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  1. hamtonp

    How often does your car wake up when parked?

    I use teslamate. A while back when I wasn't driving the car for days, the car would wake up between 24-28 hours. Sometimes it stays awake for 10-20 minutes before going back to sleep. Other times it would stay awake for about an hour. I can only assume it needs to charge the 12v battery. I...
  2. hamtonp

    Airbag Warning Sticker Covers

    I used a heat gun to slowly heat and remove the warning sticker.
  3. hamtonp

    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    I wrapped my lip spoiler with 3M satin black. After few days of observing it, I feel the black doesn't really show or stand out. It makes the front looks like it is higher off the ground than it actually is. In the daytime, the black color makes it blend in with the shadow of the ground. At...
  4. hamtonp

    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    I just finished installing the PP version. The rivet included for the wheel well does not fit. It is simply too fat. I tried pushing it in without the front lip spoiler and it wouldn't go in. After I mounted the front lip, I tried sanding down the rivet to make it more narrow. After that failed...
  5. hamtonp

    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    Bought it from aliexpress. It's holding up fine except for me scuffing it with my shoe near the accelerator.
  6. hamtonp

    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    I had to put the front maxpider mats back on. The mat that came with it does not cover the dead pedal, so it was getting dirty. Also, near the accelerator I've been scraping the side with my shoe. Other than that it's good.
  7. hamtonp

    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    @OutofThyme Dang, even on black cars it looks really nice. The look blends in very well. I can't even see the misalignment. I wouldn't bother fixing it.
  8. hamtonp

    IKON Motorsports Front Lip for Model 3: A Review

    I'm really glad I revisited this thread. I really like the ikon style but the carbon fiber kept me away. My car is lowered so the fear of smashing it to pieces does come to mind. I bought a cheap lip just to try it out. Yes I did get some scraps on the front chin. Now that the PP version is out...
  9. hamtonp

    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    Added steering wheel cover. I was able to match up the line of the steering wheel insert wrap. I think I've gone to the deep end of going too white, but it was a cheap mod. $30 from aliexpress.
  10. hamtonp

    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    Sorry. Fixed img link. Just found the thread is here in TMC. Dang, I feel stupid. Wrapped the inside of my steering wheel matte white
  11. hamtonp

    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    Only white cars can pull this off. I saw someone did this to their steering wheel a while back. It looked so cool I had to copy it.
  12. hamtonp

    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    It's just a cover I got from aliexpress.
  13. hamtonp

    Dedicated Pearl White Picture Thread

    Whiting out my car. Going for the SpaceX look. Just installed white PU leather foot well area.
  14. hamtonp

    Model 3 Range decreased again...

    Have you guys tried letting it sit around 50% SOC? Ever since Covid started, I've been letting my car sit between 50-55% charged. Not plugged in at all. Once it dips below below 50%, I supercharge it back to 70-75%. After 3 weeks or so, I noticed my estimated range slowly going up. Started below...
  15. hamtonp

    Tips for getting used to regen?

    It's a new way of thinking. She doesn't need to take her foot off the accelerator completely. She can control the rate of deceleration by how much she lets off the accelerator. If done right, you only need to use the brakes on rare occasions.
  16. hamtonp

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    It's not really a kit. It's just black vinyl. I had some left after doing a chrome delete. You can buy a 1'x5' roll for under $20 shipped. You can either use scissors to cut or knifeless cutting tape (example: https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/graphics-signage-us/knifeless-tapes/). I used knifeless...
  17. hamtonp

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    This is just for Halloween fun.
  18. hamtonp

    Non-performance SoC 0-60 impact

    Just to be clear. Both graph for the RWD and the AWD is based on kph. So up to around 40mph the power starts falling off.
  19. hamtonp

    Is this normal battery degradation for this 2 year old long range model 3?

    Have you read the stickied thread in the Battery & Charging section? If not, it's a good read. How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity
  20. hamtonp

    Speed limit signs my M3 did NOT see

    Oh well. Each time I saw a posted speed limit coming up, I waited and watched it scroll on the side and display 75 albeit very quickly. At least it's good to know that the system can see the sign even when traveling at high speed. BTW, I was traveling from Austin to Dallas.
  21. hamtonp

    Speed limit signs my M3 did NOT see

    I guess this can't be totally true. For my recent road trip, AP displayed 75mph speed limit multiple times. I was mostly following traffic traveling roughly 9mph over. This is for I35 in Texas. v2020.36.10.
  22. hamtonp

    New tires needed after less than 30k miles

    I'm on my 3rd set of tires at 34k miles.
  23. hamtonp

    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    Has anybody else had problems with the LC2i? I think mine is dead. It is no longer processing the signal from the sub. I know another person that believes their LC2i died too. There is a yellow light that stays on. For me, the yellow light never comes on anymore even if I max out all the knobs...
  24. hamtonp

    12v Switched?

    You don't have to. You can leave the fuse if you want. I left the fuse for my radar. Thanks for all the information in this thread. The pictures do help a lot. I was able to hook up my dashcam, radar, accent lights, and amp (kind of) again. I used VCLeft as the power source. I used a sewing...
  25. hamtonp

    Adjustable Rear Control Arms

    Kind of. These allow more adjustments and possible go more negative camber for track. I'm more interested in it to get a more neutral camber. I'm getting inside tire wear after lowering my car. There is no way to adjust camber without using aftermarket parts. I haven't seen camber adjustment for...
  26. hamtonp

    My M3 Roasting in 85 Degree Temps? Pacific NorthWET

    Ceramic tint does slow down the heating of the car but there is more to that. Based on my experience, it blocks the a lot of the rays that causes items in your car to heat up. If you ever sat down on a car leather seat that was in direct sunlight, you get that immediate burn. That doesn't happen...
  27. hamtonp

    Adjustable Rear Control Arms

    This allows you to adjust the alignment. I think factory only allow toe adjustments. This will allow you to adjust camber that is needed after installing lowering springs. The price is still so high though.
  28. hamtonp

    My M3 Roasting in 85 Degree Temps? Pacific NorthWET

    Not sure if the battery is hot or the interior of your car was too hot. I'm guessing the back of the screen was overheated. I have never came across this problem but I do have full ceramic tint including the front windshield. Parking the car in full mid day sun, the black dash is just warm to touch.
  29. hamtonp

    12v Switched?

    I'm using VCLeft for my radar, dash cam, remote amp, and trigger for my lighting. On 16.2.1, there is a delay to turn off but it does actually turn off. The delay is around 30 seconds or so. I think it also turns off when I immediately walk away and the door locks. My bad. I didn't see the...
  30. hamtonp

    How to use NFC to open the Frunk

    I have NFC tag on mine too but don't use it that much. I use the voice command more. It can work while the phone is in my pocket if the phone can hear me. I say the command as I approach the car. I have a pixel 3a btw. Example commands: * Hey Google. Open the hood. * Hey Google. Open charge...
  31. hamtonp

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    Here is my short vid. I really like this update. I plan on using whenever I can. Although I prefer to tap the drive stalk, I will probably be pressing the go pedal to go a little over the speed limit.
  32. hamtonp

    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    It actually stops if you can't make the light. I confirmed the moment the message appeared. Then the light turned yellow so a message indicating the yellow light popped up. I immediately tap to confirm again but the car continued to slow down and stop. I have it all on video. Will post tomorrow
  33. hamtonp

    Model 3 subwoofer install.

    I picked these subs because it required the least air space enclosure I could find (0.75 cubic ft) and was designed for SPL. I custom made the box. Only sacraficed 1/2 my sub trunk space but the thing is kinda heavy. 30lbs for the sub alone. The amp is connected directly to the penthouse. I've...
  34. hamtonp

    Class action against Tesla for turning off Prem Connectivity before it was an option

    Wasn't it announced that you get grandfathered in for lifetime premium connectivity if you placed an order before July 1, 2018? What's the issue here?
  35. hamtonp

    How many kWH will be used in CAMP MODE

    I tested my A/C when the car completed charging on chargepoint. Outside temperature was mid 80 in a covered parking garage. I set the climate in the car to 70F. Chargepoint showed 0.8kW/h consumption. Setting climate to 75F consumed 1.5 kW. 65F consumed 0.8kW. LO consumed 3.5kW. I tried the...
  36. hamtonp

    Navigation talking over music vs lowering music.

    I just tried this yesterday and the streaming music volume does decrease when there are Nav directions. The catch is that your music has to be playing pretty loud. When I turned the music volume down, there was no change in the volume.
  37. hamtonp

    Navigation talking over music vs lowering music.

    I currently have my navigation voice muted, but when I had it on, it lowered the music volume only when the source is streaming. For other audio such as USB or Bluetooth, the volume remained the same.
  38. hamtonp

    The four cameras saved me $1000 and my driving record...

    Just want to say the other driver is a bonafide asshole. After he hits you, he has to lie about it. The person already did damage to your car and wants to put blame on you so you can pay for his mistake. What a shitty person. I think we need a law that doubles the penalty when a person is caught...
  39. hamtonp

    Model 3 seats wearing out early?

    I suggest setting your seat profile or easy entry so that the side bolsters are further back than the entry opening. I don't use easy entry but my seats are set pretty far back so if I would rub against the car frame instead of the bolsters. As a not as expensive fix, you may consider seat...
  40. hamtonp

    Do you ever worry about a blow out at 45psi?

    I ran 45psi in the summer. On the highway it gets heated up and goes up to 51psi. I'm on a new set of tires now but running it at 42 psi instead. This is because I saw the tires wearing out faster in the center on my last tires.
  41. hamtonp

    Ordered Performance Model X a week ago...now what

    So my brother placed his order Sept 16. About 2 days after the order, they called him trying to find a inventory match. They couldn't find one. After that the contact went radio silence. No return calls or emails. So how long does it take to get a VIN nowadays? Brother ordered an X with...
  42. hamtonp

    FSD and still haven’t received update, normal?

    Normal. I have FSD and haven't received the update. Sample rate shows 70% do not have the v10 update
  43. hamtonp

    Seat Covers?

    Although there are some spots the cover is not against the seats, it's not noticeable unless you press on it with you hands. My wife rode in it for the first time today. I asked her how it felt. She said it actually felt better. She said it was softer.
  44. hamtonp

    Seat Covers?

    I received my seat covers and installed them. Thanks @AlaMike for the tip on securing the straps. I did the same thing and also applied technique to the rear seats using zip ties. I did not use the included hooks at all. Worked out great. For those that haven't been following, I have Gen 1...
  45. hamtonp

    Thinking about joining legal action on recent massive price cut

    Kind of confused here. $20k? Did you sell your car at significant loss? You expect the value of the car to remain the same after you have driven and used it? This car is not a limited edition / limited production vehicle. I would not expect it retain value over time. I don't understand OP...
  46. hamtonp

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Can you try doing a deep cycle once, 10-100%. Then go to 90% thereafter. Your range should start going up after the third charge up or so. Well that's been the case for me for the few times I attempted to balance my battery.
  47. hamtonp

    Seat Covers?

    @AlaMike the fit does look really nice. For the back seats, did you hook into the seat foam to keep the cover in place. I think I'll try to find another way to secure them. I don't like ripping out the foam over time. I went ahead and ordered a set. White as well for my Gen 1 seats. Will find...
  48. hamtonp

    Seat Covers?

    I rewatched the first video where the guy installed the red seats. His car has the Gen 1 seats. The red seat cover he installed has the sewing pattern of a Gen 2. It appears although the seats are designed for Gen 2, it still works for Gen 1.
  49. hamtonp

    Seat Covers?

    I asked the seller if there are different versions for Gen1 vs Gen2 seats. The seller sent me a link to the same chinese video above. The car in the video appears to be Gen2. I have Gen1 seats. I think it will still fit okay though. As for the seats being the same as Taptes, I don't think they...
  50. hamtonp

    OEM Replacement Tire Alternatives?

    I replaced my tires at 16k. They were almost bald. I went with a cheap brand since it looks like I'll be burning through them yearly. Thunderer is the manufacturer and they appear to work fine. I did not notice any drop in Wh/mi or increased road noise.

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