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    Autopilot frustrations

    I am not a current beta tester but an extremely heavy user of autopilot in my 75D 2017 model S. Three of my frustrations -- 1. On a four-lane highway with right hand and left hand lane turns, on autopilot at certain locations, the car tends to veer into the left hand turn lane due to a break...
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    Complete -'Official' Tesla Software Updates

    2020.44.25 Official Tesla Release Notes - Tesla Software Updates I stumbled on this and I don't believe it has been mentioned on this forum, but this seems very complete and even offers a peek into the next release. BTW, what is the beta FSD version #? When I saw this version I initially...
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    Samsung T7 500 GB SSD working great

    With the recent on infotainment upgrade to HW 3, I purchased the Samsung T7 500 GB SSD online for $119.99 (Amazon). Upon its arrival, plugged it into the USB port, went to the settings, safety & security screen, clicked on format Drive, and was surprised how fast that was. I am so impressed...
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    Little red dot showing on the display

    I noticed today a little red dot that is being displayed on the speed limit sign on the display. I'm almost certain this has not appeared previously, but who knows. Last week 2020.12.5 was downloaded. A JPEG is attached. This dot is not part of the speed limit icon as when there is no speed...
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    MCU1 infotainment upgrade

    I attempted to schedule an appointment using the Tesla app for the infotainment upgrade and it defaulted to mobile service. My appointment is scheduled for this coming Thursday (March 26) and I thought by now they would review the appointment, provide an estimate, and then reschedule to a...
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    Another great visit at the Wilmington DE SC

    I must be in a great area for service centers, first with the Devon PA center until a closer center in Wilmington DE opened in January. Had to get the 12 V battery serviced and they had me in and out within one hour with a new 12v battery under warranty. It was also impressive to find in the...
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    Random braking

    It seems lately with the latest 2020.4.1 and now 2020.8.1 updates I have experienced more of this random braking issue with absolutely nothing in sight as to a possible reason of why the car would want to abruptly stop. It does not seem to matter if I am on autosteer or just adaptive cruise...
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    Map on MCU display

    At one time, didn't the map display areas of congestion (using orange border lines on the edges of the roads with congestion)? I don't see this happening at all. if correct, why would Google -or maybe Tesla - have eliminated this?
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    New Service center in Wilmington Delaware

    I placed a mobile support request to inspect a 1-year-old tire purchased from Tesla that was losing pressure. Interestingly, after confirming the mobile appointment, Tesla moved the appointment to a brand-new service center in Wilmington DE near the intersection of Route 7 with I95 at 600 First...
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    Scheduled charging

    For all of us retired individuals enjoying the Tesla, I wonder why the Tesla app does not allow variable scheduled charging. Even better, since I am an avid Outlook calendar user, and Tesla can certainly read my calendar appointments, why it can't determine from a calendar appointment to have...
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    FSD - will it ever be available for my Tesla

    I purchased my 2017 model S 75D September 2017 and purchased FSD at that time. I wish I can remember the Tesla salesperson’s comments about when FSD would be available, but I certainly wasn’t thinking it would be 2 or 3 years down the road. If I were to sell the car back to Tesla, possibly in...
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    Well after a long dry spell since December 24, I finally got upgraded last night to 2020.4.1. So I wonder what is different about this update which seems to be special for MCU1 cars like mine versus 40.50.7 which I have been informed that my car is not capable of installing that update. I do...
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    Not upgrading to 40.50.7...

    This morning I called Support to inquire why my car (S75D - Sept 2017) is stuck on 40.2.1. I was watching as this update was downloading early December and it got stuck on 50% download. The next morning I went to the car to find out if the download was successful only to find that it had...
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    Interesting article on new battery technology from IBM

    Free of Heavy Metals, New Battery Design Could Alleviate Environmental Concerns | IBM Research Blog
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    Autopilot error -- turning into left-hand turn lane

    I think I have read that this forum is visited by Tesla development engineers on occasion. Hopefully they will read this. I use Route 1 in southeastern PA many times and on the Southbound Ln. near Chadds Ford, PA there is a left turn lane that autopilot never fails to want to turn into even...
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    Reduced mileage after 2 years

    My model S 75D now after 2 years achieves 239 miles, 93% of the original 257. Would this reduction be about normal?
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    eMMC flash failure - Models S/X

    UPDATE: Tesla Cars Have A Memory Problem That May Cost You A Lot To Repair Of possible interest to owners with cars with MCU failure or even cars totally bricked. I understand there are older TMC threads on this as well. According to the article, this eMMC fash card was used on Teslas S/X up...
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    Don't park under an Osage Orange tree

    Friends of ours enjoyed a lunch at a pub today in Media Pennsylvania and my 2017 model S 75D was parked in the back parking lot. After returning from the restaurant, I noticed my rear windshield had a vertical crack, so I called the restaurant to see if possibly the parking lot had camera...
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    TeslaSpy and Dashboard cannot connect to car

    Not sure if this is just happening to me, but for the last several days Tesla spy and Dashboard have not been able to connect to my car. I don't know if Tesla has made some internal adjustments with the last 2 updates or I have mistakingly changed something within settings. Does anybody else...
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    Taycan Turbo Introduction

    Looks very nice, but expensive. Google Image Result for https://i.ytimg.com/vi/RfnLv80fq3w/maxresdefault.jpg
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    How Tesla is making cars think like humans

    Interesting article on the Tesla neural networking processor... Under the skin: How Tesla is making cars think like humans
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    Losing major amounts of mileage while parked

    I noticed last week that I was losing significant amounts of mileage while the car was parked in my garage. Realizing I can’t argue my case without facts, I started keeping a log on Excel showing all trips and the mileage shown on the dashboard following each trip. Then each morning I would also...
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    New electric motor research

    HET electric motor massively boosts power, torque and efficiency, reduces weight and complexity
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    New electric motor research

    HET electric motor massively boosts power, torque and efficiency, reduces weight and complexity
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    Autopilot does not give priority to the centerline

    I wonder if others have noticed this. When I use autopilot and there is a break in the right hand lane marking for a right hand turn lane, autopilot veers to the right unexpectedly. While I have gotten used to this, it still concerns passengers. Wouldn't you think that autopilot should give...
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    Very efficient service from the Devon (PA) service center

    I had the unfortunate experience Monday around 4:45 of hitting a huge pothole (totally covered by water) that totally flattened my right rear tire and damaged beyond repair the right front tire. So that was my first experience in calling roadside assistance. The roadside assistance truck was...
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    Display of vehicles near car

    While I was out of the country, my S 75D received an update to 2018.50.6. Now I notice that the display does not show cars immediately in back, but continues to display cars coming alongside on both the right and left and in front. Shouldn't it also show cars directly in back? I thought it...
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    Blackvue dashcam installation

    Is anyone aware of a installer for the blackvue dashcam in the Wilmington Philadelphia area?
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    Blackvue dashcam installation

    Is anyone aware of a installer for the blackvue dashcam in the Wilmington Philadelphia area?
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    Model S 75 D Battery

    Does the 75 D have the total battery capacity of the 85 or 100 and my car is simply software locked to the lower capacity? If that is the case, am I able to pay for extra capacity and they simply would software unlock that? The reason I ask is that I do remember during one of the Florida...
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    Utah Model S data release

    What confuses me about the release of data on the Utah Tesla model S crash is that the autopilot did not detect an object directly in front. I realize a standing object like a parked car can be confusing but one would think autopilot would react much faster than the human did.
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    Suggestions for GPS

    The user-friendly experience of the Tesla GPS is very good. However, based on prior GPS systems, I’m wondering if Tesla already has the capability to do a couple of extras -- for example, to have Tesla remember favorite places. One of these prior systems would allow me to “Mark this...
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    Allow Calm Radio Subscription

    Since many of the 'Tesla' stations are Calm Radio, I subscribed to Calm thinking I could sign in while in the car thus avoiding the numerous and irritating commercials. Well, not so fast -- Tesla does not allow one to sign in to Calm. The Calm Radio rep suggested that if many owners 'asked'...
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    Provide an option to use WAZE GPS. I find that this software is even more up-to-date than Google as far as new roads, and if not it is very easy to contact development to add a new road.
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    Pano roof noise and Calm Radio

    I picked up my 75D on Sept 30, 2017 and am totally thrilled with the driving experience. I have been lurking here in the forum and am amazed how much knowledge is here. So, suffice it to say, I am still learning. One specific question I have is regarding the panoramic glass roof. My panoramic...

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