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    Salvage Car Owners Support Group.

    I have a rooted 2014 Model S with AP1 on 2019.32.12.2 and am wondering if there is a way to recalibrate the radar without taking it in for service. I hit something on the highway which caused my radar to become unmounted from the car. It was still working as it would show the car in front of me...
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    HID to LED Model S conversion kit

    I am seeing two LED lights and the HID-LED conversion kit both both lights to convert the HID to LED in my 2014 Model S. I haven't had time to do the conversion and am trying to clear out my garage. Would prefer to sell locally but will ship at buyer's expense Looking for $500 obo for...
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    FS: Bad IC Display, Good IC Board, Good Sub Amp

    Bump for the Sub Amp for the Model S premium audio. The IC display and board have been sold.
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Found the NHTSA investigation under action number PE20010. I guess I will also submit a complaint and reference that action number? Here is the actual NHTSA write up: NHTSA Action Number: PE20010 Components ELECTRICAL SYSTEM, BACK OVER PREVENTION Opened From: June 22, 2020–Present Summary...
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    FS: Bad IC Display, Good IC Board, Good Sub Amp

    Bump The Sub Amp for the premium audio is still available.
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    Replacing instrument cluster May not help you if you have already damaged your trim but I found while replacing my instrument cluster that using an inflatable leveling tool that you can get a Lowes or Home Depot will push up the top of the dash without damaging the trim. I included my...
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    They had the MCU onhand and stated that it should be done within 24-48 hours. They also provided me with a Model S loaner which I haven't gotten at the Orlando service center in awhile. I dropped it off this morning. They did not charge me for the old MCU. It was $2092.99 (labor might change)...
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    So the new installed MCU is supposed to have a 4 year warranty on the parts but I'll update if they say something different. I am also expecting to get LTE for free as part of the upgrade and the screen is one that supposedly doesn't bubble or yellow. But in addition to that I am working with...
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    Likely MCU Failure (MCU1 eMMC)

    So I have been working with @TonyT to get the files off of my eMMC. Unfortunately he was unable to get the files off and I had to get Tesla to install a new MCU. Tesla service center of Orlando's stance on MCU replacements is that you get to keep the MCU if you pay for it out of warranty. If it...
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    FS: Bad IC Display, Good IC Board, Good Sub Amp

    Sorry for the slow response. I was on a business trip. Yes, all the parts are still available.
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    FS: High Power Wall Connector - Melbourne FL

    Thanks for the interest everyone, this is sold!
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    New soft closing door kit for Model S

    Hard to really show it but I tried to mark how I placed it on the picture. There is a small "L" at the end of the actuator that I was able to fit between the cross beam and the outside of the door. I just used the same adhesive that was still on the actuator plus a little more of the blue stuff...
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    FS: High Power Wall Connector - Melbourne FL

    Looking for $460 plus shipping if required
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    FS: High Power Wall Connector - Melbourne FL

    I'm selling an extra HPWC that I just acquired. I was given a Tesla credit last year for a solar installation and was told I had to use the credit by October and used the credit towards the HPWC for a family install. They bought their own waiting for mine to be received so I have an extra new in...
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    New soft closing door kit for Model S

    Sorry I have been really late to reply to this thread. I have now had all of the door locks installed for over a month now and some things I've ran into since the install. When I installed the kit on the front doors I put the actuator sideways on the door with the adhesive as shown in the video...
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    2014 P85D - Flood Salvage Questions

    FYI this exact thing happened to me during Hurricane Irma with the exact same symptoms. It was covered by my insurance to the price of $10k. Replaced was: DC-DC Converter 12V battery High Voltage Contactors Motor
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    FS: Bad IC Display, Good IC Board, Good Sub Amp

    I am not sure how to price these used items so feel free to give me offers. I am willing to travel in Florida to meet at a supercharger as far as Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tampa, Miami if I get close to my asking prices. I had my 2014 Model S Instrument Cluster Display start to bubble and...
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    Replacing instrument cluster

    Just did the Gen2 screen replacement on my bubbling screen. Used the Youtube video in the following post to take apart the dash: Instrument cluster fan replacement Bought this infatable leveling tool at Lowes to take the upper part of the dash off without breaking anything...
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    Parting out 2015 85D

    Price of Instrument Cluster shipped to Florida?
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    Tesla 2015 Model S retrofit LED headlights

    I believe the company below is where the adapters come from for 260 Euro. Between getting the adapter and LED lights going for $125ish a light on eBay it isn't a terrible "upgrade". I inquired as to how much they would cost to ship to the US but like others here I am unsure about switching from...
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    New soft closing door kit for Model S

    I will be but won't have time until this weekend or next to finish it up. For now I ran the wires under the front kick panels to the back passenger area. I don't have kids and almost no one ever sits in the back so I don't mind the wires being exposed for a bit. I was blown away with how...
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    New soft closing door kit for Model S

    So I purchased the kit from Tesla Offer on Saturday, was shipped Monday from Hong Kong and arrived at my house on yesterday (Tuesday). I had time to install the front two last night and figured I would share some notes with everyone. I had taken the door cards off before so I kinda knew what to...
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    Can anyone recommend an MCO parking lot with a charger?

    I have been parking at Fast Park and Relax for just under three years and have not ran into the inability to charge due to ICE (although cars have parked in the spots sometimeS). Right now for the past two months, a new rear wheel drive white 75 Model S has been parking there without even...
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    Supercharger - West Melbourne, FL [Operational]

    Stopped by yesterday and there was no progress. No transformer or meter
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    Model 3 Spotted at West Palm Beach

    I sat next to a guy on my flight coming into Orlando last week and found out that his dad has both a Model S and X that lives about 5 minutes from me (I've seen the Model X with the license plate he described). He said that his dad was picking up his Model 3 this week or next week and I asked...
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    Supercharger - West Melbourne, FL [Operational]

    Looks like it will be in Hammock Landing which is a much better location then the Melbourne mall (but much further for me in Viera) West Melbourne to get Space Coast's first Tesla Supercharger station
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    How well does AP handle cross winds?

    I took mine out right after Hurricane Matthew passed Cape Canaveral on I-95 with 40-50 MPH crosswinds and doing 80 MPH and while it wasn't perfect, it never concerned me. Much better than I would have done. Also, I have put my kayak on top multiple times with crosswinds and I don't even notice...
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    Lets see your garage!

    Perfect time for this post. Just finished mine a month or two ago
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    Firmware 7.1

    You have to jiggle the wheel, just having your hand on it didn't work for me. Note that this was just what I experienced myself and others might not get the exact same result. My "testing" conditions were 4-6 lane divided highways in Florida (I-75, Florida turnpike, 528) Speed set to 75-80 mph...
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    Firmware 7.1

    Yep. Used a stopwatch on my phone when I touched the wheel and the nag would appear 5 mins after. The nag timer gets reset anytime you disengage autopilot. I'm guessing most people haven't had 5 minutes of continuous autopilot usage yet.
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    Firmware 7.1

    I had a 300 mile trip right after installing 7.1 and the nag happened every 5 mins exactly. I can understand Tesla wanting to have a nag to make sure we are awake but it does get annoying after a few hours of driving. Also I think the timer should get reset if I start a lane change since it...
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    19" OEM Wheels and Tires With Free Shipping - SOLD

    19" OEM Wheels and Tires With Free Shipping I have 4 stock OEM wheels and tires with 100 miles on them. They come with center caps and lug nuts but no TPMS sensors. Shipping is free or I can meet at any supercharger in Florida for delivery for a discount. Please don't hesitate to reach out to...
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    Brand New HPWC For Sale - Never Opened - No Longer Available

    Sending you a PM. I am local and can pick up. Let me know if you are interested.
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    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    I put myself on the list March 30th and got the email tonight to order. I would assume that they have to be very close to being caught up by now.

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