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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Originally posted this to the wrong thread by accident, but I’m curious to get some semblance of what other people’s experiences have been with plaid orders. I’ve had a Plaid on order since 2/9. Month by month I’ve been strung along being told repeatedly that I’d get the car in the next 3-4...
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    Model S delivery date moved up drastically

    MSM w white interior carbon fiber
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    Model S delivery date moved up drastically

    I’ve had a Plaid on order since 2/9. Month by month I’ve been strung along being told repeatedly that I’d get the car in the next 3-4 weeks. I just received an email today stating my estimated delivery is now slated for february…one whole year from my order date. This is my third model...
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    Poll: Has AP2 18.10.4 surpassed AP1 in terms of performance?

    I hate to rehash an old thread, but I'm really curious to see where people stand on this issue now that 5 more months have passed. I've been on AP1 with my 2015 P90D since it was first released and have grown extremely comfortable with it. Using it has become muscle memory and I've grown to...
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    Let's see your Vinyl-wrapped/Plasti-dipped/Painted Model S

    XPel Stealth http://imgur.com/a/1xMg0
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    Stop the Press! Tesla announces REAL HP numbers for P85D and P90L

    Looks like they've now removed all numbers entirely...hmm
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    Noob question on Opticoat , XPel ultimate and "Nanolex?"

    XPel Ultimate is the industry standard - best film on the market right now. $3000 for the whole car is actually on the cheaper side. Most respectable shops charge closer to 6k for a full car, but the quality shows in the workmanship. There is also XPel stealth, which is satin flavored variety...
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    Charging in a Luxury Condo....

    I just went through this process - fortunately for me it was relatively painless. I submitted a proposal to my HOA - I detailed all aspects of the installation with photographs of where all the wiring and piping would go. At first, I was told that I would need to submit a realistic...
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    Come on down! You're the next contestant on The Autopilot-Release-Date Is Right...?

    I live in a condo - as the car is kept in a parking garage, I have no wifi homelink access - will the car not update over LTE?
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    Autopilot Press Kit published, then pulled

    This is the image currently displayed on the Model S front page - other photos had the temperature displayed next to the battery gauge, but it is not present in this photo :frown:
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    How best to contact Tesla about unacceptable changes in "v7" dashboard.

    At first, I was adamantly opposed to removing the combined speedo/energy meter - I loved the convenience of having them combined seemed perfect to me before I drove the car. After getting the car, I started paying close attention to my habits when looking at the IC and I noticed a few things...
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    EM confirms autopilot hardware on X and S are the same

    Hilarity ensues - that would be quite comical, indeed. If it later comes to light that they're not the same, you just gave him an out :biggrin:
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    EM confirms autopilot hardware on X and S are the same

    I must be missing something, because the questions clearly states "hardware and capabilities." No one said that the X isn't going to get newer hardware at some point, and perhaps that's where it will sit. Or perhaps that space houses additional hardware and components to make the...
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    EM confirms autopilot hardware on X and S are the same

    Show me one ounce of proof other than speculative extrapolation that that is in fact what they are. Even so, I did remark that these are the "current state of affairs." No one knows if and when things will change. Considering Elon has stated that further autopilot functionality ala autonomous...
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    EM confirms autopilot hardware on X and S are the same

    At least for now :rolleyes:
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    ludicrous P90D after delivery?

    You misunderstood. The fuse and inconel components Elon referred to were implemented for the 90kwh battery packs. 85kwh cars do not have those parts. All P90 cars coming out of the factory have those parts, but the customer pays a premium to have the extra ludicrous capability (10k)...
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    ludicrous P90D after delivery?

    All P90's have the same battery pack - a non-ludicrous car can be upgraded to ludicrous via software, though Tesla does not offer this after market. I know this is possible because my SC had a non ludicrous car which they upgraded to ludicrous via software for test driving purposes - no...
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    Should I stealth wrap over my deep metallic blue MS?

    Not sure if this helps, but here are pictures of my midnight silver getting full XPel Stealth (satin finish). No regrets whatsoever. Would highly recommend trying to see one in person as pictures don't do it justice (sorry for the blurry cell phone pics). Shout out to First Impressions and...
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    Anyone got SunPass working yet? (Florida)

    I spoke to Sunpass today and they told me that they will link your plate to your account for "several weeks" before eventually forcing you to get a transponder to keep the Sunpass rates. The service rep made it sound like a sort of "grace" period. Would be curious to hear other people's...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    I have to believe the IC in the final product will look somewhat different than this - at least more akin to what we saw last year. The beta is purpose built to explore and test out features while the vanity part comes later. Visually speaking, I can't imagine they would release something this...
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    Dolby setting in audio system (Sound Studio...or whatever it's called now)

    Ya, I made a concerted effort to just 'unsee' it.
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    Dolby setting in audio system (Sound Studio...or whatever it's called now)

    Sorry to revive an old thread here, but I'd be curious to know how other users typically use the Dolby setting. Admittedly, I've only had the car for a couple days (w/ UHFS), though in my limited testing the Dobly Surround setting really degraded everything. It seems to narrow out the sound...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    I understand that. And yes, to a degree, these cars might not be 100% reflective of what's going to hit mass market, but that's not my point. These are not test mules. These cars/drivers are not under any sort of NDA (presumably?) and if the Model S release is any indication, I suspect...
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Apples to oranges. P85D unveil did not involve handing keys to customers and releasing a new product out into the wild. These customers are walking away with v7 software and I can't imagine Tesla would unveil their latest and greatest with unfinished half baked tech. If v7 for these cars was...
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    What Model X features will the S get? Huge HEPA filter? Auto open/close doors? Hitch?

    For better or for worse, I guess I need to admit I'm quite relieved, having just taken delivery this past week. The new tricks of the X are certainly noteworthy and very impressive, though nothing is there that would give me buyer's remorse or make me wish I would have waited "just a couple...
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    The ordering page now shows December delivery.

    I doubt X production has much to do with it - Tesla made quite clear that model S production was ramped up in overdrive this past month or so to deliver as many cars before the end of the fiscal quarter this month - now that that's over I suspect production is just easing back into the normal...
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    Factory operating hours...

    and I thought I was obsessed :frown:
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    First hand report of autopilot driving in electrek

    That image isn't from his actual testing of the car - it's just the same recycled image we've seen countless times of the v7 IC from a past leak.
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    1 month autonomous highway driving

    I think OP understood that, which is why he put the term in quotes, denoting that it came out of Elon's mouth, not his.
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    1 month autonomous highway driving

    What article?
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    Delivery in one week, order-to-production 4 weeks to the day!

    No, Tesla went in overdrive mode this month to crank out and move as many cars as possible before the end of the fiscal quarter (Sept. 29).
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    "Holy cow!!" A P90D Ludicrous test drive report from a P85D owner

    Thoughts on this video? Something seems amiss in this video. I can't imagine the difference between the two being THAT significant. The cars should have been running about neck and neck for at least the first couple seconds all thing being equal i.e. SOC, both drivers hit pedal with equal...
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    Ludicrous Easter Egg

    Looks like some douche has already plagiarized your work. Just a heads up :wink: Tesla model s p90d lodicrous mode acceleration - YouTube
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    Financing options

    Is anyone currently offering rates better than 1.49%. Alliant and Energy are no longer competitive, having raised their rates from the glory days or yesterday. I believe Mary at Energy told me they could do 1.49, but only up to around 60k. DFCU goes as low as 1.49% - 65 months - 100%...
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    Added Custom Accent Lighting for Cheap

    Thanks for the explanation! Looks great!
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    Brabus Center console

    That interior is hideous. I'd pay to have it ripped out of my car.
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    What to do with phone? Mount?

    The two mounts I've been eyeing are these two... Neutron S - Love it for it's discreet looks - Picture - though I have concerns about it's strength - it's rated to support up to 1lb. (my iPhone 6 Plus w/ case come in at about 7 oz.) - strength seems promising based off this video, though they...
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    Ludicrous Easter Egg

    I can at least corroborate that I heard pretty much the exact same thing, as I mentioned in this post
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    Ludicrous Easter Egg

    woops, forgot link in original post - fixed
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    Ludicrous Easter Egg

    Switch to Ludicrous Mode. Press and Hold the Ludicrous Button. :) Instagram
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    Added Custom Accent Lighting for Cheap

    Walkthrough of how you did it? :smile:
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    Some P85Ds being delivered with non-staggered wheels

    I'd say it's been all but confirmed. Pete90D recently took delivery of a P90DL with a staggered arrangement, though he did state he had expressed interest in this to his DS IIRC. Tesla SC here in Tampa did also state to me they are bringing it back for P cars, for what that's worth.
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    Adam Carolla's and the Model S

    Tesla claims that the car should ideally be plugged in when not in use to maximize the life of the battery pack. According to them, the more it's plugged in, the better.
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    Test drove ludicrous today...some bits I picked up.

    Sounds good, no rush just curious - thanks again for the input as always!
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    Test drove ludicrous today...some bits I picked up.

    Glad to hear you think the difference is only marginal as it does seem to be quite cumbersome to use unless you have the luxury of planning ahead. Even then, it still seems like a gamble to me as the diminished SOC to get there could outweigh the benefits of having it on. If that were the...
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    P90D without ludicrous

    Thanks for all the info you've put forth Pete. You took hours out of your own time to put all this together and it's definitely appreciated.
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    Test drove ludicrous today...some bits I picked up.

    So I called my SC a week or so ago to see if they had a P90DL available for test drive. They informed they had received a P90D, but without ludicrous. A buddy of mine wanted to go test drive today and I came to learn that they now in fact DO have a car with ludicrous...that afternoon I spring...

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