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  1. brico84

    Real life experience with Xcelerate warranty?

    Brent, I definitely want to add drive train and battery coverage to my existing extended warranty on my 2017 S but how does that work if you are only going back 5 years but I still have 3 years on my Tesla drivetrain and battery warranty?
  2. brico84

    Real life experience with Xcelerate warranty?

    Mine has been working out great, extremely happy I got it. Brent is great, just talk to him, I am sure he will offer you a few options and you can find one that works for you. I hope they offer a battery + drivetrain warranty add-on in the future. Mines runs out in 2025.
  3. brico84

    suggestion for new 19 inch tires Model s 2018

    I have 4 on order arriving Monday to be installed.
  4. brico84

    Advice on tires

    Lasted another 6 months.... time to replace. Now the annoying hunt begins for the "best replacement option". Too many options and opinions, its overwhelming. Leaning towards the pirelli P zero elects though. Looking for comfort, range, and longevity. Live in FL so don't need winter or even...
  5. brico84

    How's V11 on the "Legacy" Model S?

    I'm sure in future builds they will make that target smaller, or random, making it harder to dismiss popups telling you to update ;)
  6. brico84

    POLL: FSD Camera Retrofit Status

    Still no camera update for me. Getting ridiculous at this point.
  7. brico84

    How's V11 on the "Legacy" Model S?

    Still rocking v10 and so glad I am :) I get the popup asking me to install an update every time I get in the car but I prefer to hit the X and keep going with v10 then to upgrade and not deal with the popup Everything with v11 is a downgrade from v10. If you have it, you can live with it...
  8. brico84

    Model S 2017 75D wont sleep properly 1hr sleep, 15min awake repeat...

    My personal concern is more about long term damage to my HV battery from the constant cycling
  9. brico84

    Don't get in an accident in your Tesla unless you like waiting for repairs

    I don't think that's how it works. In my experience, the shop contacts the insurance company for a supplemental if needed. As with all insurance claims, it might go smooth, or you might have to fight with them. This is the nature of all insurance claims across all industries. I don't think...
  10. brico84

    Don't get in an accident in your Tesla unless you like waiting for repairs

    Not sure where you are located, if you happen to be in South Florida I recommend the "Tesla Doctor". He's a 1 man shop that did any incredible job on my S (working with insurance).
  11. brico84

    Used Model S VS new Model Y and phantom braking

    Neither does the Model Y... unless they ADD A/C if you do 7 seater? On our 5 seater Model Y there is zero A/C behind the 2nd row.
  12. brico84

    Is this a fair trade in offer for my Model S Plaid 2021?

    I actually had a lot of luck with a 3 day ad on facebook. In the end I sold to "My Car Auction", who contacted me through my facebook ad. I used the offers from carbuyerusa, carvana, etc (I forgot which had the highest), to get him to boost his offer to higher than that. I actually ended up...
  13. brico84

    Is this a fair trade in offer for my Model S Plaid 2021?

    It completely depends on if that is the best offer you can get or not. We just sold our 2021 Y for a big profit vs what we paid for it at the beginning of 2021. I thought demand was so high right now, that most everyone selling a Tesla, especially recent model year, is able to make a profit...
  14. brico84

    Used Model S VS new Model Y and phantom braking

    I never have phantom breaking in my 2017 S. We have a 2022 Y and 2017 S. It is true the Y has newer tech as mentioned above, but for me, I would not be happy in the Y. I prefer my S with 2 screens, ventilated seats, Sedan vs SUV. Materials feel more premium. I have a sunroof which is...
  15. brico84

    Model S 2017 75D wont sleep properly 1hr sleep, 15min awake repeat...

    Tried this months ago, made no difference
  16. brico84

    Ventilated seats in a Model S

    MY 2017 S has ventilated seats. Current Palladium S has them. Several variations between the years had them. Most don't though.
  17. brico84

    Florida Waiting Room

    Picking up Blue with white int. on Friday. 427 batch.
  18. brico84

    Is it safe to disconnect center speaker?

    There are definitely the holes there for the speakers. There are several ok options for easy tweeter replacement without having to fabricate anything. So I would say yes, you can easily put a set of tweeters where the current ones are now and drop in the mids on the 2 sides. That is what...
  19. brico84

    NVX Subwoofer vs 4 light harmonic door speakers

    I actually don't have the NVX Sub (or any sub) installed yet. I will at some point but don't want to install it myself. I am still looking for a reasonably priced competent installer in my area. You might be interested in these.... I BELIEVE these should work for the tweeters as a wire...
  20. brico84

    Phantom text messages

    Confirmed on second replacement phone (Same, Moto Edge Plus), by skipping the restore of sms, i don't have this issue moving forward. It sucks not having my text history, sometimes I may want to look things up, but at least this issue is now solved for me. I encourage you to try a factory...
  21. brico84

    NVX Subwoofer vs 4 light harmonic door speakers

    I have limited time and have a number of things i am working on (i.e. planning to install electric frunk from evoffer this weekend), but I did purchase tweeters a few months ago and do plan to install them at some point this summer. I plan to reevaluate after that.
  22. brico84

    Can't get a straight answer... v11 and MCU1?

    AFAIK there is no v11 for MCU1 cars. That being said... you do not want v11. Be happy you are still on v10.
  23. brico84

    2021 Model Y Standard Range for sale Miami, FL

    Sold for $61,700 to "My car auction". In case anyone is interested this is what I did. First did carvana, mycargurus, driveway, vroom, etc instant quotes so i knew what my highest offer was, which was just about $60,000 from driveway. I then placed facebook marketplace ad and did a $10 daily...
  24. brico84

    2022 Model S Plaid Autonomy?

    autonomy? It sounds like you are talking about "range". If that is the case, yes... you will never get the advertised range of any Tesla. This is common and not considered a defect.
  25. brico84

    Looking to buy a used Model S. Looking for clarification on years.

    If you are buying from a dealer do not expect free unlimited supercharging. Regardless of the year or options, if the car went back to Tesla and was sold through auction (most dealerships get their Teslas this way), then you will not get free unlimited supercharging.
  26. brico84

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    Mine was I believe about 3800 for 10 year 100,000 add on. Had 27,000ish miles. Will hit the 10 years before I git the miles. Very happy. Already used it several times. Couldn't be easier. Tesla does all the work and payment, and xcare reimburses me within days. No phone calls or inspections or...
  27. brico84

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    if you decide to keep it long term, I suggest an X-care warranty for piece of mind.
  28. brico84

    I sold my Tesla Model Y today

    Standard, long range, or performance? Just sold my standard range for 61,700
  29. brico84

    Should I sell my Model S?

    not selling mine, keeping till I run it in to the ground.
  30. brico84

    Getting a used Tesla, deciding between years VS budget

    And you can get the sunroof too :)
  31. brico84

    Model Y standard range charges real slowly at urban supercharger

    There is definitely something wrong with your charging situation, unless it is so cold when you are trying to supercharge that it can't get the speed up. It is warm where I am. Here is a graph of a recent supercharge.
  32. brico84

    2021 Model Y Standard Range for sale Miami, FL

    Pending sale for $61,700
  33. brico84

    2021 Model Y Standard Range for sale Miami, FL

    Front windows are also tinted with ceramic and have lifetime warranty
  34. brico84

    2021 Model Y Standard Range for sale Miami, FL

    Getting ready to sell my Pearl White 2021 Model Y since my 2022 is ready for pickup in the next few weeks. Car is in perfect condition. No Accidents. Clean Title. Include radar AND passenger lumbar support :) Battery Stats: 100%=224 miles Most chargings done via AC Total Supercharging...
  35. brico84

    Phantom text messages

    New DataPoint: I got a new phone and did NOT restore my previous text messages. I had no issues for over a week. I then restored my old text messages, and the issue returned.
  36. brico84

    Full Replacement value insurance

    I have progressive and mine is not stated value
  37. brico84

    Getting FSD again on a second Tesla.

    I have no proof, but I would bet the house there is zero chance you will be auto-enrolled. You'll need to start from scratch like anyone else who is not in FSD beta
  38. brico84

    How do I delay delivery?

    No idea. I emailed my "sales rep". he responded saying its possible they matched me with a cancelled order. He says he will "un-match" me tomorrow and then i'll be back in the pool.
  39. brico84

    How do I delay delivery?

    Also, how do I check to see what VIN they assigned me? Is there anything I need to be looking for to make sure I did not get an "old" model Y without the recent changes such as lithium ion battery, ryzen, double pane glass? EDIT: I see the vin is 7SAYGDEE5NF413652
  40. brico84

    How do I delay delivery?

    I just received the text that my Y is ready and I need to schedule delivery by the 1st. As of yesterday, my estimated delivery was October 2022 - December 2022. I am not ready yet to take delivery, I still need to sell my current Y, and make arrangements for my loan. What is the best way to...
  41. brico84

    Family of 4 — used MX or new MY

    The autodoors on the X I'm sure come in handy for drop offs and pickups and carrying lots of "stuff", such as a baby or baby items. U would say 6 seater x would be the best option. The Y will be a bit cramped but doubt you'll regret either option. If you do go with a used X, I recommend an...
  42. brico84

    Deal or No Deal? 2017 75 RWD

    interesting. i bought mine from vroom which bought at auction. and while i did lose FUSC, I did not lose premium connectivity.
  43. brico84

    Bought a 2020 Model S Performance, worried I made a mistake

    Unfortunately, Tesla has labeled your car a "legacy" car as of holidays 2021, and the consensus seems to be that those of us with portrait screens (legacy cars) are being deprioritized moving forward. Tesla will certainly "support" your car for the foreseeable future, but don't expect to get a...
  44. brico84

    2019 Model S75d rated miles

    sounds right to me
  45. brico84

    For Sharing: 10% Off EVOffer Auto Frunk

    Ordered my electric frunk kit for 16% off.
  46. brico84

    Model S 2017 75D wont sleep properly 1hr sleep, 15min awake repeat...

    I agree. I am hoping that with TeslaMate, and everything else off, but mobile access on, the issue still occurs and then i would be able to bring that to Tesla hopefully for a fix. Next time I am gonna be leavingb my car for 4 days or so, I plan to turn off Teslamate and everything else...
  47. brico84

    Model S 2017 75D wont sleep properly 1hr sleep, 15min awake repeat...

    They (a specific mobile tech i have had work on my car before), communicated to me the exact times he saw the car reconnecting hv battery, down to the minute. It seems unlikely he would provide that level of detail as a straight up lie.
  48. brico84

    Legacy v11

    Good to know. I am still gonna stick with v10 for now for these reasons.... -I don't like the new colored icons in v11, they look Android GingerBread from 10 years ago, -I prefer v10 music interface. its cleaner. favorites are bigger. I see ZERO advantage to music setup in v11 -I prefer +...

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