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    how to turn off "Your car cabin is now at the desired temperature" notification?

    For all the peeps who don’t want to be notified about the cabin has reached your desired temperature, you can now enable/disable such notification with app version 4.3.0 or later.
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    2021.36.8 Adds Remote Sentry Live Footage on App

    The camera are RCCB not RGB because they are designed for Autopilot/ FSD. I agree that the images you shared are pixelated, but I am sure the car’s LTE signal wasn’t optimal when you took the screenshot. Also, I believe that the remote sentry mode is 480p while the cameras are 960p
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    Gen 3 Charger Power Sharing - who has this working?

    Both of your points are the expected behaviour. The “leader” will be the only wall connector remain connected to your network. With this said, it’s that it doesn’t offer firmware updates to the follower. At least that’s what I have experienced thus far. It’s worth noting that if the...
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    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    What software version do you have? I have a 2021 Model Y Long Range running (2021.36.1) and a 2021 Model 3 Long Range running (2021.36.5). I haven’t encountered the display crashing when trying to read the manual at all.
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    how to turn off "Your car cabin is now at the desired temperature" notification?

    I don’t think any service center will be able to help you with this. Also, this is not a pointless notification; peeps like me who live in the northeast welcome such addition because the car lets us know that it’s warm/cool enough before getting. I do wish that the mobile engineers added this...
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    how to turn off "Your car cabin is now at the desired temperature" notification?

    This feature was introduced in firmware version 2021.36, with app version 4.1.1 on IOS. You’ll get this notification even if you didn’t have scheduled departure on. I don’t use schedule departure, but I always precondition the cabin before getting in the car.
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    how to turn off "Your car cabin is now at the desired temperature" notification?

    You’ll also receive this notification after you’ve turned on your climate control remotely.
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    Wall Connector Software 21.36.4

    This is what’s new in firmware version 21.36.4 https://www.tesla.com/support/gen-3-wall-connector-access-control I think Tesla sends the release notes to whomever subscribed to their news letter. Attached is the release note in Mandarin.
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    Wall charger connects to phone but no internet

    I am waiting for the Dream Router to be released 😊. I will then add two satellites to cover the whole house.
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    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    The “non-existent manual” is actually accessible in multiple places, such as the Tesla App, twice on the web Model 3 Owner's Manual | Tesla https://www.tesla.com/sites/default/files/model_3_owners_manual_north_america_en.pdf and in the car’s multimedia control unit.
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    Gen 3 Wall Charger WPA2/WPA3 compatibility Issue

    Can you post a video or photos of what you're trying to do?
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    New Tesla APP 4.x. Released for iOS and Android

    Restart you phone then search for Tesla?
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    how to turn off "Your car cabin is now at the desired temperature" notification?

    You need firmware version 2021.36 or newer to receive this notification.
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    Access Control is now Available on Gen 3 Wall Connector.

    As someone who has one of my two Wall Connectors installed on my driveway, i welcome this feature because twice I’ve found stranger plugged in without asking for permission. Please note that this feature requires firmware version 21.36.4...
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    Latest App Update

    Model 3 LR and performance have all seat heated by default. The Standard range version on the other hand does not, but you can buy the upgrade in the app to have the rear seat heated.
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    Tesla is an AWFUL software company

    Peeps, I think you all should take a break from this thread and ignore jsimon7777 post. Look at his post history, I am pretty he doesn’t own any Tesla vehicles. It’ll be very har to reason with someone like that.
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    2021.32.22 Autopilot worse than driving without it

    Still an FSD feature, it’s almost like a 90 degree turn.
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    2021.32.22 Autopilot worse than driving without it

    AutoPilot will not make this curve highlighted in red for you. You will need FSD for that!
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    Sending a destination with no address to Tesla

    I am sure you're aware that sending direction from Apple Map works with the Tesla App / Cars too. That doesn't use the short url that Google uses. The Apple Map URL looks something like this New York to Inwood Hill Park I think daddr is used for destination address while saddr is address of...
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    Gen3 Wall Connector Question - load sharing?

    Only one of the Wall Connectors will connect to your home network (the leader). The followers will connect to the leader to create the PowerSharing network.
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    Gen 3 Charger Power Sharing - who has this working?

    I know this is old, but I wanted to revisit this topic again as there are a lot of miss informations about each wall connector supposed to have its own circuit breaker. Here in the Wall Connector guide it says the following: Power sharing is ideal for households that need to charge more than...
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    Any reason not to install 2021.32.22?

    Actually, vision only cars have been able to set following distance to 2 for a while now.
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    Best way to view sentry mode videos outside of car....

    On iPhone, you can use Cam Viewer for Tesla. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cam-viewer-for-tesla/id1476197999
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    This update should enable a few features on the app (version 4.1.1 or higher) too: Adjust Charge Current, Scheduled Departure or Scheduled Charging for your car's current location (*) Enable Bioweapon Defense Mode on supported cars (*)
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    Bought FSD, but X is stuck on 2020 software build without it

    There's a long thread on this topic already that can be found here 2021.32.22 - No FSD Beta button
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    Wall charger connects to phone but no internet

    I haven’t had time to inspect the request nor the response. The wall connector could be calling the mothership for NTP sync time, I’ll need to investigate with wire shark.
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    Wrong Home Address in Tesla App

    Yes, the Tesla IOS app uses Apple Map while the car uses Google Map. I suppose the Android app uses Google Map?
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    Wall charger connects to phone but no internet

    You can grab the most recent firmware here if your wall connector has not received the current one yet. Troubleshooting a Gen 3 Wall Connector
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    Wall charger connects to phone but no internet

    Indeed, but it’s a shame that Google mesh doe not allow one to change the security settings per network (as in your case guest vs main) I am currently using a TP-Link Deco X60 with 4 nodes, but I hope to get a Ubiquity setup which would allow me to group devices and see how much data the wall...
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    Wall charger connects to phone but no internet

    I am glad you were able to figure it out. I ran into this problem a few months ago when I installed mine. I created a guest network for the wall connector because it will not connect to WPA3 nor WPA2-PSK [AES]. I emailed the wall connector support team this past July about this issue, there’s...
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    Wrong Home Address in Tesla App

    Yep, I can confirm it’s a Google Map bug. I when I bought my house 7 years ago, Google map would end the turn by turn navigation at the first house one the block. Say for example my house number is 3 and the house number at the beginning of the street on the left side is 1. Every time I enter 3...
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    2021.11.x Firmware

    Are you trolling us or what? The Model 3 Standard Range/Plus has a 54kwh battery pack whereas the Long Range/Performance has an 82kwh. edit to add: if you really want to learn more about you car, use this tool. scan my tesla
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    2021.32.22 - No FSD Beta button

    You’re welcome! My guess is that anyone who has MCU1 and paid for FSD has not received the button yet whereas those with MCU2 or greater did receive the button. I am pretty sure at some point Tesla will have folks who paid for FSD with MCU1 move to MCU2. It does not make sense to support so...
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    Best SSD for TeslaCam?

    I am pretty sure you want to format the drive to FAT32. I know ExFAT works, the manual says to use FAT32.
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    Model 3 can't connect to iPhone hotspot after iPhone updated to the ios 15

    On IOS 15 (I am currently using 15.1 beta 2) or later, you’ll have to enabled Maximize Compatibility to have the Tesla connect to you iPhone hotspot.
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    Best SSD for TeslaCam?

    There are a few “lastest Sw update” for the Mode X depends on which MCU version you have. MCU1 is running 2020.48.3x whereas MCU 2 should be 2021.32.2x. So, which software version do you have? Lastly, there’s sentry mode which is for when the car is parked and dashcam for when the car is in...
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    Big New Update

    I am glad to hear that you’ve got it working. You shouldn’t have to do anything after selecting Remain Connected in Drive for the hotspot.
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    2021.32.22 - No FSD Beta button

    Now that you know you have MCU1, I am 99% certain that you’ll not get the FSD button until you update your MCU to version 2. I think the MCU is what powers the instrument cluster too Have a look here if you’re interested on upgrading the Media Control Unit to version 2 Infotainment Upgrade MCU...
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    Big New Update

    You need to tap the wifi/data icon then select wifi settings. If your car is currently connected to a hotspot or a mobile router, tap Remain Connected in Drive.
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    Using app without Bluetooth

    Bluetooth is only used for phone key or audio source. Everything else communicates over cellular data/wifi.
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    2021.32.22 - No FSD Beta button

    Is the current software version on your car 2020.48.3x? Also, I suppose your car says LTE and not 3G. If it says the latter, you might want to read about the LTE upgrade article as AT&T will shutdown 3G on February 2022. https://www.tesla.com/support/3g-cellular-network-retirement Lastly, if...
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    New Tesla APP 4.x. Released for iOS and Android

    Your wife’s iPhone needs to be on IOS 14.8 or greater to receive the latest app update. I am on IOS 15.1 beta 1 and received the update on Friday afternoon.
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    First time doing a software update...

    I think you might have to sign out and log back into the app. If you haven’t updated the IOS app yet, do that before you log back in.
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    FSD Request button goes live tonight!

    You need the latest app which is 4.1.0-663 to see your score after driving a minimum of .1 miles. The IOS app was updated about three days ago, I suppose the Android version will be in the Google Play store in the next few days or so.
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    2021.32.22 Autopilot worse than driving without it

    The roundabout (Jones Beach water tower) is what FSD is for NOT autopilot. As for “curved roads” Autopilot will not do angle that’s greater than a 30 degree angle (a gain you’ll need FSD for such curves) I drive on the Southern State and MeadowBrook a lot and autopilot has yet to disengaged on...
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    Update 2021.32.22 bricked my LEMR [not related to update -12v battery failed during update]

    So, the car complained about the 12v battery. I suppose you’re not going to have it replaced and the next time you try to drive and it won’t start, you’re going to post about how horrible Tesla is? 😀
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    Vision-only cars

    That was just pure coincidence!
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    Best SSD for TeslaCam?

    I have a 256 SanDisk Max endurance with 3 partitions in my Model Y. So far, it’s been through 105 degrees Fahrenheit without any issues. I am now waiting for this winter to see if it survives.
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    Not getting any software updates??

    All cars run the FSD stack. If you’re not subscribed or did not buy FSD, some of the FSD flags are turned off (navigate on autopilot, traffic light control e.t.c. If you ever subscribe to FSD or bought FSD, you’ll noticed that the car will reboot and in less than 2 minutes magically all the FSD...
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    2021.11.x Firmware

    As far as I know only some European markets have the “Use Tesla Account”. Even model s/X owners have to have a premium Spotify account before they can use the built-in player.

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