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    Jerome reassigned to customer-satisfaction role

    Bonnie i could not agree with you more. As the early adopters wane out and tesla become more mainstream the general absent minded consumer has a bucket list of questions that needs to be addressed with knowledgeable sales staff from tesla to ensure accurate information is disseminated The sales...
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    Lights flicker when I finish charging off [email protected]

    Your ending had me laughing completely lmaos, its the same in nyc con edison is ridiculous and the still cannot get it right...
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    How Tesla lost a brand advocate through poor recruiting practices

    I sympathize with his post simply because as much as Tesla is my favorite company in the world simply because i concluded that electric vehicles were the trajectory for future transportation some 11 years ago (there's a funny story about that :smile:) and i completely understand the pressure...
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    The Tesla Van (albeit Tesla Service)

    I was saying the same exact thing, personally i would much have rather them use Mercedes Benzs clean diesel Sprinter Cargo vans not only are they better looking but also have better capacities on nearly every metric possible. In addition why not use vans from a company that "gave you some food...
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    Changes To Model S battery pack after Gigafactory

    I initially thought along the same lines but knowing elons personality and missions of accelerating the worlds transition to electric vehicles it would be more than likely to say he will maximize the cost savings achieved by the gigafactory to enhance the user experience of all future users...
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    How would YOU configure a Model S for the budget conscience?

    I think you have optimized value for price with your current config, I always recommend the Tech package to prospective model s owners simply because the wiring harness for the Autopilot with the 12 ultrasonic sensors is completely different and not able to be modded without spending half the...
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    Stuck on top of a mountain... radio frequency issue? Car won't see the key..

    So the permanent solution is to place your key fob next to the usb ports? i just wanted to clarify what works best.
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    loud buzzing while supercharging, then white smoke in the cabin?

    Yeah definitely seems so, especially when he relied on the "Crutch-field technicians" for advice was his first mistake.....
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    Superchargers at Service Centers?

    This idea is very unlikely. What many consumers don't know is that high voltage electricity is around our lives 24/7 we are just not accustomed to seeing it within your every day lives. Any local strip mall, College, Hospital,Supermarket, Restaurant,gym, auto Body shop/Maintenance repair...
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    Tesla Model S UMC cut open and modified to J1772

    That actually brings me to a point in which i wanted to voice to tesla. Make their UMC With J1772 outlets Most electric vehicles, or extended range vehicles, chevy volt. nissan leaf, ford focus ev, and fiat ev., fit ev all have "chargers" included with them on 120volts and then to get a...
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    Battery Technology Improvement Over Time

    You beat me to it:biggrin: , Initially once the secound delays was announced i was confindent that in part it was due to having a larger pack and cost production curves. In January Elon and straubel did a conference in norway Q and A style and Elon admitted that next year there will be a larger...
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    It is a race that i am eagerly watching and astonished at just how fast the race is intensifying this year alone:rolleyes:. The pace in which the superchargers are being released is nothing short of .......astonishing , Most of the chargers have been released within the past two quarters and the...
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    Condo Charging - Minimal cost installation and some questions

    Good Speed my freind and im glad you have gotten everything sorted out, Many HOA are organized with citizens in which have no authority outside their meaningless utopia:wink: and are unwilling to accommodate Evs
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    Low vin upgrades?

    100 percent correct i am very glad tell moved forward with the electromechanical set up , it simply makes more sense considering how interconnected the vehicle is, Minimal Latency
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    Tesla in India?

    The article is correct there is massive potential for india, on many levels of economic development l. Much of india is a despot nation (not to sound insulting) in which the average incomes is less than 1 dollara day us equivalency .Much of their agriculture and production has not gone through a...
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    Harris Ranch is getting first battery swap station

    I have to say i love as owners (and soon to be owners and enthusiast ) we are sooo emphatic about tesla movements that we start becoming Mini detectives, The community of Teslons (i dubb people who follow tesla) is how should i say..... Awesome!!!
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    My first Visit to a Supercharger!!

    Was it difficult to handle the 120 Kw in one hand? :biggrin:
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    Another 12v battery bites the dust

    I am glad to hear that they are replacing them so expediently and taking proactive measures but i can't help but think that known more reliable suppliers would be a better solution such as. Lead acid batteries are not hard to make we have had them for a century and then some, AcDelco is just...
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    Why more superchargers alone can't prevent overcrowding

    I was more concerned for someone going to intercity travel for example sanfran to Los angeles or nyc to lake placid routes in which although are not interstate still are large distances approx 5 hours or so. On the 1 percent of trips in which you exceed the range of your car the average...
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    Why more superchargers alone can't prevent overcrowding

    The best solution in reality is to build out a network that is no more inconvenient than conventionally fueled vehicles. I like the analogy of expecting to drive at 65 mph in rush hour traffic its simply not possible. A reasonable expectational goal from tesla would be a wait no no longer than...
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    Why more superchargers alone can't prevent overcrowding

    This issue has plagued my mind once production would be increased to 31,000 and on forward. What will be the saving grace in the availability of supercharger stalls (owners not waiting to charge) will be the number of sites that will be open on similar but diversified routes of travel, rather...
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    Advice on Cleaning Textile Seats

    I think your best bet is an automotive interior and detail center . Get a price quote from MULTIPLE DETAILERS and use your good judgment and resolve to determine which location is ideal :cool:
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I Find it interesting that the Model s exhibits that style of behavior shutting off when both peddles are depressed. Wouldn't it be safe to say that a more conventional approach to this situation would be a regular audible warning as currently implemented without powering off the car? The...
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    "Vehicle Systems Very Hot. Charge Speed Reduced"

    Sure any time enjoy your model s!
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    BMW and Tesla converse about share Supercharger network

    Chademo stations will more than likely become supercharger sites considering that the investment in capital expenditures and labor have already been paid. The current electrical Equipment Upgrade is necessary the superchargers consume over 70 kw + more power. The current rate of sales for...
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    "Vehicle Systems Very Hot. Charge Speed Reduced"

    Just for future reference Telsa makes reference to this issue.their super charging FAQs "Charging will be subject to State of Charge and in extreme climates above 100 degrees charging may slightly be reduced" What you experienced is actually quite normal. Im not sure if you have had any...
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    And the day was going so well...

    I hope everything went smooth man and hopefully you get another car to drive soon , after all it is the safest car in the world :smile:
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    Leilani Munter thought

    I agree completely , she did a great job and of course we know where she stands. She stands with us helping trying to move the world and were not trying to take away from that. I was sitting fairly close to the stage and yes it seemed like every 3 words or so she was reading from her paper...
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    Raffle winners?

    I was wondering the same thing i didnt here anything about it
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    The TESLIVE Experience

    I was just about to post the pic i took today, i saw you're orange roadster it looks great!
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    Anyone for dinner tonight (Thursday)?

    Seems like they already started . im up for joining in a meal i might just take a smoothie or something considering i just ate
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    Anyone for dinner tonight (Thursday)?

    dammit i just picked up food , are you the one with the orange roadster?
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    Asking Elon Questions

    In short i am very privy to the needs and limitations of batteries. i fly helicopters in real life as well as rc helicopters in which can be unforgiving if you do no not know how to properly handle battery charging. I mis typed and i meant 460 volts. The Roadster pack is only 55KW and is of a...
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    see you soon!

    Cant wait to see everyone as well . im already here in san jose waiting for the tesla techies to get in!
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    How about an annual Tesla convention?

    I think so too , there are many arrangements that were necessary to make this possible
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    Driving from The east coast to San jose viA I80

    is the member from tmc?
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    Asking Elon Questions

    You are sorta right. The reason why the roadster is not able to handle DC current is because it does not have a high amperage Dc bypass that would allow the the direct current to charge the batteries directly avoiding the on board charger. All the power imputed for the roadster goes through the...
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    Driving from The east coast to San jose viA I80

    At the most recent shareholders event Elon mentioned that by the end of the year he is planning to take a trip from the west coast to the east coast to prove viability . In addition he said that the supercharger network will be complete In which model s owners could drive east to west and vise...
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    How about an annual Tesla convention?

    i would be interested i think alot of people would be especially if this tesla live conference goes well . Im flying all the way from the east coast to come for a 3 day event and i think its well worth it !:smile:
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    Asking Elon Questions

    -Moving past Gen 3 being the mass market vehicle, Are there an plans to go even more mainstream possibly with a pricing structure that would allow an environmentally minded college student to afford a sub 300 dollar payment per month for a lease.ex Instead of getting a honda civic a tesla...
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    New Petition to White House Requesting Direct Tesla Sales in All States

    Tesla Petition legal in all 50 states! I urge everyone to sign the petition and push the white house for a response for tesla to sell vehicles directly to the consumer. There is no guarantee of success but it is a start.
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    TESLIVE Factory Tours - Signup & Confirmed Lists

    You can add my name for the wait list for Sunday. As well is is possible though to get a tour for possibly tuesday or so?

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