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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    Hello All, Long time no post. My 6+ year old 85 has been doing great until today when I t-boned a deer on my way in to work. Nose cone , hood and quarter panel are dinged up quite a bit . Car handled it like a champ otherwise. I’m disappointed to learn that the service centers don’t do body...
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    My baby is all grown up now (4 year old Model S)

    Just passed 4 years with my S85. I used to be a regular here in the lead up to buying and in the several months after delivery of my S85 but haven't checked in much over the past couple of years. Just passed my 4th anniversary on March 10 and the car is as good, probably better, than the day I...
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    Brought this home today ...

    In my Model S. New Husky 52 Tool Cabinet with LED-Lit Drawers | ToolGuyd This car rocks! Try that in a Panamera!
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    Need cold weather advice for windows

    I'm sure this has been discussed but couldn't find it in a search. What do you Yankees, Canadians, Norwegians, etc do about your windows in the bitter cold? Yesterday was the first day of deep cold (10 deg F) with snow/moisture that I've encountered with the Model S. I pre-heated the car for...
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    Worn tire replacement question

    Question regarding cost of tire replacement Tried to search but there's a lot of posts on this subject. I'm told my 19" non-perf rear tires are worn and need to be replaced after 10K miles. Raleigh SC quoted me $640 to get the rears done. What have people been doing about the cost for this...
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    Important Threshold Crossed Last Night ...

    And I'm not sure how I feel about it. My wife's car is in the shop, so she borrows the Model S to go out to a play. For the 7 months I've owned the car, she's been somewhat intimidated by the size, cost, and just "differentness" of the car. She's only driven it 2 or 3 times. She gets home last...
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    Interesting article from Maryland

    I visited a buddy in Potomac this week and we played golf at Rattlewood near Frederick. I picked up a copy of the Frederick Gorilla, a free local magazine. I picked it up for another article that caught my eye and didn't notice this one until I got home. TMC member involved with this? Sparking...
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    DC Nationals Ball Park charging Thanks in

    I'm taking my kid to the Nationals-Giants game on Thursday. Anybody charged nearby? It's a late day game, should be done by 8pm. Plugshare shows some nearby chargers but I'm not clear on availability after normal hours or feasibility of parking during a ball game. I'm staying with a friend in...
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    Who cut it the closest coming back from Richmond?

    I have to admit, after flying the flag for my Model S and telling the unconverted how range anxiety isn't an issue for me, I did experience some coming home last night. My trip down was 123 miles averaging about 285 Wh/m with liberal use of the go pedal. I left the race track with 143 miles of...
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    Interesting wheel juxtaposition

    Just had my first Ranger visit today for correction of a few minor issues, one of which was a faulty TPMS sensor. They had to take the wheel off and to a shop to replace the sensor so a 21" wheel was left in it's place for a little while. I've never been a big fan of the aesthetics of the 21"...
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    Tax Credit question for 2012 buyers

    For those of you who bought your Model S in 2012: Any problems with your tax credit on your return this year? I bought a Plug-In Prius last year, submitted my return with the $2500 credit in March. I got my refund minus the $2500 credit. I appealed and am still waiting for the cash. I've read...
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    Ambient heat effect on charge rate

    Just had a first time occurrence for me today that I haven't read about before. I got back from a road trip today with about 50 miles of rated range left. I plugged into my 14-50 outdoors in the driveway. About 2 hours later, I need to run an errand and use the app to cool down the car, I notice...
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    RDU Airport Charging

    Anyone know what's available at RDU? I've come up with nothing on a search and wondering if anyone had experience with any of the private parking companies there. I'm also considering asking if I can leave the car at the Tesla Service Center as it looks to be close by.
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    If you're tired of buying schwag from the Tesla Motors store

    Here's a T-shirt for a change of pace: Tesla Edison Shirt - The Oatmeal
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    First Road Trip - Lynchburg, VA to Emerald Isle, NC

    This is a long post but I've always enjoyed other people's trip reports, thought I'd contribute my own. I've had my Model S for a little less than a month and have yet to have the opportunity to venture more than 30-40 miles away from home until this week. Last Tuesday, I loaded up the wife and...
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    KBB Video

    Nice HD Video review. I thought a pretty balanced review. 2013 Tesla Model S Video Review -- LA to Vegas the hard way - YouTube
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    Using Plug In Prius Cable on Model S

    Anybody tried to use the Plug in Prius cable on a Model S? I thought mine would be a nice way to test the J-1722 adapter when the Model S is delivered. I guess could be used also for emergency charging if the UMC craps out. I figure I might have to set the current < 12 amps to be safe. Any other...

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