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    Fs Model 3 Key Fob

    Picked this up a few months ago off of eBay. Find myself not using it. Works as advertised. In good condition and I added a nifty Amazon metal case. Needs a battery. $125 shipped. No box.
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    FS: Forgestar CF5V 20x9 ET 35 Matte Black

    Ran these for about a year on my M3P. They are in excellent shape. No rash or marks that I can see. Located in Pittsburgh. Willing to drive up to 100 miles for in person or ship. Asking 1300 for the set OBRO.
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    Tow Hitch Cover Fasteners ?

    Noticed tonight that the small tow hitch panel was sagging a bit on one side. Looks like one of the two screws/fasteners is broken. A few small pieces of metal that look like part of the fasteners fell out when I tried to fix. Any idea if I can source the clips somewhere?
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    Side skirts Recommended?

    Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced set of CF side skirts (fake is probably fine). Also I’ve seen some concerns that the double sided tape may screw with the paint on the lower body. Can anyone confirm or deny? Thanks.
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    FS Aspira 20mm spacers

    Just received from Model Plus. Unfortunately they didn’t fit my wheels. Brand new. $115 shipped.
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    Valve Stem Reapir Kit?

    Well one of my valve stems got damaged when installing new wheels. Tesla says there is no repair kit available and I must buy a TPMS sensor. This strikes me as insane as valve stem repair kits are available for just about everything. 2021 M3P. Any links? Edit -yes I know I misspelled Repair...
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    Recommended Offset for 20mm for M3P?

    Currently running 20x9 square et35. I have 5mm spacers up front and 20mm in the rear. Looking for some new shoes and would love to drop the spacers and just get correct offsets. Car is lowered on eibach. Will 20x9 et30 work? Thanks.
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    Has anyone ordered Zero G replicas from China in Alibaba?

    Seeing good prices on forged replicas from China. Anyone tried these? I can’t seem to determine the offsets? 350 per wheel forged.
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    Creak from rear suspension

    2021 M3P here. Car is lowered on Eibachs. I am hearing a creaking sound when entering my driveway and on other inclines. Creak is on rear passenger side. Happens when the front of the car is raised on the driveway or other inclines. So front of the car goes up, creaking in the rear. Any ideas...
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    M3P Need Spacer Help

    This has been covered but there’s no consensus. I am currently running 3 up front and 5 in the rear. I am running Forgestar 20 inch wheels. I ordered some 15mm spacers and tried to fit them on the rear. Unfortunately they don’t clear the lugs which I thought wouldn’t be an issue since the wheels...
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    M3P Spacer Question

    After checking into things, I ended up getting a custom set of 8mm spacers made from traverse ridge for the rear wheels on my M3P. In Pa, anything over 8mm is illegal so I stuck with 8. There are not bolt on. Based on my reading here and elsewhere, the M3P should be able to support up to 8mm...
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    M3P Post Spring Install Question

    Had Eibachs installed on my M3P today. The shop took it for an alignment but something isn’t right. The car is pulling left. The shop was a Mercedes dealership and 50 minutes from my house. Is there anything special that needs to be done to align these? I called a local place and they said they...
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    Ppf bubble question

    Hi all, recently had xpel placed on my rockers. Already had one trip back to address some bubbles. Yesterday after I washed my car, I saw these additional bubbles. Installer, while nice enough, doesn’t seem interested in addressing these. I’m trying to be reasonable. Biggest concern is that they...
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    Best Cleaning Regimen for Partial PPF

    Hi all, recently had ppf installed on my front bumper, rockers and partial hood. Looking for an ideal cleaning regimen for the car and ppf including wax options. Biggest issue is avoiding build up on the ppf lines. Advice is appreciated. I have purchased xpel ceramic spray. Should I avoid paste wax?
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    M3P Eibach or T Sportline

    Choosing between the Eibachs with 1 front and 1.4 rear drop and T Sportline 1 front and 1.2 rear. T Sportline uses different spring types for front and rear. Tire rack has the Eibachs on sale. Wilk the Eibach result in reverse rake? Any benefit to the TSportline approach?
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    Damaged my window trim

    Apparently I’m not the first to do this but I had tint done today and the installer locked the windows in the upright position. I got in the car to look at it from the inside and tried to close the door. Since the window was extend up it banged the window trim leaving a nice silver scratch on my...
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    FS: complete set of 20 inch uberturines and nearly new P Zeros from a 2021 M3P

    Looking to sell my oem M3P uberturines and oem P Zero tires. The wheels are currently mounted on the car and the tires have been in the garage removed at 500 miles. If I can find a buyer, I will have the wheels removed, the P Zeros mounted and these ready for pickup or shipping within 10 days...
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    PPF Advice Needed

    My M3P is about 6 weeks old. It was a demo with 38 miles that I found on the lot in early January. Within a couple of weeks of delivery, the car had a series of rock chips on the lower passenger side rocker panel (closer to the front wheel and not on the rear area). The chips were in the lower...
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    RPM Tesla CF Mirror Cover Install Help

    Stupid question I’m sure but my drivers side cf mirror cover has an area along the front edge that just won’t stick down. The area with the tape will not stick and when I press on it it keeps sort of popping. You can feel it’s trying to stick but it won’t. Even tried a hair drying for 10...
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    FS: Pirelli P Zeros 235/35/20 - 2021 M3P only 500 miles

    Relisting these as they are now off my car and ready to ship. 500 miles on them. Asking 650 plus shipping. These go for $265 each plus tax on tire rack. 235/35R20. These have the acoustic foam. Pm me to discuss shipping. Likely around 50 per tire.
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    Model 3 P Battery Pack Increase Effective Date?

    Apologize if this has been covered already but is there any way I can tell if my Model 3 has the increased 82 battery pack v the 79? My car has an 85xxx vin. I bought it off the lot in early January but it appears that vin range had an early December delivery date. It was available for sale at...
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    2021 M3P preforms worse than LR and a 2019 M3P

    As a 2021 M3P owner this is really disappointing. There are huge WHP differences between the 2019 and 2021 performance models let alone the 2021 LR. I paid 10k extra for the performance model. Hope there is a fix or I got ripped off.
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    All Seasons On Performance Model Tire Size

    Still debating whether to switch to 19s or stick with the 20s on my 2021 M3P. Per tire rack there is currently only one AST that fits the M3P. Are any other tire sizes available that will fit the OEM 20 uberturines? Maybe something with a little more sidewall or do I have to stick with stock...
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    Dashboard not centered?

    My dashboard has a bigger gap on the driver side than the passenger side. When the passenger door closes its very close to rubbing at the end. Seems to be just enough room to not bang but it’s tight. Drivers side has more clearance. Is this a normal design or is this just part of the panel gaps...
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    Feeler: OEM 20" Model 3 Performance Uberturines FS

    I am considering swapping my 20" Uberturines from my Model 3 to some 19s. Zero damage and Pirelli Zeros have about 350 miles on them. I am located in Western Pa but could arrange for shipping or local meet up. If interested, please let me know as I'm trying to gauge interest before removing...
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    Humming Noise Parked and Fully Charged

    My two week old model 3 is making a constant humming noise parked in my garage and full charged. Interior temp is 50. So far i have noticed this but it always shuts off. Tonight it seems constant. Is this normal behavior? Shouldn’t it turn off eventually? Everything is off. Car parked. Windows...
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    Side Skirts as a form of PPF

    My M3P is about 2 weeks old. Already experiencing some rock chipping on the rocker panels. T-Solutions mudguards installed now so hopefully that improves things. I've been thinking about various PPF options to stop this from getting worse. I have the Tesla All Weather film ready to go on. I...
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    New Model 3 Paint Chips on Rockers

    10 days old. MSM color. Already seeing 15 to 20 little white chips on my rocker panels. I have mudflaps on order and have been careful driving so this is pretty disappointing on a car so new. Question - will the mudflaps solve this or is PPF a must? I really did not want to spend for ppf as...
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    FS: Nearly New Pirelli P-Zero 20" Summer Tires

    Hi all, I have a new Model 3 Performance. I took delivery in Pittsburgh about a week ago. Unfortunately, summer tires are not ideal here so I was considering doing a swap to all seasons and selling my summer tires. They have about 300 miles on them. Would be looking for $550 plus shipping...

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