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    FS: TeslaTap Adapter UMC J1772 $100

    FS TESLATAP adapter. This adapter allowed me to charge my BMW i3 using my Tesla mobile charger and Tesla wall charger. It can be also used at destination Chargers but can’t be used with Superchargers. Sold Tesla and i3 so no need for it. San Diego pickup preferred, but I can ship if you pay...
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    FS: MODEL Y roof sunshade. BASENOR - Brand new.

    Opened and never used BASENOR Model Y sunshade. $40 ( if delivery, you pay delivery) local pickup San Diego Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade with UV/Heat Insulation Cover Set of 2 2020 2021 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BYCNHNR/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_WMWRH8Q1XP4Z6Z939XGJ?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
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    Model Y Aero Hub Kit and NEMA 14-50

    Brand new and never used: 1: AERO WHEEL CAP KIT - $45 2: Gen2 NEMA 14-50 adapter - $40 Save on tax and shipping with local pickup in San Diego. Local pickup only
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    FS: 2020 (Sept) Model Y LR Blue - 3400 miles

    Greeting everyone, Sadly I will be selling my Model Y that was just purchased in September 2020 due to military orders to Spain. Not worth the hassle to try to take over there. The car is located in San Diego, CA. Deep Blue Paint White interior Enhanced Autopilot purchased $4K ( full FSD can...
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    Another poor visit with Tesla Service.

    I took my Model 3 in for a minor paint defect where some paint splattered down in the door gap. I only thought they were going to sand it and put some touch up paint on. Well they ended up sending it to the body shop and having the whole front panel repainted. Well that’s good service, however...
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    Steering Unit replacement.

    We took our Model 3 in for various delivery day issues and I get a call from Tesla saying they can’t release the car back to me until they replace the steering control unit. They don’t have a timeline of when the part will arrive and now I am just waiting for a resolution. Has anyone else had...
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    Opinions on install

    I am installing my NEMA 14-50 and I came across language in the city guide (California). Please see pics for my install plan and the language. Since I am only installing an outlet will there be any issue with my install location for my outlet?
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    Marina Del Rey Delivery Center

    As a current Model S owner who has received their configuration email for the Model 3, do you think going to the delivery center will result in being able to see the Model 3 in person? I have yet to see one in the Inland Empire. I am planning on driving down there and Hawthorne supercharger...
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    California Owners and DMV

    I just got my 2018 renewal for our Model S and it looks like all California owners will be seeing a $175.00 increase in registration. Assuming your purchase was more than $60k.
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    Another round of how much will it cost?

    When I was backing into the garage I clipped the rubber on the door. It left a healthy scratch and a small dent in the bumper. I would assume the full bumper cover will need to be replaced and then repainted. Anyone have a ballpark I am looking at? I'm just glad I didn't touch the aluminum.
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    100D is here

    The 100D Is now in the design center. 335 miles of range!
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    Possible change in service.

    I just took my car in to rotate tires and check my charging cables due to a couple errors at a supercharger. I was in and out in less than two hours. My service advisor said they are working through a backlog right now and he anticipates that next week they will be going to a new streamlined...
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    Screws from underbody fell out.

    Has anyone ever had screws from the underbody fall out? My wife found these screws after I pulled out of the garage on two separate occasions. Are they from my car?
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    Frustrated with Tesla service center.

    I waited months for an appointment and yesterday at 930am was my appointment. I took the day off work to take my car in. When I get there the service advisor tells me I am 16th and they might not get to my car until Monday?!? I got a Mercedes for a loaner car and a ride to Enterprise where...
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    Inventory Cars are more than configuring new?

    I was bored and looking at some inventory cars. I always build them as if they were brand new. On VIN 130018 a Black s70 the total cost on the Tesla Builder is 79500 and the inventory car is listed at 80600. A bit curious. The inventory car does have the slipstream wheels but no premium...
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    Found a perfect use for summon.

    While parking today I pulled into the spot too far and was in another spot on the other row. I almost jumped back in to reverse the car the 18 or so inches and then thought summon would be perfect for this situation. It was perfect. Reversed the car and it was perfectly in my parking spot. Had a...
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    Summon failed and hit my garage.

    So I just received a text from my wife. She used summon to back out our two week old Model S which we have done daily since we brought the car home. This occasion though the car started backing up, stopped and hit the homelink. Instead of waiting for the garage to open up the car started...
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    Anyone use Sapphire v1 by Flightshield?

    I took my car in to have Opticoat Pro+ put on and when they inspected my car they found a couple paint chips and told me a far superior product was the Sapphire v1 and will protect against paint chips from rocks. I was skeptic, but the owner said he put it on his vehicle and it looked amazing...
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    Four days into ownership and I have to take my baby in.

    As I was driving my four day old Tesla home from work today the car in front of me slammed on their brakes. Collision avoidance kicked in, but I still would have rear ended them so I swerved to right and went over a large wood block in the middle of the road. I felt sick! I instantly heard a...
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    Picking up Inventory 70S from Factory. Advice needed

    Hello fellow Tesla owners. A soon to be Tesla owner will be flying from San Diego to pick up my Tesla and will be driving it back. My wife wants to see Monterey, Big Sur, Malibu, and some others. What would be the best route to be able to supercharge our way home?
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    Just ordered my Tesla. Question.

    Hello Tesla owners and fans. I have pulled the trigger and got an inventory Tesla. I will be picking it up in Fremont and driving back to SD where my wife is stationed. Question mostly for Cali owners. I am debating on whether to register the car in Cali or our state of record of Ohio...

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