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    We have 'vent' for windows. But can we have 'auto-close in the evening' please!

    Like many people. When my car is parked on the drive and the car is in full sun it gets hot and I leave a window or 2 open / use the 'vent' mode on the app. It's in a safe location. Several times I've forgotten to close them in the evening! Came down this morning after last night's rain to open...
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    12 month intermittent fault with: reverse cameras, day/night detection, GPS location, ecall emergency - resolved!

    Since I got my SR+ a year ago it's had an intermittent fault (about 20% of the time, 80% more recently) with all of the following not working for the first 5-10 minutes of the drive: - reverse cameras (all 3) with a spinning logo. Actually I now believe all cameras were failing! - Day/night...
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    My v11 peeves. Have they also removed % expected, and roundtrip % from navigation?

    When I used to put in a destination, a menu would popup that would show me the route, and at the bottom it'd say "expect to arrive with 15%, roundtrip -20%" Where's that gone? Tesla aren't stupid enough to have removed this - surely?! It's rather useful to know if you've got enough battery to...
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    12 simple software updates Tesla could make to improve interface. How many do you want?

    App improvements (overall I/everyone love the app - but think a few things could be added): - Add horn "chirp". The car does a horn "chirp" on locking. Why is only the "blast" tone on the app? Let's have more choice! - "Auto vent" windows at safe (home) locations above say 35C interior - Stop...
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    9kW "stator heater" ON when supercharging. Hypocritical waste?

    So for a decade we've been told that active battery management of lithium batteries is good. Lithium batteries (for their longevity) like to stay around the same temperature as humans, 20C. Nissan don't have liquid cooling and suffer range loss in hot states (Arizona where some lost 30% range in...
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    UK - model 3 Performance is a £3700 upgrade - what is it without? an AWD?

    I don't know if this is a UK only thing. Option is choose: Std Range Plus - £38,900 Performance - £48,590. Then you click through to page 2 and it says Performance upgrade - £3700. Includes: 20” Performance Wheels Performance Brakes Carbon fibre spoiler Lowered suspension Aluminium alloy...
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    Teslas Q1 cash-crunch / Q1 financial analysis. Were they nearly bankrupt?

    All you need is 3 figures. Sales of $4.4bn (net loss was $702m) So Q1 costs of $5.1bn Cash position at end of quarter of $2.2bn, ... and Elon admitting on the earnings call that half of their sales completed in the last 10 days of the quarter (remember Tesla don't consider a car sold until all...
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    5+2 seats or 7

    There's a pic on Electrek that somebody managed to take off the rear 2 seats. Interestingly they appear to have no headrests. I think, because the back of the car swoops down so much that the rear glass is too low to sit 2 adults - and these are only for very small adults, or children! Look at...
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    Lost respect for Tesla... my reasons

    Model 3 reservation holder from day 2 in the UK... follower of Tesla for literally its entire history. They've done some amazing things to push EV's and kick the other companies into doing EVs. So a few things that erk me about Tesla... - Elon joining POTUS's board (at least he eventually quit...
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    Trip Chowdry "analyst" - what is this guy smoking!? Insane Supercharger forecast

    I've heard this guy speak on conference calls - and I'm frequently shocked by what he comes up with. But the most recent takes the biscuit, hits the ball out of the park in terms of non-sensical, over-ambitious, total inane rubbish - from a WALL STREET ANALYST. The what - he predicts $2.62bn...
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    some examples of where level 5 autonomy might have difficulty

    " Say you're driving down a two-way street and there's a lorry unloading a delivery in the opposite lane. The oncoming traffic needs to pull out into your lane to overtake. What do you do?" See this well argued BBC article Would you bully a driverless car or show it respect? - BBC News and I've...
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    Poorly researched Motley Fool article bashes Powerwall

    Motley Fool (which admits it owns shares of Tesla) and normally talks up Tesla (their cars, the Gigafactory, the game-changing aspect of the business, self-driving) has done a error strewn and pretty negative piece on the Powerwall accusing Musk of false claims about the Powerwall's cycle life -...
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    Motley Fool does a poorly researched, negative PowerWall story

    Motley Fool (which admits it owns shares of Tesla) and normally talks up Tesla (their cars, the Gigafactory, the game-changing aspect of the business, self-driving) has done a error strewn and pretty negative piece on the Powerwall accusing Musk of false claims about the Powerwall's cycle life -...
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    Musk's "worst few weeks" - I don't think it has been.

    How bad has it really been for Elon Musk this last month? The worst weeks ever? Let me remind people about his infamous previous "worst few weeks". Christmas 8 or so years back (2008?) when Tesla nearly folded (it had to convince investors for more funding and Elon had put in his last bit of...
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    Will initial model 3's only be pricey signature / 4wd versions?

    Unfortunately for Tesla (who make most of their $ on options!) my budget will stretch to a pretty standard car - with maybe one or two options. So do you think the 3 be like the S and X - only available at the start with all the bells and whistles (super fast, extended battery, 4wd, all options...
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    Why are people (including Elon) surprised by the number of Model 3 orders?

    as mentioned here and many other places: Tesla's Unbelievable Model 3 Pre-Order Mirage: Be Careful What You Wish For 7 good reasons why I'm not so surprised: 1. Many geeks / people who love tech have lusted after the Model S for 3 years. 2. It's been featured in thousands of business news...

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