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  1. Bigjohn892

    Current Model S Production Closure until 1/11/2021

    I have delayed ordering a M S waiting to hear if the S will have a refresh. Has anyone received a refreshed Model S or know when this may happen? My Model 3 needs a friend!
  2. Bigjohn892

    I'm having phantom drain problems.

    On my Stats App the drain rate says it is better than 15% of users. Can it be the sentry? I don't turn it on when we go to the boat but I get "sentry enabled" messages. IO thought it stayed off unless enabled??
  3. Bigjohn892

    I'm having phantom drain problems.

    When sitting on our back porch within 10 feet of our M3 we hear clicking and some clunk sounds from the car. Can being that near the car keep it "alive" and cause the drain problems we are seeing?
  4. Bigjohn892

    How do you start a text conversation?

    Thanks guys
  5. Bigjohn892

    How do you start a text conversation?

    I understand how to answer a text, but how do you start the text conversation? Manual is not clear (to me) on this??
  6. Bigjohn892

    Microphone and voice recognition not working after install of 2019.40.50.1

    Mine seems to be working but I have to hold the scroll button until the command is displayed. Using the microphone button on the display works fine. Still no text display or reading?
  7. Bigjohn892

    Problem with version 2019.50.1 — no voice control

    Sorry, the version number is 2019.40.50.1
  8. Bigjohn892

    Problem with version 2019.50.1 — no voice control

    I installed the new version last night and now I don't have ANY voice control at all I did the steering wheel reset thing but still nothing. Any ideas??
  9. Bigjohn892

    Who is getting a Tesla Cybertruck

    Ordered one last week. Now that I don't have my fifth wheel it will be a perfect replacement for my Ford F250. This will be our go to for camping.
  10. Bigjohn892

    Charging with a gas generator?

    Thanks for the pics. That is the same generator I have for camping. To others who think it is stupid, this is in case I run low on power to get to a charger when camping. (Remember phantom drain in cold weather!)
  11. Bigjohn892

    Charging with a gas generator?

    I have ordered the truck but have a question . We will be camping with the truck for extended periods and wonder if you can charge the truck with a standard gas generator (220VAC)? The sine wave output isn't nearly as clean as house current. Will Tesla's electronics allow this? Anyone try this...
  12. Bigjohn892

    Cybrtrk RN #

    I placed my order at 5PM on 11-23-19 and have RN 1129172XX
  13. Bigjohn892

    Does Smart Summon come with standard Auto Pilot? [Update: No]

    Do you have to have full autopilot to get summons with version 10? I have AP/ACC (the $2K option) but when version 10 was installed my M3 doesn't have it??
  14. Bigjohn892

    Anyone have custom TESLA related plates?

    My tag is the same as my M3's name, "STELA"
  15. Bigjohn892

    Sentry Mode Catches Hit in Parking Lot

    My problem is on my M3 the sentry mode comes on every time I put the car in park?? I can't find a way to make it come on only when wanted. Anyone have any ideas on this?
  16. Bigjohn892

    Sentry problem

    On my M3 the sentry turns on automatically every time I put the car in park. Is there a way to change that so that I initiate sentry and it's not automatic? Also in the owners manual there is nothing on the sentry mode. There is a shaded "Sentry" without and other text.
  17. Bigjohn892

    Sentry mode won't turn off

    I am having trouble with the sentry mode. No matter what I do to turn it off the next time I get in the car it is back on. I went to the owners manual and when I highlight the "Sentry Mode" it reverts to the first screen without showing anything regarding sentry. I wouldnm't normallyu mind but...
  18. Bigjohn892

    Obvious features/functions that weren't obvious to you

    I have the same problem. I did notice Gaswalla has a model X and mone is a model 3? Could that be the problem?
  19. Bigjohn892

    Card stuck in duct....

    Reverse the hose on a shop vac. Or use a leaf blower.
  20. Bigjohn892

    Card stuck in duct....

  21. Bigjohn892

    SPINOFF: Did you test drive a Tesla before buying yours?

    I put in my deposit in 2016 but didn't drive any Tesla until about 3 weeks before mine was delivered. No worries about it since I go to the forums and get opinions first.
  22. Bigjohn892

    dash cam disappeared?

    I don't believe it's the drive since the camera icon has disappeared.
  23. Bigjohn892

    M3 windows frozen and will not drop when opening car door

    While on a old weather camping trip in the mountains I had the windows and door handle freeze after a night of snow an when trying to get into my new Yukon the door handle broke off when I pulled hard. Therefor I have no problem telling my Model 3 to preheat for 30 minutes. So much better than...
  24. Bigjohn892

    dash cam disappeared?

    The dash cam that came with version 9 has disappeared from the screen? I've done the reboot but nothing there. Is this only available with EAP?
  25. Bigjohn892

    Leave keys in ICE car?

    Has anyone else left their ICE car running and the keys inside? It has happened to me three times since we bought our Model 3.
  26. Bigjohn892

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Just received my new tag wit my car's name.
  27. Bigjohn892

    Most favorite part about driving the M3?

    The part I like is the smooth acceleration from a stop light and looking back and seeing everyone else 100 yards back.
  28. Bigjohn892

    What to do with the car when on vacation

    I charged my M3 to 275 miles before leaving on a three week vacation and even with checking the charge daily I still had 170 miles left when we returned. This was in 50 degree weather so not sure what below freezing weather would do.
  29. Bigjohn892

    question for us who drive for Lyft

    I've noticed the riders who don't say much about the Tesla don't tip. The ones who ask lots of questions and want to see the acceleration do tip. Some tip well.
  30. Bigjohn892

    question for us who drive for Lyft

    I assumed it wouldn't work but had hopes. Now I have a phone holder placed directly in front of the wheel where I can see easily. The response is great. I think I'm doing Lyft just because of that. I think Trips idea is the way to go.
  31. Bigjohn892

    question for us who drive for Lyft

    I have done some Lyft driving with my M3 and would like to display the Lyft map on the screen instead of on the Iphone. Has anyone found how to get this to display?
  32. Bigjohn892

    Updated to Version 2018.42.3

    I installed this morning. It says regen braking was increased and something about autopilot (which I don't have). Also listed some of the items that were sent on version 9.
  33. Bigjohn892

    Front camera usb showing an x symbol

    I re-formatted the disc and inserted but still no camera icon on the screen. I had everything working with the camera after version 9 came through then two weeks later when I got in the car the screen message said it was trying to install version 9. I had to drive to an appointment so I X'ed...
  34. Bigjohn892

    Front camera usb showing an x symbol

    I had the same problem and service said the update should fix it. I received update 42.3 and now the camera doesn't show on the screen??? Has anyone else lost the camera completely
  35. Bigjohn892

    Chastised by my Model 3

    When you think about it, the programming time is small when amortized over the thousands of M3s. Also the sensor probably costs less than a dollar. I also believe the magnets reliability is much greater than mechanical latches. It also adds a neat item to show friends how smart your M3 is.
  36. Bigjohn892

    more fun with the phone "key"

    I have actually left my wife's ICE car running when I got out and went into the house.
  37. Bigjohn892

    more fun with the phone "key"

    Mine has done that a fdew times and I always found the bluetooth wasn't connected. Turned it of then on and everything worked. I assume it is my I-phone.
  38. Bigjohn892

    wiper problem at drive thru

    This was when it was raining.
  39. Bigjohn892

    Battery life

    Agreed! Lucas electric, prince of darkness.
  40. Bigjohn892

    How do you guys feel on the Model 3 being really popular

    I agree. When I want people to look I drive my 60 year old Austin Healey Sprite. I drive my model 3 for the thrill of having the most enjoyable car I've ever driven. That's a lot of cars in my 76 years.
  41. Bigjohn892

    wiper problem at drive thru

    Has anyone else had the problem of opening the window at a drive thru and have the wipers soak the inside door panel and switches? I've found I have to stop the wipers before I open the window or get soaked.
  42. Bigjohn892

    Battery life

    Just wondering what the "expected" life span of the Tesla battery system is. I have met naysayers with ICE cars who say I'll have to replace the whole thing in 5 to 6 years. I know this is stupid but I would like to hear from others about their experiences.
  43. Bigjohn892

    What did you name your Tesla?

  44. Bigjohn892

    severe range anxiety

    I got down to 23 miles and worried about how accurate the display really was. Made it home though.
  45. Bigjohn892

    severe range anxiety

    What is the closest to "empty" anyone has gone and on a scale of 1 to 10 what was your anxiety level?
  46. Bigjohn892

    Worst than vampire drain!

    My major drain problem is not vampire drain, it's demo drain from showing friends and others the acceleration in my new model 3. I guess I can live with it though, it's just so darn much fun!!
  47. Bigjohn892

    Dark rear view display

    is there a way to change the brightness of the rear view display. Mine looks like it ids evening even when in sunlight.
  48. Bigjohn892

    2018.26.3 be4b11e update

    I am on that update but those screens do not show up. When I touch the Tesla T I get a pic of the model 3 and a listing of whatthe latest update I have contains that shows these but they don’t vshow in the lock screen..tried a reset but no help?

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