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  1. 1Step2NoGas

    Toronto - Montreal

    Plugshare shows Westin downtown has 2 Tesla destination chargers as well as superchargers. Albert at Bay Suite Hotel shows 1 J1772. Best Western Plus Victoria Park shows 1 J1772. I haven't tried any of these, but just thought this might help. The Courtyard Marriott on Coventry shows 1 J1772 as...
  2. 1Step2NoGas

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    Wow. I hope that the "here for ~2 yrs" status of the current service location at 835 Carling gets addressed at the same time. Wonderful if that happens.
  3. 1Step2NoGas

    Ottawa service centre now in app?

    When driving westbound on Carling, if you're in one of the rightmost 2 lanes and look to the right, the signage is briefly visible as you go past Preston St. When driving eastbound on Carling, the signage is not visible, though the address number, 835, that's on the front of the building (south...
  4. 1Step2NoGas

    Looking for Aero Wheels (Oakville)

    I'm assuming you're NOT interested in buying only the rims+tpms from Tesla itself? If you are, I know that Tesla Service will sell you just the rims with or without tpms. Hope this helps.
  5. 1Step2NoGas

    Ottawa service centre now in app?

    Personally, I would love to see a Tesla sign/logo on the front. Right now the "For Lease" signage is not really reassuring to anyone that I've told about the location of the service centre.
  6. 1Step2NoGas

    Passenger Side Mirror Heating

    Hi @Chiwahwah. I am waiting for the right combination of temps to see if the fogging continues. Unfortunately, I never received a confirmation of that issue being addressed in my first service call. So, I'll update if/when the fogging returns.
  7. 1Step2NoGas

    Ottawa service centre now in app?

    Adding another data point... I spoke with one of the Mobile Service technicians (Patrick) yesterday and he stated that the service centre (845 Carling) will be open in September. He and others are currently stocking parts inventory, readying the service bays, etc.
  8. 1Step2NoGas

    SuperCharger - North Bay, ON

    Hi @IHartEV, If you're considering staying overnight in North Bay, there is a destination charger at Clarion Resort Pinewood Park, 201 Pinewood Park Dr, North Bay. It's listed on Tesla's map of destination chargers. I have no personal experience with this location, but I am a fan of using...
  9. 1Step2NoGas

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    I just received my service appointment confirmation by email (note the address). The appointment was made using the app. Your Service Center visit for <VIN> is confirmed for August 22, 2019 12:00:00 PM at Ottawa. Ottawa 845 Carling Ave Ottawa, ON K1S 2E7 Please arrive on time. If you need...
  10. 1Step2NoGas

    Both Keycard and Phone failed to unlock car

    It's possible that the car was starting up/booting/restarting/rebooting and you were attempting to use the keycard during this time. This is purely a guess on my part. On my end, sometimes when I walk up to car and pull door handle, it doesn't work. If I walk away a few steps and come back...
  11. 1Step2NoGas

    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    I think something has gone amiss. The cheque could have been lost. Perhaps you could try calling the phone number(s) that were on the form that you completed and submitted. On mine, the numbers are: Ministry of Finance at 905-433-5939 or 1-866-668-8297. My form also had a different email...
  12. 1Step2NoGas

    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    Yes, snail mail. Yes, some of my important/critical mail has been mis-directed/mis-delivered (sometimes permanently). This was my #1 fear when the new MTO decided to switch from direct deposit to mailed cheques. My #2 fear was they would have "lost" my application. This fear came true but I...
  13. 1Step2NoGas

    Ontario EVIP rebates update

    8 Mth Timeline: 2018-06-16 - Model 3 purchase agreement signed 2018-06-17 - Rebate (EHVIP) application submitted and confirmation email received 2019-02-01 - I email evip @ ontario.ca to inquire about status of application 2019-02-05 - Response from EHVIP asking me to re-send, by email, the...
  14. 1Step2NoGas

    Price FSD Canada

    @Dutchie You're most welcome.
  15. 1Step2NoGas

    Price FSD Canada

    From my screen captures during my configuration exercise for LR, RWD on Apr 24, 2018 Enhanced Autopilot: CAD$6600; CAD$7900 upgrade if added after delivery Full Self-Driving Capability: CAD$4000; CAD$5300 upgrade if added after delivery (requires Enhanced Autopilot)
  16. 1Step2NoGas

    How is your drive today

    Hi @Stan K, Yes, I get the noise that sounds like ice rubbing against something "not ice" (metalm glass, plastic, whatever). This happens most often the morning after a car wash when water accumulated in some holding spots and turned to ice. After a couple of days the rattling dies down...
  17. 1Step2NoGas

    M3 Winter driving causing battery degradation?

    I've taken to simply leaving the energy display up while driving (when I don't need the map). What I've learned is that there is a considerable battery price to pay for the comfort of instant heat and a toasty cabin (~600wh/km for the initial few kms). I've also learned that many short trips...
  18. 1Step2NoGas

    Too cold to start

    I didn't check the km (but will later today). I may be wrong, but my understanding is that the battery percentage displayed on the screen & app is actual. As in there's 76% charge left in the battery. How many kms/miles you/I can get from that 76% may depend on quite a few factors...
  19. 1Step2NoGas

    Too cold to start

    Apologies for replying to my own post from Sat Jan 19. Trying for continuity and ease of information flow Update: Charged to 90% (confirmed on app) on Sat Jan 19, unplugged ~10:30pm, ~1 hr after app reported charging was complete Left M3 unplugged outside, undisturbed, for 4 nights + 3 days...
  20. 1Step2NoGas

    Canadian Tesla YouTubers

    The only other one I have on my list of Canadian Tesla YouTubers is Dax The Straight Pipes are Canadian as well, but they're more about general car (sometimes/infrequent EV) reviews.
  21. 1Step2NoGas

    Too cold to start

    Observations in Ottawa this morning after last night's low of -23ºC Conditions - Both cars left unplugged overnight (simply forgot to plug one in) - No garage or carport, just snow-covered driveway - EVSE (Flo Home G5, J1772 plug only, mounted on outside wall) is shared 'cause Leaf came first...
  22. 1Step2NoGas

    Do the black triangles at the base of your side mirrors stick out?

    I have this too (side-mirror peeling away). It hasn't been fixed yet because it isn't critical to my enjoyment of the car (so far). I've kept an eye on it and it hasn't gotten worse since I picked up the car. Hopefully will be fixed at next service appointment.
  23. 1Step2NoGas

    Headlights flickering, cause?

    I've also had this happen twice. Both times it was cold, less than -10ºC. I noticed only at night as the M3 sits outside all the time.
  24. 1Step2NoGas

    Supercharger costs, and is Tesla taking advantage of us?

    My thoughts on supercharger pricing... What I believe about Tesla's pricing/charge cost, motives, etc is a distant concern. My primary concern is the availability of a charging station when I arrive to charge and the distribution of supercharging locations. As long as there is a charging...
  25. 1Step2NoGas

    Model 3 2018.48.1 Trips and Tire Pressure Cards not displaying

    Hi @SomeJoe7777, You Rock! Thank you so much. Your steps worked like a charm. All back to working as expected.
  26. 1Step2NoGas

    Model 3 2018.48.1 Trips and Tire Pressure Cards not displaying

    Hi Tam, I just tried your suggestion. Here's the steps I took. 1) Turned off PIN to drive Still can't view the trip meter(s) or tire pressure 2) Restarted the touchscreen (holding down steering wheel buttons) Still can't view the trip meter(s) or tire pressure 3) Turned ON PIN to drive...
  27. 1Step2NoGas

    Model 3 2018.48.1 Trips and Tire Pressure Cards not displaying

    Hi, After the 48.1 update and configuring PIN to drive, the trips and tire pressure cards are no longer displaying. I would like to know if anyone else is seeing this: Old version where everything was working correctly: 2018.46.2 New version where trips and tire pressure aren't available...
  28. 1Step2NoGas

    Canada EnerGuide Tesla Model 3

    In my observations, the Energy display (app launcher button -> Energy) is accurate. If you're driving a long distance, set it to "average range" and if you're using the built-in navigation, tap on Trip at the top right. That, I've found, is quite accurate in its predictions. Actual usage vs...
  29. 1Step2NoGas

    Video - Tesla Model 3 Cold Weather Charging Issue

    There appear to be 12v hair dryers and car warmers available on Amazon (and other places I'm sure). I didn't want to put in links here because there are dozens of options with varying degrees of appeal (as well as consumer ratings). I searched for: 12v hair dryer car portable car heater
  30. 1Step2NoGas

    How do you unplug the charger in the morning?

    Hi @Vawlkus, I'm not sure if this answers your question about weatherproof, but here are some selected items from the Gen 2 UMC Owners Manual... - Do not expose the Mobile Connector to flammable or harsh chemicals or vapours. Do not use or store the Mobile Connector in a recessed area or below...
  31. 1Step2NoGas

    46.2 and phantom drain?

    I was also trying to see whether there was any improvements in that regard. To test, I left the car not charging for the past 3 days (Ottawa temps) and have observed a much smaller daily drop overnight than usual. I don't have numbers (temps, % drop overnight, etc) but definitely noticeable to...
  32. 1Step2NoGas

    Model 3 doors/windows/mirrors + Ice = trouble

    I am now fearful of getting a car wash and then being unable to use the car the next day (no garage, currently -14ºC).
  33. 1Step2NoGas

    M3 B-Pillar Cameras are fogged

    Apologies if this already has a thread. I searched for fog, camera fog, fogged camera, and some other variants but couldn't locate relevant posts for Model 3. This morning I noticed that the cameras on the b-pillars of my model 3 had condensation on the inside of the glass just in front of the...
  34. 1Step2NoGas

    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    Hi @ben1628, Yes, you can simply match and enter the information from the list of eligible electric vehicles here. I'm attaching a screenshot of the relevant section: Eligible_Electric_Vehicles by 1Step2NoGas posted Dec 2, 2018 at 10:01 PM
  35. 1Step2NoGas

    Passenger Side Mirror Heating

    Thanks @Anto. I'll take that off of the list of things I should be concerned about. Much appreciated.
  36. 1Step2NoGas

    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    Hi @mohammedessam, I have not received the EHVIP rebate, but Tesla did NOT sign the rebate form that I submitted electronically back in June 2018. Here's the documents that I submitted: - EHVIP Application form (filled out, printed, signed and scanned to PDF) - Scan to PDF of Tesla Sales...
  37. 1Step2NoGas

    Passenger Side Mirror Heating

    Hi @Nikkin, I'm experiencing the same issue. A few days ago I noticed this after a snowfall when, in a rush, I only cleared the centre portion of each side mirror. Turned on the rear defroster and drove as normal. After a few mins (at least 5), the driver's side mirror was fully cleared...
  38. 1Step2NoGas

    Intermittent LTE/3G reception - anyone else?

    The loss of LTE/3G connectivity happened to me at the Port Hope, ON supercharger (during charging) over the weekend which resulted in no notifications of "charging almost complete" and "charging complete". It was pretty much luck that I glanced at the watch and headed back to the car based on...
  39. 1Step2NoGas

    Model 3 doors/windows/mirrors + Ice = trouble

    The 2 cold weather improvements that I've observed are: 1) the windows don't close all the way to the top of the rubber trim after the door is closed (this behaviour is observable on all 4 doors) 2) the charge port no longer locks the charge plug into the port when using the J1772->Tesla...
  40. 1Step2NoGas

    Model 3 doors/windows/mirrors + Ice = trouble

    An additional observation: Door handles, once opened, stay open and have to be pushed/forced back closed Suggestions?
  41. 1Step2NoGas

    Ottawa Model 3

    Hi @XPrecision, I ended up with Goldwing Autocare (Colonnade Rd N). They're not the cheapest but seem to know what they're talking about in terms of Tesla vehicles + winter tires. I went with Replika R187 18", Nokian R3 + TPMS. Hope this helps
  42. 1Step2NoGas

    Experience with a Good Model 3 Car Cover

    Evannex has 2 videos on YouTube for their Model 3 car cover that may answer your questions:
  43. 1Step2NoGas

    Experience with a Good Model 3 Car Cover

    Tesla offers a car cover, as does Evannex. I have no experience with any myself. In case you haven't seen them... Canadian Store: Model 3 Car Cover US Store: Model 3 Car Cover Evannex (US Store): Car Cover for Tesla Model 3 There might be others as well. Good luck in your search.
  44. 1Step2NoGas

    Overheat protection issues

    Yes it should. I am at a loss as to why not. I have monitored mine for this behaviour over many hot days and it appears to follow the 12hr window.
  45. 1Step2NoGas

    Overheat protection issues

    My understanding from the release notes is: "When active, your vehicle prevents the interior temperature from exceeding 105F/40C for up to 12 hours after you exit your vehicle.” So, I think this means that if you don't enter/exit your vehicle after the 12 hrs is up, the vehicle no longer...
  46. 1Step2NoGas

    Ontario EV Rebates Cancelled July 11, 2018

    Hi @Towner, Here you go:
  47. 1Step2NoGas

    All season mats for M3

    Tuxmat sent me an email: "If you were not one of the lucky ones to be able to purchase your custom car mats today, we would like to offer you the opportunity to pre-order towards the next shipment. " The Pre-Order button in the email had an issue (missing ":") but here is the fixed up link to...
  48. 1Step2NoGas

    Supercharger - Baie-Saint-Paul QC

    @Michelx Thanks! Now I know how to tell those apart from the description on the supercharger map!
  49. 1Step2NoGas

    Supercharger - Baie-Saint-Paul QC

    Thanks @PLUS EV, I'll leave it alone as long as all other things are working. Good to know it could simply be a result of lack of available power. If it's consistently low, perhaps Tesla should update their listing/description to reflect that, like they do for the Laval,QC supercharger...

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