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    MASTER THREAD: "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    Wow that is awesome! I got mine in Sept of '18 as well. Back when I was getting ins, I thought maybe I had a unicorn because my vin was coming back as a performance from some of the ins companies, but unfortunately it was not the case.
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    Predictions for Model 3 pricing after Model Y released?

    Exactly. I wonder if they will even discontinue the Model 3 in the US. Everyone here loves little crossovers, while sedan production is slowing and even discontinued in some cases. Plus alot of Model 3's will be getting traded in for the Y, so the used Model 3 market will have a ton of...
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    Well I guess this didn't happen. Dangit!!!
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    Thanks jebinc for getting that info! Back in 2015 when Tesla offered the Ludicrous after delivery upgrade for $5k, I'm pretty sure the rear drive unit needed to be changed to a bigger one. If a performance upgrade for the 3 requires a similar change, that should be an easy swap. But maybe...
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    Teslacam Corruption

    I have never had the X on my icon, and the cameras do seem to be recording. However, after 2 or 3 days, the recent videos are snowy and unwatchable. There are the usual 30 or so clips (~29megs ea). The weird thing is when the car is stationary (sentry mode) it will record fine, even after...
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    5% power boast update? AWD?

    I too was worried us non P AWD woudn't get the 5% power bump, but I received my update on Monday night (3/25/19)! Woohoo! I definitely noticed a difference. From a stop but more so from 30-40 it's definitely noticeable. I haven't done too much testing as I only had 28mi left when I received...
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    Automatic service call generated 12v battery

    Yes if I knew this lithium ion 12v battery would perform well in the cold weather, I wouldn't mind buying one. It would be so much more convenient if Tesla used a standard 12v so we could just pick one up at a local auto parts store when needed. Looks like the Interstate MT-51R is a close fit...
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    12V Battery Replacement

    Has anyone seen or replaced the 12V? While it looks easy, I did see a video of a wrecked Model 3 where the guys had to get under the car to gain access to a bracket bolt near the bottom of the 12V. If that really is the case, that'd mean needing to jack up the car and remove that carpet...
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    Can I drive the M3 RWD without winter tires through the snowy mountains?

    I'd avoid it if at all possible. Back when my old 98 Z28 with Heads/Cam was my daily driver, it got around fine with up to ~4" of snow...except on hills. Even with snow tires, 220lbs of extra weight in the hatch, and careful modulation of the throttle, large hills weren't happening (which of...
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    Unable to remove charger plug and "unable to charge" error

    Yes this happened to me last Thursday. My HPWC would not disconnect so I used the emergency unlock. I immediately tried it again and it got stuck again. I had at least 2 errors, one which said charging no longer available, and the next said something weird like do not insert lever to charge...
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    Factory extended warranty option?

    I never knew the 3 maintenance schedule was out. Thanks for the link chrono. Interesting that there is no gear fluid & oil filter change interval listed, even on the S/X. I thought the S/X used to have gear fluid change listed in the maintenance schedule.
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    Model 3 Key Fob is here: $150

    I love having a phone as a key...when it works. For all the bad reviews I read with the worst phone for this...the Pixel 1, I was really worried. I took ownership mid Sept and the phone worked 100% of the time for week 1, then dropped to about 80% reliability for a month (which was fine). Now...
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    Maintenance Schedule or Plans

    On the actual motors themselves (I have dual motor), there are oil filters just like on an ice. I wonder how often the gear oil in the motors needs to be changed.
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    Remote start heated seats

    The other night it was ~28degrees and while driving I turned the passenger seat to high (no one in the seat) and after 1/2hr, it was definitely warmer than ambient temp.
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    Car won't go into Drive or Reverse?

    This started happening to me more often so I set up an appt with my SC. Within a 1/2hr of setting my appt online, they called and said they diagnosed my car and didn't see anything physically wrong with the stalk. He then told me it's most likely a bluetooth issue (Pixel 1). I told him I...
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    Won't Shift in to Reverse or Drive

    Hey thanks for the tips! Yes I have an old Pixel 1 phone. I turn it off several times a week and also turn the blue tooth off and on several times during the week. The phone OS and Tesla app are up to date. I don't really do the car soft reboot much, but I do try to turn off the car once a...
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    Won't Shift in to Reverse or Drive

    Yes I did put in a call and received the standard 'Try rebooting the car' response. But at the very least he did log my concern. I'll have to write down that report bug in the voice control. I was going to do that right when it happened but couldn't remember what phrase to use.
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    Won't Shift in to Reverse or Drive

    Any updates on this? I got my car mid Sept and it happened once in the first week, but it's starting to happen 2-3 times per week now. This morning when it wouldn't shift into D/R, I opened the door, shut it, and it worked. I had no trouble getting into the car, the Easy Entry did it's thing...
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    Help: A/C not working properly?

    Unfortunately my blower went out today. Neither heat nor ac comes on. I tried calling the number, and Aater holding for 1hr, she said everything looked fine and put in a message to my service center. Total bummer that I need to take time off work again, especially when I've only owned the car...
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    I drive a 370z now and want a M3. On Paper 0-60 is same. Driving it was intertesting

    Go for the dual motor. Looks like someone has already taken it to the track, and while the rwd and awd are 'only' about 1sec apart, the 1/4mi mph difference is huge! 110-111mph vs 105.
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    Should I Trade In My 2017 Model S 75 for an AWD Model 3?

    There's your answer right there. Looks, larger size, hatchback, and better filtration. I'd keep the S if I were you. Plus I thought I remembered reading somewhere that the S&X center screen hardware can be upgraded for increased responsiveness.
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    Disappointed in Tesla's pricing on paint

    Looks like the doc fee also increased to $1,200 as well.
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    Anyone worried about the new assembly line?

    Well I finally placed my dual motor order a few days ago. While I'm super excited, I'll admit I am worried about getting a car built on an assembly line which itself was built in two weeks with spare equipment parts in a parking lot under a tent. Plus, the pressure to produce vehicles fast has...
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    Electrek reporting Tesla opening up orders to all US and Canada reservations

    Wow I'm glad I came accross this thread! Yesterday I saw they would be opening up configs very shortly, so I was waiting on an email. Then when I read people were already configuring who reserved well after I did (July 2017), I logged in to my account and low and behold, I was able to...
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    Glass Roof During the Summer

    Awesome. Thanks for all the replies! My TL has a small tinted sunroof and when I try driving around with the sunshade open during the summer (training for the M3), I always end up closing it...quickly!
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    Glass Roof During the Summer

    Now that we are getting to the heart of summer, can anyone post thoughts on how well the roof blocks the heat and sun during mid-day full sun? I've seen several vids from early spring where they said the roof wasn't a problem, but I'm very curious how well the tint and infrared blocking holds...
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    Locked Charge Port Adapter

    Awesome. Thanks for posting the pics! I always wondered if there was a manual unlock behind the port. How far did you pull the tab before the adpater unlocked? Did the tab move back to its original position after unlocking?

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