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    7-seat config waiting room

    Yes, I picked up on 5/4
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    7-seat config waiting room

    I picked up my MY 7 seater white on white w inductions in Brooklyn last week. Build quality is almost perfect. Ever so slight misalignment where quarter panel meets bumper, wasn't even worth mentioning. Some scuff marks on headliner that the SA cleaned off on the spot., noticed some more on the...
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    Model Y with new headlights

    Picking up my 178XXX MY 7 seater on 5/4. Will keep you all posted.
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    Model Y lease payment questions

    For a White on White LR 7 seater w 20" wheels, 12k miles a year in NY with new plates my #s are about $2300 drive off and $715 a month. 7 seater option was like $40 a month give or take. This was before the latest $500 price increase. If you go to a tesla store their #s are more accurate bc...
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    7-seater cargo space with 3rd row folded: equivalent to 5 seater?

    I was on the fence also but went for the 7 seater (delivery next week hopefully) for the extra seats, no real loss of cargo space and the nice extras that the 2nd row seats now move forward and back and with the 2nd row all the way back you get about 1” more 2nd row leg room.
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    Recent NYC order

    Nice. South Brooklyn here, too. Ordered Wh/Wh 20" No-FSD LR 7 seater. After a lot of moving around on dates, i received my 178XXX vin a couple of days ago with a range of 4/29 to 5/5! Wall connector hopefully going in this week. From what I have seen in YT videos, the Tesla infotainment also...
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    7-seat config waiting room

    Ordered 3/16. Got my 5th (maybe 6th) date range update today but now have a VIN!! 178XXX. Est delivery 4/29 - 5/5. White/White/20" 7 seater. NY, NY Good luck everybody!
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    Production Halt on Model Y?

    Here comes all the speculation that were going to get updates A, B and C and with 120kw battery.
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    7-seat config waiting room

    Posted this in the other thread about production halt but i think it's important to post here too: Ordered a 7 seater, east coast, about 4 weeks ago and yesterday for the first time I had an estimated delivery of April 23-May 10. Today when I logged in to my account it's gone.
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    Production Halt on Model Y?

    Ordered a 7 seater, east coast, about 4 weeks ago and yesterday for the first time I had an estimated delivery of April 23-May 10. Today when I logged in to my account it's gone.
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Wire and Conduit Question

    I do plan on hiring an electrician but as I have seen, there seems to be differences of opinion even among those who are quite experienced. My WC will be outdoors at the end of my driveway. My panel is in the basement on the other side of the house, about 20 feet away. The 1st electrician I had...
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Wire and Conduit Question

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I need the 18’ cord as I need flexibility depending on where I park the Tesla. Sounds like I may consume less power and spend a little less money on my electric bill if I go with #4?
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Wire and Conduit Question

    Thanks for the reply. So if I went with #4 wires are you saying I should revise the ground to perhaps #8?
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Wire and Conduit Question

    Thanks for the tip. What is the practical implication with going with #4? Slightly faster charging, cooler wires..? TIA.
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Wire and Conduit Question

    Hey everyone. Does anybody have an opinion of my suggestion of materials in the above post? Much appreciated.
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Wire and Conduit Question

    So 2 of these https://www.homedepot.com/p/202519284 Inside this https://www.homedepot.com/p/202286718 Using this to ground https://www.homedepot.com/p/204725219 does it matter what material the conduit is made of. I’m not sure if the conduit I linked is armored of just plastic TIA!
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    Gen 3 Wall Connector Wire and Conduit Question

    I have a MY LR 7 seater on order, Gen 3 WC being delivered this week. There are a few videos and several threads discussing the wiring used. The more i watch and read, the more confused I get. What I can gather so far is that Tesla recommends 6 gauge wire and some people are running 4 gauge...
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    7-seat config waiting room

    Pulled the trigger on my LR white/white w inductions yesterday! The accessory purchasing has officially begun! I'm in NY--does anyone have estimates of delivery timelines these days? Fun fact I learned from a rep at the Tesla Store and confirmed with a measuring tape. the 3 row version has an...
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    7-seat config waiting room

    Hey All: I'm about to pull the trigger on a new MY LR. I never considered getting the 7 seat option but it seems like there isnt really a downside except price. Aside from losing the 2nd under floor storage and a few inches of storage space where the3rd row seats sit when folded, is there any...
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    Finally the ride I was hoping for!

    Congrats. Long range or performance?
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    Brand new Y with flat tire - my journey

    I'm looking to pull the trigger on a new LR w inductions. I have a battery powered inflation kit that I plan on keeping in the car that may be good to temporarily fix a slow leak so I can get back home, etc. I feel like a good idea is to keep an inflated full size spare, perhaps on a cheap...
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    Sales Tax on Lease payment

    Is there any way to roll the sales tax into the payment or must it be paid upfront in its entirety? The online configurator makes no mention of sales tax, even in the “due at signing” language. I’m assuming the lease quote does not include sales tax bc it does not ask what state you are in. TIA!
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    Introducing Agent P - My Second Tesla (2021 Model Y LR)

    Looks great, congrats! You mentioned Accel Boost. That was purchased after delivery i assume? Is there any way to lump it into the loan/lease payment?
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    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    I'm wondering after a 3 year lease how much one could recoup selling them used. Maybe $1000? That would help me lean towards spending $3,000 on a leased car.
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    SR price reduction

    I think the lease payment came down about $20 a month on the long range.
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    New Headlights on MYP VIN 124,XXX

    Lol I’m in the same boat. Once console is updated I’m pulling the trigger. Having a few months left on my lease and it being the dead of winter don’t have me rushing to buy, but yeah, I’m waiting for that center console
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    New Headlights on MYP VIN 124,XXX

    you can see the round projector beam on the outside.
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    S/X Buyers: Knight rider steering wheel, 1,000 hp, 500 miles of range, new interior!!!!!!!!! This thread: All we want is a new center console. :(
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    Tesla Releases $2,000 Model Y Acceleration Boost, Shaves Half Second

    Thanks. It doesn’t have AB which I kind of figured because from ready this forum the standard LR is a little soft off the line and the AB helps that. I did notice that acceleration from a standstill was not violent. another Q. Does AB “stay with the car” to 2nd owner?
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    Tesla Releases $2,000 Model Y Acceleration Boost, Shaves Half Second

    Is there any way of knowing if a car has the AB through the menus? Im in the middle of an overnight test drive with a MY LR and it isn’t stuck in chill mode which is great but I can’t seem to see anything in the menus that indicates it has the AB. Car seems plenty fast.
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    Screen Changes with New Update

    The left side of the screen should have the bottom 1/3 of it dedicated to audio and the top 2/3 for the car info.
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    Makes sense since it was only announced a few days before the end of the year. Nobody would have been able to order and pick up when they announced the incentive.
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    If the free SC and FSD were only if you took delivery by NYE then that would support the argument that the MY updates are coming sooner rather than later.
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    So the MIC MY is launching with most of the upgrades some are waiting for plus new door panels. Let the speculation begin on when these changes will be brought to NA MYs..... Tesla updates interior design of Model Y electric SUV - Electrek
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    Tesla rolling out new headlights worldwide

    Someone in the M3 forums posted a pic of their new car w the new headlights.
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    New headlights vs free 1yr supercharger

    Are the headlights on the M3 and MY the same ?
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    Mustang Mach-e positive reviews

    Doug Demuro and others have posted positive reviews of the new Mustang Mach-e. Demuro says he thinks it handles better than the MY and car and driver said the ride quality is excellent. This is a good thing for current and prospective MY owners. EM will likely want to accelerate improvements...
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    I guess the flip side is the sonner you buy one the sonner you can upgrade to the next, especially with a lease.
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    Gigapress single piece casting introduction

    Besides streamlining production, do we know what the benefits are to the driving experience?
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    iPhone 12 Pro Max and charging

    This may be the reason the MY gets the new center console sooner rather than later.
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    Want to pull the trigger on a White/White LR w Inductions. Dreading the idea that the upgrades/changes made to the 2021 M3 will be incorporated into the MY soon after I take delivery, namely new battery, center console, usb in glove, heated steering wheel, not to mention single casting and so...
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    Model Y Stiff Ride Softening Recommendations

    Most vehicles in this class call for 32-35 psi. My Rdx calls for 33. I can’t image the wheels and tires on the MY are so much different. Seems that 42 psi helps with range. Elon has said lowering 3-4 won’t affect range much and will result in a more compliant ride.
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    Model Y leasing now available

    There are alot of Tesla people against leasing saying the net cost after 3 years is much more than owning bc you build equity as you make your monthly loan payments. There is evidence to this point as there are used 2018 model 3s with mileage less than 20k for sale for basically $6000 less than...
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    Model Y leasing now available

    Yup, just saw that too. Thanks.
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    Model Y leasing now available

    Got the answer by going to the ny.gov website: Open to all New York State residents, the Drive Clean Rebate offers a point-of-sale rebate towards the purchase or lease of a new electric car. Taking advantage of the Drive Clean Rebate is very easy: simply purchase a qualifying electric car from...
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    Model Y leasing now available

    Thanks for the reply. The lessee gets a check or can you just apply it to the lease payment during ordering?
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    Model Y leasing now available

    So the $2,000 in ny acts like a cap cost reduction or something else? TIA
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    Tesla Will Lease You A Model Y For $499 Per Month

    I've done some research but can't get a good answer on how a state ev tax credit (NY is $2,000) affects the lease. Some say it doesn't apply to leases, but Tesla's lease calculator does. Does anybody have input/experience on this? TIA.
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    Model Y leasing now available

    Thanks for the replies. I wonder then why is Tesla lowering the monthly lease payment on their website taking into account the $2000 credit.
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    Model Y leasing now available

    In NY there is a $2,000 tax credit. How does this work when calculating the lease payment? Does the entire $2000 come off the PP and then you calculate the lease payment?

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