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    Delete Nav Entries

    I typically delete Nav entries about once a month or so. (It REALLY speeds up searches.) But after I delete all entries I notice that I still have 8-10 entries that simply will not delete. They are there the next time I look at the list. The number of these non-deletables is continuing to grow...
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    Tesla PeaceMaker Package

    I am not sure what happened to the TeslaPeacemaker package but I am getting 404 error when I try to access it. Very disappointed! Hope the owner puts it back up.
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    Nav Serious Slowdown???

    I used to be able to plug an address into the Model S Nav and have directions in about 10-15 seconds. Now, it takes more than a minute before the directions show up. Anyone else experiencing this? Are there any solutions or workarounds other than using my cell phone?
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    Caution: Chattanooga SuperCharger Will Be Off-Line

    Just a heads-up. I was informed today that some time in the near future the Chattanooga SuperCharger will be off-line due to repaving the Chattanooga Airport Intermediate lot. The Republic manager said he did not have exact dates for when this would occur but that it would be sometime in the...
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    Phantom Start-Up??

    Three times lately I have stepped into the garage after parking my car there an hour or so previous, and have found the AC to be running and a puddle of water from the condenser indicating the AC had been running for a while. I have had this happen previously when a door is not closed all the...
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    Reset the Clock??

    I know others have experienced this but I do not recall the solution. I drove to Nashville from Chattanooga last week. Nashville is Central time zone. Chattanooga is Eastern. When we changed from DST my in-car clock adjusted accordingly. However, when I returned from Nashville it did not. Two...
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    Do I have a record?

    I have not seen where anyone is keeping track of this but I think I might have a record for the longest Model S (EV???) trip. I drove out to TMC Connect from Chattanooga via Norfolk, VA (had to take the grandkids back home) and returned to Chattanooga. Recorded mileage was 9,050 miles...
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    EVTripPlanner Question: Energy Markers

    When I activate this option I see that it puts numbers along my route but these numbers do not seem to correlate to anything. The font for the initials beside the numbers is so small I am not sure what the numbers represent??
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    I was at our local Cars and Coffee yesterday and a guy pulled up in his Porsche 911. He immediately came over to talk with me about my Model S. He said he worked for CBL (mall management company) and asked if I had heard that Tesla was going to put a SC in at Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga...
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    No Muting During Turn-by-Turn???

    Prior to 5.8.10 my audio would always mute prior to turn-by-turn instructions. Since the upgrade it continues to play music without muting and the turn instructions are played at the same time making it nearly impossible to understand either the music or the instructions. Anyone else?
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    Dual Charger Question

    If my MS has dual chargers and I set charging off the HPWC to 40 Amps am I using both chargers at half capacity or one charger at full capacity?
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    Getting Ridiculous!

    As you can see from my signature linemy MS was scheduled for delivery on 27 November. It arrived at the Marietta Service Center the evening of the 26 and I arrived at noon on the 27th for pick-up. BUT...there were paint issues, "transit damage", and an inoperable 17". This was not only my MS but...
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    Do You Have a Smartphone?

    Someone in another thread indicated he thought more than half of the TMC users probably had an iPhone. I wondered if that were the case. 1. Yes I have an iPhone 2. Yes I have an Android phone 3. Yes I have a Windows phone 4. Yes I have an "Other" smartphone 5. No I do not have a smartphone
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    Blink Primer???

    Sorry for the newbie question but I pulled into a Cracker Barrel yesterday and wanted to check on how to hook up to a commercial charger since I had not done this previously. It was a Blink Charger (didn't I read where they were bought out by ChargePoint???) I tried to use my brand new...
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    First Impressions: I Wish!

    My day had finally come. I went to the Atlanta Service Center to pick up the car I have been waiting for for years--the car I ordered on 24 September. I thought I was going to have to drive down in a snow-storm, but the weather held and we drove down from Chattanooga (about 100 miles) in...
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    Excitement is Building: HPWC Just Arrived

    Big WHOOP!!! My HPWC just arrived. My vehicle registration papers arrived last Thursday. I signed the necessary paperwork and returned to Tesla. Today the FedEx truck just delivered the HPWC and I have called an electrician who will be here first thing tomorrow morning to install it. The...
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    Owners Manual Update???

    OK, I admit to being more than a casual geek. I really enjoy reading software manuals even before I install the software. So when I ordered my P85 I immediately began looking for the downloadable .pdf Owner's Manual. I printed it out and was going through it page-by-page and highlighting, but...
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    Dashboard Change???

    My Dashboard used to say Delivery Late November. Now it says.....uhhh....nothing at all. Has anyone else experienced this? Where did my delivery date go? I noticed this a couple of days ago so I have been patiently waiting thinking they were about to post an actual date but... It still says...
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    Charger Install Pricing???

    Many have recommended NOT using Mr. Electric but since they are the recommended vendor I wanted to get their pricing in comparison to a couple of others. They just left giving me an estimate right around $700 to install an 80 AMP circuit. I have no idea if this is "reasonable" or high. I have...

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