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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Just supercharged to 100% and got 277 miles for my 2018 Model 3 Performance with 67k miles.
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    Why are these used Teslas as much as new ones?

    Anyone think $39k is a fair price for a 2018 Model 3 Performance with 66k miles and EAP.
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    Anyone in the San Jose area have a used (single) model 3 performance 20” tire for a decent price?

    My other three tires have about 45-50% tread left and would like to replace them at the same time. So I was hoping someone by chance had a single tire that had some little tread left that I could buy for a reasonable price. My tire just got a screw in it today. Thanks
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    Should I have insurance or my warranty (500 miles before it ends) cover creaking?

    Last Sunday night I set up an appt for loud creaking on right passenger side. My appointment is set for next week. This issue with my car came at a perfect time as my warranty is 500 miles away from ending (I drive 25-30k miles a year). Unfortunately, yesterday morning some jackass side swiped...
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    Steering wheel squeaking

    Same here, just popped up yesterday and I only have 700 miles left of warranty.
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    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    I need some help on pricing my 2018 Model 3 performance that has 47k with EAP and performance package at the time. What do you think would be fair asking price?
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    Long term(ish) Model 3 owners, how reliable has the car been to you?

    Almost 50k miles and everything has been fine. Replaced my first set of wheels at 33k miles.
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    Tesla needs to add the Date next to the time. It has space and would be helpful to remember stuff on certain days while you’re out and about.
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    Heavy/Obese drivers - Model 3

    I’m 6’2 about 280lbs and just turned in my car for its first and last warranty work before my mileage exceeds the 50k miles. Just be careful when exiting the car, I would kind of slide out and push off the seat but damaged a plastic pin in the plastic seat trimming on the lower side of the seat...
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    Model 3 inventories up -- any deals happening?

    Are base $35k model 3 still around for sale? Asking for a friend.
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    Wisconsin plate Model 3 parked in Millbrae parking lot

    It’s still there as of today. I’m sure the owner would have notified Tesla by now with their options. Hopefully the owner is still ok with this pandemic.
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    Wisconsin plate Model 3 parked in Millbrae parking lot

    This car has been parked for what seems like 3-5 weeks. I can’t remember exactly when but it’s been there for a while. I want to say it was before the pandemic was announced. Just checking to see if you’re in here and if you need any help getting it charged before it dies out.
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    11 months on P3D+ 15,500 miles and need new tires, which ones you got?

    I d I’m wondering myself how performance drivers are only getting 7-10k miles out of the tires. I have my fun at stop lights when possible and definitely on the highway as well.
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    Max Battery Range on Model 3 Performance

    264 miles at 90% charged daily with 34k miles.
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    11 months on P3D+ 15,500 miles and need new tires, which ones you got?

    I have 34k miles on my stock PS4S and can still get another 2-4 miles possibly.
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    Model 3 headlights too bright ?

    The model 3 headlights are so good that they make me hate my other cars headlights.
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    Model 3 OEM Tires Bald at 19,000

    I posted earlier in this thread and still running stock tires for P3D and currently have 34k miles. I just bought the same Michelin PS4S through Costco Black Friday deal. The tires turned out ok mileage wise and could probably squeeze out another 2-4K miles out of them.
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    Sleepers in California!!

    How much are stealth models?
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    USB Too Slow -TeslaCam

    I’ve had the Samsung T5 SSD with zero problems since sentry option became available. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-T5-Portable-SSD-MU-PA500B/dp/B073GZBT36/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=samsung+ssd+500gb&qid=1574151855&sprefix=samsung+ssd+5&sr=8-4
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    20" Gray Performance Wheels Trade

    Didn’t notice it at first but definitely looks like it.
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    20" Gray Performance Wheels Trade

    I was driving on 101 north and saw a trailer with a few of them on from factory.
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    $75.00 for a tire rotation!

    32k miles with no tire rotation (AWD). I should be able to get another 2k miles. :D
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, How to Maintain Battery Health

    90% charged I get 266 now. I have 31k miles as of today.
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    Random thoughts after driving my wife's (pretty nice) ICE vehicle for the first time in a while:

    I keep getting out of the car in park with the keys in the ignition and car still running :eek: I’m so used to putting model 3 in park and getting out.
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    In V10 how to send videos to play in the Tesla Theatre?

    Is this similar to chrome cast option?
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    Model 3 tire rotation quote: $127

    I have 28500 miles and no rotations done.:D
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    Llumar Window Tinting?

    I have two of of my vehicles (P3D and 2008 TL type S) that have pinnacle series 30. I was shooting for the same look that’s on my TL which is what I had first but it came out a little lighter then expected and it’s due to the glass roof. I played it safe when I made the decision but going back i...
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    Tire life?

    Performance with 20’s with 25k miles. Not at the wear bars yet and hoping to get about 30-35k miles.
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    Driver seat plastic lower trim keeps popping off

    My driver seat plastic lower trim keeps popping off. It’s the trimming that also holds the buttons to reposition the seat. I’m on the heavier side of most 275lbs (besides losing weight comments) any other fixes? Anyone else having this issue?
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    Range loss after supercharging?

    My P3D has 22k miles and charged daily to 90% with a total of 270 miles charged. Sounds about right?
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    Front Seats Creaking

    I had the same issue with my seats all the way back. If you forward them slightly it will go away.
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    Miles at 100% charge (P3D Long Range) -- 282 miles available.

    Delivery 11/28 18K miles currently 90% daily charging currently gets me 270 miles per charge
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    Do you have bent 20" wheels on your Model 3?

    How much did Tesla charge? I have two bent performance wheels as well.
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    Cruise control not available

    This worked! My car was parked at work for a few hours and tuned sentry mode off from app. When I got off from work and got in the car my AP was back. I’ve been without AP for over a week now.
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    Model 3 OEM Tires Bald at 19,000

    I have my P3D with 20” OEM wheels and have about 17k and the center of the tires grooves are almost gone. I drive about 35k miles a year and would like a tire that would last longer but not lose too much performance. Which would be my best option? Michelin A/S 3?
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    Auto headlights turning on in bright daylight.

    They were off at the time.
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    Auto headlights turning on in bright daylight.

    I noticed today for the first time my headlights were on even though it’s a bright sunny day. I check my settings and it’s still on auto. I did a soft reset on steering wheel and it’s still staying on in auto. So for now I’m just turning off my headlights. Any suggestions?
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    Michelin Pilot Super Sport 20" Lifespan

    I have a P3D that was delivered 11/28. I have a about 16k miles now with no rotation yet and tires are like this:
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    Interesting take on future tires

    Is there a big difference with the Tesla sold Michelin pilot 4s versus the ones Costco sell?
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    MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Does anyone have this setup on a black model 3? Brixton RF7 wheels Size: 20x9 | 20x10.5 Satin Anthracite/Gunmetal Would really like to see some pics of these wheels in this color on black model 3.
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    3M Crystalline vs PINNACLE vs Suntek CIR vs LLumar CTX vs Wincos Tint

    Pinnacle 1 Formula series 30 % all side windows and rear window (one piece) done at Rocky Mountain Tinting in Livermore for $550. Check them out on Yelp (high reviews). I’ve been there three separate times and each time comes out excellent.
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    Tint Question Bay Area CA - or Nor CAL

    Pinnacle 1 formula series done at Rocky Mountain Tinting in Livermore. $570 for all side windows and rear window (one piece). I went 30% and looks perfect.
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    Any M3P Owners Still waiting on there Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    I scheduled a tire rotation and mobile tech showed up with a spoiler and badge unannounced. I got my P3D 11/26.
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    Trying to re-find the author of this Wheel Powder Coat post...

    Not to scare you away, but keep in mind the wheels on our P3Ds damage easily. I kept reading about 20” wheels getting damaged and sure enough last week both of my right wheels were damaged due to potholes. Now I’m going aftermarket forged wheels.
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    Help with Sentry/Music SSD USB?

    Can someone please recommend a very good SSD option from amazon with 256GB. I see a lot of option but not familiar with the differences.This will only be used for Teslacam and sentry mode. I will be activating sentry mode daily at home and at work. My car is parked outside daily. Thanks!
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    Do you have bent 20" wheels on your Model 3?

    I noticed today I have a bent rim on my front right wheel (performance wheel). I’m almost positive it was a pothole I hit when forced to switch over to lanes 3 and 4 due to construction zone up ahead on 101 south in Mountain View this past Friday. Any chance to get this covered? The pothole was...

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