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    GM Cruise's CEO leaving

    More churn in the AV/ADAS industry. This time it's GM's Cruise. - Dan Ammann, CEO of General Motors autonomous vehicle branch Cruise, is leaving the company, GM announced Thursday. - Cruise’s President and CTO Kyle Vogt will take over as interim CEO, the company said...
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    Intel spinning-out MobilEye in 2022

    Intel acquired Mobileye in 2017 for about $15B. They intend to spin it out ~5 years later (2022) and are looking at a $50B valuation. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/autos/2021/12/07/intel-take-mobileye-self-driving-car-unit-public-2022/6416074001/
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    Electric Sprinter (proto)

    I know that many that would be very interested in a Sprinter chassis with full electric drive-train. The Merc diesel engines are somewhat unreliable and expensive to main so owners have switched to gas engines. Just imagine what a custom builder like Advanced RV would do with this...
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    Maps: 2020.48-12

    FSDbeta 10.1 came with new (edit: probably only US or North American) maps: 2020.48-12. The networks are likely all severely overloaded right now, but hopefully we'll see this rolling out to the rest of us soon regardless if you have the FSD option or not (I'm in the queue).
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    MY LR AWD on German Autobahn at 220 kph/135 mph

    Bjorn did some high speed runs on the Autobahn and V-maxed at ~220 kph. The MY cooling system is very good and the battery temp only got to 46C degrees max. This aligns to what I've seen where my battery will get cold (limited regen) on long descents even when it's 90F out and needs a while on...
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    Efficiency stats at 11k miles

    I ticked over 11k miles after >14 months of ownership. I've got a bit of a heavy foot and many of those miles are fun drives in the local mountains. I'll normally drive ~40 miles a day going to work and back, food shopping or stopping for take-out. Weekends usually consists of driving ~100...
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    Tesla to expand Fremont

    This should help those waiting for their 3s and Ys. https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-model-y-production-lines-expansion-ga-4-5/
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    Kuat Piston Pro X Platform Bike Rack ($$$)

    I think anything fitness-related, including bike stuff, is back-ordered. I have a crazy expensive 1Up, but this new one from Kuat makes it looks cheap. :oops: Notice that it's mounted on a Tesla...
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    Steel plant for CyberTruck

    Austin is coming along nicely. Here's an update on the new nearby plant that will be supplying the raw steel for the CT. https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-cybertruck-steel-factory-update-video/
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    Tesla Insurance -- Email about payment problem and cancelling insurance is erroneous

    Something is up with Tesla Insurance's system. Some of you might have gotten email(s) from Tesla Insurance stating that there were a problem with payment and they're going to cancel your insurance in 10 days. You can ignore it if your payment info is correct and it went through. I called...
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    12V battery replacement: Tesla Li-ion

    Tesla replaced the lead-acid battery in new S/X with a Li-ion. It's smaller and more resilient. It's natural that they make that available to 3/Y owners as well. Lets hope this happens soon. https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-12v-lithium-ion-battery-replacement-update-elon-musk/
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    Velodyne (LiDAR) loses its CEO

    https://finance.yahoo.com/news/velodyne-lidar-discloses-ceo-exit-125249273.html I remember when autonomous/self driving was really, really hot and Lidar was absolutely necessary, maybe even multiple per vehicle. They cost tens of thousands each back then just for the sensor. They were so...
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    4680 battery pack!

    Things just got really interesting! 4680 packs are supposed to go into the MY first. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/5701737/
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    iPhone 6 w/ iOS 12.5.4 not unlocking car door

    FYI (and first world problem)-- I have an old iPhone 6 and I rarely ever had to launch the Tesla app to enter my car. I would walk-up, open the door, sit down, and start driving. Once in a blue moon I would get inside, sit down, but the car wouldn't let me shift into drive. Launching the...
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    Rumor: Shanghai-built Model Y to Europe?

    Very sorry for our long suffering European Model Y fans who have watched Model Y's driving around for >1 year. Giga Berlin has been delayed so there are rumors that Tesla will start exporting Model Y's from Shanghai to Europe. Hopefully this is real. I'm sure the Berlin designed and built MY...
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    Will V11 be released on June 3, 2021?

    It looks like Tesla is delivering the new/refreshed MS Plaid on June 3. I hope it comes with the V11 UI and it goes wide. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/first-look-for-v11.223518/
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    Close calls

    I was out for a drive as usual and I had a white Evo tag behind me. We picked up some speed in an straight open area and were heading into some shaded sweeping turns. As I'm entering the turn I see some cars coming the other way. That's expected and not a problem. The problem was the...
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    5K miles efficiency update

    I live in the Bay Area (aka Tesla central) and have been driving my MY since late June 2020. The Bay Area is a very urban area surrounded by mountains and I go up and down these mountains (2000 ft) nearly ever time I drive. Mileage: ~5000 Wh/mi avg: 257
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    MunroLive and Silicon Valley Tesla Owners

    Relatively long and interesting video from Sandy Munro on his road trip in a 2021 M3. - Sandy is a fan of autopilot/self-driving now - Encountered phantom braking, but didn't bother him - Need better road markings for self-driving - Most other auto companies are going to shrink - Problems due...
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    Rear middle seatbelt buckle rattle

    I've been having an ongoing issue with a metallic rattle coming from the back. I bought it in for service when I picked up my car back in late June as one of the issues. It started getting worse recently, but it was more of an annoyance since I drive with music on and don't really hear it...

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