done it here. It's not exactly cheap though you might be able to buy one from a totaled Tesla.
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    Unless it's actively inconveniencing you right now in a noticeable way, I wouldn't buy it shipped from Korea. If you run into issues or need a warranty claim, it's going to be a pain. Even after it comes out in the US, I think that CCS charging is going to run into issues in the next few years...
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    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    In a way, Tesla's strategy makes sense. The 40-55k market range is starting to get crowded, so sticking with the higher end market gives you more room. Still, you can't just raise prices unless you start offering more too.
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    Pathetic mileage

    Anything that affects aerodynamics will have a big impact. Are you carrying anything on the roof or have anything sticking out of the car? Windows open? Bikes in the back? Another possiblity is that your tires are under inflated. Yet another possibility is driving style. 75 is fast but not...
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    Charge Speed

    You should ask your friends what they have, but I'd expect that most folks won't have anything besides the standard 120v outlet, and maybe a 30A one for the dryer. As for third party charging, your car will come with an adapter that will let you use any"slow" charger. The supercharger network...
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    Charge Speed

    I think you're confusing two different things. If you're getting a wall charger installed at 60A, you don't need an adapter. The wires go straight into the wall charger. The NEMA adapters are for the mobile charger that may or may not be included in your car. These allow you to plug the mobile...
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    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    You might want to try to keep escalating if you keep getting denied. I would also carefully read the warranty documents and see how disputes are resolved. If there is an arbitration clause you can try to take that route. My understanding is that arbitration costs you nothing, and even if you...
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    Model Y P vs Rivian R1S

    I wouldn't count on Rivian building out their own network much. However, EA will keep expanding locations, but the problem is that many locations only have a few stalls. I think the main risk is that there's so many CCS EVs being sold today that you'll start seeing long lines.
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    The market is so broken

    Why is it that almost every time I hear about a dealer being a dick, it's a Koons. Do they have a monopoly on being a *sugar* dealership?
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    Ford requiring owners of F-150 Lightnings to not sell them in first year

    Ford is definitely trying to force dealers to sell at MSRP. I have no problems with this if applied evenly to everyone. Scalpers suck. I know that I'm the past Ford has done this for other cars and even sued John Cena for violating the clause. No-sale clauses are definitely enforceable if the...
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    L1 charging at a hotel

    Unless there are posted signs saying it's okay, always get permission before charging. No exceptions. I wouldn't use an outdoor one since I don't think the mobile connector is rated for that. I have used one in a hotel parking garage after getting permission from the front desk. Slow charging...
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    Tesla's trip range is way off.

    In these cases it might be good to start drafting behind trucks. I've found that you can maintain a pretty safe distance (4 on the autopilot setting) and still get very nice savings.
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    Volvo XC40 Recharge & Polestar . . .

    It'd be good to also get a chart of the efficiency based on the 70mph range tests. My impression has been that the efficiency gap narrows as you drive faster. However, I've yet to see an EV beat a Tesla in terms of efficiency (except maybe the be Lucid).
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    "I rented an electric car for a 4-day road trip." -Fox Business Article

    Using an SR version would definitely be stacking the odds against an EV. An SR EV6 is a fine car for the occasional 400 mile trip, but it's by no means a car good for multi day journeys. Proper journalism would entail that you at least point out that the long range variant of the same car exists...
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    "I rented an electric car for a 4-day road trip." -Fox Business Article

    Incompetence doesn't absolve WSJ/Fox or the author of anything though. A journalist writing an article for a big publication should be doing substantial research. They should have interviewed experienced EV owners or myriad of EV journalists for advice. The editorial staff at WSJ should also...
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    Summer trip

    What does a better route planner say? I would use that first and foremost. Getting 210 miles shouldn't be a problem, but you'll want to be at our close to 100% charge, and that might take a while. Mountains can also be a problem if you encounter them late in the leg of the trip. You won't have...
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    EV industry

    Energy companies are already diversifying to other, mostly green, energy sources. One reason for high gas prices now is that they know that the writing is on the wall, and they'd rather make as much as they can now rather than expand production only to have to scale back again. Of course oil...
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    stranded car en route to the bay with zero range. But charged +110 miles in surplus for destination!?

    60 miles on the guage (20%) should have been enough for 20 miles to the next supercharger. Moderate traffic actually increases your efficiency as your speed is slower. Stop and go traffic lowers your efficiency somewhat, but far less than any ICE car. The weather has been just about perfect for...
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    Charging at home, but shows as "other" in the app

    Make sure your home address is on each of the profiles you use. That was one issue I had early on.
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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    According to the battery stress chart, 50% is basically at the minimum point, so there's no reason to set the limit less than that.
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    Model Y LR vs. EV6

    I believe that the car should be able to route you to chargers along the way. The EV6 and Ioniq 5 both can charge faster than the Y in optimal conditions. However, as best as I can tell, neither has battery preconditioning yet, so in cold weather, they will charge slower. That can be added via...
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    Really? Is no one talking about the Chevy Bolt?

    I wonder if there's some deep technical reason they can't improve the charging on the Bolt. I feel like that's the only reason it's not a much more compelling EV. Your average car buyer doesn't care about things like OTA updates and many folks want physical buttons for things rather than...
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    Charging will stop after 10-15 minutes

    Does it do the same thing on other level 2 chargers? It might be good to test. If it does, then it might be something wrong with the car.
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    Polestar 2 notes

    I recently visited a Polestar showroom and sat in one. I thought that while the front seats are pretty nice, the rear was cramped. I'm not particularly tall, but my head was pressed against the roof if I leaned back. I also thought that having a giant hump in the middle didn't make any sense and...
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    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    Until we get independent third party tests of the battery, I wouldn't put too much stock in the claims. Things like cost savings will just mean more money for Tesla. Has there been a detailed technical paper on why the battery will be better performing? For example, it's not immediately clear...
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    Is my Model Y Performance normal?

    There's a few different things going on in these pictures, so let's handle them separately. First, you can see the usage since last charge. It's best to look at the overall usage. This says that you went 100 miles and used 30kwh. This counts all the energy used when your car was in "drive" and...
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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    Figure 6 on that site actually suggests the optimal charging cycle is 75%-25%, and it's the reason why I once thought it'd be best to not plug in the car too much. Even though shallower cycles give you more cycles, the cycles are so short that total energy delivered is actually less. However, I...
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    California Supercharging cost goes up by 20%

    The prices in the Bay Area have also gone up to $.29/$.58, so it's not just LA.
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    Is leaving Tesla plugged in while not charging really beneficial?

    I used to think the same way, but I realized that any time you drive your car, you're probably charging and discharging dozens of times thanks to regenerative braking. When driving, you're often discharging up to hundreds of kw, and charging back at up to 85 kw. I figure that a few more charges...
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    Socal to Reno drive

    The hypothetical trip plan never goes below 20% battery, so even with significant headwinds, you're likely to be fine. AC doesn't actually use that much power unless it's very hot. Generally speaking, many short stops charging from 10% to no more then 60% will reduce your total travel time...
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    F-150 Ford Lightning

    I suspect that the Pro version is being sold at-cost (or maybe even at a small loss) just so that Ford can say that have an EV truck for under 40k. It's possible to order the Pro extended range if you're a fleet customer, so I suspect that they're still making a bit of money on those. I...
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    Info screen freeze led to climate staying on overnight

    I encountered this odd and somewhat concerning issue with the infotainment system when I got into my car this morning. The screen was frozen, and the inside of the car was also really warm, suggesting that the climate control might have stayed on overnight. After rebooting the infotainment, we...
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    Rivian price increased massively - $15,500. Cancelled, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Ford still made money overall on their initial investment though. Amazon is also up. They just lost money on paper because they had already claimed profits from when the stock was high. It's good that it sounds like the manufacturing side is coming along. However, I have also heard from...

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