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    Disenrolling or un-enrolling from the Beta button and Safety Score tracking

    I unenrolled last Thursday evening. Wife was unable to get more than 93 - in her defense, she works downtown and rush hours is impossible. After 5 perfect 100 days, I was up to 96, but slow going, right? So Last Thursday, 10/21, I unenrolled. Took a couple hours for the Safety Score to...
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    Geographic Location and FSD Beta Access

    Just Got it.. Day 7 w/ 100 score and 300 miles (total). Requested last Thursday night.
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    Geographic Location and FSD Beta Access

    Friday 10/22 was first day - 100 score, 105 miles. 100 Score every day since. Now at 300 miles. No FSD yet.
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    Any of you have 100/99 scores still not get any FSD till today?

    Been at 100 past 6 days.. still not FSD.
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    Geographic Location and FSD Beta Access

    MN here. I've been at 100 since Friday.. no FSD Beta yet. Not sure if the 10.3.0 snafu is causing delay.
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    Nitrogen Question?

    I constantly shake my head when this comes up. One of the biggest scams. @Pianewman is correct - our atmosphere is 78% nitrogen. I cannot see much advantage in using 99% nitrogen mix.. or likely less.. do they vacuum out all air before installing nitrogen? Really? How.. and if they did...
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    How are your AWD Ys handling the winter snow?

    Total Crap OEM Goodyear F1 Asymmetric Tires - Beware in snow! TL/DR; For winter snow & ice the OEM tires need to be replaced.
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    Impossible to Remove Stain/Mark on White Seats

    I have become a huge fan of Chemical Guys Cleaner w/ Horse Hair Brush. My brother has a tendency to abuse the stuffing out of his vehicles.. including his beloved Model X with white interior. He was shocked at how well it cleaned his Tesla white interior. Made it like new. Based on clean-up...
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    Fix for rear apron scratches

    Respectfully.. I don't agree. You may be correct. I would definitely try the Meguire's Ultimate Polish first. Cheap and easy to find out for sure. I feel really good with this suggestion. I suspect 90% of what we see in photo is detrius on bumper and not damage to bumper. I suspect buffing...
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    Fix for rear apron scratches

    Typically, for that kind of thing, I use Rubbing compound, then Polish, then Cleaner Wax.. on 3-4" foam disk on drill. Learned from a Pro. Works great. Last summer I had a very good experience with Meguire's Ultimate Polish (G19220) on dark Toyota bumper. Some rubbing compound had gotten on...
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    Total Crap OEM Goodyear F1 Asymmetric Tires - Beware in snow!

    It's the "All-Season" tag that's crap. Yes. I thought I was clear in my post I understand why Tesla would want these on the car with the Low Rolling Resistance. Again, it's the "All-Season" label. Might as well equip with summer performance tires for all the good the traction the Goodyear...
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    Total Crap OEM Goodyear F1 Asymmetric Tires - Beware in snow!

    Agree to disagree. OEM all-season tires in the past have all been decent (though, admittedly this is first EV). To have to spend >$1k to replace OEM with decent all-season tires or order 2nd set of wheels & tires for $3.5k is very annoying. I favored just replacing for $1k, but is wife's car...
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    To PPF or not to PPF?

    We did $350 PPF - only on front bumper. DIY ceramic coat - $60 Amazon.
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    Total Crap OEM Goodyear F1 Asymmetric Tires - Beware in snow!

    We purchased the 20" Induction wheels. The OEM Tires are Goodyear F1 Asymmetric tires. They have a treadwear rating of 500. The treadwear indicator is a measure of how long (miles) the tire is expected to last. It also is an indicator of how hard/soft tire is. Sport tires usually have...
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    Whistling noise at 70mph drivers side

    2020 Tesla Model Y Windshield Seal Test
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    Drivers Seat creaking while driving.

    We have squeaking from rear seat.. putting down and up seems to stop it. Hasn't done it in a week or so.. which is sad because I finally got back there and had wife drive around - just to have nothing to find.
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    iPhone 12 Pro Max and charging

    +1 iPhone 12 Pro Max w/ Apple MagSafe Leather case fails to charge. Charges with case removed. Hoping a firmware fix. My other wireless chargers work OK w/ MagSafe leather case
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    No TESLA logo on calipers anymore?

    Performance model does, no LR.
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    PPF and Tint Cost

    Ziebart here in MN: $350 for just front bumper protection (not hood or fenders). 3 Windows $189.
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    $12 Performance Pedals

    Performance Model 3 & Y come with “performance foot pedals”. Teslarati sells for like $30. Found some on Amazon for $12. Just received and put on. We are pleased! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K6BFP8H/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Before & After pics
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    Sharpie on black fender?

    I recently had good luck with polish. I purchased a 2015 RAV4 for my mother and detailed it - rubbed out a lot of scratches, followed by Meguire's Car Polish. I accidentally got some polish on the black plastic fenders and was afraid it would stain white like the rubbing compound or some waxes...
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    Budget 'Induction' DIY Plasti dip for Gemini Wheels

    Wow.. gotta say, I never thought would look so good.
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    Touch Up Paint from TouchUpDirect

    I had good luck with TouchUpDirect. I highly recommend their micro-applicators.
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    Wind and Road noise. How to mitigate?

    We had some wind noise that seemed a bit much from windshield (I have posted in this forum). It helped to test drive another Model Y. The back-to-back drive made it evident ours had an issue.
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    Air noise from driver front windshield?

    @WasherDryer Do you have access to compressor with air gun? Pretty easy to test. Initially, I had my wife on inside with airgun with my face close to area she was blowing. It was very apparent when we found the weak spot. I could feel the air coming through. Keep in mind, this was after SC...
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    Air noise from driver front windshield?

    Issue ended up being bad windshield seal! Follow up post: Wind noise was bad windshield seal!
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    Wind noise was bad windshield seal!

    We had very noticeable noise from front driver-side corner of windshield. Tesla added some sealant which helped noise, but still there. Tissue test showed was seal issue. Tesla replaced windshield! Mystery solved. Previous thread regarding our noise: Air noise from driver front windshield?
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    Doors frozen OPEN!

    UPDATE: Spoke with Tesla. They are going to spray a Dupont product (prolly what P3dStealth suggested above, which I've ordered), check window calibration and.. fix my trim. See photo below, I noticed door trim piece dented and scraped from window glass hitting it.. which sucks.
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    Doors frozen OPEN!

    This is more than simply frozen windows.. with Tesla Model Y, I could not even come close to closing the door .. at 30 degrees F. Anyway.. service call is scheduled.
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    Doors frozen OPEN!

    I suspect you're right. Still new to Tesla crowd. I've had many frameless window cars and never once had this issue. If this happened in a BMW forum, people would cry out against the injustice and stupidity of the design. Seriously, my wife works down town and parks in open-air ramp. In...
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    Doors frozen OPEN!

    That's ridiculous. This even the cheapest car you can find does not have this issue. $63k car that cannot close it's doors in cold weather is a real problem. Yes, your suggestion to pre-heat for 30 minutes may work.. but may not if you have already opened the door (as I had) only later to...
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    Extension cord for dryer outlet.

    Or, if your a bit hand, grab some 6AW wire from HomeDepot (and ends) and make your own.
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    Doors frozen OPEN!

    Oct 25, 2020. Left Model Y outside in light snow for several hours. When I went to move car into garage, door handles were frozen, but broke free fairly easily. Door opened, but I found I could not close doors after entering car. Widow hit cold door seal hard - felt like window would break...
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    Air noise from driver front windshield?

    We picked up 9/20 build Model Y LR about 3 weeks ago. We noticed specific wind noise from lower front corner of driver side windshield. Sounded almost like a slightly cracked open window. It was very noticeable above 50mph. We told brought it in on day 7 (soonest appointment), SC tried to...
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    Deciding to Delay Delivery until Battery Day

    You don't order a new computer when there is a presser scheduled and rumors of a new, much faster processor. You push a few weeks if your situation allows - however, if your computer died, you have to replace it. I saw this as a similar situation. Wise move is to push a couple weeks - which...
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    Not driving daily...How should I charge?

    Tesla battery expert recommends daily charging limit to optimize durability - Electrek
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    Rear hatch privacy cover.

    Window Tint is total limo style black out. Privacy is not a concern. As someone with sport utility vehicles for years.. storage covers can provide privacy and also a "finished" look to rear. The trade-off, however, is that you constantly uninstall and reinstall cover each time you need to...
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    Self-Tinting - Need Window Up

    Anyone try just using the manual door handle? Owners manual states window will not go down when manual handle is used.

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