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  1. nsxpert

    Supercharger - Santa Monica, CA (in permitting Mar 2021)

    Good Lord Santa Monica... instead of building something useful and attracting business it will remain an empty lot :rolleyes: :mad:
  2. nsxpert

    Thinking about trading X for S ... change my mind!

    Model S is definitely NOT sporty. But it excels at being comfortable, functional, and quick in a straight line
  3. nsxpert

    Retrofit sand Upgrades that we have done! Any other retrofits you have done or like for us to do?

    After the 8 year powertrain warranty is up, would a battery swap or upgrade be possible?
  4. nsxpert

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    good to know... I will try it, thanks!
  5. nsxpert

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I have LTE + MCU1 it's laggy, slow and terrible! My MCU actually died already and the fresh one didn't really improve things. Can't wait to upgrade.
  6. nsxpert

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    The MCU1 takes ages to buffer any of the streaming channels. I wanted to know if the performance on the MCU2 is better or still painfully slow to switch channels?
  7. nsxpert

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    For people who've done the upgrade, how is listening to the radio only through streaming? Is it frustrating, or not a big deal? (I like to flip between channels while driving quite often I suppose) It is seriously stupid that Tesla won't install a new tuner to go along with it o_O
  8. nsxpert

    Help with a name for our car

    maybe some variation of "WhiteStar" ? It was the pre-production code name of the Model S ;)
  9. nsxpert

    What did you name your car?

    my roadster was named "Tessa the Tesla" so now the Model S is "Tessa II"
  10. nsxpert

    Voice Recognition

    Voice commands on my MCU1 car have been pretty useless for the past year and a half or so... I think it's because the older MCU is just over taxed on the latest OS.
  11. nsxpert

    Survey: Maximum you would pay to upgrade from MCU1 to MCU2?

    if / when this upgrade becomes available, I'm betting it's going to be expensive... In the $3000-4000 range
  12. nsxpert

    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    I've also experienced this in both my Teslas, it **feels** like the car accelerates when ABS engages and regen suddenly deactivates at the same time.
  13. nsxpert

    A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla... but what does that cost?

    I was recently out of town for about 5 months, turns out it cost about $2.60 a month to keep my model S plugged in and happy. It was parked and never moved the whole time
  14. nsxpert

    Returned from a long trip abroad : MCU won't boot and car won't charge D:

    Interesting.... I'll definitely change it to unscheduled next time, just in case. Thanks!
  15. nsxpert

    Returned from a long trip abroad : MCU won't boot and car won't charge D:

    The UMC seems to be fine and is lit up green like normal.... I drove to a nearby supercharger last night to try and get some range but it still wouldn't charge.
  16. nsxpert

    Returned from a long trip abroad : MCU won't boot and car won't charge D:

    Hi everyone, I'm driving it in to the service center tomorrow with the little range I've got left, but wanted to know if there's anything I could do to resurrect my car in the meantime. Was away for 4 months and left it plugged in and set the charge level to 50%. It's in a underground garage so...
  17. nsxpert

    Do you regret buying a RWD Model S?

    I've driven both and prefer the AWD by a large margin
  18. nsxpert

    glitchy/skipping/stuttering slacker streaming music anyone?

    I've had this skipping issue since upgrading to v9... it makes slacker un-listenable :(
  19. nsxpert

    Album Art gets stuck when using Slacker

    I started seeing this also after the latest update, as if the media player wasn't bad enough already :mad:
  20. nsxpert


    I'm in LA.... happy to answer any questions you might have :cool:
  21. nsxpert

    Supercharger - Santa Monica, CA (in permitting Mar 2021)

    This is only a few blocks from where I live... exciting!
  22. nsxpert

    75D owners - How much does a full charge show for you?

    ah I see, thanks. In the Roadster it's much easier to switch the display between Ideal and Rated, or even watch both as you drive. Since this charge, I drove 140 miles and am now at exactly 50%, which still seem like great numbers
  23. nsxpert

    75D owners - How much does a full charge show for you?

    I just charged my 75D to 100% for the first time today and got 315miles! How is this possible?? :eek:
  24. nsxpert

    I go to my S 100D today. No vanity mirrors or upgraded MCU

    I took delivery last week and got the vanity mirror lights how to you check for the upgraded MCU?
  25. nsxpert

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I'm dealing with a similar issue on mine... was supposed to have delivery tomorrow but was just told there's a "blemish" on the paint that needs to be fixed offsite. No further details given & have to wait until Thursday o_O
  26. nsxpert

    85D 0-60 times 5.2 or 4.4? Tesla CPO site says 5.2?

    how are you guys measuring 0-60 times?
  27. nsxpert

    anyone else not too impressed with straight pipe noise anymore?

    The new sound of power is silence :D
  28. nsxpert

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    yep, all the quotes I'm seeing for a full PPF wrap are in the 5 - $6,000 range. ouch!
  29. nsxpert

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    yep feeling lucky that mine is currently in production, but this HAS to mean that a re-designed Model S is coming in June?
  30. nsxpert

    Marketplace "for Sale" Listings by Model

    I've been wishing for this ever since joining TMC!
  31. nsxpert

    And the purpose of blasting a Roadster into Geosynchronous orbit is....

    History was made! ....This will be the first Roadster that's free of rattles and creaks :p
  32. nsxpert

    Unexpected Acceleration???

    In the Roadster, very occasionally if you hit any large bumps while braking, the regen can suddenly be cut off completely, making the car feel like it accelerates. I've had this happen only twice and it's pretty disconcerting. Can this happen in the Model S too?
  33. nsxpert

    PPF / ClearBra might save your (bumper's) life!

    no re-spray or paint correction needed!
  34. nsxpert

    PPF / ClearBra might save your (bumper's) life!

    Not sure what you mean by pespray? I'm told It was just peeled back using a steamer, and then it took a bit of work to remove the remaining adhesive left behind. Definitely astonishing, felt like winning the lottery :D
  35. nsxpert

    PPF / ClearBra might save your (bumper's) life!

    Parallel parked the roadster last night, leaving ample room BUT, upon returning from dinner I was presented with this horror show: Basically was a hit and run. No clues as to who did it. Luckily... I had a local detailer remove the clear bra on the bumper today and turns out there was NO...
  36. nsxpert

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    So, the time has come and I need something more practical than a Roadster. Ordered a Model S 75D on 12-19-17 (luckily I made it before the free supercharging referral expires this month) Promised a late February delivery date... can't wait!
  37. nsxpert

    Falcon Heavy to Launch Next Month, Musk Says He's Sending His Roadster to Mars

    ok, so who has dibs on the PEM? :D
  38. nsxpert

    Shocked by the new Roadster rolling out of the Tesla Semi!

    Will be interesting to see if the lack of mirrors and ...downright silly? steering wheel make it to production. 100% in love beyond that :D Does anyone else think it'll require a transmission in order to hit 250+? Was really fun to watch the reveal in person tonight, trying to get a closeup...
  39. nsxpert

    PEM failure after annual service

    Since a few people mentioned it's a 15 min job, Is replacing these fuses a DIY... or a not to be attempted at home kind of thing? (i.e. dangerous) This sounds like a part I'd have spares of on any other car.
  40. nsxpert

    HELP: need a spare 120V/15 Amp in Los Angeles Area

    no reply.... I hope his ESS isn't bricked :eek:
  41. nsxpert

    HELP: need a spare 120V/15 Amp in Los Angeles Area

    Hello! If it's not too late I can help, I've got a 120v Roadster cable... PM me, I live in Santa Monica
  42. nsxpert

    TPMS CONTINUES TO FAIL... [RANT] And they are gonna send people the mars?

    Yes this is the real solution. Is there any way to just disable the damm TPMS? I just had to pay $800 to Tesla for 4 new sensors
  43. nsxpert

    Roadster Videos

    Here's Chris Harris reviewing a 1.5 Roadster:
  44. nsxpert

    Roadster 3.0

    for my 1.5, this is how it works: Turn off the car & remove key Open the charge port door... but DON'T plug it in Hit the plug icon on the VDS & now you can change it to whatever amperage you need Now plug in the car & start charging
  45. nsxpert

    Need Roadster Owners' Opinions

    I rarely ever remove my hardtop! Maybe it's just a little bit TOO sunny here in LA.
  46. nsxpert

    UMC Overheats

    wiztecy... any chance you can post a picture of your modified juicebox setup? Also curious to know how long it took them for the customisation. I rely on my ~2 year old Roadster UMC at home so this thread is making me nervous o_O
  47. nsxpert

    The next generation Roadster: not coming any time soon...

    Porsche recently went on record saying they don't want to make a EV 911, but they're my only hope now!
  48. nsxpert

    Getting Really Frustrated

    Does anyone know WHY the PEM is not liquid cooled? This seems like an absolute no brainer. Definitely the Roadster's Achilles Heel
  49. nsxpert

    Sunshade for the Roadster?

    haha ok just checking. I am still relatively new to these cars. :)
  50. nsxpert

    Sunshade for the Roadster?

    Wait, wait. Your passenger seat moves? Mine is totally fixed in place.

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