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    Group Buy - Hansshow Premium Audio Upgrade?

    Excellent. Sign me up and tell me the next steps when you’re ready. edit: Just realized you’re not the OP. Still sign me up.
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    Group Buy - Hansshow Premium Audio Upgrade?

    I’m in for version D or E, but I’m still confused about the features of these models. I already have speakers in my shelf.
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    Hansshow Audio Upgrade? (SR+)

    Can anyone help decipher the new models offered? I have a early 2020 built in November 19, so it has all the speakers.
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    M3 is a BMW, people

    I’ve spent a lot of time in BMW forums, and I do not recall anyone saying “a 3 is a Tesla, people!” Humans normally can infer the context of a discussion without much confusion.
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    Former muscle car owner - thoughts and opinions

    Thanks for sharing. My feelings about the car has been similar. My biggest take aways: I find it amazing that traffic no longer annoys me. I to am saving a ton on fuel (last car was a Jeep Wrangler) One pedal driving is sort of the best features of a manual transmission and a traditional...
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    Postscript - 2,000 Mile (and Back) Road Trip with Two Kids

    OMG. Forgot the joys of long car trips with kids.
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    I'm confused about rated WH/M vs EPA

    It is pretty confusing. Based on advice I got here, you’re best off turning the display to percentage mode, and use the energy screen for a range guesstimate based on current conditions and/or my navigation destination. The EPA rating is only accurate if you’re and EPA tester.
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    Comparing LR AWD to SR+

    SR+ owner. the LR would be nice for distance trips, as there are fewer stops between chargers, or if you are driving for work heavily, especially in the cold. Beyond that, there are not a lot of differences that justify $9k, in my book. Drove 82 miles yesterday, in 7 separate hops, in city...
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    Mouse infiltrated Model 3

    C’mon, Elon. We need cat mode.
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    SR/SR+ Waiting Room

    I paid with a personal check.
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    Mods to my Model 3: List yours

    I went with the Tesla winter package. My reasoning was: No fitment issues, spacers, centering rings, etc. Since it is a Tesla product, Tesla roadside assistance will support them. It was within 10% of the cheapest Tire Rack price, and they installed it. OEM rims may be worth more than...
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    This car blows (climate control help)

    I do. It just seems to keep the fan speed higher than necessary given I’m trying to keep it on the cool side. If sort of given up and just keep the cabin at a more comfortable temperature. The energy savings are slight anyway.
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    Traffic data source?

    Traffic data is normally aggregated from cell phone data.
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    Mods to my Model 3: List yours

    Congrats, and hello from the other side of Lake Erie! I urge you to go for the winter tires if you don't have an alternate car for heavy snow. You're in Buffalo, which makes my Detroit winters look like a cake walk. The cheapest way would be to put a winter set on your OEM wheels, and worry...
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    HPWC SER vs Romex Wire?

    Agree. Code requires a disconnect, and you can’t use aluminum wire for direct connections to the HPWC.
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    Tesla Winter Wheel and Tire Package Delivery Time?

    Got my tires yesterday.
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    Model 3: Cabin Temps

    I had a black-on-black BMW that would easily hit room temperature on a sunny winter day with temps in the 20s. One of the few perks of a black car.
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    Circuit Breaker Amperage

    The reason for the 50 amp plug is that there isn't a NEMA 40 amp plug.
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    Most requested features/options/improvements for the Model 3?

    Auto headlights turn on below 25mph. A touch more foot room for rear passengers. Heated steering wheel. I won’t ask for better wipers in mist, until I see 2019.40.
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    TIFU: I left my wallet at home and my phone died!

    That means my youngest daughter will never move out. :(
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    Quality Questions / Concerns

    Don’t sweat it. The quality concerns are really a thing of the past.
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    My Rated Range varies with temp change...

    Of note, I was reporting the stats value. Might be fun to write a small bit of code to query the api directly.
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    TIFU: I left my wallet at home and my phone died!

    This is 21st Century America. Blame someone else! :D
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    My Rated Range varies with temp change...

    The drive home raised the range up to 242.
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    My Rated Range varies with temp change...

    When I saw this thread this morning, I looked at my rated range on stats. The car had just stopped charging, so the battery was warm, or at least as warm as it's gonna get in December. The garage was around 44°F. The rated range was 245 miles. Fast forward to now. The car is sitting outside...
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    My Rated Range varies with temp change...

    Very interesting. Thanks for compiling this and sharing.
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    How do you guys allocate your USB ports?

    Phone chargers on a hub. Extra cable so the passenger can charge and surf if needed. SSD on the other port. Stuck to the underside of the phone holder.
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    A few (early) 3 questions

    The first one is free, little boy. ;) For production, they tend to do something like this every quarter: 1. Build for the European market for a month 2. Build for the East coast for a month 3, Build for the West Coast for a month. This should optimizes shipping, and maximizes the actual...
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    A few (early) 3 questions

    OK, to put it in context, I've owned 10 BMWs of all kinds, and an Audi A4. I currently have a '17 330xi sitting next to my '20 SR+. 1) Fit and finish is fine. If I get super picky, I can see the body gaps on the doors are a hair better on the BMW. The rest of the bodywork is the same. The...
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    Premium Connectivity cost $9.99/month for many Model 3 versions

    Neither of those options are free, and both Apple and Google dictate UI functionality to the automaker, doing things like prioritizing Apple Maps over built in navigation. I do like the messaging via CarPlay in my BMW 3, But there is so much baggage that comes with it, I’d just assume I...
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    How does the car know the wiper fluid is low?

    Agree. I’d love to find what they use as well.
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    paid for Premium Connectivity and no satellite maps. On 39.2.4.

    It’s there for me now, too. Just have to send the angry villagers home before they drink all my beer.
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    paid for Premium Connectivity and no satellite maps. On 39.2.4.

    No maps. Torches and pitchforks anyone? ;)
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    How does the car know the wiper fluid is low?

    You clearly live in a very different climate. Me (in winter): This is the second time that the wiper fluid has been low this month. The reservoir must be huge!
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    Tesla Winter Wheel and Tire Package Delivery Time?

    I put in a preemptive service appointment. Gonna call them and try to confirm availability. Wish me luck.
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    paid for Premium Connectivity and no satellite maps. On 39.2.4.

    I want my free crap for my free trial period. At least it doesn’t involve a free t-shirt. People will kill for one of those.
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    Musk confirms purpose of inside cabin camera

    You really need to use tinfoil. Helps with the RFID mind control rays. ;)
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    Thoughts on Autopilot after a week of ownership (UK)

    So, just like any other American driving in the UK. (The image of Kevin Klein in A Fish Called Wanda comes to mind.)
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    Thoughts on Autopilot after a week of ownership (UK)

    Yes, daughter number 2 has this bad habit. At least I don’t have this problem: Welcome to driving in Wales! : IdiotsInCars
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    Model 3 headlights too bright ?

    Give them a week with the halogens in my Jeep Wrangler. They will be begging for Tesla lights.
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    Feedback from BMW or other premium brand converts?

    Agreed. My SR+ is way closer to my old E46 ZHP in the fun-to-drive category than any of my recent BMWs. (2 F30s and and an F22)
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    Tesla Winter Wheel and Tire Package Delivery Time?

    6 weeks in. Getting anxious
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    Thoughts on Autopilot after a week of ownership (UK)

    Your experience is similar to mine in the US.Very capable on a limited access road, but has issues just like you describe on normal roads. I tend to think of it as a student driver, with the advantage of more direct control. I tend to use it on the interstate, or on local roads in heavy...
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    A few (early) 3 questions

    Don’t over think this. You will be fine in either a SR+ or LR, in winter or summer. The LR will be slightly nicer from a range perspective, and relative to the performance of your M240. Supercharging is amazing. That is what make 90% of your range concerns irrelevant. A 10 minute break...
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    Has Spotify Improved?

    Was flawless, but went to hell today. No amount of rebooting seemed to help.
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    iPhone XS Max Holder

    Sounds like a similar same thing, but I don't have a picture to confirm. The Etsy adapter includes shipping in the price. I'd be happy to post pics of my adapter. I think the Etsy one is a forum member that 3D prints these. I found it at this post: Phone Dock Adapter/Spacer for charging phones...
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    iPhone XS Max Holder

    Try this item on Etsy: Tesla Model 3 Phone Charger Dock Extension/Adapter
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    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    it’s a nice milestone to put the minivan in the rear view mirror.
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    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    2017 Wrangler. Gonna miss doors-off summer drives. Not going to miss the gas bill.

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