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    My request that the Arizona Attorney General's office investigate Tesla's changes to Ludicrous Mode

    So you got a form-mail response from the AG? Where is your complaint? What are you seeking? I'm confused here.
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    Confused on Tinting in AZ

    has anyone else done the ClearPlex windshield? I did and hate it. I need to take it back to the installer and I am hoping it was just a faulty install because it's TERRIBLE optically. Anyone else had issues? Also in Phoenix area. (gilbert)
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    Uber driving my P90D

    I did the same. It was a complete waste of my time. I did about 20 rides and didn't make enough to cover my coffee, let alone my time. I did meet some interesting people and a strip club have me a handful of free passes. Otherwise a complete waste of time.
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    Vendor Now a Great Cup Holder for the S and X designed by an S owner.

    I have bad news for you. You are selling this for about $150 less than you should. I'll go ahead and order one now before you figure that out! Great work! Congrats.
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    Professional Dash Cam Installation in Metro Denver?

    I ended up installing mine myself. It took about 3 hours and was really easier than I expected. I was lucky to have the 12v collector in the microphone area.
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    DJI Phantom 4 Active Track Tesla Demo

    I would have respected traffic laws if I knew I was recording myself and posting it on the internet... but that's just me. For a minute I thought you were in California.
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    [NO LONGER AVAILABLE] Parting Out a 2015 85D - What Do You Need?

    Do you still have the sunroof glass?
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    Pano Roof Cracked!

    Same exact experience. We will see next week what Tesla and my insurance company say. Worst case I'm out $250 I think.
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    Pano Roof Cracked!

    Maybe someone can answer this question. When I got my current policy I had opted for a $500 deductible w/ $0 glass. The agent recommended a $250 deductible but without the $0/glass. The reason for this was that I was told that it was actually $20/mo cheaper and if I did need glass replacement...
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    Pano Roof Cracked!

    Actually I don't remember hearing anything.
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    I hate to admit this .. but ..

    You forgot the biggest difference.... "available now". Seriously you cannot compare something you can buy today to what you think something will be when it is available in 2+ years. You would need to re-evaluate everything once the M3 is available. And then at that point, for most people, it...
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    P85D sold for $87k

    Did anyone else notice the car name was "Tesla Service Seattle"? Does that change the value - that it was possibly used as a service loaner?
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    Pano Roof Cracked!

    I heard a rumor it was $1000. I will know in a couple weeks I guess! Not sure anything would have stopped this - the chip is on the leading edge. If Tesla had put a gasket that was a bit taller and protected the leading edge it would have possibly protected it. I'll let you know about the...
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    Pano Roof Cracked!

    I searched the forums and couldn't find anyone else with this issue. I got what looks like the smallest rock chip in the history of rock chips in the front edge of my pano rood and within an hour it cracked across 3/4 of the pano. I spoke w/ Tesla and they said most likely this would not be...
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    Is sunroof use speed limited?

    I was driving (rather briskly) the other day and when I went to change the sunroof position a popup came on the drivers console that indicated that the sunroof position was unsafe at that speed. It happened so quickly that I didn't think to get my wife to snap a picture and I was unable to get...
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    New Center Console notice email

    How is this different than the one they had before?
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    Rage at a Supercharger Station

    No video of this?
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    Obvious feature lacking

    Good feature request. Tweet it to Elon!
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    Using Data in Mexico

    Elon knows you shouldn't take your Tesla to Mexico. Why would you even consider such a thing? Now to answer your question - use your phone as a hotspot and connect to wifi through the car. If you have enough money to burn a Tesla in the desert then you have plenty to cover the roaming charges.
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    Model S rentals in L.A. now as low as $65 / day - are the owners insane????

    That's nuts. I don't know this guy's situation but putting his MS on Turo for $65/day is nuts. I get $48/day for my wife's Toyota Camry Hybrid..
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    "Upgraded" from 2014 S-60 to 2016 S-70D, love it!

    did you get AP?
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    Driving the Model S for Uber + Lyft

    I signed up for UberSelect (similar to LUX I think) and I can tell you it was a waste of time. I ended up doing a bunch of UberX rides for peanuts because no one ever wants Select in Phoenix. Over about 25 rides I made just under minimum wage. No thanks. I'll spend that time with my family. In...
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    Third party offering Tesla Model S wireless charging option in April

    Quite! But I think the application here is not one for laziness but rather for convenience. The Summon feature is great but it doesn't charge the car. With this you would have a real summon option. I see this being helpful for people with tight garages. Additionally - this will be helpful when...
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    Finally found a good use for the center trough.

    I prefer to call it the bowling ally. I mostly use mine to carry take out food.
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    How active is market for used Tesla parts (wheels)?

    Perhaps keep your stock wheels and put some winter tires on them?
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    Where autopilot shines...

    I saw your video and I wonder if this is true. Wouldn't the side collision avoidance kicked in before hitting the truck?
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    Anyone seen combo of chrome delete on metallic green p85+ with grey 21in wheels?

    That looks great. Tell me more about how you do plasti-dip? Is this something you can do yourself?
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    AP 7.1 Following Motorcycle - Video

    I thought I'd share this video I shot in bumper to bumper traffic following a motorcycle. First I'll say it did extremely well. The only hiccup was when the motorcycle veered on to the left most lane line (to see around traffic?) the AP lost him and the car started to track the car ahead and...
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    Professional Dash Cam Installation in Metro Denver?

    I would not have a problem with any high-end shop doing this install. If they have worked on high line cars the Tesla is no different. What you want is a quality installation by a shop that isn't going to break bits and pieces taking the interior apart and putting it back together. Nothing in...
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    Model S 2.0 - Next major update, wants and needs? Design?

    I for one don't think we need a major update. I like the idea of continually improving the car. Some things I think about are things that other cars I've owned have and the MS doesn't, for example: 1) Better voice control - more commands. 2) Better phone integration (Apple Car Play?) 3)...
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    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    Dream crusher! Thank you, none the less, for answering my question.
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    Anyone seen combo of chrome delete on metallic green p85+ with grey 21in wheels?

    I'd love to see a white one with chrome delete and the 19" factory rims.
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    [RESOLVED] Tesla Owner Delivery - False Advertisment - Advice?

    Seems like a bunch of moving parts: 1) Tesla knows about damage history now - how do they know that? Internal parts or repair information, or pulling a new carfax? 2) If on the carfax, or parts list, they should be able to tell what the damage was. Was it a bumper cover? no issue. frame...
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    Model X For Sale - $80k over sticker?

    This was bound to happen. $80k over sticker.... wow. http://www.panjo.com/buy/215k-obo-2016-tesla-model-x-p90d-signature-248785?index=44
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    COLORADO -- activism to fix Colorado's franchise law

    I have a friend that works for the CO legislature. He is a fan of EV's and would probably help out if we had some kind of movement. I'm in AZ but travel to CO frequently and have family in Thornton. Perhaps a facebook page would be helpful?
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    False Speed Limit (School Zones, End speed areas) for 7.1

    I have a really hard time understanding why someone would complain that autopilot doesn't work in a school zone. Seriously? In the place where control and observation is probably the most important you want a car running beta software to take control?
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    Driver Assistance Features Unavailable

    I also had this issue - documented in another thread. The culprit ended up being a bad camera. It wouldn't "start up" right every time. It was mostly, but not always, due to direct sunlight on the camera on startup. (I live in AZ) Either way the SC changed the camera and I have not had a single...
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    "X" shaped scratches on my hood. Any ideas what caused this?

    I noticed before leaving for a trip that there are 3 "x" shaped scratches on my hood. They are very "perfect" in that it doesn't seem they were from vandalism. It looks like something placed on the hood. Two of them are in almost exactly the same location (opposite sides) about a foot below my...
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    "X" Shaped scratches on my hood.

    removed - wrong thread. Mods please delete.
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    Concealed Weapon Placement and Mounting

    I've been looking for this thread. This is something that has been on my mind since day 1. I've yet to find a good solution and I'm seriously considering creating something that could be commercialized. (If someone will spend $280 for a door for the cubby!) I live in AZ so for me concealment...
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    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    With less than zero to add to this conversation I'll simply pose a question: Based on what I can understand here (Sorry, MBA not EE) I decipher that there is a lot of "conservative" work being done by Tesla. (battery at 0% is really at 8-10%, etc) So my question is - is there anything in this...
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    Sharing Tesla invoices to aggregate part data

    It sounds like you are also looking for parts pricing, right? I would imagine that information isn't on the service site.
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    Salvage Tesla 29k

    So tempting...
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    I love electric car so much, But how it comes without a center console

    Insanely priced is an understatement. For some reason I feel like people who make accessories for this car assume we are all billionaires. Well I don't have 3 comma's yet so I'll just have to pass on this. (Nice website by the way - that adds about $10 to the value of the drawer) I'm seriously...
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    WARNING: I rear-ended someone today while using Auto Pilot in my brand new P90D!

    My question - as others have stated - is why didn't the collision avoidance / emergency braking system step in? I've used AP in stop and go traffic almost every day since I bought the car and it absolutely comes to a complete stop if the car in front of me does, maintaining distance the entire...
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    Tesla Driver's Group hat

    I met a guy in Boise who had this hat.... and now I want one! Anyone want to sell me theirs?
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    Instead of Robot Chargers, WIRELESS!

    With SUMMON - why not make some kind of connection point in the front of the car and have it drive into the charger automatically. Hell if a ROOMBA can do this, why couldn't an MS? Wireless charging is sexy but as others have said it is really inefficient and would add a lot of cost to the user...
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    I love electric car so much, But how it comes without a center console

    Cubby is great... for showing my friends how I can launch my cell phone, gum, etc when I try and show off from a stop. Seriously I think this was an oversight on Tesla's part that they try and pass off as "some people want a giant cavern to put their stuff in". We want a standard center console...

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