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  1. Dmworkman

    Leaky Touchscreen!

    Glad to find this thread. My 2013 S developed the bubbles last summer. Car was fine when I left for vacation--upon return 2 weeks later, bubbles in the screen. Tesla refused to replace under warranty because the warranty expired during my vacation. Now the screen is leaking. Likely going to have...
  2. Dmworkman

    WTB 7 Seat Tesla (S with RFS or X) must have FSD

    I hadnt heard that. Ill try it but the bigger issue i think is the opening over the back seat into the trunk area is very small, so there just isnt much space for air to flow back into the trunk. When we first got the car we used rechargable clip on fans for the kids which helped, but on warm...
  3. Dmworkman

    WTB 7 Seat Tesla (S with RFS or X) must have FSD

    Id say it depends on what you want to use it for. Ive had an MS with RFS for 4 years with 4 kids. I get nervous with the kids in the trunk. They are the safest seats in the car in a front end collision but the thought of getting rearended scares me. There is no AC flow to the trunk area so the...
  4. Dmworkman

    Those “cheap tires” review

    Thanks for this. I wound up getting the Gt Radial Champiros since they were less than half price and i've gone through so many tires already. Figured if they don't last, i'm not out much since discount tire will prorate them. Only a handful of miles but they seem OK--might be a little noisier...
  5. Dmworkman

    Those “cheap tires” review

    How are these GT radials working out? I have had dunlops, hankook, and continental, never having a set last longer than 25k miles so the $90 per tire GT radial seems like it's worth trying.
  6. Dmworkman

    What car shipping company do you guys trust?

    Reliable Carriers (bright orange trucks) is a corporate shipping company that ships enclosed carrier and not a broker . I shipped my vintage corvette with them cross country. They are the preferred shipper for the barret-jackson auto auction and are first class!
  7. Dmworkman

    Looking for P85, $30K budget

    I have a 2013 P85 with 80k miles that im not selling, but for what it's worth, i like the bigger car. We kept it intentionally over a model 3 because of its size and comfort. We also have the rear facing seats which is a huge plus with our 4 kids. Any MS you look at also ask if the screen has...
  8. Dmworkman

    Model S key fob

    Is this stilll available?
  9. Dmworkman

    Supercharger - Flagstaff, AZ

    Owner services said they were closed due to new paving at the hotel, but that two cars were plugged in and stalls 1 and 2 were having issues. I called the hotel and they said they are open and working and not obstructed, so that is good news. They said stalls 3-6 were working fine.
  10. Dmworkman

    Supercharger - Flagstaff, AZ

    Thanks for the help. I am doing a quick round trip, so I may just plan to charges at Cordes Lakes enough to get back there and charge again. Was hoping to be able to just charge once in Flag. I will call the number--thank you!
  11. Dmworkman

    Supercharger - Flagstaff, AZ

    Nav system says reduced service right now for this supercharger. Anyone k now what means? Headed to flagstaff from Phoenix soon and trying to plan.
  12. Dmworkman

    WTB: 1 used 21” grey turbine

    I got one and can send to you from Phoenix.
  13. Dmworkman

    WTB Loaded Model S 85

    I second this. The RFS were a dealbreaker for me because we have 4 kids and wanted a second vehicle we could all fit in. They are great and incredibly helpful (no rearranging carseats, we csn take either car, dont have to plan which car goes where with who) i expected to use them more than we do...
  14. Dmworkman

    21" Gray Turbines set or singles

    For sale...4 gray 21" turbines off my p85 (square set). All have minor curb rash. Two are slightly bent, one has a crack thats been repaired. I downsized to 19's so seeing if anyone would want these. I can have the curb rash fixed and get them straightened but wasn't sure if anyone would want...
  15. Dmworkman

    WTB: Set of Tesla Cyclone Wheels Wanted - set of 4 (not turbines, not slipstreams, not base)

    Have you checked these rimson tire rack? They take the tesla cap. Just put these on mine today. https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?target=wheelCloseUp&wheelMake=Rial&wheelModel=Lugano+OE+Cap&wheelFinish=Graphite+Silver
  16. Dmworkman

    P85 can't CHILL?

    That could be very true. I was passing by the service center today so stopped in and asked again. A couple techs tried to find some info but ultimately came back with it's just for AWD cars (even though I said the internet told me there were a few RWD with chill). They took my car's info and...
  17. Dmworkman

    P85 can't CHILL?

    I have a P85 that i just serviced and got the 46 upgrade--easy entry but not chill. Service center said chill only available for AWD cars, but I know some RWD people have it (seems like maybe it needs to be refresh or AP?) My kids get a little dizzy sitting in the rear facing seats so was...
  18. Dmworkman


    I am downgrading to 19s this week and will have 4 square grey 8.5 turbines for sale early next week off my p85. All 4 have a little curb rash. Located in phoenix.
  19. Dmworkman

    New "Chill / Normal" acceleration modes?

    I just had my p85 serviced and didn't get chill mode with the update. When I asked, my advisor informed me chill mode was only for dual motor cars. So even classics should get it if they have dual motors. Too bad, passengers liked the smoother ride on the loaner they gave me.
  20. Dmworkman

    (Preemptive) WTB: Signature Black Wall Connector

    I'll buy your kids model S for $250!
  21. Dmworkman

    In the market for my first Used Telsa

    Good for you! You will be happy for sure. I bought a 2013 P85 nearly 18 months ago and love it. Warranty was important to me since I got a VIN in the 7k range. In what I found, I wanted the CPO warranty over the Extended Warranty that can be purchased, as the CPO did not have a deductible. I've...
  22. Dmworkman

    Model S Owners With Kids!

    Thanks for this! I had no idea these existed. I just did a 400 mile trip with my 4 kids under 7 in our Model S from Phoenix to LA. Was able to fit one rear facing seat, one front facing convertible seat, and one booster across the back seat with one kid in the rear facing seats in the trunk...
  23. Dmworkman

    P85+ Battery Range @ 90% and 100%

    P076XX with 46k miles, 220 at 90% and 245 at 100%. I have no done a full discharge and recharge to 100% in quite some time--just recharged to 100% today for a road trip.
  24. Dmworkman

    Lower and lower miles.....

    It's hot out here! When I got mine, I was worried something was wrong because the car seemed to have a fan running even when it shouldn't have. but everything i read pointed to the fact that it cools the battery when it gets hot. So sitting in a parking lot in Arizona in summer time will have...
  25. Dmworkman

    WTB Frunk Suitcase

    Hi, i am looking for the luggage/suitcase that fits in the back portion of the frunk area on a RWD MS.
  26. Dmworkman

    Help reconstructing a 2013 P85 Monroney Sticker

    thanks for this info. i just purchased a 2013 P85 (April build) and have been looking for similar info. this is extremely helpful.
  27. Dmworkman

    3 days needed for annual service(3rd) at Scottsdale SVC??

    Hello, I am in Chandler and just picked up a 2013 P85. I have an appointment Friday in Scottsdale to go through a couple things (vibration in rear, likely a tire issue and a couple minor things). If they need to do any service and keep for some time I will let you know. AC has been working fine...
  28. Dmworkman

    2013 P85 Silver w /all options - Rear Seats, Center Console, CQuartz, Suntek, Vinyl

    I sent you a private message--can you email me at [email protected] or call/text 614-556-0875?
  29. Dmworkman

    WTB model S with rear seats

    Whoa I would be all over that p85+ if it wasn't black. That looks like a great deal.
  30. Dmworkman

    WTB model S with rear seats

    Congrats this looks like a great buy!!
  31. Dmworkman

    Anyone near Dallas Tesla service center?

    Awesome, congrats! Is it Brown? Sounds like one my CPO advisor sent me that was in TX with rear seats and brown. I'm looking for a white one like yours. Happy you found one!
  32. Dmworkman

    Anyone near Dallas Tesla service center?

    Congrats! Care you share the details of what you purchased?
  33. Dmworkman

    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    I've been looking for a very similar car in a lighter color. From what I have seen that looks like a really good price. The rear seats may help your resale value as its an expensive aftermarket add on if you can find a service center to do it.
  34. Dmworkman

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    and congratulations by the way!!
  35. Dmworkman

    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Who is your rep? I have been trying to get ahol who is your rep? I have been trying to get hold of mine this week but haven't been able to. That sounds just like what i am looking for in a different color!
  36. Dmworkman

    WTB model S with rear seats

    Congrats!! My cpo advisor called me about an 85 without rear seats for 48 and an 85 with them for 54 both with about 50k miles. I am getting close!
  37. Dmworkman

    WTB model S with rear seats

    Thanks but id like to try and find one with tech package.
  38. Dmworkman

    CPO's are Back

    That actually makes sense. With 400k Model 3 reservations, it could be years before they fulfill all the demand. But if they have thousands of MS CPOs ready to go in the 40's, it could be a good option for those further down the list.
  39. Dmworkman

    2012 Sig Red P85 CPO for sale. $54k

    According to this, 3k for seats and 400 for the crossbar. Rear Facing Seats Retrofit | TeslaTap
  40. Dmworkman

    2012 Sig Red P85 CPO for sale. $54k

    It appears the crossbar can be added to later models. In this thread, the owner is getting the rear seats added to a 2014 model. 2014 Model S Trade for 7 passenger Model S
  41. Dmworkman

    2012 Sig Red P85 CPO for sale. $54k

    I am chasing this same issue down on a different car. The service center in buena park CA will install them aftermarket for $3,400. One TMC user has an appointmet scheduled for that next week. I also called them myself and they confirmed they can do it. Im trying to see if the local center in...
  42. Dmworkman

    2014 Model S Trade for 7 passenger Model S

    Thanks! They said they can dobit because they have a tecnician who knows how to do it. I have my local service center contacting them. Hopefully i can get it done here. If not, i may purchase one without the seats and take a road trip.
  43. Dmworkman

    2014 Model S Trade for 7 passenger Model S

    What service center is that? The center here in Scottsdale Arizona said they're having trouble figuring out how that can be done and would love to speak with the service center you have an appointment with. Do you mind sharing the info?
  44. Dmworkman

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ | Green Metallic

    I reccomend reliable carriers for shipping. I shipped a 73 corvette enclosed from ohio to phoenix for about 1500 bucks. They are a good company and also the preferred shipper for the barret jackson auto auction in scottsdale.
  45. Dmworkman

    2013 Red Multi-Coat Model S 85 | 51K Miles

    I just spoke with the service center in scottsdale and they said i may be able to add the rear facing seats but wanted to know the VIN. Can you share the VIN or send to me privately at [email protected] ?
  46. Dmworkman

    2014 Model S Trade for 7 passenger Model S

    Please let share what you find. I am looking for a MS with rear facing seats, and thought I might be able to pick one up and add them. I have had both the service center and retail location tell me they only add them during production. And in reading about it, I found some information about how...
  47. Dmworkman

    2013 Red Multi-Coat Model S 85 | 51K Miles

    How quickly do you want to sell? I am in phoenix and your car is perfect for me except i really want the rear seats. If i can't find something in the next couple weeks this could be a good option--or are you trying to sell it asap?
  48. Dmworkman

    WTB model S with rear seats

    Thanks for the info. I would prefer to find one in a lighter color but will keep an eye out for your listing when you are ready to sell. Thanks!
  49. Dmworkman

    WTB model S with rear seats

    Thanks for the info, i want to find a lighter color and west of the mississippi if i can.

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